Various Quotes from Out Pathfinder Game

I didn’t want to spam (well, spam anymore), so here’s a collection of our three-year-long-campaign party’s OOC best. Presented mostly without context, all of these were made by a variety of all of the players in the game, including myself (I’m the Human Sorcerer, in case anybody is wondering). 

Half Orc Fighter: *does 42 damage with an axe* “Also, last time we spoke, I forgot to AXE you a question!”

DM: If I’d known it would take Star Trek to unify the party, I would have introduced it in session one!

Sorcerer: So do we sail the ship now?“

DM: No! Everyone’s confused, everyone dies!

Party: *Kills undead (again)*

Half Orc Fighter: Well i guess we made no BONES about that. 

DM: You try to say that but you just cough up blood

Player: I don’t think dinosaurs CAN swim, can they?

DM: The dinosaur has a +8 to swim, actually

Elven Bard: Sometimes you best you can do with a spell is protect allies,

Human Sorcerer: And Sometimes you need to Dimension Door the f*** out

Human Sorcerer: I’m going to roll Intimidate*…. [Elf Bard], I hope that’s a laugh of happiness.

   * I have a +10 on intimdiate ffs. 

Half Orc Fighter: Can i give [Human Rogue] a potion of You’re An Idiot?”

DM: to MAKE him an idiot, or to give intelligence?

Half Orc Fighter: To make him aware he’s an idiot!

Human Rogue: I’m sorry; there is no magic strong enough to make Dirk aware of his own idiocy.

Half Orc Fighter: I’m gonna smash the door open.

DM: What?! It has a doorknob!

Half Orc Fighter: …I’m gonna smash the door open.

Human Rogue: *Is under fear effect*

Human Sorcerer: *Gets a crit, does 70 dmg with one spell, and marches over to rogue* GET. UP.

DM: Gives him a Will ave Roll just for that. 

Human Rogue: *passes, loses fear effect*

And last but not least… 

Things the party should probably try to forget less: We have an enchanted stone griffon that turns into a real one when you say it’s name and would’ve been very useful to remember this entire goddamn three year long campaign. 1

[Podfic] Traveling Companions

Explicit, 23:37, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Threesome - F/M/M, Polyamory, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Anxiety, Cunnilingus, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Blow Jobs, Audio Format: MP3, My First Work in This Fandom

I’m just saying, Sophinisba is marvelous.

HaruRin VS MakoHaru: What the Fuck Do We Ship Now?

Due to recent events in Free! Eternal Summer, it has caused a gravitational shift within the world of OTPs that begs the question of who the fuck do we ship Haruka with? Do we go with Rin - the gorgeous, temperamental and passionate guy with the shit-eating grin?

Or do we go with Makoto - the absolute sweetheart with the dreamy green eyes and muscles that look like they were carved by angels?

Last season, I would have said Rin. Not that I disliked Makoto in any way. It’s just that the HaruRin ship oozed sexual tension and robustness and I enjoyed that. A lot. Like here:

And here:

Andddddd here:

Not to mention last season circulated mostly around Rin and Haru’s strained and competitive relationship while this season is more or less lacking in that. If not completely lacking all together. 

In rolls Eternal Summer and the foundation of my beloved OTP is shattered by my doubts as the 2nd season progresses. And I come to a very belated epiphany that Makoto may be better suited for Haru than Rin, however I still hold on strong for Rin for new and old reasons.

Rin is good for Haru in the sense that he pushes him beyond his limitations. They’re healthy rivals. The fire that burns in their eyes when they swim together breeds this charisma for the HaruRin shippers to drink like liquid gold. The rare moments that Haruka actually expresses a real emotion other than indifference - like anger or hurt - is when Rin is involved. That speaks volumes and shows that Rin is really the only person who can truly make Haru upset. That in itself kind of puts him above Makoto who has even admitted to harboring a sense of jealousy towards Rin for inspiring that kind of resolve in Haruka.

And in all honesty, these boys look dashing together as is.

However! Even though Rin and Haru look good side-by-side does not mean that they are necessarily good for each other in a more emotionally supportive stance. Meaning that Rin sees his dreams and is trying to selfishly instill that same future in Haru’s for his own personal gain. Sad to say. He doesn’t do this out of malice. Hell, I’m sure Rin doesn’t even realize he was doing it until recently, but if Haru says fuck it and doesn’t climb with Rin to the top then what does the guy have left? I think would be a massive disappointment on Rin’s part. If you’ve seen episode 9 (and had your heart crushed in the process) then this is pretty much self-explanatory. It makes me question that if Haru decides not to swim professionally and moves in another direction, what purpose will his relationship with Rin serve? All we have seen them as is competitors which is the foundation of their relationship. It was forged by aggression. If that cracks, will the whole fucking house fall apart? I personally hope it doesn’t. You know that scene from the Notebook when Ryan Gosling is yelling at Rachael McAdam’s when she’s trying to leave, saying, “That’s what we do! We fight! You tell me when I’m an arrogant son of a bitch and I tell you when you’re being a pain in the ass! Which you are ninety-nine percent of the time! I’m not afraid to hurt your feelings!” I view Rin and Haru much like that. They’re dysfunctional and dramatic. Maybe they aren’t ideal for each other, but they have so much to gain from one another as well. Especially after Haru’s breakdown.

In the mass speculation of their relationship, this is where Makoto comes in.

Sweet, sweet Makoto. Truly, he is perfect boyfriend material. Adorable, polite, endearing. As much as I love HaruRin - if I’m being honest with myself - he is where Haruka should be. He’s stable, reliable and has never led Haru astray. These two have been friends for years and years. Longer than anyone else in the series if I remember correctly. Before Rin and before his diva attitude, there was Makoto - always concerned and interested in Haru, but just slightly falling short to the appealing bad boy. It is the most cliche romance setting ever. But, the monumental difference here is that Makoto genuinely cares about what Haru wants. Whether he swims or not, Makoto will forever be there with unwavering dedication.

Not to mention he’s fantastic with children. He is the type you bring home to Mom and Dad. And I never took that into consideration before until the last two episodes. Makoto understands Haru better than anyone and that’s what makes a relationship - being someone’s rock. Honestly, in this season Rin’s looking a little shaky with his connection with Haru and I’m just casually looking into the logistics of MakoHaru. I still support HaruRin wholeheartedly, but when I wonder which pairing really makes my heart flutter and scream, “Get married!”

*whisper* Makoto and Haru.

While Rin and Haru makes my heart flutter and scream, “Just fuck already!”

I’m not hopping pairings here or anything. I totally endorse both. I endorse all freely sailing ships. I just believe recent episodes have shined a completely different light on Free! and I think certain things need to be discussed for I am fairly positive that everyone in the fandom is looking at each other after episode 9 of Eternal Summer like “What the actually fuck?" 

Seriously. What the actual fuck do I ship?

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post/65476910925/i-go-back-to-december-all-the-time I doubt you'll post this because it won't get you sympathy but here's a post where you did use ship tags and I didn't even have to go back that far. And you've used them for other ships too. Just tag consistently, it's not brain surgery.

That tag has three posts in it. I have never tagged a ship. There are other mods who used to post here and sometimes still do if we started tagging ships now it would fuck up the system we have here. Also