Do You Wanna B: 9 Reasons To Stan Block B

Do You Wanna B: 9 Reasons To Stan Block B

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Crazy party tunes, smart lyrics, and countless hilarious moments: there’s just way too many things to love about the seven members of Block B. The group has been around in the K-pop scene for more than six years now and their fans could probably list a thousand reasons to stan Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, and P.O. If you’re not familiar with the boys yet, it’s high time to…

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Block B- When They Go to the Airport
  • *at the airport gate*
  • Zico: do u wanna b
  • Members: block b! annyeonghaseyo block b imnida!
  • Airport guy: what
  • Zico: do u wanna b
  • Members: block b! annyeonghaseyo block b imnida!
  • Airport guy: ok……um… names?
  • Zico: do u wanna b
  • Members: block b! annyeonghasey-
  • Airport guy: SHUT UP one by one, I want names
  • Min Hyuk: uhhh they call me B-BOMB-
  • Airport guy: excuse me??? WHAT did u say? bomb??? go take your stuff and stand in that corner. Hey guys, watch out for this group they’re pretty sketchy…NEXT
  • Yu Kwon: hey man, u kwon
  • Airport guy: what did you just call me? What the hell is a kwan? Are you using derogatory terms on an officer ? go stand with your friend
  • Zico: umm woo ji ho
  • Airport guy: did you just say G.I Joe????
  • Zico: wtf no I said-
  • Airport guy: don’t play stupid I know what I heard, get in the corner Whos next
  • P.O: uhh its pyo. Pyo pyo pyo
  • Airport guy: pyoo pyoo pyoo???? Are you making gun noises at me?
  • P.O: no, pyo is-
  • Kyung: hey im-
  • Airport guy: whats that on your shirt
  • Kyung: HBA? it means-
  • Airport guy: HBA? What is that some kind of poison? you know where to go… next up-whoa whoa whoa whats that in your mouth?
  • Taeil: lollipop
  • Airport guy: lollipop?? More like weapon to stab people with, correct? Corner. Next-
  • Jaehyo: *smug* they call me jaehyo
  • Airport guy: y-y-you’re…you’re beautiful.... jai ho? Man, I love that song, you can go
  • Jaehyo: thanks dude
  • Members: jaehyo what about us??
  • Jaehyo: I was too pretty for all of you anyway *walks away*
  • Everyone else is left in the tiny corner
  • P.O: is anyone else as turned on as me right now
seventeen as bad pickup lines

s.coups: do you know what my shirt is made out of………boyfriend material

jeonghan: did it hurt? when you fell from heaven? (b/c it hurt when i did)

joshua: is it hot in here or is it just the holy spirit burning inside of you? 

jun: your body is 65% water and i’m thirsty (asf)

hoshi: do you live in tennessee? b/c you’re the only ten i see 

wonwoo: are you a parking ticket? ‘cause you’ve got fine written all over you…bro (mingyu: bro) 

woozi: i’m not actually this tall…i’m sitting on my wallet

dk: do you have a map????? i’m getting lost in your eyes!!!!!!!!!

mingyu: if yOU WERE A BOOGER I’D PICK YOU FIRST!!!111 

the8: are you a fruit, b/c honeydew you look fine right now…hahaha sorry, i’m an innocent badass with poodle hair, jun taught that to me, hahaha

seungkwan: there are people who say that disneyland is the happiest place on earth…but they’ve obviously (lol) never been in your arms (but like, …it’s obviously jeju island)

vernon: smoking is hazardous to your health…and damn, you’re killing me (but actually, do u wanna live to b 100)

dino: i thought happiness started with an H!!! but why does mine start with U??? hehe

punishsr  asked:

do u wanna b the peralta of my santiago? the simon of my raphael? the will of my mike? the matthew to my frank? the legs of my ivar?

na vida eu sou o jace e tu o jonathan mas a gent gosta é de sofrer enton aceito