Steven Universe: Too Short To Ride

the title of the episode is 100% me

“Wow, Thanks!”

i like peri’s bow

-tapes tablet to arm-

you brought me to a sign!

Shorty Squad Out

nice outfit ame

I didn’t save Earth for this

I also do not steal Steven’s clothes when he’s not looking


imma be really real with you for a sec


that was really cute

Blog Entry #5: Climate Change

Climate Change may refer to a change in average weather conditions weather around longer-term. We experienced this because of us. Why? Because we’re not taking good care of our Earth and/or our Nature. Climate Change is one of the biggest problem in our world. This problem have many reasons.
• Illegal Logging. Our fellow men are cutting trees illegally so we encounter floods.
• Over-polluted Air. In our country, there are a lot of smoke from factories and vehicles that cause pollution in our ai.
• Improper Waste Disposal. There are people who is irresponsible in throwing their garbages. They throw garbages in the river, streets, and other improper places.
If we continue doing that kind of thing or kind of habit, it can cause disasters. We need to stop all of these. We need to change for the better and the change will start on ourselves. We need to save our mother earth. What actions do we need to make this stop? or How to solve this problem?.
We need to stop doing things that will affect or make climate change worse. Plant trees or just simply dispose garbage properly. The little things we do, can help bigger more than you expect. Don’t be shy to do things that can cause good to our Mother Earth. We, the people in this earth, are the only one that can take good care of our Environment and all the things that our Nature gave (with no payment) to us. Keep our surrounding the way it should be. The surrounding with fresh air, clean streets and clean water. It is for us too.
Are You Planning Your Retirement? Forget About It. You Won’t Survive To Experience It. -

At the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Conference, President Putin excoriated Western Journalists for endlessly repeating Washington’s lies that are driving the world to nuclear war. He asked Washington’s bought-and-paid-for-whores, the scum who comprise the Western news media: “How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction toward nuclear war?”

Yes, indeed, how is it possible for the Western media to be totally blind? The answer to this question is that Americans live in the system of lies that comprise The Matrix, and media are paid to support the system of lies. The determining questions are: Can Americans escape their captivity in time to save life on earth? Do Americans have what it takes, or are Americans already a proven failed people who cower in ignorance under the threat of implausible “foreign threats”?

How much confidence can we place on the intelligence and judgment of the American people? That remains to be seen. Life on Earth depends on the American people’s ability to perceive their government as the greatest threat to their existence.