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Is it possible for you to draw dennis or Yuri in a flower crown(I'm obsessed with flower crowns)also your art is beautiful and unique so carry on being amazing and drawing so much beautiful art

I gotchu I gotchu… I actually wanted to draw Dennis as well but flower crowns are a little harder than I thought and I got real carried away with this one, so I did the one. I hope you like it!

And thank you so much..! That’s so nice of you to say ;v;

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If Invel revealed END's identity, do you think it would make Gray fight Natsu later? I mean bad things happened to Gray bc of END. First Tartaros (END worshippers) and now Juvia's "death" bc of Zeref's (END "creator") underling. Couldn't his pent up emotions become a trigger here? :(

To be honest at the moment i have no idea how grayll react to finding out natsu is end and it seems to be happening in chapter 500

;Study Abroad Hiatus until December 18th! XD

     (ooc): That is correct, my absence from rp is due to one simple fact: yours truly is doing a semester abroad in China! A lot of time has been spent doing the paper and legwork to make this happen, even more if you include the hours of work spent making the money for this special opportunity. 

I have lost a few followers, which is understandable, but to those of you who stuck around I ask a bit more patience and understanding. Tomorrow I board a plane to start a 23 hour flight and layover schedule to get me to my program. Once there, I will be spending everyday up til December 18 studying the Chinese language, reading Ancient Chinese history, and experiencing as much of life as I can while abroad.

When I return, I will likely have to take some time to adjust to roleplay again, meaning I will need to trim some and get comfortable with this hobby once more. To those who are willing to stay and wait on me, bless your hearts for everything! I hope to reward your patience when I return, and I look forward to it. Until then however, my life will be focused on being the best student I can be! 

Thank you once more for your love and patience, and I ask your prayers and best of wishes for an incredible, safe, positive, and educational study abroad!

psa tyler said “josh, that’s it. we’ve gotta be done” because they ran out of time. the lights not working was an error, not deliberate, and it wasn’t the bbc who cut their set. it took tyler way too long to get to the tower because the crowd weren’t helping him, to the point where josh had to do some filler drumming until he got there, and by the time he did they’d reached the end of their set time and although tyler wanted to keep going and finish it there was another artist due to play after them and they couldn’t overrun. tyler didn’t end it because he was upset and the bbc didn’t end it because he crowdsurfed, they just ran out of time

so i actually got out today and bought a bike so i can feel less trapped, and i like REALLY liked this bike right? I thought it was super cute and like OOOOH yeah oh i just so like it it’s bright and happy and just i really like it

it’s cute right? Until i realize what i did.

i pretty much just bought a hyperion bike guys ( oДo)i didnt realize until i got it home exactly why i must have liked it so much xD wtf ahahhaa oh god i feel like such a tool i love it even more <3 also ignore the dirty garage floor lolol


Over the next few weeks I’ve decided to accept 50 small portrait commissions in exchange for people giving money to Doctors Without Borders.

—Updates— (as of Aug 25th, 2016)

  • -There are 44 commission slots still open! :)
  • -Total amount given to DWB so far for this fundraiser: $120

Thank you so much to everyone that’s donated! I will have your drawings done in a few days!

— About —

  • -Hand drawn in pencil and are 3x5 inches big
  • -The cost is a $20 donation made directly to DWB
  • -Any character you want
  • -Portraits are from the shoulders up like in the examples.

— Details on how to participate —

  • - When you make your donation to Doctors Without Borders, take a screen shot of the donation confirmation screen or of your donation confirmation email. (of course, feel free to blur/block out private information.)
  • - Then send it to my email address,, along with what character you would like drawn, and the address you want it mailed to.
  • - I will cover the shipping costs.

younow feb 9, 2016


the calendar // panic! at the disco

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