sorry for complaining so much idk i’m having a really bad time lately and there’s so much stuff happening rn in my life and on tumblr in the fandom and it’s just stressing me out, and i don’t deal well with stress at all. and i’m working every day until next wednesday.

so that’s why i’m not on very much lately i promise i’ll answer asks and whatnot whenever i’m up to it


I haaad to send Maple and Joaquin on their first Official Date™ but since there aren’t really any community lots aside from the 3 Windenburg landmarks they had to make do with the haunted mansion / gardens

first thing that happens: fucken ghost..kinda….goes inside?? Joaquin? and alright if that isn’t creepy as all hell idk what is. anyway it left him looking like burnt toast for the remainder of the date, NICE

Maple: here just jump in the lake and clean off, there’s no one around. seriously you look like a chimney sweep
Joaquin: mmmyeah no way dude, there’s hella leeches in there
Maple, attempting to pick him up and physically toss him in the lake: Get In The Fucking Lake Joaquin

anonymous asked:

how would your xkit fuck up tags? im not understanding

Ah so I have an extension on Xkit that makes it much easier to tag my animals, it uses groups of tags so all I have to do is select their specific one :) Like so:

Its a nifty thing that helps me remember exactly what I tag everyone as, and puts them in their tag that I use to sort them on my blog :3 Makes it soooo much easier. Each animal has their own group, and all I gotta do to make it happen is click their name and it tags the post automatically :D

Oh god, I’m having my first wave of second-guessing whether I should actually go to PAX. 

I mean, I know I will go of course, but right now my brain is doing the thing.

“What difference will it make? Do you think something’s going to happen? You’re going to be weird and too emotional about it just like always. They won’t really like you, they’ll just be polite because they have to put up with a million people and you aren’t special, it’s not like they’ll remember you afterwards, so what’s the point? Just sell your pass to someone who actually deserves to go.”

Shut up, me. Why do I overthink everything?? I just want to meet the guys and not be stupid about it.

friendly reminder that dana scully was born in 1964, clarice starling was born in 1963, and both of them attended the FBI academy in Quantico probably around the same time.