Imagine playing Just Dance 2016 with Hoshi.

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"HAVE YOU BEEN TRYING TO APPLY FOR ANYMORE SCHOLARSHIPS" "....You mean around my constant exhaustion and difficulty remembering to do the most basic immediate needs of my existence? You mean when I want to practice and develop my skill at my passion and I get stuck in loops of doing nothing and can't get from A to B? You think because panic in my anxiety keeps me pushing to get all actual school work done ahead of time, making me a deceptively straight A student regardless?... sure *sniffs*"

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Chan, 16 19

16.  Nice panties, by the way

19.  Why are you bleeding?

Omg anon you naughty naughty. Our Channie is a pure dinosaur :3

Words: 294

You mentally threw a bunch of profanities at Mingyu who suggested for you to show some gymnastic routines. Actually, it was your boyfriend Lee Chan’s fault for mentioning you were a gymnast in the past.

It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if they had asked you to do cartwheels last week, or even next week. But it just had to be this week. The week when you would be bleeding out of your uterus, and when your muscles cramped.

Your arms probably won’t even let you do a proper cartwheel, and it might cause you to leak. You were just hoping for the best.

Taking in a deep breath, you lifted your arms up, and you somehow managed to do a somewhat decent cartwheel. Immediately sitting back down on the sofa next to Chan.

“Nice panties, by the way,” Chan whispered into your ear, and your cheeks blushed crimson. Smacking the back of his neck, you mentally cursed yourself for wearing a skirt and showcasing your underwear to everyone in the dorm room.

Hiding your face in a pillow, you let out a squeal of embarrassment.

“That was good, Y/N! Except maybe don’t wear pink polka-dotted underw-” Seungkwan teased. That boy!

“Shut up!” You yelled, throwing the pillow you were holding at him.

“Come here, baby,” Chan motioned for you to sit on his lap, and you obliged.

“Hahaha, pink polka dots? Are you a child?” Dokyeom joked, and you jumped up and started chasing him.

“Is this blood?!?! Why are you bleeding?” You stopped when you heard Chan yell. Looking over at him, you saw a large stain of blood on his lap.

Fck. You knew you would leak.

“IS THIS PERIOD BLOOD?!?!?!” He screamed, and you face palmed yourself.

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It’s so wild to see people being absolutely outraged at Hillary for saying or doing something racist and then immediately follow up with #VoteTrump. It’s like they think only one of the candidates can be racist and if Hillary’s it then Trump must be cool?? Just … Trump voters fascinate and terrify me to equal extents.


Rain began to pour on the town of Storybrooke. It escalated quickly. Soon it was a complete storm, and her thin clothes that she had worn since she had left the asylum did not provide any sort of protection or warmth for any sort of cold weather. Her shirt had long sleeves, but it was thin and starting to be very damp.

It was way too cold to be outside. She couldn’t handle it anymore. As much as she endured cold weather back home, she knew that there were places in this town with central heating where she could walk in and no one could kick her out and as long as she kept her head down.

This was her chance. She couldn’t sleep in these places, but she could stay warm during the day so she could hopefully survive the night. People might look at her, but if she didn’t do anything wrong, there was nothing they could do to her.

Immediately she saw Granny’s in the distance, and she immedaitely went inside. She did get some weird looks, as predicted, but no one said anything as she entered and took a seat at the edge of the bar. Her hair and clothes were almost completely soaked. If any more water was on them, she would be dripping as she walked and creating a puddle as she sat on the bar stool.

Someone spoke to her, causing her to jump. She looked up and saw the young woman standing there. “Oh, um, nothing for me. Thanks,” She smiled politely and kept her head down.

Anna looked down at the girl sitting there, looking how she herself felt.  It wasn’t often that she saw anyone like that, anyone that honestly looked as if they couldn’t actually have a worse day.  Hers was just a series of bad days that made up a horrible year, but this girl… she wanted to help her.

She looked around the bar.  They wouldn’t miss her if she stepped out for a few minutes.  “Would you like to get dried off?  Don’t want you getting sick, do we?”  Her face donned a kind smile.  It wasn’t as if it wasn’t anything Granny herself wouldn’t do for someone.  They were the ones that told her to make sure to help people when she had the chance.  If the woman wanted help, she’d willingly give it.

My favorite thing to do, is watch make up challenges by people who NORMALLY do make up on youtube, like, professional level make up, because, INEVITABLY, they will get to the contouring part of the face, do their thing, and immediately make this face like, ‘what the fuck did I ust do?????’ like for half a second before being all, ‘be cool, be cool, you can fix this’ and can I say, I LIVE for the ‘I fucked up my contour’ face.

• McWorld is a giant McDonald’s flagship store.

• McWorld serves food from all the different McDonald’s menus from around the world.

• McWorld is located in Times Square.

Sometimes, I see it like Epcot Center: there’d be a central courtyard, maybe a water feature (McOcean or something), and surrounding it would be a variety of pavilions, each replicating the McDonald’s experience from a different country. Pop over to Taiwan for a McRice burger (the rice, oddly, is formed into cakes that replace the buns, not the fillings), back to Brazil for a side of nachos, and wash it all down with a frosty cane-sugar Coke from Mexico.

The way I’ve been thinking about it lately, though, is that it’s split into two or three different levels.

—  This piece on The Awl about McWorld is truly one of the great proposals we’ve heard.
Preparing for Back To School

So I saw the first “Back to School” ad on Amazon today, which means it is time to start reminding people of what is Actually Necessary for the school year. This isn’t a school supplies list, really. It’s more of a guide as to what you should probably have ready before the school year begins.

A planner system that works for you. I like the bullet journal system, but that’s mostly because I have to write down EVERYTHING I need to do or it gets forgotten immediately. Normal planners don’t have enough space for me to write down everything I need to do. If a normal planner works, or if reminders in Google Calendar work, or if writing stuff on your arms works, do that thing. Just make sure you know what system you’re going to use.

A schedule that includes meals and practice and study times. I’m a big fan of including leisure time in your schedule, too. Add everything you know you need to do, plus a little more. I schedule in sleep, sometimes, just to remind myself I need it. I hold my scheduled times pretty much sacred, because otherwise I will procrastinate EVERYTHING. The schedule keeps me from playing around when I should be studying, so I don’t have to study when I was supposed to sleep, so I’m awake enough to have energy to do fun stuff when I DO have time. It prevents a “Give a Mouse a Cookie” situation with my responsibilities and time management.

A sleep cycle that agrees with your class schedule.  I don’t mean you HAVE to sleep 11pm-7am, or whatever you consider an “adult” sleep cycle. I mean you need to get a certain amount of sleep to be your best self, and you need to attend classes. The sleep cycle you need is what allows you to be well-rested AND attend all of your classes. You can probably figure that out on your own. Just make sure to set it up before the semester starts to save yourself some stress.

A work-station that will be useful for you. Do you work well when you have a regular place you use just for work? Do you need to work with other people around you? Does music help or hurt your concentration? Try doing some focused work this summer in a couple different situations and see what is most helpful. Then figure out how to bring that same situation with you to school. If a desk like a studyblr photo is too much effort or doesn’t actually help, then you don’t need to have one! I certainly haven’t managed to maintain one yet. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a good student, I promise.

A list of healthy foods you are actually willing to make/buy. The hardest thing about college is honestly the ubiquity of vending machines, and therefore my favorite snack foods. I live a constant battle against the siren call of the Cheetos that are only 40 feet from my dorm room. My only weapon is the knowledge that I usually feel gross after eating them, and I’d rather not feel gross all the time because of a cheese-dust craving. To fight your own snack demons, see if you can discover a couple healthy foods you’d be willing to munch on the regular. Keep them available and you’ll feel much better during study sessions than you would if your snack was Funyuns.

Being prepared to go back to college in the fall doesn’t require dropping $300 on school supplies, honest. Just spend some time figuring out your own best practices and it will make the start of your school year so much easier.

my mood after seeing Ghostbusters is that I will go see it with anyone who wants to see it

friend: so I was thinking about going to Ghostbusters since you really liked it-
me: yes let’s go immediately do you want popcorn or nachos

coworker: did you end up seeing Ghostbusters? I saw it got really positive reviews and-
me: we get off early tomorrow let’s go at 7

facebook “friend” I haven’t seen in 6 years since high school graduation: has anybody seen Ghostbusters yet? I saw the reviews but I want some opinions from people I know lol
me: I’m free for the matinee showing at 4:15 let’s go

random stranger I passed playing Pokemon Go: shit the server crashed
me: the movie theater has a Pokestop let’s go there and see if it’s been resolved at that point and then might as well watch Ghostbusters while we’re there

How often do you pause to look up at the sky?
Like, a hard pause, doing absolutely nothing but enjoying your surroundings.
Do you take the time to notice everything or do you immediately document the experience on social media?
The stars align in the night sky into a storybook.
Just as the stars; we all have stories.
And we are even composed of the same components as stardust.
If we can’t pause to appreciate the stars, hell even the world around us.
Then, how are we supposed to appreciate one another?
—  S.S 

My favorite thing about Pokemon Go, so far, is how much the emergent behavior of players interacting normally with the gameplay mimics the original games. Not just in the obvious ways, either - yeah, of course there’s the people riding bikes to hatch eggs, and obviously the entire point of the app is to make us walk around in the equivalent of tall grass to attract wild Pokemon. But what’s really awesome is how closely player behavior matches, and explains, some of the seemingly stupider parts of the main games.

Why do so many of the trainers in each town area have a handful of the same basic Pokemon?  Because not everyone can go traveling to have access to a wider monster pool.

Why do gym leaders overspecialize in a type, not covering their weakness? Because, I don’t know about you, but all I can fucking catch around here is Fire-types, rocks, and snakes.

Why do trainers immediately drag you into battle as soon as they see you? Because, what’s your first impulse when you see somebody else obviously playing Pokemon Go?

no one share it i hope it never gets unlocked so they’ll give up and stop doing these things and just immediately post stuff #JustPettyThings

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Can you write 2009!dan in a skirt riding Phil and one of dans parents walk in but don't realise coz the skirt covers what's happening and Phil fucks Dan while Dan has a conversation with them please😘


🌸 Phil had Dan in his lap, fucking up into the boy as they let out soft, needy breaths, gasping into eachother’s mouths. Phil struck Dan’s prostate so gently every time that Dan was struggling to hold in his noises.

🌸 Suddenly, the door swung open, and Dan’s mum came in. “Oh, hi Phil!” she said happily, clearly not seeing the fact that Phil was /inside/ her son. Phil smiled, looking at her. “Hi, Mrs. Howell,”

🌸 Dan swivelled around, trying to keep the skirt covering everything. “Hi, m-mum,” he said, breathing slightly heavy as Phil ground into his ass relentlessly.

🌸 “Dan, I was just thinking how proud we are of you. You’ve got yourself a nice boyfriend, and you’re doing so well in school. And you’re saving yourself for marriage, you told us!” she said happily, making Phil chuckle quietly.

🌸 Dan was gripping at his skirt, nodding with a weak smile. “Y-yeah, I try,” he said, gripping the skirt tighter when Phil hit his prostate.

🌸 “Okay, Dan, just wanted to let you know dinner will be ready soon, and that we love you,” she said, walking over to the boys. She kissed Dan’s forehead, before furrowing her eyebrows, feeling his forehead. “Dan, you’re burning up!” she said nervously.

🌸 Dan quickly came up with an excuse, saying that he really wasn’t feeling well, that Phil had come over to comfort him, and she should probably leave because he might be contagious. She bought it.

🌸 As soon as she was out of the room, Phil fucked up /hard/ into Dan, making Dan let out a shocked gasp. “Saving yourself for marriage, hmm?” he said, and Dan giggled. “Just fuck me, will you?”