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I have no idea what is happening on ED but I am going to give them some credit at the moment because the writing for Robert during this break up has been downright stellar. They’ve allowed him to mourn his relationship with Aaron. No crazy schemes, no chasing Aaron, no making himself a nuisance to him or to Adam. They’ve allowed the audience and the other characters to see his utter heartbreak, his anger that is actually all aimed at himself, his honest pain, his awareness of what he has done and lost. He feels it all. They’ve set up his feelings of guilt and how he blames himself for everything (even though it is not ALL on him). They’ve managed to keep him IC, AND they have written Robert so damn sympathetic, and it’s wonderful.

I’m trying not to get too excited but a part of me wonders if what he said to Victoria today will play a role in the reunion story. If Robert ends up being the one who is reluctant to go back there with Aaron, not because he doesn’t love him, it’s been established so hardcore that he does, but because he did this to Aaron, he blames himself. If he sees Aaron get better, healthier then those thoughts will have more weight. It could and should lead to a better understanding of how that works. It would give Aaron all the agency in his own decisions if he decides to try again and has to make Robert see it will work. (I want no real chasing from anyone just some persuasion!) That would be an interesting change in dynamic AND a possible gain of development in both characters.