since b.i.g will make another comeback next week on May 23rd (they just finished 1.2.3 promotion on early April), let’s stream 1.2.3 MV and raise up the views to 1 million! 800K!

D-Class: This is a nice Card. I like cards

SCP-049: *appears* Lemme cure. Please

D-Class: No Doc. Go find 035

SCP-049:  You want sum cure?

D-Class: No Doc. I don’t want sum cure

SCP-049: I got you card

SCP-049: Hey D-Class want sum mask

D-Class: Ugh…Doc your mask is dirty

SCP-049: Pestilence? Core Cure? You want scalpel? He doesn’t want scalpel….Scalpel AND zombie? No.

D-Class: Doc? I’m leaving

SCP-049: Wot? NO! WAIT LET ME CURE What has my life come to? 035 thought my mask was nice 035 used to let me cure. But 035 is with 701. 701 is a pestilence. Heck. fuck this cell fuck 701! I NEED YOU 035! 035 LEMME CURE! I’m gonna get that bastard a card Bastards love cards  wrong card CARD

SCP-106:…*eye twitches*

Dear Enjonine shippers,

you’ve certainly heard of the tagging problem on tumblr. Enjonine haters tag their posts with #enjonine, so if we search after this tag, we mostly see hate on our ship. To solve this problem, I want you all to tag your Enjonine posts with #enjoninepride, as @kugirocks and I already do for a few months now. With this tag, we can distinguish between hate and love. Thank you all and spread the word!
Sincerely, Melissa ❤