Another Character Sheet

Full name: Amoriana Kirova

Pronouns: She/Her

Gender & sexuality: Female / Whomever she feels that connection with

Ethnicity & species: - Blood Elf Priest

Birthplace & birthdate: Silvermoon City, August 2nd  

 //Guilty pleasures: She enjoys drinking, working out, as well as dancing.

 //Fears/phobias: Her sister dying before her eyes, complete darkness…(Like she has to have some form of light on even when she sleeps.)

 //What they would be infamous for: Pissing people off because she just does not care when she speaks.

 //What have they / would they have gotten arrested for: Nothing, she talks herself out of most trouble.

 //Character you ship them with: She is single.

 //Character most likely to murder them: Who even knows, she pisses quite a few people off so it could be anyone.

 //Talents & / or powers: She has the ability to walk and control a room, she tries to make herself the center.  Power wise she has a heightened scene of emotions of people around her, being that she is a priest, she does not use her priest powers often but if the situation arises she will.

 //Why someone might love them: Well, she speaks her mind, not caring if or who she offends in the process. She is protective over those she cares about, mainly her sister who she feels does not even have a clue on the world. She is stubborn and used to getting her way with things, and probably talks far to much.

 //Why someone might hate them: In the same sense, she is very stubborn and she speaks her mind without caring, she goes for what she wants when she wants it, items or people so that has been known to cause issues.

 //How they change: Amor is a newer character so she is still in the light I wish her to be in, still being fleshed out and written, so nothing really has changed.

 //Why you love them: I love Amor because she is so confident, the fact she takes what she wants not really caring of the consequences, she stands up for herself and does not let others walk over her, she is a take her as she is or there is the door kinda person.  



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Birthday: 24th February

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: nonexistent

Favourite Colour(s): aquamarine, baby pink

Pet(s): 1 cat in the house, 1 cat and two fighting fish in the sky

Wake-Up Time: 5:30 am

Love or Lust: uhhhhhhh

Lemonade or Ice-Tea: neither

Cat or Dog: KITTY

Coke or Pepsi: nah

Day or Night: night

Text or Call: call. Text convo’s just end on awkward notes…

Met a Celebrity: I think I did once…. can’t remember tho

Light or Dark Hair: dark

Short or Tall: average

Chapstick or Lipstick: neither

City or Country: country?

Last Song I Listened To: Michael in the Bathroom (BMC)

Last Movie I Watched: Moana

Top 3 Characters: Akira Kurusu, Futaba Sakura, Saeyoung Choi

Top 3 Ships: Shukita, Yooran, Yooseven

Books/Manga: The Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley. check it out

Top 5 Musicals: Hamilton, Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, Aladdin (yes shut up)

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D-Class: This is a nice Card. I like cards

SCP-049: *appears* Lemme cure. Please

D-Class: No Doc. Go find 035

SCP-049:  You want sum cure?

D-Class: No Doc. I don’t want sum cure

SCP-049: I got you card

SCP-049: Hey D-Class want sum mask

D-Class: Ugh…Doc your mask is dirty

SCP-049: Pestilence? Core Cure? You want scalpel? He doesn’t want scalpel….Scalpel AND zombie? No.

D-Class: Doc? I’m leaving

SCP-049: Wot? NO! WAIT LET ME CURE What has my life come to? 035 thought my mask was nice 035 used to let me cure. But 035 is with 701. 701 is a pestilence. Heck. fuck this cell fuck 701! I NEED YOU 035! 035 LEMME CURE! I’m gonna get that bastard a card Bastards love cards  wrong card CARD

SCP-106:…*eye twitches*