A group known as Book Swaps for London aims to establish a city-wide “book-sharing scheme in London’s tube and train stations.”

Shelves are established in stations, and commuters can use them to pick up books they would like to read and drop off books that they want to give away. This scheme builds on already successful ones such as Bookcrossing and local pub and hostel swap schemes.

(via Do The Green Thing: Books in unusual places)


i made an eponine aesthetic thingy (grantaire // jehan // enjolras // combeferre)

Covering mirrors, stopping clocks, bacon fat, greenery over doorways, and my grandmother.

As most of you know by now, I’ve been trying to write down everything my grandmother taught me because I’m the last one who has this information now that she’s gone. Most of what she taught, I’ve traced back to ancient Irish polytheist culture and I’ve seen more links to Celtic (Ireland, Scotland, Brittany) culture in letters from previous generations. However, there are a couple of mysteries I haven’t solved yet.

  • When a person died, my grandmother covered mirrors and stopped clocks. I thought, being a child, it was just her weird grandma behavior but then I saw a character in Fried Green Tomatoes do the exact same thing.
  • When I had little cuts, my grandmother put raw bacon on the wound with a bandage tied around it overnight. I have very distinct memories of me being a small girl trying to resist what she was doing because kids at school had Barbie Band-Aids, not cloth bandages with raw bacon inside.
  • I also remember watching my grandmother hang pieces of evergreen (?) over the household’s doorways when we got our Christmas trees. When people suggested we get a plastic tree, she took that as an insult to our home. Our Christmas trees were very carefully chosen and only certain types of trees were allowed. There was no mention of Jesus in our home at Christmas, although it was important that my grandmother be “seen” at church. I knew the church stuff was fake even when I was small but I never knew why (as an adult I found out we were taught to be seen at church so nobody would know we were pagans).

So I’m pretty sure the green stuff over the doorways were old Irish traditions but I have no idea where the mirror coverings, stopped clocks, and bacon fat came from. Are these aspects of American folk magic? My grandmother learned everything from central Missouri and older Iowa relatives. Does anyone know anything?

Plug Out by James O'Loughlin

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than by switching off those electronics and embracing the outdoors? At least that’s the question that designer James O’Loughlin asks us to consider with his fabulous new poster.

This is the perfect time to escape the screen,” says James. “As we focus on electronic devices for work, entertainment and socialising the good weather is bringing people out into the parks, beaches and streets and away from the cyber space. In England we rarely have the pleasure of such good weather and this is a great opportunity for us to engage with one another and the world without the need of electronic aids. This needs to be celebrated, so take advantage - plug out and get out.”


By plugging out and going out for a mere hour each day you could save over 45,000kWh of energy in a single year. That’s enough to power 70 frostless refrigerators for over 300 days each.


Spend a day outdoors, with help from this National Trust guide. Find the best and most exciting destinations for a family day out, near you. Just remember to leave those gameboys at home.

Buy the poster

We’re selling this poster printed on FSC paper with sustainable ink for £12 plus VAT, postage and packing with all proceeds going back to the Do The Green Thing charity. Buy it here.

The second poster from Do the Green Thing’s Earth Hour poster set has been release!

Marina Willer, partner at Pentagram, used a photo of her right foot to create a poster encouraging people to put down their car keys and put on their trainers:

“We can panic about where the car keys are, get grumpy in a traffic jam, run out of petrol before we find a parking space, have a fight with the pay machine, and get a congestion charge penalty to finish off. Or we can walk and enjoy the world.”

We love it and can’t wait to see the rest!

PLUG OUT (2014) 

Do The Green Thing: Creativity vs Climate Change, London. 

Current estimates indicate that standby power use in the U.S. accounts for about 5% of residential electricity use, implying that residential consumers in the U.S. spend over 4 billion dollars on standby power every year. In Japan, Germany and the Netherlands, standby power comprises 10 to 15 percent of total residential electricity use.