looking after you

request; can i request a kyungsoo looking after you when you’re sick? :) thank you!

Perhaps it was the sick feeling in your stomach or the pounding headache, but you found yourself waking up before the sun. The past few days you had been feeling under the weather, with painful limbs, a dry throat and headaches coming and going.

Not long after waking up, you found yourself leaving the comfort of your warm bed where your boyfriend was fast asleep, and stepping into the cold morning air and rushing towards the bathroom situated at the other end of your bedroom, due to the vomit quickly rising up your body.

You collapsed onto your knees before the toilet just in time, before throwing up. You were shivering on the cold floor, and your head began to feel worse due to all the vomit you were producing. Your body allowed you to take a break, before you found yourself throwing up again, however this time, you felt your hair being pulled away from your face and a hand softly rubbing circles in your back.

The last thing you wanted to do was wake Kyungsoo, due to his lack of sleep lately because of the upcoming comeback. Yet, here he was rubbing your back and whispering soft words to you and you remained stuck over the toilet bowl, feeling awful and disgusting.

Once you were finished, Kyungsoo placed his hands in your underarms and helped you to your feet.

“Up we go. Here. Brush your teeth and let’s get you back into bed.”

After cleaning up, you climbed back into the warm bed with Kyungsoo hovering above you, with his hand pressed to your forehead. He looked tired and concerned as he murmured to himself about how warm you felt.

“Your fever is getting worse. I need to take the blankets off you, you’re heating up.”

You whined as he pulled the blankets down, exposing your body to the cold air once again. All you wanted was to curl into a warm ball and sleep.

“I know, darling, it’s cold but you’re sweating and your forehead is too warm. You need to lie for a little while in the cool air,” he whispered to you sweetly, caressing your hair with his hand.

“Kyungsoo,” your voice came out rather hoarse. You wanted to complain but he shushed you immediately.

“Shh. I’m going to get some medication, don’t you dare pull those covers over you until I’m back, okay?” with that, he quickly left the room and hurried to the kitchen. He returned not long after with medicine and a wet cloth, which he placed across your forehead after sitting you up for you to take the medicine.

“Try to get some sleep, okay? I’ll be here when you wake up with some soup and dry toast. For now, get some rest.”

With his hard rubbing your arm soothingly, he pulled the covers over your body and pressed his lips to your forehead, allowing you to drift off.

“Yeah, she’s been sleeping for around two hours now. I have soup and I gave her medication before she fell asleep,” you woke up the sound of Kyungsoo’s soft voice, who was talking on the phone to either Junmyeon or his mother. You made a sound as you woke up and his eyes shot over to you. He said goodbye to whoever was on the phone, and walked over to the bed with a bowl. You managed to shoot him a weak smile as he sat you up.

“Say ah,” he murmured as he held the spoon up to your mouth. You gladly swallowed the delicious soup he fed to you. “How are you feeling?”

“A little better, thank you.”

“You worried me, but I’m glad you’re okay. Ah,” he motioned for you to open your mouth again as he continued to scoop spoonsful into your mouth. Once you finished, he flashed you a small smile and lay you down again, climbing into the bed with you. He pressed his lips to the side of your head and sat up, leaning on his arms and checking over you, small creases forming on his forehead as he checked you over. He brought you into his arms after, letting you get comfortable before gently whispering, “get better soon.”  

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I made a follow forever not too long actually but because I love kyungsoo and jongin (and kaisoo) so much, I had to make a special one for this number (I’m the zero in the middle, bc I’m a loser :))

thank you so much for following me, for talking to me, for tagging me in things and for reblogging/liking my gifs/edits/drabbles *throws hearts* you’re all precious cinnamon rolls and I hope you all get your bias’ photocard, that your otp has lots of cute moments together and that you’ll randomly find money on the street tomorrow (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ. alright, let’s get to it, shall we?

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FINALLY! I’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for ages and I finally did it wohoo! anyway, I used to be a sad, lonely blogger and was, for lack of a better expression, “creatively frustrated”. when I joined this fandom, it really reignited my passion for editing and gave me a creative outlet. eventually I decided to make this blog because exo basically took over my regular blog. I never expected to have this many followers and to make so many friends on here. thank you for being so nice to me; thank you for liking and reblogging my gifs, edits and dumb text posts; thank you for putting up with my dumb tags and my complaints about my mental health issues; thank you for cheering me up when I feel down; thank you for making my dash awesome. this might just be a blog, but I’m really proud of it and it actually makes me feel like I’m worth something. so anyway, enough with the sob story, let’s get to it, shall we?

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I know that Christmas has gone but I'd like to see an EXO gif reaction or written reaction to their crush being under the mistletoe but with another member, I really like EXO being jealous LOL. BTW I'm so glad that you're back, your reactions are slay! Kisses and hugs

Thank youuuu!!!! *^* we are so happy to be back as well, we missed u so much guys so much T_T  /sobs

So here we go!!!!!!! 



Luhan: manly luhan goes and confronts the other member 

Yifan/Kris:  "hey babe" flirts in the distance to get ur attention

Suho: She’s with who???? chanyeol???? da fuck????!!!!


Baekhyun: *jumps between u two" “heeeeyyy guys wassup!?”

Chen:  makes the other member go away “better move ur ass from here before I make u regret been born" 


Kyungsoo: who’s with her??? who?!! WHO!!! i’m gonna kill him and throw his body to the ocean

Tao: *Confident Panda mode on* sees u and says

bcs he’s just needs sehun LOL

Kai: is that lil brat with her?

Sehun: kkk  see hyung??? he thinks he actually got a chance pfffftttt 

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