Whatever SM's doing isn't even breaking us apart but putting us stronger together

We don’t believe in this bullshit anymore and all the other fandoms who have been through this are supporting us.

Where the hell did they get the idea that we’re just gonna let them do their bullshit act again?

Hi cuties !! so i finally decided to make my first follow forever after almost one year and eight months since i joined tumblr .. i’ve had such a great time here.
i can’t believe that it’s been almost two years. ahhhhh time flies so fast !!

i would like to thank all the amazing bloggers i follow and my lovely followers because without you guys my tumblr experience wouldn’t be amazing. i honestly don’t know why you guys still following me but thank you so much for sticking with me till mow *sobs*
i love you all ♡~

please ignore my crappy edit and scroll down to check out all these awesome blogs. some of these blogs aren’t active anymore but i’m gonna put them here because i believe that someday they’ll come back and see that there are people who still remember them ;w;

50shades-of-kai12eclipses ♡  69withsehunamazitaoamigonewbabyfacepowa  ♡ baekfingerbaekfleabaekhyun-ahbaekmints ♡  bangtankookiesbeautifulgenerationbexostblondejonginbuxibanbyunbunniechanyeolerschanyeolscrackdealercheeseandbaekhyunchen-schentonguechnayeol ddeerluhan do-r-kyungsoodohdorodokaisdoredosdoresquedyokyungsudyoliciouseexueggxohexo-ordinaryexobyuntaeexolutelyexozhangfan-qinsfantaosdick ♡ fingermebaekhyunflawless12flowermaknaeflwrboy forever-an-exo-fan ♡ happyvirushersheyjerzeyhiscupidsbowhuangzha hunbaek ♡ jesschestjjongroyal jongdalityjonqdaeskaihocolatexokaiscrotchkaiwaiiankaiwaiisookeyeomikimjongasmkrease-browskriistaokris-haekris-wukrismebaekkrismegentlykrismehardkrissingyeollattaelalayyixingluhanpiam-iyoungmaknaes-dongsaengmasturbaekmelonhunmen-in-eyelinermin-wuchanoh-luhansohsehunnie1oshztparkdobeeprettaerraint95ruby-sicasebootysehductionsekchanfanseo-hansmokinghotbaekhyunsooxiussulranghaesuhunthat-buffalowelcome-to-url-too-longwu-fanwufabulouswufanicationwufunxehunfxinggyixiumaniaxiuminoidxiurrorluludeeryyeseoulyixingologyyixingy ♡ zhonqrensziitaoztaoz