This time around, I decided to do the big story video before the others!

This is a (fairly barebones) look at the story of Ariandel, told sequentially as if I was going through the DLC. 

I had to cut out the most fascinating speculation in the interests of time..WTF IS WITH THE STATUE AT THE END..but it’s gonna be fun diving into that in the coming weeks.

So how did you guys find the DLC?


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Watch the video to find out what we do and where we’re going.

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Thank you.

attack-on-levis-ass  asked:

Hi Nozomi! Do you know if there's any protocol for throwing gifts onto the ice for skaters? I see a lot of plushies and flowers, but do people also attach letters to their gifts as well? Idk if you know but I thought I'd ask :O

I’m not very knowledgeable about this but I do remember watching this video (watch around 7:00) about a shop that specializes in “flowers to be thrown into the rink”.

Also, parts and bits shouldn’t fall onto the ice that will obstruct the athletes.

I see people attaching letters ;)


NEW VIDEO: “No Glory in the Process - don’t mind me, I just wanted to have a little honest, unedited chat. I’m gonna be checking out some blogs who reblog this - thanks for spreading the love! <3


NEW VIDEO: “What I Learned From Pickle Juice

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