SnKBad Ritual// an ereri fanmix // “This love is a dark, dark thing.”

i. timber timbre - bad ritual // ii. the neighbourhood - lurk // iii. kleerup ft. lykke li - until we bleed // iv. eels - fresh blood // v. blue foundation (zeds dead remix) - eyes on fire // vi. digital daggers - fear the fever // vii. placebo - every you every me // viii. nihils (urban contact remix) - help our souls 

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Aone often worships Futakuchi's body. He doesn't do it with words but with caresses and kisses. Futakuchi gets all flustered and at the same time he feels so loved and he really hopes that Aone feels the same way when Kenji tugs him down to plant kisses on Aone's lips\jaw\shoulders. And they both always leave lots of hickeys. (om-deer anon)
Fight Me
For when your mood is "Everyone can honestly fight me" and you want to listen to music that will fulfill that feeling. Just try not to punch any holes in walls. Or people.

Warriors: Imagine Dragons//Six Shooter: Coyote Kisses//This Ain’t A Scene: Fall Out Boy//Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover): Halestorm//I’m Gonna Show You Crazy: Bebe Rexha//Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers: Fall Out Boy//Friction: Imagine Dragons//Nicotine: Panic! At The Disco//Muse: OCAD//Miss Nothing: The Pretty Reckless//Problem: Natalia Kills//One For The Money: Escape the Fate//Miss Jackson: Panic! At The Disco ft. Lolo//Seven Nation Army Remix: The Glitch Mob (The White Stripes)//Freaks: The Hawk in Paris//E.V.O.L.: Marina & The Diamonds//Me Against The World: Simple Plan

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hello ok first let me say that always human is super cute and im excited to see it continue. second i have a question: is "luna" a "proper" ai or just something more like a really smart siri? and does everyone have access to her or equivalents or is it a purchase-only deal? thank you

Thank you very much <333

Luna is merely a smarter version of siri (I am not confident enough to write a story dealing with the social and ethical ramifications of true AI!)

In the story, most modern apartments/houses come with inbuilts - computers that will do household things like keeping track of your fridge and automatically ordering food when you run low. These computers also do standard PC stuff by projecting screens wherever needed, etc. But people generally find it weird interacting with a disembodied computer voice so it’s quite trendy to buy physical interfaces that you can interact with instead.

Sunati’s parents gave her the cat-eared interface a few years ago and when she moved out she took it with her :)

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which tags do you track? :0

I track dorkdenmark and fangirlranting!! :) feel free to tag me in stuff any time!!

phan asks

danisnotonfire: you can only save one item from your burning house, what do you save? 

amazingphil: what’s the most amazing thing to ever happen to you?

DANANDPHILGAMES: favourite video game?

PINOF: favourite memory of you and a friend?

danisnotinteresting: describe one of your most boring experiences

lessamazingphil: what’s a new thing you’ve tried recently?

The Dan and Phil radio show: what’s your current favourite song?

A Day in the life: how did you spend your day?

Dan and Phil baking videos: what’s your favourite food?

Dil Howlter: How many siblings do you have?

Whiskers: How many pets do you have?

The Hat fic: What’s the grossest experience you’ve had?

The Skin Fic: What’s your biggest regret?

Tumblr Tag: What tags do you track on tumblr?

Internet Support Group: What’s a question you wish you knew the answer to?

Dan and Phil Shop: You are given $1,000,000 to spend, what do you spend it on?

Existential Crisis: What things make you ponder your existence?

Sexy Internet Dating: Have you ever had an online/long distance relationship?

AmazingDan: who are your closest friends?

Tour of my brain:  What’s currently on your mind?

The 7 Second Challenge: Name 7 things you couldn’t live without

Toilet Tag: do you play on your phone on the toilet?

My chat logs: What does the last text you received say?


“Are you serious?” you asked, taking the weapon from him and running your hand over the grip. It was beautiful; he’d had it engraved with your initials even.

“I’m serious,” he replied. “But that comes with a hell of a lot of shooting lessons and gun safety. Not optional.”

“You don’t look very happy about this,” you said with a frown. “I know you worry, but I can take care of myself.”

“I know you can, Y/N,” he said, running a hand over his face. “I just don’t want you to have to.”

You stood from the bed and launched yourself at him, throwing your arms around his neck and he returned the embrace in surprise.

“This is a good thing,” you said into his jacket. “We’re a team.”

He hesitated a moment and then encircled you tighter to him, one hand on the back of your head.

“Happy birthday,” he responded, but there was still worry in his voice.


**It’s gotta be someone’s birthday today, right?
How to Turn on Do Not Track in Your Browser

In recent years, online tracking companies have begun to monitor our clicks, searches and reading habits as we move around the Internet. If you are concerned about pervasive online web tracking by behavioral advertisers, then you may want to enable Do Not Track on your web browser. Do Not Track is unique in that it combines both technology (a signal transmitted from a user) as well as a policy framework for how companies that receive the signal should respond. As more and more websites respect the Do Not Track signal from your browser, it becomes a more effective tool for protecting your privacy. EFF is working with privacy advocates and industry representatives through the W3C Tracking Protection Working Group to define standards for how websites that receive the Do Not Track signal ought to response in order to best respect consumer’s choices. 

The [linked] tutorial walks you through the enabling Do Not Track in the four most popular browsers: Safari, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, and Chrome.

do-not-track-chrome on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Looks like “Do Not Track” has become the keyword in the market, IE 10 making it default; Firefox “secretly” introduced it with version 9.0. And not surprisingly Google says chrome will support “Do not track by the end of this year”, not surprisingly the most reluctant guy to get on board. However there is a chrome extension to make it work for you. You can also enable “do not track” in IE 9. I’m planning to test them all and see how real they are.
By enabling this to not track option in each of the browser you basically state that you do not want your cookies to be shared with third parties. But then that might change your inter-site browsing experience for better or worse!

Read more on Do not track at…