is it just me or does the constant “bring new viewers!!! get to one million!!!” thing get annoying and take away from the actual show? like, i love the show and the cast but it’s frustrating we are responsible for bringing new viewers and trying to save the show…

I want to show the world new stuff. I want to have new things that maybe we haven’t seen before. That’s my goal. That’s what I’m aiming for — shock you with something new. Something like the Weeping Angels, which I think are great, are brand new. Steven Moffat invented them a couple seasons ago. There’s not going to be any Weeping Angels on Class, but I’m just saying that they’re something new to the Doctor Who universe that are just awesome, and I would like to do that.
—  Patrick Ness, promoting Class [x]

Petty EXO-L: When will BTS ever–

Petty A.R.M.Y: When will EXO ever–




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Heeeey Shi here with a brand spankin’ new blog for Kotomine Kirei from the Fate series. If you’re A-OK with interacting with a priest who 10/10 will not be able to help you with your problems and will probably inwardly find them amusing, then please give this a like or reblog so I can check you out! Crossover friendly and oc friendly as well, you will have a good time (lol bad time because Kirei is not good company please don’t be his friend).

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Thanks for the script/crumbs, Marc. But I'm still not watching 5x09. I see your damage control and ship baiting.

Then why are you even talking about Arrow, Nonnie? It sounds like you’re done, which is fine and obviously the right decision for you. But then you seem to be hanging around and looking for more things to get yourself upset about, which I just can’t imagine that being any fun. 

And I’m confused why you’d come to my blog to do that. 

I think we’re coming to the part of the story where the Olicity rebuild is coming in earnest, so now, they get to do some more promotions. It’s not baiting IMO, it’s timing. Exactly how could they have promoted the first 7 episodes and be raining down Olicity positivity in the spoilers when they knew they were going to be focusing on other facets of the show? They couldn’t, so they didn’t, so as not to be accused of false advertising. 

You know, I knew this would happen, and have said so previously - as soon as the story starts to swing back around to more of the overt Olicity build up, they were going to start doing more positive promotion of Olicity (because now there is something positive to promote) and people were going to then assume they were doing that to ‘appease’ the fans, that we somehow forced this into being by them reacting to us. No, it was always the plan. Anyone who gave this any thought could see that we’d get our positive Olicity promotion once we were up to that part of the story, but no, it’s now called crumbs or baiting by some. 

Called. It. 

And you know normally, I don’t like to do the ‘told you so’ thing, because its super petty and not a good look, but today, I’m going to let myself be ugly and petty, because I find this kind of thing frustrating and I can’t get it off my blog. I delete MG hate from my inbox everyday. I have to read reams of stuff from people spewing out their frustration at me. I don’t care that people hate him or the writers. Whatever. Feel how you feel. I care that you come to my blog to do it. 

I like Marc and has passion for the show and for writing. I like what I know of him, flaws and all, because he’s not perfect and neither is his writing, but guess what, none of us are. So, when people come to my blog and start complaining or being anti MG, writers, SA or whoever, I feel like I’ve got one friend talking shit to me about another. What am I meant to do about that? I do not want to be in the middle of some feud folks feel like they’ve got going on with Arrow. Because I like Arrow. Arrows not perfect, but fortunately I don’t require perfection in my relationships, because I sure as heck can’t supply it from my end. 

So, yeah, still don’t know what folks want from me with this stuff. :/


“ You’re here. You’re here and you’re blue. I like blue.”

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title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.