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which GOT house is your favorite and why?

((OOC: House Stark (shock) because I just feel like they’ve always been fighting the good fight, and continue to do so despite losing almost everything and everyone along the way… they’re just a house of sexy badasses and I appreciate that))

Lesbian History:

Anne Lister (1791–1840)

  • was a well-off  landowner, diarist, mountaineer and traveller (the first woman to climb Mont Perdu)
  • kept diaries which chronicled the details of her daily life, including her lesbian relationships, her financial concerns, her industrial activities and her work remodeling historical houses
  • her diaries contain more than 4,000,000 words including very intimate and graphic details about her sexual and romantic relationships which she wrote in code, as well as exactly how she preferred to seduce women
  • was noted for her ‘masculine appearance’ (read: hella butch)

“I love and only love the fairer sex… my heart revolts from any love but theirs.” - Journals, 29 October 1820

“I know how to please this fair maiden of mine” - Journals, 1820

a business-oriented, athletic, house-flipping lesbian i…. wow. if birkenstocks existed in 1820 she woulda had a pair.

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How do you think H kisses? :)


I bet he’s a face holder. I need him to be. Nothing harsh, he just lets his fingers slide up along your jaw, cupping lightly. I bet he’s a lip nibbler, a giggler in between when you bump noses or when his scruff tickles your upper lip, I bet he’s the kind to tell you what you taste like, to make you smile. He probably tests the waters with his tongue, lets it graze your own, not too much, but he doesn’t forget it’s there. He’s the kind to let out a little moan. He does that little: ‘I’m so into it’ intake of breath. He’s the kind that when you pull away, all you have to do is start to move your face back towards his and he’s rushing to meet you. Perfection. xx.

It just hit me – I now own an album that is all Harry. Singing. Solo. And I can listen to it as much as I want for all eternity. It’s great to be a Harrie! How hlessed can one person be?

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the thought of Harry coming home from a set of overseas work and meetings etc and flying home to his family and just being so relaxed and happy by being back into his normal basic routine of waking up to make breakfast and get the kids up for school

You know how much I live for domestic dad Harry (clearly). Dad Harry who makes pancakes on Saturdays, who nuzzles and kisses and tickles the kids softly in their beds to wake them up for school, brushing back their bedhead and reveling in how sweet they look when they’re sleepy. Dad Harry who zips up jackets and ties tiny shoelaces and kisses ouchies and wipes away tears and finds favorite blankets that have been lost around the house. Dad Harry who reads bedtime books and uses all the different voices. The dad who is the king of bath time. He’s got it down to a science. He wraps them up tight in their hooded bath towels and kisses their damp cheeks. The dad whose big hands swallow up tiny ones, as a way to say: ‘I’m here, I’ve got you.” The dad who swears he’s not going to fall asleep during a bedtime cuddle and always does. The dad who sneaks in cuddles even when they’re supposed to be napping. The dad who is always proud when he can coax a good, hearty burp from the baby.The dad that baby wears like a champion and listens to every little conversation like it’s the most important thing in the world. Because it is. The dad who gives the best cuddles and piggyback rides and who never fails to get the kids cackling with laughter. The dad who is always ready, coffee in hand, for the school run. The dad who, even when they’re teenagers,  is waving as he drops them off, shouting out the driver’s side window to have a good day at school and learn lots. 

Really, he’s just going to be the best daddy ever. xx.

@Harry:  Please, please, PLEASE let me adult for one full day a week.  Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t have a job or be able to afford your album or magazines or concert tickets.  Just ONE DAY a week.  That’s all I ask.  Thank you for your consideration.  Love, Me