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whenever i open my dash and there's heaps of new posts my brain just goes "ah yes, maddie is here" like this is ur thing on my dash. reblogging heaps of rlly cool posts in a row w no warning and then i just drown in all the good shit on my dash

“ah yes, maddie is here” i fucking love u guys did u know that

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If you tried to kill Napstablook (which is impossible), will this affect the pacifist route, like... It becomes neutral route?

(undertale spoilers)

No, it will not become neutral route! Attempting to kill Napstablook will not result in any gain of EXP, which is what determines if Frisk is still a pacifist or not.

Take note that the flavor text says “you lost 1 experience point.” This is not the same as EXP, which stands for “execution points.” This makes the flavor text meaningless for this game’s battle mechanics!

We tend to think about self-acceptance as this giant breakthrough, like you’ll turn some corner and or have an amazing epiphany and you’ll finally be capable of self-love. But most self-acceptance comes from cultivation over the course of many years. We have to slowly and somewhat tediously remind ourselves that we’re doing great, even with all of our flaws, until that feeling becomes less effortful.

Happiness is 60 percent good habits, 30 percent deep understanding of yourself, and 10 percent blind faith. You have to wake up in the morning and instead of thinking, “I don’t want to get out of bed. I hate my life,” you think, “I’m going to get out of bed and make some tea and think some good thoughts, goddamn it.” You have to get on the train and instead of thinking, “Don’t touch me, you angry thoughtless sexist racist blind fucks,” you think, “Look how hard we all try, to be good enough, to be loved, to feel at home.” You sit down at your desk and instead of thinking, “Oh fuck, I can’t do this today,” you think, “I am going to try and reach for the sublime, and the spirits of the dead are going to rally to my side and help me realize my full potential. Today, I am going to shine.”

The more gentle and kind you are to yourself, the more gentle and kind the world is to you. The more passionately you believe in yourself, the more passionately other people will believe in you. People say this shit all the time and it’s easy to think, “Whatever, dude. HOW DO I GET THERE?” You get there by crawling. You crawl and even though you’re very low and very slow, you say to yourself, “I am moving forward. I am making progress. Every day.” You say, “Look how hard I try, to be good enough, to be loved, to feel at home.” And even if you can’t love yourself for anything else, you love yourself for that.

- Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Hating Myself?

Addendum to the previous post:

  • An employee called Siobhan (I think that’s how it’s spelt, I don’t remember), was a raging homophobic who did a 180 after meeting them.
  • Every employee of the place would gush at how cute they were.
  • Louis mentioned the private plane during dinner (we didn’t know he flew private until a few months later).
  • The reservations were (privately, remember this is members only) done under Tomlinson, and people would just call them ‘The Tomlinsons’.
  • They had a regular table, that gave to a balcony and a fireplace? (She described how the place was inside but I cannot remember now).
  • They tipped almost too well.
  • They arranged the dates months in advance.
  • They started going in early 2012, so shortly after Harry turned 18. (I’m guessing he couldn’t be a member before?? IDK).
WALK THE MOON Song Masterpost (Updated 2-19-16)


1. Don’t Take Me Back

2. Forcefield

3. Jaguar

The Anthem EP - 2008

1. Stone Cold Fox

2. Angeline

3. Anthem

4. Jenny’s Got A Body

The Other Side: B-Sides and Rarities - 2009

1. Ball & Chain

2. San Augustine

3. Candycane Jane

4. La La Metropolitan

5. House Burning Down

6. Entropy

7. The Autopilot

8. For All We Know

9. The Ballad of Sebastian Jackson

10. Stunning, Honey (Please Stay)

11. Sirens

12. Break a Heart

13. Flying Through Red Lights (Bonus Track)

14. Long Shadow (Bonus Track)

I Want! I Want! - 2010

1. Anna Sun

2. Lisa Baby

3. Quesadilla

4. The Liftaway

5. I Want! I Want!

6. Blue Dress

7. Jenny

8. Me & All My Friends

9. Iscariot

10. I Can Lift a Car

11. William Blake

Anna Sun EP - 2012

1. Tightrope

2. Anna Sun

3. Next In Line


1. Quesadilla

2. Lisa Baby

3. Next In Line

4. Anna Sun

5. Tightrope

6. Jenny

7. Shiver Shiver

8. Lions

9. Iscariot

10. Fixin’

11. I Can Lift a Car

Tightrope EP - 2013

1. Tightrope

2. Anywayican

3. Tête-Á-Tête

4. Drunk In The Woods

5. Tightrope (Acoustic)

6. Burning Down the House (Live)


1. Different Colors

2. Sidekick

3. Shut Up and Dance

4. Up 2 U

5. Avalanche

6. Portugal

7. Down In The Dumps

8. Work This Body

9. Spend Your $$$

10. We Are the Kids

11. Come Under The Covers (aka Set Me On Fire/Summer is Over)

12. Aquaman

Different Colors EP - 2015

1. Different Colors

2. It’s Your Thing

3. Boyfriend

4. Different Colors (Lost Kings Remix)

5. Different Colors (The Griswolds Remix)

You Are Not Alone (Live at The Greek) - 2016

Coming February 26! Preorder now!

Other Songs/Covers

This Must Be The Place

Young Shoes

Tiger Teeth

Mono No Aware (Fleeting Beauty)


Anna Sun (Acoustic)

Big Bad Wolves

The Knocks - Best For Last feat. Walk The Moon


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