I’d Like to Make You Mine

A/N: I want to specify that this IS NOT a part of the main Saint Nicholas verse (such as Don’t Leave, Stay, Am I A Sure Thing, etc) b/c it involves some stuff that won’t take place for a long time b/t Harry and Y/N in the main verse. BUT I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPER CUTE AND @yeahmynameissushi​ and I discussed this at length. SO…

dedicated to @yeahmynameissushi

Nick. Harry. Y.N.

Harry where are you

This stage is so big Nick and I are lost…help

Yeah fucking step up H !!can’t invite us to China and abandon us at a hotel

They gave us wings to try on!!

omg Harry they’re actually letting us try on the wings !!!

I look HOT they should let me walk

Nick does look hot H, you’re missing out.

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The issues with the recovery vs. anti-recovery discourse in a nutshell.

First problem: Nobody knows what anyone else is talking about (but they keep arguing like they do).

no one actually defines recovery the same way.

  • when we talk about ‘recovery’ half of y'all use that word to mean “doing what you can to manage better in your day to day lives” and the other half use it to mean “being totally cured, completely and utterly mental illness/neurodivergence/disability free” so we constantly end up with 2 or more people arguing about recovery thinking the people they’re arguing with are defining it the same way as they are but in reality everyone involved is talking about a different thing entirely.

whether you define recovery as managing better or being cured there’s also an issue of interpretation there because different people have different ideas about what managing better and being cured mean as well.

  • does 'managing better’ mean simply doing what you can with what you have? or are we defining it as nothing short of getting out every day and living some 9-5 job, white picket fence sort of life? i’ve seen people define it both ways and a thousand ways in between. when you consider recovery to be about being 'cured’, how do you define that? how do you see it happening? are you acknowledging that there are people who cannot or do not want to be cured and saying this shit anyway or are you only thinking about say, only depression, but simply not naming that thing in your post which brings me to

when we talk about mental illness, neurodivergence, and disability, people are STILL hopelessly vague.

  • take a sentence like “if you’re mentally ill recovery is possible” and ask yourself what mental illness are we talking about? what is your definition of recovery? because we’ve already established that 'recovery’ could mean any number of things and 'mental illness’ tells us nothing. are we talking about depression or anxiety? or are we talking about personality disorders? psychotic disorders? what? saying you can be cured from depression is not the same as saying you can be cured from a personality disorder - tips people share to help manage anxiety are not going to be applicable to all mental illnesses. y'all are constantly saying 'mental illness’ in posts when you’re actually only talking about depression or something and people with mental illnesses that are not depression are reading that and thinking “what the fuck” because what’s true for depression is categorically false for plenty of other shit.

people are constantly ignoring physically disability and chronic illness in discussions about recovery.

  • 'recovery’ is not only a term used in discussions WRT mental illness but also with physical illness and disability so when a person who is chronically ill or physically disabled sees a vague “recovery is possible” post even if you did not intend for it to be about them they have no way of knowing that when you’re being vague as fuck about what you’re actually saying and who it is your post is about. and i shouldn’t need to explain to y'all why telling a person who is physically disabled and has zero chance of that ever changing that they can be 'cured’ is on a whoooole other level than telling someone with depression they can be cured.

Problem Two: Y'all can’t tell the difference between personal anecdotal posts and posts that are specifically addressed to/for other people.

raise your hand if you’ve been victimized by regina george had some “we can’t all be neurotypical karen” comment added to a post you made about your own experience with some kind of coping mechanism or something you did that helped you with whatever is going on with you?

  • a lot of people involved in these discussions see a post that says “i tried yoga and it helped with my depression” and they think it’s the same thing as “you need to try yoga because it will cure your depression” but…they are totally different. personal anecdotes are not personal recommendations, a person talking about something THEY did to help with THEIR self =/= a person telling YOU what to do to help with YOURSELF.

y'all also constantly misconstrue posts that are brainstorming different potential coping mechanisms and positive things to do with posts that are specifically instructing you to do something and assuming that these posts are guaranteeing you 100% that all the things on them will work or your money back.

  • example: y'all see a post that’s like “here’s a list of some positive things you can do to help with your anxiety” and you think the OP is specifically saying that all of them will work for everyone…but that’s not what those posts are about. they’re not instructions, they’re ideas. they’re not meant to tell a person what to do or even promising them that any of that shit will work, they’re for brainstorming and coming up with something that might be helpful.

Problem Three: Some of y'all think too narrowly.

a lot of people on this site have an issue with black and white thinking.

  • nuance who? y'all don’t get that not only are all mental illnesses, neurodivergencies, and disabilities the same but that people who have the same thing are not going to experience that thing in the same way. example: two people with bpd can have a WILDLY different experience with it and can have wildly different methods of dealing with it. what works for the one can have the absolute opposite affect on the other.

y'all assume that you can see one post a person made or even a couple of posts and you think you know everything there is to know about them and their experiences.

  • but a person’s blog is only just a SMALL window into their life (even when they run a blog specifically about their mental illness, neurodivergence or disability you STILL don’t know even the half of what there is to know about them). you can’t see a couple of negative posts and assume that that means the person making them is “doing nothing” to help themselves or that they’re “anti recovery” because those posts are just a small fraction of who they are and what they’re doing. this is also even more ridiculous of an assumption because plenty of people use their blogs specifically FOR venting their negative shit and who someone is IRL is never going to be a living, breathing personification of who they are in their vent tag.

as much as people talk about “the mental illness community” or whatever, the fact is we’re not actually a community.

  • we’re a bunch of people with one common thing posting in the same tags and occasionally we form little connections when we all follow some of the same blogs and we see the same familiar usernames but we’re not a community in the sense that there’s a community leader or a set of community rules or a list of things unifying us together or, for that matter, any actual interaction between us. the fact is that tumblr is a website with MILLIONS of users and the view you have of certain groups of people on tumblr (the mentally ill, neurodivergent, or disabled for example) will depend radically on who you follow and what tags you’re viewing. if you hate being exposed to negativity and people who are negative about their lives, you can prevent that from happening by simply not following those people, by blocking them, and perhaps by finding other tags to post in. saying “tumblr is anti-recovery” is much like saying “the city of new york is anti-recovery” just because you stumbled across some people in a back alley complaining about their anxiety. you can leave the alley and go somewhere else that’s more suited to you, you don’t have to stay and tell the people there to shut up because they’re not being positive enough for you.

And problem four: Some of y'all are just assholes.

  • i think the majority of the recovery/anti-recovery argument could be solved if we were all a little less vague in our posts and made an effort to word them as specifically as possible and if we were all just a little less narrow-minded in both our thinking and listening but there are still people on this site who are just jerks because they will always assume that they know better than anyone else and, worse, that they know other people’s experiences and minds better than those people do and will absolutely lose their shit if anyone tries to tell them otherwise.
  • this goes back to more black and white/no nuance thinking and it’s a problem on this site that goes well beyond recovery discourse. the solution for this is for all of us to try and think more critically, listen more carefully, and consider other people beyond just our initial reactions. most of being an asshole comes down to not caring about other people—not caring about how they feel, what they think, what they have been through—and the rest comes down to caring so much for ourselves and what we personally feel and think about any given thing that it makes us ignorant to everything else, so obsessed with our own opinions that we’re happy to fall face-first into the pond and drown in them. we all have to be cautious that we don’t fall into that and that we don’t end up creating our own little bubbles where our voices are the only ones we hear and we can do that by talking (not vaguely) and even moreso by listening to others when they speak.

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

- 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

listen for

What do we do
when words lose
all meaning, all sense
No defense against
all the hurt and pain
Hide and seek games
such a simple refrain
Is there sweet
when all around
is sorrow
Where is the hope for tomorrow
I listen for the sound
of hope, of love
Only echoes in my mind
look up above
is all I find

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harry making you moan his name louder with each thrust like in little things at the end when he keeps yelling 'Louder!'

PLEASE. He slows down every time you aren’t saying it loud enough for him and it drives you crazy and he revels in your frustrated whimpers. “What’s that, baby?” he hums a little devilishly, slowing down his movements and thrusting shallowly, sucking kisses to your neck and marking up the skin of your shoulder. “Can’t hear yeh. Tell me.”

And when you moan his name so it vibrates in his ears, the praise makes him moan. And as he thrusts forward, there’s a hearty, slapping sound of skin meeting skin to prove how deep he is, that makes you cry out and only moan his name again. xx.

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Hi! A.) I love your writing. B.) I love your taste. I'd love it if you could rec me some of your favorite Hannigram fics that you feel are completely in character? Like top notch, Very In Character, in character. I feel like I've exhausted the best longer fics, but I know that can't be true. Thank you!

Aw, anon friend, I love you.

Fic recs is always like Sophie’s Choice because I feel like there’s a LOT of good stuff out there. So I’ve tried to narrow it down and compile a list that’s mostly fics over 5k, non-au, and completed.

(Also if I’ve done a very very bad job and there’s a lot of stuff in this list that you’ve already read then by all means send me a chat and tell me more specifically what you like in fics. I don’t bite, I swear!)

A Gentler Ending by @damnslippyplanet [Everything slippy writes is SO GOOD and there’s several other longer fics in her repertoire, but I’m a sucker for a happy ending and this is a very nice fix-it]

Better Living Through Pheremones by @unicornmagic [Okay, this is ABO so it’s technically au but it’s incredible ABO with perfect characterization, so it goes on the list. If you’ve ever been on the fence about this trope I think this one will convince you to get into it]

Sweet Milk by @granpappy-winchester [Why do I bother to give myself rules? This one is technically kind of a WIP but where it currently ends also works as an ending. Anyways, don’t let the kink put you off- this is most excellent, in character exploration of something Will would totally be wound tight about and I love it so. Everything granpappy does is perfect so go through her entire archive]

Ganymede by @staticraining [The ganymede metaphor fic dreams are made of. Great dialogue here, and also some great rarepairs in their archive]

Blackbird by @emungere [On the truly off chance you HAVEN’T read this, I’m putting this in here because it’s rare that we see longer case-fic in fandom and this story does it very, very well, with excellent dialogue between Hannibal and Will]

Shark Tank by @xzombiexkittenx [I’m like a Jehovah’s Witness, knocking at everyone’s door and making sure they’ve read this fic. It’s kind of au but also kind of not au but all in all perfect. The fic I’ve read no less than ten times thanks to international flights and ibooks. Also, if you’ve read this be sure you go through their archive and read everything else too, it’s all veeery in character]

Hesperides by @genufa [This is a lovely series with beautiful prose. She also has a longer fic in her archives called The Weight of the World and its Heaven which I’ve only just started to read and so far is very good!]

If the Heavens Ever Did Speak by @crossroadscastiel [she always writes excellent dialogue between hannibal and will and this is no exception. A rare glimpse of honest Hannibal, though it does come at the tip of a blade]

Your Obediant Servant by @lovecrimevariations [you wouldn’t think that hannibal sending will artistically drawn dick pics from prison could ever be in character but in this fic it IS and it is done so so well]

…and that’s all I’ve got off the top of my head! If you have more specific tastes do tell and I’m sure I can rustle up something!

Listen, Magnus is a one woman man and I love that about him which is why people shipping him and Lucretia made me feel a Lil weird. But them being best friends kills me so hear me out:

Lucretia comes onto the ship as a nervous girl in her early 20s and gets the biggest crush on the handsome man who’s supposed to protect her, because she’s young and the bad boy thing kinda draws her in? And she watches him at the press conference and is just SWOONING. But then he gets in a fight to defend her and she’s like “Whoa…”

And the first time she talks to him he’s like… he’s nice???? And it completely throws off her perception of him.

And after a while he’s not this buff, brave, handsome Mysterious Magnus. He’s lovely and sweet and kind and a little dim but he makes up for it in spades with his soul and she’s fucking THROWN. And her crush on him just goes away the first time she sees him die by backflipping off the ship onto the planet they were about to land on (what a dolt) and she just starts to love him with all her heart like the world’s nicest best worst brother. And he’s her best friend and she realizes he’d drive her up the wall if they dated but damn if the girl who he ends up with isn’t the luckiest woman.

She loves him and loves writing about him, her friend, her Magnus, and she loves everything about her other friends, too, although they take longer to warm up than Magnus “I Rush In” Burnsides. She starts having to write all their stories separately so she can include those infinite details about Lup’s hair and the way Taako holds a wand and Davenport’s snort on the rare occasions he laughs. Barry pushing his glasses up before the final blow (so they all know it’s coming.) Merle healing them as best he can and getting a lot better. And there are pages of her and Magnus feeding Fisher.

So when Magnus walks in on her erasing his memory, it feels like her heart is getting ripped through her throat, because doing this is different than seeing it done, and that she cannot abide.

She hopes Taako and Lup and Barry are okay, that they somehow find each other. She hopes Merle and his wife like each other more than they appear to. And God, she wants Davenport back so badly it makes her want to scream. But Magnus… is okay. Is best off of all of them.

When he marries the beautiful girl of his dreams she knows that he found a good one. But then, when Julia dies, Lucretia mourns. Considers making him forget. On the heels of that she realizes that forgetting her friends would kill her; how can she make her best friend lose the most beautiful woman in the world? So she leaves him with his memories and doesn’t visit for quite a while. It’s easier that way.

And finally, after all that heartache, someone finally gets one of the relics. And she’s ready to kiss the people who did it for bringing her one step closer to her friends. But who should walk through the door but swaggering, kind-hearted Magnus fucking Burnsides, next to her favorite wizard, who feels like half a person to her, without Lup. And Merle, the old doll who hid her behind the bar that first night before she realized that someone could care about her. And they look so Tired and she’s sure she does too. And their eyes don’t sparkle anymore. Is that her fault?

She wants to strangle Killian a little for making her see this, even though she knows damn well that it’s not her fault. But her boys are here and Davenport can’t speak and where the fuck are Lup and Barry and she realizes with horror and excitement and pain and joy: her rough tough bodyguard is going to have to save her again.

things i am going to do at various intervals in the future:

  • write a book
  • see the northern lights in person
  • finally do a pull-up
  • hike/climb a mountain
  • watch a sunrise
  • sail a boat on my own
  • live in a foreign country
  • learn to ride a motorcycle
  • grow something from a seed
  • read a new book

writing this down for posterity. and so i have something to hold on to.

au idea


Y/N loves children. In fact, that’s why she has 10 of them (foster kids, but they’re her family) – and they always have friends over, it’s like 3x that amount, quite frankly, and it’s come to her attention that she truly does need another hand around the house. A nanny, perhaps, someone to take care of the kids when she’s at work late. Or when her 10 kids do bring friends over and it’s like a stampede of children.

What she didn’t expect, though, was that the nanny would be just as in love with the idea of food fights as her kids were. It really is madness, when British nanny Harry Styles comes to town.