Lesbian History:

Anne Lister (1791–1840)

  • was a well-off  landowner, diarist, mountaineer and traveller (the first woman to climb Mont Perdu)
  • kept diaries which chronicled the details of her daily life, including her lesbian relationships, her financial concerns, her industrial activities and her work remodeling historical houses
  • her diaries contain more than 4,000,000 words including very intimate and graphic details about her sexual and romantic relationships which she wrote in code, as well as exactly how she preferred to seduce women
  • was noted for her ‘masculine appearance’ (read: hella butch)

“I love and only love the fairer sex… my heart revolts from any love but theirs.” - Journals, 29 October 1820

“I know how to please this fair maiden of mine” - Journals, 1820

a business-oriented, athletic, house-flipping lesbian i…. wow. if birkenstocks existed in 1820 she woulda had a pair.

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Cold nights with Harry? (I only ask because we're about to get hit with a snowstorm here and I am wearing about 17 layers of clothing and just want a snuggle)(also hi sunshine xo)

Oooh, cold nights where he’s got two jumpers on and you’re warming your hands on each other’s skin and you’re jamming your feet under his bum to keep warm (or vice versa while you gripe and he snickers). And sharing hot drinks and jumping into the cold bed and huddling up close with each other and jamming legs between other legs to get warm with chattering teeth and complaints about how, “Your feet are like ICE, I can feel them through your SOCKS!” and “Quit complaining, m’trying to sleep!” Meanwhile, if you were STILL shivering after a prolonged period of time, those big old arms would pull you in and he’d warm you up by rubbing furiously over your back and your arms to the point where you were both laughing. “S’that’ better?” “Yeah.”

Stay warm, love! And hello again. :) xx

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concept: you, comfortably resting on your bed, enjoying delicious food you ordered and listening to harry's album. his tour just got announced and you won vip ticket to his show in philadelphia. you check your tumblr inbox. there are no crazy anons, only nice messages praising harry's music.

i’m rock hard tell me more

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Austin has so many vegan places! It's a dream. My favorites are Tatsu-ya Ramen (not exclusively vegan, but their interior is cool, and they have a great vegan dish that I love with my whole soul), Lick's Honest Ice Creams (again, not completely vegan, but the options for vegans are there and are DELICIOUS), and Veggie Heaven, which is exactly what the name claims to be and more. Have a great time! Hope Texas treats you well :)

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! This is really exactly what we needed, thank you so much! veggie heaven comes up as the top result in every search for austin vegan restaurants so we are def. gotta check that out! and yeah this is good bc sometimes you don’t find out about places unless they’re completely vegan but you miss out on some great vegan options at other places, u know?? anyway you are truly an angel, thank u so much for these recommendations! even more excited 2 go Down South now


i don’t know how helpful it will be but - i think you should take a look at alan robarge on youtube and his videos about attachment. i’ve found them very enlightening and very helpful

…uh, holy shit, THANK YOU???? just based on a really cursory glance that seems like an ASTONISHINGLY relevant and useful rec, imma check out his stuff for sure!!

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Okay no offense but you're actually so rude. how dare you fuck me up with your writing? how dare you make me die inside because of how well you write dirty talk? you've got some nerve miss. now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna read ur masterlist AGAIN

I REALLY THOUGHT I WAS GETTING YELLED AT, LOL! Now that I’ve recovered from that heart attack… sorry ;) and thanks! Lol. xx

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God I had the worst dream. So I was out and started to see a lot of posters of a pastel pink water and they all had diferent parts of a mermaid. So that night I went to a bar and there was a giant sparkling closed shell in the middle of the floor so I asked the bartender what was going on and he said some dude was going to make a show (1/2)

(2/2)Then I looked to the side and there on the wall was a poster os HARRY DRESSED AS A FUCKING MERMAID W LONG BLUE/PURPLE WAVES AND SHELL BRA and I was like fuck no 😳And people started to clap bc the shell was opening so I ran and jumped on top of it screaming DON’T DO THIS STYLES DON’T YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS. I don’t know why I dreamed this I love his style and I know he’s going to be amazing poor boy 😂😂

I’m crying laughing, this is incredible… I can’t breathe, oh man…. 

“Harold… the human world, it’s a mess.” 

ok this is probably so confusing and im yelling a lot so let me explain this calmly:

  • i got into brendons periscope chat
  • i asked him if he liked say anything (the band) like 100000 times and he finally saw it and responded by saying “yeah, i used to listen to them! max bemis is awesome!” and sang a part of the futile but messed up a lyric
  • i tweeted max bemis about it
  • max bemis replied and followed brendon
  • brendon saw that max followed him and said “max Bemis is now following me! thanks max! love your band, love you”, then saw that he mentioned him too and was like “oh, sayyrprayers tweeted him” (note sayyyrprayers is ME)
  • i told max what brendon said in the scope about him following him and he replied saying it cheered him up and that brendon should dm him
  • my faves are becoming friends thanks to me and im ascending