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Your top 6 nose gif?

You came here to torture me, didn’t you? TO MAKE ME SUFFER????

1. Too close. So close. 

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2. Sunshine nose scrunch aka my death

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harry making you moan his name louder with each thrust like in little things at the end when he keeps yelling 'Louder!'

PLEASE. He slows down every time you aren’t saying it loud enough for him and it drives you crazy and he revels in your frustrated whimpers. “What’s that, baby?” he hums a little devilishly, slowing down his movements and thrusting shallowly, sucking kisses to your neck and marking up the skin of your shoulder. “Can’t hear yeh. Tell me.”

And when you moan his name so it vibrates in his ears, the praise makes him moan. And as he thrusts forward, there’s a hearty, slapping sound of skin meeting skin to prove how deep he is, that makes you cry out and only moan his name again. xx.

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Hi! A.) I love your writing. B.) I love your taste. I'd love it if you could rec me some of your favorite Hannigram fics that you feel are completely in character? Like top notch, Very In Character, in character. I feel like I've exhausted the best longer fics, but I know that can't be true. Thank you!

Aw, anon friend, I love you.

Fic recs is always like Sophie’s Choice because I feel like there’s a LOT of good stuff out there. So I’ve tried to narrow it down and compile a list that’s mostly fics over 5k, non-au, and completed.

(Also if I’ve done a very very bad job and there’s a lot of stuff in this list that you’ve already read then by all means send me a chat and tell me more specifically what you like in fics. I don’t bite, I swear!)

A Gentler Ending by @damnslippyplanet [Everything slippy writes is SO GOOD and there’s several other longer fics in her repertoire, but I’m a sucker for a happy ending and this is a very nice fix-it]

Better Living Through Pheremones by @unicornmagic [Okay, this is ABO so it’s technically au but it’s incredible ABO with perfect characterization, so it goes on the list. If you’ve ever been on the fence about this trope I think this one will convince you to get into it]

Sweet Milk by @granpappy-winchester [Why do I bother to give myself rules? This one is technically kind of a WIP but where it currently ends also works as an ending. Anyways, don’t let the kink put you off- this is most excellent, in character exploration of something Will would totally be wound tight about and I love it so. Everything granpappy does is perfect so go through her entire archive]

Ganymede by @staticraining [The ganymede metaphor fic dreams are made of. Great dialogue here, and also some great rarepairs in their archive]

Blackbird by @emungere [On the truly off chance you HAVEN’T read this, I’m putting this in here because it’s rare that we see longer case-fic in fandom and this story does it very, very well, with excellent dialogue between Hannibal and Will]

Shark Tank by @xzombiexkittenx [I’m like a Jehovah’s Witness, knocking at everyone’s door and making sure they’ve read this fic. It’s kind of au but also kind of not au but all in all perfect. The fic I’ve read no less than ten times thanks to international flights and ibooks. Also, if you’ve read this be sure you go through their archive and read everything else too, it’s all veeery in character]

Hesperides by @genufa [This is a lovely series with beautiful prose. She also has a longer fic in her archives called The Weight of the World and its Heaven which I’ve only just started to read and so far is very good!]

If the Heavens Ever Did Speak by @crossroadscastiel [she always writes excellent dialogue between hannibal and will and this is no exception. A rare glimpse of honest Hannibal, though it does come at the tip of a blade]

Your Obediant Servant by @lovecrimevariations [you wouldn’t think that hannibal sending will artistically drawn dick pics from prison could ever be in character but in this fic it IS and it is done so so well]

…and that’s all I’ve got off the top of my head! If you have more specific tastes do tell and I’m sure I can rustle up something!

Listen, Magnus is a one woman man and I love that about him which is why people shipping him and Lucretia made me feel a Lil weird. But them being best friends kills me so hear me out:

Lucretia comes onto the ship as a nervous girl in her early 20s and gets the biggest crush on the handsome man who’s supposed to protect her, because she’s young and the bad boy thing kinda draws her in? And she watches him at the press conference and is just SWOONING. But then he gets in a fight to defend her and she’s like “Whoa…”

And the first time she talks to him he’s like… he’s nice???? And it completely throws off her perception of him.

And after a while he’s not this buff, brave, handsome Mysterious Magnus. He’s lovely and sweet and kind and a little dim but he makes up for it in spades with his soul and she’s fucking THROWN. And her crush on him just goes away the first time she sees him die by backflipping off the ship onto the planet they were about to land on (what a dolt) and she just starts to love him with all her heart like the world’s nicest best worst brother. And he’s her best friend and she realizes he’d drive her up the wall if they dated but damn if the girl who he ends up with isn’t the luckiest woman.

She loves him and loves writing about him, her friend, her Magnus, and she loves everything about her other friends, too, although they take longer to warm up than Magnus “I Rush In” Burnsides. She starts having to write all their stories separately so she can include those infinite details about Lup’s hair and the way Taako holds a wand and Davenport’s snort on the rare occasions he laughs. Barry pushing his glasses up before the final blow (so they all know it’s coming.) Merle healing them as best he can and getting a lot better. And there are pages of her and Magnus feeding Fisher.

So when Magnus walks in on her erasing his memory, it feels like her heart is getting ripped through her throat, because doing this is different than seeing it done, and that she cannot abide.

She hopes Taako and Lup and Barry are okay, that they somehow find each other. She hopes Merle and his wife like each other more than they appear to. And God, she wants Davenport back so badly it makes her want to scream. But Magnus… is okay. Is best off of all of them.

When he marries the beautiful girl of his dreams she knows that he found a good one. But then, when Julia dies, Lucretia mourns. Considers making him forget. On the heels of that she realizes that forgetting her friends would kill her; how can she make her best friend lose the most beautiful woman in the world? So she leaves him with his memories and doesn’t visit for quite a while. It’s easier that way.

And finally, after all that heartache, someone finally gets one of the relics. And she’s ready to kiss the people who did it for bringing her one step closer to her friends. But who should walk through the door but swaggering, kind-hearted Magnus fucking Burnsides, next to her favorite wizard, who feels like half a person to her, without Lup. And Merle, the old doll who hid her behind the bar that first night before she realized that someone could care about her. And they look so Tired and she’s sure she does too. And their eyes don’t sparkle anymore. Is that her fault?

She wants to strangle Killian a little for making her see this, even though she knows damn well that it’s not her fault. But her boys are here and Davenport can’t speak and where the fuck are Lup and Barry and she realizes with horror and excitement and pain and joy: her rough tough bodyguard is going to have to save her again.

things i am going to do at various intervals in the future:

  • write a book
  • see the northern lights in person
  • finally do a pull-up
  • hike/climb a mountain
  • watch a sunrise
  • sail a boat on my own
  • live in a foreign country
  • learn to ride a motorcycle
  • grow something from a seed
  • read a new book

writing this down for posterity. and so i have something to hold on to.

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Have you ever theorized on how Harry would react if he found out that you had never had a partner who made you come?

I talked about it a little bit here:

I feel like he’d be upset for you and personally offended that no one has bothered to treat you like you deserve. “That’s a cryin’ shame, baby.” 

I KNOW it would be his mission to make you come. He’d pull out all the stops, do anything he had to, go down on your for three hours if that’s what it took. I don’t know, I just feel like Harry is a pleaser as a lover/someone you’re having sexy times with. I feel like he gets off from getting his partner off, so I have no doubt that he’d take his time and figure out exactly what you liked, and draw it out until he got you there. xx.

call me crazy but i really want to see an urban fantasy au…set off against the background of soho in london, most likely. paul is a 200-year-old vampire who has seen a little bit of everything in the world and keeps consistently getting his heart broken because everybody who he cares about that isn’t one of his own kind will leave, in the end, will pass. his life feels impossibly empty sometimes, just an existence of looking for more blood. music helps, it’s always helped (he liked the 1960’s the most). it reminded him of what it means to be human.

george is a recently-turned werewolf who’s having a hard time adjusting. it’s a lonely business, the whole process, (dealing with fangs that never seem to go away, the full moons) but there’s a nearby pack who are welcome to newcomers. their leader’s name is astrid. george was once sort-of friends with someone named paul, who he would sometimes see at the pub, but ever since the change, paul’s been avoiding him. looked like he wanted to be sick at the first sight of him, actually.

john and ringo are most likely humans, or perhaps partners in the business of keeping control of the local vampires, wolves, and other creatures if they get out of hand (this includes fairies, pixies, witches and warlocks, etc.) john has assumed most of them are all alike, one blood-sucking parasite is much the same as any other, until….

so when the world turns upside down for john after meeting paul, he tries to get some warlock friends of his to help out (they’re always good for a magic spell, or at the least, very fun drugs. he sees them at parties a lot). the stones have been around for varying points of time (charlie was his current age in the 1920’s–“we’ve been here long enough,” he tells mick, who shakes his head. “it hasn’t been near long enough. i want more time, i want more time with him and all of it”). they’ve all but got the secret to immortality, john reminds them. they’ve pushed magic in a way it hardly should be. but they started out as human-like enough too, why should he be any different? as they are well-aware, if one has a good reason for living forever, doesn’t that make any sacrifice worth it?

“does it?” keith asks him, voice dubious as he drains a diluted mixture of blood and spirits and fuck knows what else into a shot glass (of course.) when he throws it back, he convulses like he’s been hit with something poisonous instead, and something black leaks from his mouth before he wipes it away. “does it really?”