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Do you have tips on reading handwritten Japanese (that isn't super tidy)? Because someone who never learned any kanji probably understand as much as I do- I just can't decipher which character it is at all most of the time...

Aside from just keeping on reading and getting more familiar with kanji, you could try downloading fonts that are designed to look like handwriting (手書き風フォント) or fonts that look like they were written with a brush (毛筆体フォント) and practise reading with those. Something like アームド・バナナ from the first link might be good. This is the sample from the website:

幸せかと訊かれ春めいたと応う 凪太


It’s also worth looking at 略字, abbreviated versions of kanji.

If the writing is just really messy though there’s not much you can do :(

i’ve been forced into taking this class where you learn the most basics of basics  in microsoft word it’s nothing but old people being amazed by the font change tool and caps lock key  we were told “clip art is one of the most advanced things you can do in microsoft word”  and so i made this along with some text we were given to work with when the teacher wasn’t looking

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What font are you using for your page? Or do you have any idea of the font they used in the 1st and 2nd mini album?

Nope we don’t and Pledis must made/modified it. For the 2nd album, the word ‘Seventeen’ is probably written because if you look closely, the Es and Ns are different.

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What's your favourite font to write your stories in?

Dear sunny-mccoy,

I should tell you to do it the right way. I should tell you to do it in Times New Roman and double-space it and have one inch margins. I should tell you that’s how I do it, and I’m a professional with over a dozen novels to my name.

But it would be a lie.

I write in Word, and I spend three days creating a title in some sexy font that looks good with small caps, and then I readjust the document to have .5″ margins all around and 6x9″ page size and then I set the line spacing to 1.5 and I choose Garamond and then I fuss for another two days about whether I will write CHAPTER ONE or simply 1 or maybe one, in lowercase, to look sort of chic and anxious. 

Then I write the novel that way and send it to my editor. When I sent in the first novel this way, he e-mailed, “can you reformat this in 8.5 x 11 double space Times New Roman?” and then with the next novel he asked me again to change it but this time I didn’t and he just reformatted it himself and then on the third book he just reformatted it himself and I added another chapter and reformatted it back again to my beautiful useless format and he left it that way and by manuscript four, I sent it to him like that and he just gave up. Now it stays that way all the way up to page proofs.

Do not do this. This is a good way to get rejected by an agent or make your editor hate you. My editor and I are a special case as we are basically like a married couple, if you can be a married couple where one party is gay and the other is in a nontraditional relationship with a man and a 1973 Camaro.




“I am not being ridiculous,” said Lupin steadily. “Tonks deserves somebody young and whole.”
“But she wants you,” said Mr. Weasley, with a small smile. “And after all, Remus, young and whole men do not necessarily remain so.”

Notetaking & textbooks: Neurodivergent Version

The most important advice for neurodivergent people is to study in a way that works for you. If this doesn’t, scrap it and do whatever works for you.


  • take breaks, whenever you start getting bored/distracted/etc.
  • if your hands shake a lot/you can’t read your handwriting, type it up.
  • another pro to typing notes: you can get a text-to-speech program that will read it out loud for you + can ctrl+f for a word
  • if color-coding is too distracting, try using a different font or bigger size instead

Cornell Method for notes. I don’t bother with the summary because summarizing is hard for me. But this is good because you can just look at the left column when you’re looking for something instead of reading a lot.

This also works for math, because you can put the name of the formula on the left hand side and the steps on the right.


  • you can get your textbooks in PDF format, because some TTS programs can read that, and BeeLine Reader can as well
  • break the chapter down into separate categories by topic (look @ the index). Read that section, stop for the day, read the next section the next day, etc. remember to take breaks.

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Hey, do you have any tips on making essays more professional looking? Such as titles, and stuff like that. Thank you :)

Okay so here are some editing tips:

And the following are the formatting style I use:

  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Line spacing: 2
  • Font size: 12
  • I also number the headings, (e.g. 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.2, and more)
  • I usually make a cover page for my essay, which includes the title of the essay, my name, my student number, the course and its course code, the class I am in (e.g. Tuesday 10:30 a.m.)

I converted 8-3′s Henry Vacuums to use in sims 4 because I haven’t seen it around yet. I also did a few recolors that may or may not be up to snuff, but here they are:

Original v. Recolor:

I took off the face because I don’t need my appliances judging me - LOOK AT ITS SMUG FACE! After taking these shots and putting the packages in my dropbox, I realized “Henry” is not in simlish at all.

I attempted to remedy that, but my text game is weak. It turned out better than expected, though.

If anyone’s interested, you can download them HERE. The simlish version is not in the merged file! The shadows might be off because those are magic.


Feel free to do whatever, just no pay sites and credit 8-3 for the mesh. If you do a simlish recolor, let me know - it will definitely be better than mine and I want it in my game! Huge thanks to s4s tutorials and Saudade Sims for her photoshop tutorial and a template to mangle so I could figure some of this stuff out.

You have no idea how long it took me to do this. Not that it was particularly difficult or anything, it’s just that, with the moving, and the fact that I had neither my tablet nor a computer, I couldn’t finish this. But finally, I got my tablet, and I got around to it. And I like it. Since I had to download Sketchbook Pro onto this computer, all my settings had reset, and I couldn’t find my font. So I just handwrote their names with a chisel tip pen, and honestly, I think it looks good. I took a little bit of inspiration from BobBricks, with Bansha’s hair. And I really liked the bow that he did, but I didn’t want to just start copying his stuff. So I went for a more simple design, especially since Soul Archer probably lived back in the medieval times or something. I also like to think that Bansha was one of the Elemental Masters of Sound, and was one of the Masters who joined the Anacondrai during the Serpentine War and was Banished along with Morro. Anyway, I’m most likely going to finish the ghosts with Wrayth and Ghoultar. I’m not going to do all the other ghosts, especially since BobBricks did most of them, and there’s nothing I can really add to them to make them different.


Tauriel’s Sermon on the River Bank (20/34)


okay so this is my very first character psd and i’m actually really proud of it??? i know it’s not the usual one’s you see. but i thought i’d do something a lil different, and since i’m basically in love with the walking dead i decided to base my first ever character psd around that??

  • image is 540x280.
  • font is calibri.
  • none of the psd’s i used are mine. you can find them here, and here.
  • i used a few textures from different png/texture packs.
  • the main png i used, i found off google.
  • all you’ll really need for this is a png — preferably two, it’ll just look a whole lot nicer.
  • it’d also be hella rad if you could like/reblog this!!


I felt like uploading something today! So here’s my latest work in progress. I simply adore Slytherin!Harry, it’s my absolute fave okay? And drawing profiles is the pure evil. Just saying. But look at tiny pet snake. I wuv tiny pet snake.

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i love the album cover what do you think of it <3

I hate it. I don’t know if it would look better in black and white but it looks horrible in colour. And that new font… I died. This is horrible. I guess it would look better without the writing on the car? Oh God, I hate it and now I don’t want to buy it on vinyl anymore and that makes me so sad. I wish she would’ve chosen the “Terrence Loves You” picture as an album cover. Or just anything more close-up of her. I’m gonna cry, I hate the cover so much. I mean, FIVE different fonts on one picture. It’s horrible. 

Sorry if anyone is offended but you asked for my opinion and this is mine. I wish I could enjoy it too.


i finally get to use my lil ball of sunshine in a cpsd. thank god bc i love him?? this cpsd is probably my favorite out of all the ones i’ve done and idk why - i think it’s cause the style’s different than the others and it’s all black & white which makes my aesthetic happy. there’s a ton of rps that this could be used for, in my opinion, if you just fiddle around with the colors because for the post part all i had to do was desaturate/play with the brightness to get all the brighter elements darker!! but anyway, here are all the details for your editing purposes:

  • the dimensions are 540 x 250.
  • the font is arial which should already be installed on your computer.
  • you’ll need one png (which you could also pixelate by going to filter > pixelate > mosaic which i think looks pretty cool as well)
  • you’ll need four images (either of your muse or aesthetic pictures like i’ve done) and minimal knowledge of clipping masks to insert them.
  • the dimensions for the iphone images are roughly 150 x 75.
  • the dimensions for the mac image is roughly 185 x 105.
  • everything is organized into neat folders.
  • the sam png was made by me.
  • the psd i used is right here, credit to boofrp.
  • the stars and records came from this pack, credit to laurps.
  • the iphone and mac pngs were found on google as well as the background.
  • you may alter and edit as much as you like, but do not redistribute and/or claim credit.
  • a like/reblog if you like it or plan to download would be very much appreciated.

and that’s all!! as usual, i’d love some feedback and i hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed making it!!

( — D O W N L O A D ; MEDIAFIRE. )


So here’s the final of my movie poster series. This one, of course, was done mimicking the old Indiana Jones poster. At first I created the poster with a font similar to the original poster. Apparently execs at Mattel were scared of a possible lawsuit, so I had to change it. Still like the original better, though I do like the adjusted pose of Hoodude in the second version.

If you look closely, behind Hoodude is a tombstone with ‘R.I.P. - F.S.’ on it. ‘Freaky Fusion’ was just in pre production at the time and this of course, was my secret spoiler for the dramatic ending’. (Spoiler Alert! - as I’m sure you know, at the end of ‘Freaky Fusion’, Franky Stein ‘dies’) 

Of course I don’t think anyone ever noticed my little joke,  however, it gives me great pleasure to know that it is there, and somehow got past all the overseeing eyes at Mattel.

Getting Better Handwriting

1. Use Grid Paper: by using grid paper, you’re more likely to keep your letters in the little boxes. Eventually the sizes of the letters will become a habit, and you won’t need the grid paper anymore.

2. Practice Makes Perfect: it may seem like it’s only something a 1st grader does, but sitting down and writing out each individual letter breaks down how you write and you’ll be able to perfect your letters.

3. Copy Others: pick an example of the handwriting you want, like a font or a picture of someone else’s, and practice writing out each letter. Eventually your writing will naturally look like theirs.

4. Write With Your Non-Dominate Hand: when you do something with your non-dominate hand, your dominate hand will just naturally improve. This is because your challenging the other side of your brain and it makes the other side better. (or something like that I’m not an expert)


Emily already knows she’s going to lose… somehow.