Ive been doing Supernatural photo ops for a long time now. Five years actually and i usually dont ever get nervous anymore but doing this jensen misha op made me so freaking nervous cause i literally was going have to drop my pants in a room full of people especially Jensen and misha and chris.

  I told iamalive volunteer worker what i was doing and she helped keep me calm so thank you sorry i didnt catch her name.  I was so anticipating their reaction i had no idea what they do.  I dropped my pants and misha broke out with YEAH and kind of waggled his eyebrows at me like he was impressed.  Jensen immediately facepalmed and omg i got same reaction out of him that i got out of Richard ears ago doing the infamous unicorn op. A OMG what has my life become type reaction. LOL

gentle reminder

please try your best to remember that making decisions may be hard, but it’s not impossible or a thing you cannot do; try to keep your mind calm, and listen to what your heart says, and please try to not force yourself into making a decision - it’s okay to take your time, you’re all good and you’ll be able to do it, i believe in you

gospel around his fingers

Dex slams the door shut and presses against the wood, leaning his head back and sucking in a deep breath. He stares blindly up at the ceiling and–

“Nurse, I dare you to kiss the prettiest person in the room. Not counting me.” Lardo pretends to flip a lock of hair over her shoulder. “We all know I’d smoke you bitches,” she adds, grinning. Her teeth flash in the low lighting, and she knocks back the last of her drink as the gather group lets out joking boos.

They all “ooh” at Nursey as he raises a challenging eyebrow and smirks at Lardo. He makes a show of looking around the room, leering slightly at the other players of spin the bottle – Holster, Dex, Tango, Ollie, Wicks, and a few members of the volleyball and soccer teams. Bitty is grinning from his spot on the floor next to Lardo and Dex, watching as Nursey catches the eye of each person.

“Dex!” The memory is abruptly interrupted as Chowder’s voice comes from beyond the door. “Come on, man!” Dex tries to straighten up, but his legs refuse to work. He sinks down to the floor, back still pressed against the door, trying to suck in deep breaths of air. He drops his head between his knees, squeezing his eyes shut and–

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Genre | angst

Word Count | 1.5k

Summary | saying “I’m okay” doesn’t mean it’s true.


You had promised to yourself and to him in the beginning of the relationship that you would understand the obstacles the two of you would have to face. The obstacles set out were much different than any average relationships. In an average relationship, no one had to practice all day and night. No one had to hide their relationships. No one had to leave for tour for countless days, weeks, even months.

But as time progressed, your promise started becoming harder and harder to keep.

The first incident was after the ending of his world tour, when he returned back home to you. You thought that with the tour out of the way, you’d have plenty of time to make small cute stay-at-home dates like how you two used to have before all the fame. But you were wrong.

After his long departure abroad for 6 months, there was a comeback awaiting the members of the band, including him as well. It didn’t seem fair though, a comeback right after a large world tour? But it could be your tiny selfish excuse for wanting to spend time with your boyfriend.

After sending countless messages asking if he was free, you received a message saying something along the lines of, “I’m busy practicing.” Not that it was wrong, practicing for a comeback, it was part of their world; a world you didn’t know, but promised to try and follow along with.

After not receiving a message back from you, he sent another one. “We have a comeback planned. You understand right? You’re not angry are you?” Staring at the words sent, you didn’t know how to reply.

Biting down on your bottom lip, a habit out of nervousness, you pressed the ‘send’ button. “I’m okay.


The second incident may have been your fault, but who could blame you? How else would you have felt if your boyfriend had a day off and decided to choose to practice like how he did the whole week?

“Hey Jimin,” You remember hesitantly asking. You two were at your shared apartment, you fidgeting and playing with your fingers and him sprawled across the sofa tiredly. Hearing him humming in acknowledgement, you spoke the words that you have been wanting to ask all week. “The boys told me you were free tomorrow. Since you have no schedule, wanna go do something?”

As if almost instantly, Jimin sat up. “Sorry (Y/N),” You felt your heart drop. “But I want to practice a bit more for the comeback. I can’t let down the fans.” He cocked his head to the side, elbowed propped up on his thighs, looking up at you.

You stared down at your fingers in disappointment where you stood. Hearing Jimin call you, you lifted your head up a bit. “(Y/N),” Your name rolled off his tongue easily. “Are you okay with it? Becau-”

Softly sighing, you forced your best smile. “I’m okay with it.”

“Are you sure?”

“No no, you should practice for the comeback. I know how important it is to you and the rest of the boys as well.” You repeated these words in your mind, trying to convince yourself you weren’t feeling the feelings you were feeling, maybe you could trick yourself into thinking that you didn’t miss your boyfriend these past long months,

“You shouldn’t let down your fans, you’re an idol.” You spoke solemnly, the ends of your lips curling up into a small smile. You were lucky enough to be dating an idol, you should remember that. “Don’t tire yourself out too much, alright?”

Staring at him, you hesitantly turned away and went to your room. Back pressed up against the wall, you sat on the cold wooden floor for him to leave. To leave for practice, again.

You couldn’t help but feel lonely and somewhat jealous of the girls that were dating the rest of Bangtan. They always made time for their girlfriends, unlike Jimin. Maybe you were selfish, wanting more in your relationship but you always felt the tingly jealousy thinking about what they could be doing with their girlfriends.

Like today, they took the day off, just like how they’re supposed to, instead of practicing or staying in the studios. Every time you imagine what you could be doing, your heart aches.

You could’ve been cooking together, just like Jin and his girlfriend. Cuddling in bed. Having a dance battle even if you would always lose. Watching movies. Going to the arcade even if it meant being caught in their disguises. Or maybe even just go to the park together.

Hearing the front door click, the whole apartment was silent. The only sound was that of your tears threatening to spill, finally being freed.


The third time it happened, was the last time it happened. And that’s because there wasn’t going to be a fourth time, nor a fifth time. There would be no more times.

You were doing your best keeping calm, but as the minutes ticked by, the clock ticking and tocking had somewhat drove you insane. The longer you sat there on the couch, gripping at your own hands, the more done with the entire situation.

The doorknob jiggling, the front door opens, revealing the person you had been waiting on for hours. He had promised you a home date to make up for all the times he missed with you, promising that he’d be home at 7, sharing the night of candlelit dinner with you.

Well that went nowhere, it was already 10.

Your eyes fell on Jimin’s figure, his eyes darting around the apartment, looking anywhere but your eyes. “Jimin,” You tried keeping a calm facade, pretending as if you weren’t more than just upset at the fact not only was he late, but the fact that he broke his promise and blew away the chance he had at making it up to you. “What time is it?”

A wave of nervousness and underlying guilt washed over him. He cleared his throat, looking uncomfortable, mumbling out his answer hesitantly. “10.”

“What were you doing during the time you promised to be home by?” You could tell he was getting more nervous. He looked at you, licking his lips, a nervous habit of his that you’ve learned he had. “I was…practicing.”

You snapped, your seemingly calm facade fading even though Jimin already knew you were steaming. “Again?!” He flinched at your loudness. “Why were you practice when you promised me you’d be home for dinner? The dinner you said you’d make it back in time for?”

“(Y/N), l-let me explain okay? I was just practice and,” His words drifted off as if he didn’t want to tell you. “And?” You huffed, arms around your hips, weight on your right leg. You were impatient. The faster he spits it out the faster it’s over.

“I just lost track of time, o-okay?” He sighed, raking his hand through his locks. “Jimin,” He hesitantly looked up, scared of what you were going to say.

“When was the last time we had a date?” You croaked, tried of his excuses. You knew he didn’t know the answer, that’s because you didn’t either. That’s know long it’s been. Your last date together could’ve been 8 months ago, who knows? “I….I don’t know.”

You bit your lip. You hated what you were going to say but it had to be done. You could handle the loneliness and neglect of your relationship anymore. Rather you, it was your heart that couldn’t handle another crack. “I’m sorry,” Jimin’s head shot up, eyes widened in alarm. “Look, I don’t think this is going to wor-”

“Y-You’re not serious right?” He stuttered, hoping it was some lame prank and that you were doing this just to scare him. “Right?” He repeated, urging, pleading you with his eyes to say it was all a joke, that you weren’t serious, that you weren’t going to give up on your neglected relationship.

“I’m…not.” You looked away, not wanting to see the look on his face. “I think it’s best if we broke things off.” Looking up back at your boyfriend, now technically ex, instantly regretting your decision. His eyes were glossed, bottom lip quivering. “You’re always busy with practice and touring and I’m always waiting here at home for you. I can’t do that anymore, my heart can’t handle anymore pain.”


“It’ll be less stressful if you didn’t have to think about me during practice. You’re an idol Jimin,” You forced out a smile. “You’re always going to be busy, and if not busy then tired. Just forget about me, alright? Focus on your career without me.”

Giving Jimin a small smile, you lowered your head and walked by him, stopping by your room to bring out your already packed suitcase. “I was never okay Jimin.” And with that and the click of the door’s lock, you walked out of his life, fast enough to not show your tears but slow enough to catch a glimpse of his.

Preference "When they finger you under the table during a group dinner" (NSFW)

(Sorry I only did the dudes…I didn’t want this to take too long to write…But i promise i’ll the the other way around for the girls soon :) but in the meanwhile 😏😏😏YAAAAAASS OUR FAVS!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d start to finger you under the table as everyone would get quiet and be too busy focusing on eating. It wouldn’t matter to him as to what you were wearing, his fingers would find its way into your folds and he’d have his fun teasing you, making sure that you’d have to stifle your moans all while he just looks at you with a smirk. He’d get off hearing all the sounds coming from you and from looking at you struggle and grip onto the the table cloth, all while practically praying that someone catches you both. “Can’t take it anymore, Y/N? Want me to make you come? With everyone around the table? Come on, scream it and i’ll fucking make it happen…”

Daryl-He’d be shy about touching you in public but on an occasion he got jealous hearing you talk so much more to the others than to him, that he’d decide to remind you of you belonged to. He’d try his best to be subtle but his frustration would seem to show a little as his hand would quickly delve into your panties. Before you could ask him anything, he’d have you in pure pleasure and slowly he himself would forget about the others around as his eyes would be glued on you, only to whisper words to make you weak. “You’re mine, Y/N…Remember that…Ain’t no one can touch you like this but me…”

Rick-Seeing how you were dressed for the dinner, he’d be so turned on during it and wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you. While everyone talks and eats together, he’d try to keep your attention to him and suddenly he’d just slide his hand to your thigh to start pleasuring you. As his fingers would go in and out, he’d chuckle to look at you squirming. The urge for it to be even more interesting would come to him, so he’d ask you loudly if you were fine, only for everyone to stop and for him to smirk. “Y/N?! A-are you okay, honey? You look like you have something on your mind, care to share with us?”

Merle-He’d have the idea of fingering you under the dinner table whenever you would rather pay attention to someone else other than him. He’d distract you from your conversation as his fingers would start to pleasure you and give you no other choice but to stop talking for a little while. No matter how hard you’d concentrate on anything else, he’d eye from the corner with a smirk and go harder and harder to the point where others notice and ask you if you’re alright, only for him to answer them in your place. “Y/N? Of course she’s fine…She’s just talking to me like a good babygirl does…Am I right, Y/N?”

Glenn-He’d get the idea to pleasure you as you’d both flirt at the dinner table a little too much. As your little talk would get rather dirty, he’d get confident enough to just put his hand on your thigh and let you know of his idea, waiting until the give him a sign to let him. As you would, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and just spend his time giving you an unforgettable time. He’d tease you with his words and chuckle, only for you to try and stifle your moans. “I can’t believe you’re such a dirty little girl, Y/N…Oh my god…You’re so wet…Imagine if the others hear you…”

The Governor-As you both got ready for dinner he would’ve already have the urge to have you but you’d deny him to not be late and leave, making him decide to have his way with you. As you’d sit next to him, he’d glare at you and keep quiet whenever you would ask him something, only to suddenly feel his hand on your thigh, lifting your skirt away. Before you could say anything, his gaze and touch would keep you still and he’d have his fun with you just as he wanted earlier. “See Y/N…This is what you get for playing around with me earlier…Not as fun when you have to hold in your voice…”

Abraham-As you’d tease and flirt with him a little too much, distracting him from his conversation with the others, he’d smirk and start to casually finger you to put a stop to your whole act. He’d know the exact way to make you weak and try to be on your best behavior. He’d go as slowly as he can, circling you around to keep you on the edge, all while talking to the others, to distract them from you that is until you’d let your voice out a little. “Y/N…Cut it out sweetheart…I can hear you…and if I can hear you there’s a big chance they can too…”

Eugene-He’d only get the idea of doing it after you had suggested and hinted that you absolutely wanted him to do so a number of times. He’d be so nervous about it that he’d keep his eyes on everyone until he knows for sure no one is paying attention to neither of you. As his hand would travel on your thigh, you’d feel him shake and that’s when you’d grab his wrist to guide him to where you need him to pleasure you. Gradually, he’d get better, making you hold onto him to keep in your voice, all while he manages to keep a straight face.

Jesus-As you’d sit next to him, he’d notice how you seemed a little down during the dinner and he’d try to cheer you up as best as he can with his topics of conversations. As you’d still be relatively quiet, that’s when he’d decide to flirt and tease you by whispering in your ear about his plans for later and slide his hand up your thigh. Before you know it, you’d get turned on by his ideas and even more as his fingers skillfully enters you and circles you bringing you all the pleasures. “Don’t look so down, Y/N…I’m just trying to make you smile a little…Is it working? Or should i go harder?”

Dwight-Seeing how provocatively you’d dress up for the evening, he’d whisper in your ear an order to not wear any panties for the night before leaving to go join the others. As you’d sit close to him, he’d catch you off guard while in your conversation and slide his hand up your thigh as he gets closer to your ear, asking you if you did just as he asked. Feeling your wetness, he’d smirk and start to rub you just as you liked before skillfully entering his fingers in, making you try your best to not get caught. “Did you take it off, just as I asked you? Good…Let’s see how much you can take before you beg me to leave the place and finish you off…”

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You’re Not My Brother


CHARACTERS: Reader, Dean, Sam, John, Sonny, Robin, Bobby.

PAIRING: Dean x Sister!Reader, Dean x Robin, Sam x Sister!Reader, John x daughter!reader.

WARNINGS: a little anglty, very slight child abuse, the reader is a little mean to Dean at the end, John being a bad parent.

A/N: This fic takes place in 9.07 ‘Bad Boys’. Feedback is gladly welcome. Hope you enjoy this and thank you for reading.

The loud groan of the Impala was heard outside the motel room. Sam and you got up from the couch to receive Dean and John and, as always, to offer them whatever they could need after the rough hunt.

The door cracked opened, John entered the room and closed it behind him.

You looked over at the door, waiting for it to open and show you your brother. Sam’s worried look was on your back, he was as quiet as you. You knew he was thinking the same as you, Dean had been killed.

You watched as John sat on one of the beds of the room and took his boots off. After he saw none of you had said a word he lifted up his head, analyzing you.

“Aren’t any of you asking me if there’s something I need?” Sam and you exchanged a look as John asked the question. You smiled at your little brother, trying to tell him everything was going to be okay. You were the oldest right now and that’s what you were supposed to do, keep him calm, at least, that’s what Dean would do.

“Where’s Dean?” you shyly asked.

John ignored you and proceeded talking “I’ve told you that whenever I come after a hunt you have to satisfy my needs… haven’t I?”

“Yes, sir.” Sam responded hesitantly.

John nodded at Sam and dropped his sight on you. “I asked you a question, Y/N.”

“I asked you a question too, Dad.” you said as you lifted your chin and straightened your posture.

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Aiden x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One      Part Two  Part Three

“What’re you doing?” Aiden asked as he walked into you room and found you throwing things around.

“Having a clear out… why what’re you doing?” You asked and he shrugged.

“Would you believe me if I said I was being nosey?” He asked and you smiled, giving him a tight hug before turning back to the drawer you were emptying.

“I missed you to you big dopey wolf.” You mumbled and he chuckled as he grabbed at a picture.

“This is cute, look how little you and Cora are!” He teased and you rolled your eyes.

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The Princess and the Wedding

Prompt: Part 3 of Damian’s Soulmark series, because Damian is the definition of prince charming.

Part 1, Part 2

You find that it’s worse when you’re alone; when the room is dark and Damian isn’t around. You try to focus on anything else; a book, a movie, something. But nothing works. In the end, you end up in front of the large bay window of your hotel room, admiring the Gotham skyline.

   In that moment, you allow yourself to close your eyes, and breath. You focus on the way the air fills your lungs, and the slight ache as it leaves. Then you focus on the pull. The little warm feeling that assures you that you’re not alone. You become so lost in it, that you never hear him approach, and by the time that needle finds a home in your neck, it’s too late to do anything. The last thing you see is Vertigo’s face.

   In unconsciousness you find peace. Your mind drifts back to the cabin, to the explosion of emotion. You remember the way Damian’s lips feel on yours; slightly chapped but tender. You remember the way they had danced over your skin. And then you remember lying in front of the fireplace, wrapped in his arms.

   “We have to find a way.” His voice was a whisper.

   You had placed a kiss on his chest before looking into his eyes. You had found them filled with desperation and love. Love for you and desperate need to be loved. Snuggling closer you had simply said, “We will.”

   Two days later the call from Vertigo had come, along with his ultimatum. Return to Gotham and marry him, or watch your mother die. The fear that had gripped you with that phone call had nearly made you sick. But Damian had wrapped his arms around you, and made you a promise, “We’ll get her back. We will get her back, and then we’ll figure out us.”

   The plan had been simple, pretend to go along with Vertigo’s plan, from there Damian’s family would search for your mother. The galas and state dinners that had been lined up had bought you some time. You weren’t scheduled to go back to Kaznia for several weeks. That along with the pretense of disdain for the Wayne heir provided you with a cover that couldn’t be bought anywhere else.

   But Vertigo had always been a sneaky bastard. So when you wake up, strapped into a chair on the royal family’s private jet, you know that the man had moved up his timeline. The smirk he gives you makes you want to claw his eyes out. Instead you dig your nails into the armrest.

   Hours later you’re led off the plane under an armed escort. You find yourself thrown into your room at the castle, and what you see there makes you sick. The wedding dress resting over the chair is extravagant, gaudy, and something you’d never wear. And as you’re forced into it, your hatred for Vertigo grows even more.

You’re acutely aware of your surroundings as you are walked from your room to the throne room. The grip the soldier has on your arm is hard enough to bruise as he drags you down the aisle. Your eyes meet those of several of your mother’s cabinet. They’re covered in bruises, and Vertigo’s soldiers stand nearby, ready to shoot.

You scowl as you’re deposited in front of you husband to be. His smile is evil, as he simply asks, “Are you ready darling?”

“Ready to kill you? Why yes, yes I am.”

You listen as Vertigo takes his vows, and when your turn comes you’re certain that you’re going to be sick. You’re just forcing your mouth open when the doors to the room burst open.

Smoke fills the air, and there’s several grunts. You use the diversion to back away from Vertigo. You’re nearly out of the room when an arm snakes around your waist, and a hand clamps over your mouth. Before you struggle, a familiar voice says, “It’s me.”

You look into Damian’s eyes and you finally relax. Until you see the sadness in them. His voice is soft as he asks, “Where’s your room?”

Your heart sinks as you lead him through the corridors. Once you’re safely in, and the door is locked he explains. He explains how his family had been looking for your mother while you two kept an eye on him at the party. It was them tripping the silent alarm that made the Count move up his plans.

Your voice is soft, “What about my mother?”

Damian meets your eyes, his voice as gentle as can be when he says, “We were too late. Her injuries were too extreme. They were able to get her to the hospital where she was able to identify the Count as her captor and abuser. She died before we were able to get here.”

His words weigh you down, and you find that you have trouble breathing. You start pulling at the dress, and Damian quickly helps you out of it. You slide to the floor in your underwear, and Damian drapes a blanket around your shoulders.

   You feel the tears slip down your cheeks, and you force yourself to take a deep breath, “I don’t have time to mourn. With my mother gone, I am the Queen.”

   Damian nods, “What do you need from me?”

   You stare at him, before taking his hand, “Will you marry me? I know it’s soon. But I’m young. I don’t know who I can trust and who I can’t. Marriage will bring stability, and I know it’s a lot to ask …”

   He smiles, before pushing a lock of hair behind your ear, “Let’s go get married.”

   You pull on jeans and a tee-shirt before walking with him back to the throne room. The smoke had cleared, and Vertigo and his followers had been tied up. Your mother’s cabinet, now freed, stood debating what to do.

   You keep your voice calm, as you simply say, “My mother is dead. She lived long enough to give us the evidence needed to convict Vertigo. But as of now, I am the Queen of Kaznia.” You take a deep breath, “And my first act will be to marry my soulmate. Damian Wayne.”

   You ignore the shock in their eyes as you step forward. Damian’s hand on the small of your back gives you the strength to stand tall. In perhaps the most unglamorous royal wedding ever, you and Damian Wayne are married. And as you promise your life to him, you can’t help but think that it fits the two of you perfectly.

B.A.P Reaction to Someone Getting Too Close to Their Wife When She Is Pregnant {Mafia!au}

Could you do b.a.p reaction just like for ikon when they are mafia leaders and some guy hits on their pregnant wife?

I just realized how perfectly B.A.P’s pictures from their Noir album fit this kind of reaction.

Trigger Warning

Bang Yongguk

A dark look clouded Yongguk’s eyes as he watched you from afar. He stirred his drink in annoyance, contemplating about whether he should intervene in the situation. You had suggested to go to a club to let off some steam and temporarily forget about the pressure of Yongguk’s job, and although he had objected to your proposal at first since he worried about you and the spark of life growing inside your belly, you had simply ignored his words and dragged him to a club near your shared apartment. You had promised him to not drink any alcohol and rest as soon as you felt tired, which had calmed your husband’s worries a little. However, things had changed drastically as soon as you had entered the dance floor. Although it was obvious already that you were pregnant, the tight black dress which perfectly accentuated your curves attracted the stares of basically all men in the room. After all, it as not your fault that you were naturally sexy. It was no surprise that something inside Yongguk snapped when a stranger dared to put one of his hands on your waist, swaying his hips seductively and smiling at you anything but innocently. He strode over to you, almost knocking over his cocktail in the process, his blood boiling in his veins. Before you could ask him what was wrong, his strong arms had wrapped around your waist and pressed your body against his front. He was so close to you that you could barely move, and when he spoke to the man who had been dancing with you seconds earlier, you could hear a dangerous growl in his voice. “If you don’t piss off right now, I can guarantee you that you won’t be able to touch another woman for a while.” Once the two of you were alone on the dance floor again, he would tighten his grip around you and hiss, “If you ever upset me like this again, I will teach you how to behave.” And with these words, he would kiss your neck violently and  dance intimately with you for the rest of the night.

Kim Himchan

Himchan’s lips were distorted to only a thin line as he tried hard not to lose his temper. You had told him that one of your best friends since kindergarten was visiting your town and had begged Himchan to come along to a casual get-together so that you could introduce you to each other. Feeling unsure about the whole thing from the the very beginning, he had finally agreed to your proposal since he knew it would make you happy. Right now, the three of you were at a cozy cafe, but when that said friend entered the room, your attention for Himchan had gone missing almost immediately. Not used to not being the center of your attention had already left your husband sulky so that he lost all interest in participating in your conversation. After looking around the cafe in annoyance for a while, he could barely believe his eyes when the other man suddenly took your hands in his and gave you a look that seemed more than just friendly. How could another man dare to make you laugh and touch you although he clearly knew that you were Himchan’s wife and even expecting his baby? He decided that it was time to make clear to your “friend” where his boundary was and whose woman you were. Without thinking about it further, Himchan put one of his strong arms around you and pulled you closer to his chest, breaking the physical contact between you and the other man. He would lock eyes with your friend and whisper into your ear, “If you don’t call off this “reunion” right now, I can’t promise to hold back much longer, Y/N. I did not bring my gun for nothing, but I would prefer to not make use of it today. After all, you don’t want me to frighten all these innocent guests just because you upset me, do you?”

Jung Daehyun

Daehyun’s eyes were glued on you and followed your every movement as you were weaving your way through the crowd. Since he found out that you were pregnant, he had been even more concerned about your safety than before. Sometimes you would roll your eyes at his overly protective behavior, but at the same time you felt reassured that you he truly cared about and loved you. The two of you had decided to spend the night at a bar - although you could not drink any alcohol, you had heard that one of your husband’s potential business partners was here as well and your husband could not miss the chance of wrapping up this promising deal. However, Daehyun’s mood had soured as soon as he had noticed the hungry looks in the other men’s eyes when you had entered the room. It was obvious that you were in male company, but the abundant alcohol did not hold back some of the men to feel overly confident. Daehyun was only listening to his business partner with half an ear and lost focus completely when an especially audacious guy grabbed your wrist as you were on your way to the bathroom. Even from a few meters away, Daehyun could see the panic in your eyes when the stranger pulled you into a dark hallway to do who knows what to you. After all, your belly was still too flat to deter the man from his actions. Blood boiling in his veins and lips quivering furiously, he abandoned the conversation and bolted over to you in five big strides. Before the other man could even lay a hand on you, Daehyun had already landed a powerful blow at his temple, managing to knock him down in just one hit. Flaming mad, Daehyun pulled at the man’s hair, twisting the guy’s head in an unhealthy way. With an angry growl, he threatened, “If you dare to fucking touch my wife with your dirty hands, I will blow your brains out, and I won’t care who’s watching.” Not wanting to waste another second dealing with the stranger, Daehyun would grab your wrist so hard it almost hurt and drag you outside the bar to a safer place, completely forgetting about his business partner who was watching the two of you leave with his mouth wide agape.

Yoo Youngjae

You were the kind of girl who enjoyed making men squirm in discomfort as you were playing with their nerves. It gave you a feeling of power and control, and it also helped your husband to attract more clients. Younger men were your favorite targets, you could make them break out in a nervous sweat with a simple touch of your hand and a flutter of your eyelashes. Although Youngjae liked exactly that part of you, how you could be cute and adorable in one moment but feminine and assertive the next moment, his opinion had shifted when your pregnancy was confirmed and he wanted you to be more protected. Your husband usually asked you to join him when he was talking to his clients because you being there would do wonders to keep him stay calm when something unexpected or unfavorable happened, but today your presence had quite the opposite effect on him. He couldn’t avert his gaze from your tender frame as you leaned over to the companion of his client and more than obviously toyed with the young, innocent man. You were cupping his cheek and flashing your most charming smile at him, relishing how the young man flinched at your touch. Frustrated and annoyed, Youngjae cleared his throat and excused himself, explaining to his client that he wanted to discuss a part of the contract with you. Grasping your hand in a not-so-gentle way, your husband pulled you into a standing position and dragged you to an alcove in the room, positioning himself so that the young man you had flirted with could only just see the two of you. He smirked at the guy for a quick moment and before you could ask Youngjae what was wrong, his lips would already be crashing onto yours, his urgent hand burying itself in your hair. His other hand snuck down to your ass, grabbing it hard and pressing you against his body. After a while, he would pull away just far enough to let you catch some fresh air and whisper, “If you dare to continue whatever you were doing over there, I will teach you how to be a good girl next time.”

Moon Jongup

With a pout, you watched how your husband was talking to one of his men. You didn’t mind when he was busy planning missions or discussing strategies all day or if you had to wait hours until he finally could spend time with you. However, you cared a lot about the fact that he was constantly surrounded  by women. Not that you believed that Jongup would ever cheat on you - on the contrary, you knew he was the most loyal men you had ever been together with. But although Jongup had told you that his job involved having women around him, many them not even caring about that he was married and that he was not interested in them, a part of you was nevertheless filled with jealousy. However, today you decided that it was time to make him feel the same. Instead of staying at home and allowing yourself to get enough rest, you had decided to come along to one of the gatherings in Jongup’s hideout. And his time, you were going to make him jealous. You were wearing your favorite dress that would make any woman look gorgeous, and you went straight to a table full of Jongup’s men. It didn’t take long for them to focus their attention on you, and one of them even went so far as to put his hand on your thigh, hoping that the action would slip his boss’ attention. However, someone’s shadow was cast over the bold man only seconds later, and you could feel him tense up and pull away his hand with a jerk. When you looked up, you saw your husband towering over his fellow gang member in a menacing way, and you could clearly hear his calm but icy words. “Leave this building right now. Never show your face here again, or I will ruin your life entirely.” You were startled when Jongup’s gaze was suddenly fixed on you, because even though his voice was quiet, the look in his eyes was wild and you knew that he was not done with you yet either.

Choi Junhong (Zelo)

After a long day of supporting Junhong’s not-so-ordinary business, the two of you were lazing about in your bed, ready and eager to go sleep. However, when you wanted to turn off the light, your husband suddenly snuggled up closer to you chest and asked in a whiny voice, “Who is that man you have been meeting recently?” A bit surprised, you would explain that he was your childhood friend and you had basically grown up together. Now that he was living near your town, you finally had the opportunity to meet him again. Still not happy, Junhong would inquire further, “But I saw the two of you last time when you went to a park… he even put his arm around you and hugged you! People could think that you are a couple, especially now that…,” his gaze traveled down to your growing belly, “you are pregnant.” Finding your husband’s behavior cute, you laughed and reminded Junhong that he was being too protective about you and that the guy was really just an old friend. But before you could stop giggling, you suddenly found yourself completely immobile, Junhong towering over you with a dark look in his eyes. He had grabbed your wrists and held them above your head, his weight on your legs pressing you deeper into the mattress. He lowered his face down to yours until you could feel his hot breath on your skin. With a growl, he warned, “I am serious, Y/N. I don’t care if he is a friend or a complete stranger, he is still a man with desires. I never want you to meet him again if I am not around.” You gulped, feeling your heart beat against you chest violently. He leaned down even further until his lips brushed against your earlobe. “If you do not take my advice, I can’t promise you to not go talk to him next, and you know very well that I am the most respected mafia leader in this city for a reason.”

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Ever since New York and I can't stop thinking about Liza and Harry ❤️❤️❤️💔Can you write a little something for Liza and Harry ?

Eliza Sutherland can’t believe she’s in New York. She had no plans to leave her flat this weekend, let alone make the trek through Heathrow to the States. But here she is—out of breath and thirty minutes late—running across the street to Studio 8H. She’s practically arguing her way in when Jeff finally shows up and insists she’s the list. She’s annoyed for all of five seconds. She hears his voice float through the halls with grit and grace and her heart stops in a way she wishes it wouldn’t.

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TO EVERYONE AT THE MANCHESTER STADIUM: Get away from there as soon as possible. Make sure to contact your family and loved ones to let them know you’re alright! Most important of all, no matter what you do: Keep. Calm. Be safe.

My heart is aching for everyone attending the Dangerous Woman tour. A night like this should not have ended the way it did. I hope no one is injured and everyonr got away safely!

Be aware, find shelter if needed and again, let your family know you’re alright! My thoughts are with you all 💞

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How about some headcanons on how the straw hat crew & law would react watching their first child do adorable moments (baby's first words,beginning to walk,ect.)? Please and thank you


Monkey D. Luffy:

  • He grins really wide when they start trying to walk and laughs if they fall over
  • But he’s there picking them back up off their feet and telling them to not give up
  • When they start saying their first words he instantly tries teaching them random words he likes rather than actually teaching them helpful words and sentences.
  • He really wants to teach them how to fight, even before they’re crawling

Roronoa Zoro:

  • He’s more responsible than Luffy in knowing how old they should be before they start earning fighting techniques they want to learn, but is mostly clueless in mostly everything else when raising a baby.
  • He gets happy hearing them talk and seeing them walk for the first time and tries to help them along when they need it.
  • He feels so proud seeing them trying to imitate his fighting style though
  • If they’re really honest and serious about learning he will sit down with them one day and explain what being a swordsman really means and fight techniques.
  • Until then, he prefers them watching his train rather than getting themselves hurt without proper training


  • They call her ‘Mama’ for the first time and she gets so happy. She absolutely smothers them with kisses all over their face, even more so if it’s their first word. If she has a S/O she’ll playfully talk about being the favourite parent.
  • She’ll sit her child across from her and encourage them to walk over. They stumble a little at the end but Nami catches them and coos over how well they did. She’ll probably spoil them a tad with some cute clothes for doing such a good job.
  • The first time they steal something is an accident. They kind of just picked something up and forgot they were holding it while walking out of the shop with Nami. She only notices they have a small toy that she doesn’t remember buying when they get half-way through town and she points it out.
  • The kid looks at it. realises they accidentally stole and they get very evasive, not wanting to get into trouble “Where did you get that, Sweetie?” “ I dunno.”
  • She eventually gets them to confess and she can’t help but laugh, gently scolding them for not telling the truth sooner. 


  • He is so excited to see them walk and talk for the first time omg
  • But his favourite thing is when they start trying to read bedtime stories to him, even better, making up their own stories. He’s so happy to listen and encourage them. He still loves telling them stories though, and they end up swapping little nonsensical stories that are absolutely absurd but are so endearing
  • He’s happy to see them walking and crawling around but when they get near something remotely dangerous for them (everything in his minds) he gets a little finicky and gently lifts them onto his shoulder to keep them close
  • He once nearly dropped them over the rail of the ship because they wanted to see the fished jumping out of the water and he still hasn’t emotionally recovered.


  • He cries so much dude. He gets so emotional seeing them talking and walking for the first time. He cuddles them up close and for weeks after mentions how proud he is of them.
  • He excitedly blabbers about it to the crew, and he looks so happy that no ones wants to tell him to stop. Even Zoro lets him go off about it without provoking a fight.
  • After teaching them to walk he will likely teach them how to dance. He loves gently having their little feet on his and they get so giggly when he spins them and lifts them up, it’s so wholesome.
  • He doesn’t want them handling kitchen stuff till they’re a bit older, but if he needs to cook while keeping an eye on them he’ll let them watch him and he’ll just gently narrate what he’s doing. It actually keeps them both calm, him especially because he doesn’t want to smoke too much around his baby, and talking to them keeps him a bit more distracted from wanting to smoke.

Tony tony Chopper:

  • He reads a ton of books about baby development to make sure he’s prepared and what will be good for the baby’s learning. He gently eases them into a small learning schedule 
  • When they manage their first words he gets so excited and he praises them for ages, and tries getting them to say it over and over, especially if it’s ‘papa’
  • When they get a little older he starts teaching them a few medical tips that could help them out if they got injured and separated from help. He gets so worried that they’ll get injured when he’s not around so he teaches them as many safety things as possbile.

Nico Robin:

  • She’s so happy when they start learning to walk and talk. I feel like they’d start learning pretty early tbh. Robin just loves talking to them a lot and responding to their little nonsensical babble. She know’s they’re trying to communicate and she’s eager to indulge.
  • She helps them with walking using her devil fruit. When they start swaying over to one side a hand will just come up and gently nudge them back.
  • Same goes for when they’re about to topple down the stairs. A few hands will just gently turn them around and nudge them in a safter direction.
  • There will likely also be a comment such as “Whoops. There we are, sweetie… We don’t want you falling and snapping your neck, now, do we?” Que oblivious baby giggles.


  • He cries when they call him anything related to ‘dada’ for the first time. He’s holding them close and promising them that he’ll always look after them
  • He doesn’t hold them too much because he’s so scared he’ll injure them some way, but he’s still so affectionate, gently rubbing their head, reading to them ect.
  • One day his kid kind of just ? Get’s up and waddles over to his leg and clings to him. He’s watching them the whole time speechless and when they grab his leg he just sobs and lifts them up and nuzzles them, crying the whole time.
  • They grow up their whole life being trolled by his inevitable dad jokes, so they kind of pick up on his sense of humour and his embarrassing nature They end up being one of those kids that get really fussy about wearing clothes and try removing clothes when ever they can.


  • Watching his lill kiddos growing up and learning is so fascinating to him and he’s always in awe when they do anything for the first time. Heck, he gets excited when they hiccup for the first time
  • He’s so scared to handle them because of his boney appearance, but he does his absolute best to be gentle when holding them up or talking to them. It calms him more to teach them through song, making up little catchy verses and rhymes and it’s so cute ImAGINE he sits across from them and teaches them little rhymes along with little hands dances to go along with the song and their both giggling and having fun.
  • Hearing them trying to imitate his laugh makes him cry a lot. He’s so happy and he gently presses his forehead against this and hes sobbing and his baby is just babbling happily
  • He sees them trying to learn how to do the 90 degree trick and they end up falling over and he’s instantly picking them up and checking over them, trying to distract them from crying. He teaches them how to do it but is cautious of making sure they don’t hurt themselves
  • I like to imagine his kid is one of those kids that are so quiet and shy for a long time and no one thinks they can actually talk until one day they  just come out with their first sentence.

Trafalgar Law:

  • He smiles when they first walk and is encouraging, but he doesn’t over react or anything. He’s definitely proud of them, but it’s something that most kid learn so he’s not too fazed.
  • He’s actually really excited for when he can sit down and tutor them in whatever their interested in learning, especially anything medical.
  • He’s a bit more blunt and a tad bit distant, but he always makes sure his kid knows that he is proud of them

Since I just took a speaking exam and I have another next week I thought i would write some advice for language speaking exams. I find the speaking exams the hardest part of learning a language and I got very stressed before my German speaking which affected my performance. Some of the advice will be general whilst other parts might be focused on GCSE level.

1. Before the Exam
- you have to get to the exam at least 15 before, use this time to recite your presentation to yourself and any key phrases you want to remember. The quiet conditions will help.
-if you have a roleplay section, look over the card and come up with what you want to say and make sure you understand what is being asked and what you must do.
-keep calm! This is very important (and also very difficult) but can really help you. Take deep breaths and focus - my teacher allowed us to bring a stress ball or soft toy to help relax us, but ask your teacher beforehand whether that is okay.

2. Roleplay
- the roleplay can be the easiest part of the exam.
- read the top of the roleplay card very carefully, it will include details of what the roleplay is about and the information could be needed later in the roleplay.
- the words in the questions can often be recycled in your answer!
- you can get all 3 marks by answering the question in short incomplete sentences, you don’t need to use perfect language, for example replying by just saying ‘2 people’ can get you all the marks!

2. Presentation/ Speech
- talk slowly and make the words clear but get into a natural flow.
- if you are allowed a memo card with words on it, make them the start of each sentence or paragraph so they can prompt you.
- the teacher will ask you questions about the topic afterwards so prepare before and come up with some questions they could ask you. Phrases which can be adapted to different questions work well.

4. General conversation
-you will usually cover 2-3 topics (gcse)
- the teacher should announce the topic of conversation before they ask you a question, so listen carefully to what they are saying.
- learn set phrases which can be used in any topic and also sentence started which can play for time while you think of an answer.
-Learn how to say ‘sorry, I don’t understand the question’ and 'please can you repeat that’. These phrases are very good so you can have the question asked again and you will get marks for asking in the correct language.
- even saying 'I don’t know’ in the language is better than saying nothing at all.

Once the exam is over, however it went, just remember that it’s done and you won’t have to do it again!
It’s only 10-15 minutes of your life and will be over very quickly.

Final reminder:
Your teacher is on your side and they want you to do well. They will try to stretch you to get a good grade but talk to them if you are nervous and they will help you.

Well that’s about it. If you have anything to add, feel free. I hope everyone does well in all their language exams !!! 📚💪🏻

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How do you keep calm in any situations?

I always try to take atleast 5 minutes to just sit, clear my head and breathe. Whether that be in my car, outside sitting on a bench, a quiet space. Once I wind down and am calm it’s easier for me to re-asses a situation and think about things more clearly in a more relaxed manner. Nothing is more important than your health and mental state.


a/n: not edited yet, i’m way too tired to do so rn and i had major chris feels whilst writing this :-(

request: yep!

summary: in which you’re william’s younger sister and have a major crush on chris.

pairing: chris and female reader

word count: 2,3k!!!!


Being William’s little sister was hard and it was even harder when you had a major crush on his best friend. Y/N had had a major crush on Chris since the day she had met him. She found him extremely attractive (like most of the girls did), but he wasn’t only a good looking guy. The way he talked to everyone was somehow so fascinating, which made her sure of him being an attractive person also personality wise.

The only problem was that she couldn’t make a move on him. He was her older brother’s best friend, he was a senior and she didn’t know how he felt. It was all so frustrating to her, having to constantly bottle up her feelings towards the boy was tiring.

Little did she know, Chris felt the same way. He found Y/N pretty and he thought she had the cutest little personality. If she was any other girl in his school, he would’ve have made a move on her a long time ago but she was William’s little sister. Chris would bet good money that William wouldn’t be so happy of him going out with his little sister when he knows his reputation and how he had treated some girls in the past. Also he didn’t know if she liked him back and Chris didn’t know how to take rejection since so far in his life it had never happened.

Chris did his best to push his feelings aside, but it was hard when Y/N flirted with all of the guys in the bus. They all came up to him to talk about it, shutting up as soon as William came. It made him feel unbelievably mad, it was only about time when he’ll snap.

Y/N was doing her homework, when suddenly William barged in her room. She gave him a quizzical look, since he was almost never home nowadays.

”Listen, I’ll have a party here. You’ve got to leave and go to a friends place.” He said calmly looking around in her room, he looked like it was the first time he had seen her room.

”I don’t want to go, I’ll stay here and join the party.” Y/N didn’t like when he told her what to do, especially when it came to social events. Or events in general where she’d have the chance to see Chris.

William was taken aback by her words, since she barely spoke up for herself when it was the right time. Usually she did it afterwards. A smile crept on his face, feeling low-key proud of his lil sis.

”You won’t drink too much then? Or hook up with someone?”

”Nah, but by all means William you’re not my mom so it’s not up to you to decide that for me either way. You have a party, I’ll be here. Kind of a package deal you know?” She said and poked her tongue out at her brother. They were both really stubborn from time to time.

”Yeah I know, but I swear to lucifer I’ll kick some ass if I find you in bed with someone else than the girls you usually hang out with.” He mumbled out and left the room, Y/N grinning like an idiot since she had just won a small argument that was with William.

It didn’t take her long to take her phone out and text the bus to come over to this party, her homework now long forgotten. They all agreed, Noora seeming more skeptical than the others but agreed on coming anyway. Y/N felt happy, going over to her closet to pick out an outfit for the night.

After about thirty minutes, she had settled down on wearing a basic black skirt and a long sleeved top. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, examining it. She had to admit that she looked really fucking good.

Time flew by, the house now fully packed with horny teenagers who were looking to get drunk. Y/N had had a couple drinks too, nothing major though. Eva, Sana and Vilde disappeared moments after they had walked in, Y/N not putting too much thought in it.

Then she saw him. It was like a scene from a romantic comedy where the boy sees the girl in a crowd, joy immediately taking over only this way it was the other way around. Y/N was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that Vilde had sat next to her on the couch.

”You’re staring at him you know?” Vilde took a sip from her drink, trying to cover up her smile. She didn’t succeed in that.

”Definitely not! Just looking at his shirt pretty sure it’s William’s.” Y/N laughed nervously at the girl sitting next to her, anxiously chewing on her lip.

”I don’t like to see you like this, especially when it’s a party! You should loosen up, go make out with a guy or try to gain Chris’ attention by doing so?” Vilde suggested and gave Y/N a sympathetic smile. Y/N liked the thought of trying to gain his attention, no lying needed there. In fact, in the last few parties she had only done some stuff to get his attention (which was pretty dumb), but it didn’t work out the way she wanted to. This maybe was her chance to finally succeed in this little ’project’ of hers.

”You’re right, thanks Vilde.” Y/N got up and made her way to the crowd trying to find a guy that she already knew. She bumped into someone, the drink that previously was in her hand now on the floor. Y/N mumbled out a ’sorry’, not daring to look up.

”It’s okay, don’t worry about it that much.” The voice was soft but at the same time quite deep. Y/N was about to walk away when the person spoke up again. ”You’re William’s little sister, right?”

She turned to look at the guy and nodded slowly.

”Man you’re much prettier than I imagined you’d be. Nice to meet you by the way.” He said and sent out a wink in her way. She could feel her cheeks slightly heat up before confidence took over and she stayed there to talk to the random guy.


Out of all the parties Chris had attended, this must’ve been the most uneventful for him. He hadn’t even bothered to try to flirt with girls, when all he had in mind was Y/N. He knew for a fact that she was here, since William had told him before hand to kick the ’living crap out of the guys who make a move on her’. Chris couldn’t imagine her hooking up with a stranger, since it didn’t seem like a thing she would do.

He was wrong, really wrong. All night he had heard from his friends how she was shamelessly flirting with them and dancing with them. It made him angry, but there was nothing he could do. She wasn’t his girlfriend even though he wanted it more than anything at the moment.

Chris wanted to get his mind off of her, deciding that getting super drunk would be the best way to do it. He was walking towards the table where all the drinks were, when he saw Y/N making out with someone who wasn’t worth her attention. He tried to look away, but he couldn’t. The final straw was when the guy’s hands made their way on her butt and roughly squeezed it making her yelp.

Before he could think of what he was actually doing, he ran towards the guy and forcefully pulled him away from Y/N. Chris threw the guy on the floor and started punching him, doing his best to not yell at the guy right there.

Chris got out of his trance thanks to a sweet voice which he always recognized; it was Y/N yelling for him to stop. So he stopped. He looked at the guy who he had just beaten up, his face already all swollen up. He looked at the crowd surrounding them, before he got up an leaving the scene, signaling Y/N to follow him.

Y/N followed him, walking in her room and closing the door behind.

”What the fuck was that about Chris?!” Y/N yelled, feeling disappointed in herself. Her plan backfired, because of her stupid games the poor guy had probably a broken nose.

”You’re actually asking me that?!” He yelled back at her.

”Yes! You just punched someone repeatedly in the face for no apparent reason!” She was looking for an explanation for his behavior.

”That guy just squeezed your butt and you yelped, you really thought I’d be cool with that? Your brother would’ve killed me if I’d done nothing!” The mention of William reminded him that he hadn’t seen him at all in there.

”So what?? It’s not your problem, damn it Chris I’m not yours to control!”

Chris felt hurt by her words, even though what she said was true it felt bad to hear it out loud.

”That’s the thing Y/N, I’ve had a crush on you for so long and I’ve done nothing because I respect William! It’s killing me to hear that you’re flirting with all my friends and I don’t even stand a chance here.” He was doing his best to keep his calm, he wanted her to know how he felt.

Y/N was silent due to pure disbelief. Chris actually liked her? All this time they’ve had mutual feelings for each other but neither one has done anything to it because they both respect William?

She could feel tears on her cheek, not bothering to stop them. She stepped closer to Chris, wrapping her arms behind his neck to hug him. He was taken back by her actions but quickly relaxed into the hug. At that moment they both felt somewhat complete. Their bodies molded perfectly together. Chris could feel her tears wet his shirt, but for once he didn’t give a damn.

”You’re so dumb.” She said in between sobs, most likely sounding like a dying whale. ”You’re so incredibly dumb Chris.”

Chris just hugged her tighter never wanting to let go of her. He barely managed to whisper out an answer, when her lips were on his. Her lips were soft and plump, the combination driving him crazy. He was happy. Y/N was happy, too.


It had been a few weeks since the party, Y/N and Chris had agreed on not telling William or anyone in general about their little thing. They didn’t know how William would react and if they’d tell anyone else, news would probably spread which would end up in William knowing about them.

In-between classes they’d meet up somewhere privately, either talking about stuff or making out. In the end, they were both horny teenagers. This day was no different from the others. Chris was looking at Y/N his brows furrowing together at her expression, something clearly was bothering her.

”What’s up princess?” He asked caressing her cheek gently, earning a faint smile from her. She loved the pet name he had given her, it made her feel so special and well, like a princess.

”I was just wondering if we should tell William. I don’t want to sneak out the house to meet you or hide from my friends.” Y/N said with a sigh. Chris’ other hand was on her lower back, softly drawing circles with his thumb to calm her.

”I know. We’ll tell him later, okay?” Chris looked into her eyes, she just nodded at him. He had already planned on telling him, without her being present. Chris honestly thought it was for the best. Chris let go of Y/N, looking at the clock on his phone. ”I have to go to class now, I’ll see you later.” He kissed the top of her head and left, making his way towards the classroom.

That was until someone pulled him into an empty classroom. Chris was ready to punch the person who did so, quickly noticing that it was William.

”What the fuck was that?” Chris was annoyed, he for once was feeling inspired of going to class.

”You tell me what’s going on with you and I’ll let you go after.” William said, his arms crossed over his chest.

Chris’ breath hitched up. William was close to finding out.

”Nothing?” Chris said, unsure of himself.

William sighed loudly. ”Then why the fuck am I hearing rumors about you in which you have settled down? I’m imagining it?”

”Ah, fuck.” Chris mumbled, William rising an eyebrow at him. Chris thought of telling him for a few seconds, before deciding that it would be the best to just tell him now.

Chris took a deep breath. ”I like your sister, she likes me too. We’re kind of a thing now. I’m not just fooling around with her you know, I’ve felt this way for a really long time. Pretty sure I’ve lost count.”

William’s eyes widened, he was in shock. Out of all the people Chris could’ve been with, his sister was the last one on the list. He didn’t know how to feel about it.

”When did this start?”

”Few weeks ago, kinda beat a guy for making a move on her.” Chris was awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. It turned out Chris had broken the guys nose, but the guy was too drunk to even remember it was Chris who did it.

William was silent for a few more minutes, before he let out a small sigh. ”You better treat her great or otherwise I will break your nose and a few other places too.”

A huge smirk appeared on Chris’ face, he couldn’t help himself. ”You know I treat my girls really well. Actually, your sister hasn’t had the chance to scream-” Chris was interrupted by William grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and his fist close to his nose.

”Don’t make me regret trusting you.”

”Trust me, I won’t.”

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prompt: desus first kiss

“Sorry,” Daryl mumbled. “For takin’ up your trailer.”

Paul moved around him, avoiding touching him. He knew Daryl didn’t like it very much unless it initiated it, or if it was by his family. The only person Paul had seen Daryl so free with was Rick and Carol, but beyond that, Daryl kept to himself when it came to those things.

“Don’t worry,” Paul responded easily. “Can I ask though?” he watched as Daryl sat on the cot that previously belonged to Maggie. “Why my trailer? I mean, Maggie is in the big house now that Gregory is gone, there's room, space for you to-”

“Maggie needs her space.” he mumbled, getting back up. He walked around the small space, looking like a caged animal. Paul sat on his own bed, watching him. “She’s gonna have a baby soon, Enid is in there, it’s alright.” he shrugged. 

Paul watched Daryl move around the trailer with a small smile on his face. Daryl was moving around, looking through Paul’s things without asking, opening the small closets and the bathroom door. 

Paul cocked his head, grinning. “You could relax you know. I’m not keeping anything weird hidden.”

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