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Why do we experience fear of the unknown?

Because we’re creatures of habit. It’s our habit to want to be predictable and be in a common daily routine. So not knowing what would happen next, I think, scares most people because they want to know what’s going to happen next or what to do next. Not knowing is a little scary for most people. I don’t think anyone doesn’t want to know, for the most part. idk. That’s just what I think.

Smile and be well!

im in a phonology class thats absurdly hard and ive literally cried every day of class this semester bc i am so hopelessly lost and i just went to talk to the prof about it (which i never do because Fear) and she was so nice and she apologized profusely for how fast shes been going through the material and she thanked me a bunch for speaking up bc shes sure if im so lost despite how much work i put into the course there are other ppl in the same boat so shes shifting the schedule for the whole course to radically slow down the pace and i am so relieved beyond words and im so fuckin glad i got over myself and asked for help

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Are u still working on your original fiction?🌝

i am (and thank you for thinking of it)! i started the second book/sequel and have about 13k words written so far. i felt like i needed to get the sequel written before i could do anything with the first but maybe that’s folly/me being scared lol but i do think it’ll force me to find or fix any possible problems/plot holes that arise in the first part that would be too late to fix if i waited. anyway i’m gonna see if i can’t finish it for NaNoWriMo this year.

there is love in my life and there are people who support me and I’m here and that matters. it’s important to focus on personal growth during struggle and engage in methods of identifying what steps can be taken to learn from these circumstances … but it’s also important to validate how you feel and what you think during these times because everyone knows themselves better than they think they do (I do). fear is a sign of courage and change is innevitable!

Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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archaeology notes 👀
i make a lot of mistakes while writing my notes in pen, like, a lot (and still i only write in pencil when doing math…. u gotta look fear in the eye u kno.) most of my mistakes are because of me literally forgetting what the heck i was writing in the middle of a sentence and/or because of me getting distracted by the smallest of things😩💯👌💦 that adhd feel is strong


Three Card Tarot Spreads


  • Past / Present / Future
  • Today / Tomorrow / Next Day
  • Morning / Afternoon / Evening
  • Beginning / Middle / End
  • Yesterday / Today / Tomorrow
  • Week / Month / Year


  • Fear / Why it’s invalid / How to overcome
  • Who you were / Who you are / Who you will be
  • Mind / Body / Spirit
  • Who you’re meant to be / What to work on / When to know you’re there
  • Strengths / Weaknesses / What to do with them
  • dreams / fears / reality


  • What’s healthy for the relationship / What isn’t / What needs work
  • What you like about your partner / what you undervalue / how you can appreciate them better
  • What you can do less / what you can do more / what you haven’t been doing
  • What you need from your partner / What you can give your partner / How to make sure everyone’s needs are met


  • Positive / Negative / Reality
  • Best case / Worst case / Most likely outcome
  • Goals / Obstacles / Solution
  • Problem / Solution / Likely Outcome
  • Pro / Con / Best Choice
  • problem / cause / solution
  • What you have control over / What’s out of your control / What you need to know

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Signs of Ill Health

–look at sun/moon/house stelliums/rising/6th house and anything else you find important–

Aries: feeling raw and overwhelmed, headaches and exhaustion, redness, over-excitability, feeling left out, escapist tendencies and recklessness, isolation, a refusal to show weakness, pushing self too hard

Taurus: safety fears, doing inventory of their objects, anger outbursts, defensiveness, refusal to leave the house, sweating, weight fluctuation, conspiracy theories, walling self off from others, soreness and stiffness

Gemini: overly-scattered, uneven breathing and nervous exhaustion, not eating anything of substance, flakiness, confusion and getting caught up in elaborate tales, avoidant, loss of sleep, paranoid episodes

Cancer: hypochondria, wallowing in the past, refusing to leave the house, complaining but not doing anything to fix it, weight fluctuation, lack of energy and exercise, desperation, chest and stomach pain

Leo: feelings of being unloved, heart problems, redness, melodrama & clinginess, recklessness and cries for help, mutilation of ego, usual passion had dimmed, manic episodes, self-sabotage, purposeful detachment

Virgo: paranoia, being trapped in the smallest of details, blatantly ignoring their own needs, isolation & clamming up, stomach pain and fluttering sensations, tension, sleep loss, nerve disorders, erratic breathing

Libra: not bothering eating, wallowing in loneliness but not reaching out, stomach pain, feelings of weakness, looking for a savior, clinging to unhealthy relationships, convincing themselves that they’re unworthy of love

Scorpio: fluctuates between being clingy and pushing others away, performs cruel tests, self-sabotage, denies self satisfaction and then goes on binges, infections, graphic mental images, substance abuse

Sagittarius: RECKLESSNESS, masking pain with consumption, acid reflux, thigh pain and hips popping, fluctuating weight, manic highs and lows, unreliable with constantly changing plans, overly-pompous, caught up in an ungrounded dreamland

Capricorn: pedantic, work obsessive and overly-concerned, migraines, muscles tension and calcification, bone problems, cruelty(towards self-especially), apathy, imagining the worst case scenario

Aquarius: frantic nerves and uneven breath, tingling or loss of sensation(poor circulation), predictions of doom, emotional outbursts, recklessness, highly erratic behavior with no basis on reality

Pisces: feeling waterlogged and weak, sore feet, infection, heartache and dread, refusal to eat anything of substance, breaks from reality, overwhelmed, strange memories and psychic experiences