The real Niccolo Machiavelli may have way too many differences with the AC one but some quotes from “The Prince” do match up with Assassin tactics.

“People should either be caressed or crushed. If you do them minor damage they will get their revenge; but if you cripple them there is nothing they can do. If you need to injure someone, do it in such a way that you do not have to fear their vengeance.”

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To get ahead in life you must see opportunity when everybody else sees obstacles
You must have faith while the rest have fear

Do it NOW while the others procrastinate
I’ve seen a lot of good people die early so what makes you think you have all the time in the world. It’s Now O'clock!
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I'm crying too, she didn't deserve that. She went down fighting though, and she did incredible, so it does make me feel better that she stood a little bit of a chance against Cinder.

oh, her outro was fucking amazing!!! She fights like a boss, looks death straight in the face and says with no fear, “do you believe in destiny?” that’s fucking AWESOME!

But pyrrha nikos is more than a character to me, closest to kin as i’ll ever get. i feel like a part of me died. like… what am i supposed to do??? my precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world… fuck this

this isn’t about love

mom said “i’m not guilt ridden, i’m driven by the holy ghost”

i wonder what drives me; what keeps me on the highway; what pushes my pen to do the steering; what keeps me going instead of hiding out at my pit stops; what’s the destination; the home at the end of the road; what calms me in my dead nights; who is speaking in my peace; in my misery; in my breaking and crashing as the sirens pass me; what do i fear when i count my days; when i measure myself, who do i think of; what’s the name that makes me smile; the savior of my chalky heart; that makes me feel when nothing is on the radio; and after i pass an accident i would’ve been in if i had ran the red light; what drives me; with two kids in the backseat arguing over who gets to pick the movie; and where they’re going; and what they say; and who plays the mom and who plays the dad; what presses my gas pedal; and makes my heart race; the more it’s pressed, the more pressure i am in; and who is to blame; when i pick up my glass of wine and reach the porch steps; when i see his picture on his wedding day; and my childhood screams of backwards fantasies of us meeting again; (it was supposed to be me in a white dress and a red ribbon around my waist; you’d wear a green and blue tie to symbolize our colorful affairs; while the audience just thinks we don’t have any fashion sense); i suppose it’s for the best; i guess i better make other plans; but does plan B ever turn out like we expect; does it make us any happier; what is it i expect; what is it i want; it isn’t you; it’s never you; i think you were my plan B; and it always stings to see B falter before A; letting fate do it’s thing; what drives me; what breaks me; what keeps me from quitting as i imagine C, D, E, F; G will be my last resort; the plan B of all plan B’s; the one i remember when i’m sitting at the tv with the same shirt i’ve been wearing for two days; a beer in one hand and a fist in another; and i see plan C on their wedding day; their birth and my death; and i think to myself, “at least i have you, G”; what keeps me driving; what keeps me planning; even if i always end up hurting; what drives me forward even with the dead end signs ahead

“People talk of liberty as if it meant the liberty of doing what a man likes. The only liberty that a man worthy the name of a man ought to ask for, is to have all restrictions, inward and outward, removed, which prevent his doing what he ought. I call that man free, who is master of his lower appetites, who is able to rule himself. I call him free, who has his flesh in subjection to his spirit; who fears doing wrong, but who fears neither man nor devil besides. I think that man free, who has learned the most blessed of all truths, that liberty consists in obedience to the power and to the will and to the law that his higher soul reverences and approves. He is not free because he does what he likes, for in his better moments his soul protests against the act, and rejects the authority of the passion which commanded him, as an usurping force, and tyranny. He feels that he is a slave to his own unhallowed passions. But he is free when he does what he ought, because there is no protest in his soul against that submission.

Some people seem to think that there is no liberty in obedience. I tell you there is no liberty except in loyal obedience—the obedience of the unconstrained affections, Did you never see a mother kept at home, a kind of prisoner, by her sick child, obeying its every wish and caprice, passing the night sleepless? Will you call the mother a slave? Or is this obedience the obedience of slavery? I call it obedience of the highest liberty, the liberty of love.”

-Frederick William Robertson

The Difficult Road to Heaven

You all wish to go to heaven. I know it. I am fully persuaded of it. I am certain of it. There is not one of you, however false may be your views of what you must believe and what you must do, however unscriptural the ground of your hope, however worldly-minded you may be, however careless when you get outside that church door – there is not one of you, I say, who does not wish to go to heaven when they die. But I do sadly fear that many of you, without a mighty change, will never get there! You would like the crown – but you do not like the cross! You would like the glory – but not the grace! You would like the happiness – but not the holiness! You would like the peace – but not the truth! You would like the victory–but not the fight! You would like the reward – but not the labor! You would like the harvest – but not the ploughing! You would like the reaping – but not the sowing! And so I fear that many of you will never get to heaven!

~ J.C. RyleThe Christian Race & Other Sermons, “Enoch”, [Moscow, ID: Charles Nolan Publishing, 2002], 200.


Could he really do this?

Fear pooled in his stomach as his hands grasped the cold metal bars of the chapel gates. He never thought he’d be looking  at the church from behind these gates again, but here he was. 

He was ready to escape– 

The fear was mixed with guilt. Could he really just leave this church and all it’s history behind him? It was astonishing to think about how much he really had accomplished here. Even so, the pain he felt for feeling the way he did, he couldn’t stand to stay there anymore and torture himself. 

From the sleeve of his robe he took an envelope and set it outside the gate. Whether it was found or not didn’t matter much to him. He was gone. 

The forest was scarier in the evening for sure. The way the branches creaked in the breeze and the strange noises of animals he hadn’t heard in sometime. Though, the distant meowing caught his attention. A cat? In thi forest?

Perhaps he did have a friend out here afterall. The ex-nun made quick, light steps towards the sound and happened upon a chubby orange cat with a giant head and even bigger glasses supported on his snout. 

He’d never seen a cat quite like this one. He bent down gently picking up the animal and petting it on the top of it’s head. A spark caught his eye from around the cat’s neck. “Ah a collar- you must have an owner– what in God’s name are you doing out here? Only trash like me should be wandering the forest so unguarded…” 

The nun jumped suddenly at the sound of leaves crinkling in the distance. Someone was coming? The owner perhaps? Or someone on their way to the chapel? Even so, he froze- 


this will forever be my favourite reaction video to anything ever