that feeling when you casually, naively mention to the CEO of your company that you’re an artist in your spare time and he asks you what kind of thing you draw

Honestly, 100% the absolute most frightening thing about Donald Trump is not only what he says or what he does, but it’s the fact that no person is taking him seriously.

“But he’s funny!!” Even people who are opposed to him are still reblogging funny videos and shit and funny vines or whatever. People who are opposed to Trump and care about politics but are sitting out or going third-party because “meeh Hillary” or because they do not see this man as a threat. I do, and I’m fucking fearful, because so help me god if Trump is actually elected.

And some people are going to go “Well it obviously cannot happen, there’s just no way he’ll win, there’s no reason to worry.” Except there 100% IS REASON TO WORRY.

HE WON THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. People actually voted for him in the primaries and he actually WON THEM, that’s complete proof that tons of people WILL vote for him, possibly way more now he’s the nominee. And the Republican Party has officially become the party of Trump, un-apologetically, they just gave up in fighting him. The overblown racism and xenophobia and the amount of insane people in that RNC convention is proof that the party is no longer about a specific ideal, but it is about ONE MAN. That is NOT good.

The fact that Trump is truly- honest and for truly the Republican nominee, and is rising in the polls, is 100% proof that he CAN win. The winner of this election will ONLY be a Republican or Democrat. This is not opinion, this is a fact.

Trump is a man who openly PRAISES dictators like Putin, Kim Jong-un and Saddam Hussein (people who either killed millions, put them in slave camps or silenced opposition through murder), is openly backed by neo-Nazis and is a white supremacist himself, wants to ban Muslims and violate their civil liberties and freedoms like Hitler did with the Jews, and he wants to create havoc in our global economy, and he’s pro-torture too, and he and his supporters are VIOLENTLY anti-Mexican, hate crimes committed in the name of Trump HAVE HAPPENED. One of Trump’s advisors actually promoted the murder of Hillary Clinton, his opponent, not as a joke, but because he meant it and actually wants it to happen.

DICTATORS CAN- AND HAVE COME TO POWER THROUGH DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS. That is literally what happened with Hitler back in 1932, look it up if you don’t believe me.

Trump is not hilarious and is not to be taken lightly just because you think he won’t win, he absolutely CAN win and is the biggest threat to my country I have ever seen.

So don’t fucking tell me you will sit out this election, I don’t give a shit if you’re pro-Bernie or Anti-Hillary or in a “both parties are the same” mood, because it’s clear both parties ARE NOT THE SAME. Fucking register, and vote. This election is a little more than 3 months away, that time will fly by fast, so register now.

me almost 3 years ago: [ready for anything and could literally do anything, felt no fear, super confident was probably an anime protagonist]

me now: [a hideous, insecure goblin reaches across the table and eats a croissant from 3 days ago; hasn’t felt true joy in maybe 6 months]

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paradoxunknown  asked:

I'm a huge fan of your writing! but I have a question: What's your advice for someone who writes but is sort of afraid to post?

Thank you!

I say just do it! Have no fear! Create a blog and do it anonymously if you like. I have found that people are generally incredibly nice!

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this will forever be my favourite reaction video to anything ever