Catch Flies with Honey: Spell~

This spell is for cases where someone in your life is causing you alot of difficulty. It is especially effective if you have done nothing (at least to your knowledge) to cause them to be unpleasant toward you

You’ll need….

  • Pot of water
  • A hand full of honeysuckle flowers. If not in season use honey.
  • A pinch of sugar.

What to do….

  • Boil some water and add the sugar and honeysuckles
  • Pluck the little green end from the honey suckle so that if infuses well.
  • As it’s boiling hold your hands above the pot (but not directly in steam. do not burn yourself) and recite” Honeyed words make enemies into allies.” 6 times
  • Drink the solution

mayorspoilers  asked:

Would you mind telling me more about horseradish, mugwort and jasmine please?

Horseradish is a toxic irritant that contains allyl isothiocyanate, the same chemical compound found in mustard seed—those of you who know your history should already be freaking out that some people put this into an air diffuser. 

It’s primarily used in insecticides and tear gas these days. It has a median lethal dose (how much is needed to kill you) of 151 mg/kg and is therefore classed as lachrymator. That’s poisonous gas to you and me, the kind specifically used in World War One that made you go blind/burned through your skin and dissolved your lungs from the inside out.

Ironically it was traditionally used to treat coughs. Don’t do that.

While Mugwort the herb has been used safely for a very long time in medicine—particularly pertaining to menstrual health—it should only ever be administered under the recommendation of a qualified physician or herbalist and should always be talked over with your doctor first. It should never ever be used as an essential oil either orally or for therapeutic massage as it has a high level of oral and dermal toxicity. 

I’ve seen Mugwort touted on this hellsite as a “chemical free abortion” (no I am not kidding, I wish to the gods I was) and while mugwort can and has been used to induce miscarriages, it’s also extremely important to know that it’s also a neurotoxin and can and will likely cause irreversible damage to the person using it, if not outright kill them depending on how they used it. 

Same with pennyroyal, another essential oil I’ve seen talked about on here as a way of having a “natural” abortion, which yes, it is an abortifacient due to its pulegone content, but it’s also so highly toxic that even using small amounts of the oil for massage purposes can cause liver and lung damage and gods forbid you drink any of it cause it is not a nice way to die.

Do not use in an oil diffuser, do not add into your water for “health benefits” do not pass go, go straight to hospital and hopefully not die. 

By comparison to these other two, Jasmine is relatively harmless as it’s non toxic, and generally non irritating save for those with allergies, but I still like to tell my pregnant friends to use it/consume the tea with caution as it is an emmenagogue (stimulates uterine contractions and menstrual flow, the same way mugwort and pennyroyal do) and could potentially pose a risk to early pregnancies being miscarried. Just better to err a little side towards caution sometimes, especially when it’s so heavily marketed in pregnancy essential oil kits.

I hope that answers whatever you were wondering about them.

sagethedinosaur  asked:

for @broadjay (the betta bowl ask) if you truly cannot get a tank for the fish (which I understand can be basically impossible for families that aren't willing to listen) then 1. do not put a heater in. I know that this sucks for the fish, but putting a heater into such a small amount of water causes the water temp to fluctuate and get way too hot. 2. Because the bowl is so small I would recommend doing a 30% water change every 2-3 days. Don't do a 100% unless you really need to because it 1/2

it can cause the fish to go into shock and die if it’s not properly acclaimed. If the water’s really dirty, which it can get in such a small space, you can do a 50%ish percent change. 3. Make sure to dechlorinate the new water you’re putting in! This is very important. If you don’t have access to a dechlorinator due to family or money reasons, fill a separate bowl with water and leave it to sit for a few days, that should do the trick. 4. When putting you fish back in, put your fish back in slowly, and do not add the new water all at once, spread it over a few minutes, this will help prevent shock. 5. as far as enrichment goes, if you can get a ping pong ball and a later pointer (like the ones made for cats) sterilize the ping pong ball in the dishwasher and let it float on top of your fish’s water. Move the later pointer around (outside of the bowl!!) so that your fish follows it. Both of these things are methods of enrichment and these methods of enrichment work because betas are predators and are also very curious!!! 6. If your family won’t let you get a tank due to money reasons, I know that Petco (petsmart? one of those) has a $1 per gallon sale once a year that can be very nice. 5 or 10 gallons would be good. 10 is better, of course, but 5 will do if your parents don’t want it to take up too much space. Also check craigslist for a betta bowl! Make sure that any decorations that are in your bettas bowl you can run along pantyhose without them ripping. If they rip the pantyhose, it’ll rip your fish’s fins. It will try to stay away from sharp things, but things happen and by staying away it will basically half the amount of room it has. Also! If your are somehow able to get a tank, longer is better than taller. Betta’s would rather swim side to side than up and down because it’s more natural for them. I hope all goes well.

A great submission about betta care re: the ask where the OP can’t convince family to upgrade their betta from a bowl. 

hannah-marie  asked:

Do you edit the screen caps you use to make the text images? Because if you make them separate it would be awesome if you shared them with everyone. They're awesome!

The only editing we do is add our TFI water mark and then the text. Other than that it’s just the original screen caps. :)

Hope that clears things up! Have a great Monday!

Happy Hunting

anonymous asked:

can lucy cook?

Lucy can’t even make instant mac and cheese without setting something on fire.

Seriously, when the directions are “add water and put in microwave,” how the hell do you forget to add water??

charcoaldemons  asked:

If you use wet food for your kitties like I do, just add some extra water to it and make it more of a soup. It will help keep your lovely Zeus hydrated without too much force. :)

Unfortunately, he won’t eat soupy wet food (isn’t that helpful, lol!).  As much as I love him, he’s about as stubborn as I am. But I appreciate it!

anonymous asked:

Do you add anything to your tahini? Like do you add water? Or use fat-free? Because you have like 0% fat I can't imagine you eating tahini

I add lemon and soy sauce to my tahini when im making it a dressing.

and this makes no sense, hahahah just because Im not fat, I musn’t use tahini? just because tahini is a natural fat source, does not mean it will make you fat? hahahah fat is an essentially for your body 

Ever since I got my hands on a food processor, I’ve been making nut butters. They are filling and good for the body. And obviously, they are delicious.

But pecan butter, this pecan butter, is different. It tastes like pie in a jar, like autumn, and it’s so rich. You have to make it, because it’s so easy… if you have shelled pecans, that is. Shelling pecans is kind of a torture. So go get your shelled pecans, your food processor, and…

  • Blend. Blend until it’s gritty, and remember to stop and scoop down the sides from time to time. Oils will start coming up and creating a paste. Keep blending. This is the basic step for every nut butter!
  • Stop, and grab your basic add-ons: sweetener of choice (maple syrup would be ideal, but I can’t get it here, aww… so I used brown sugar) and a just a pinch of salt. Salt is important because it adds more contrast between the spices and the sweetener - just don’t overdo it.
  • Now, get crazy. Add any spices you want to taste. Mine were cinnamon, vanilla bean, nutmeg and (drumroll) cayenne pepper. I just added a tiny bit of cayenne so it had a little bit of a kick without compromising flavour. Other options are: anise, ginger, cloves, and even cocoa powder. Just please do not add water.
  • Blend until you have achieved the desired consistency.

There, there. Now you have it. You will want to eat it all with a spoon. That’s a good option, but you can also use it as a sweet dip, spread on toast, mixed with porridge, in smothies… the possibilities are endless!

Successfully Adulting 101: Cheap Recipe of the Week

Tater Tot Hotdish
This recipe lists ground beef as an ingredient, but can be made easily with chicken, turkey, or no meat at all!
**All prices listed are high estimations based on my local grocery store**

1lb lean ground beef ($3-4/lb)
Salt and pepper
1 can green beans ($2.39/can)
1 can whole kernel corn ($1.84/can)
2 cans cream of mushroom soup (can really be made with almost any “cream of” soup) ($1.79/can)
Ilb frozen tater tots ($2.99/bag)
1 medium yellow onion, chopped (optional!)

If using onion, place in a skillet on medium heat and cook until soft, about 15 minutes.  Add the ground beef and cook until brown, scraping frequently. Season with salt and pepper lightly to taste.
Transfer beef mixture from skillet into a 9x13 glass baking dish (or disposable foil baking pan, though these can be very flimsy!) and mix in cream of mushroom soup (do not add water!), corn, and green beans.  Top with frozen tater tots.
Bake uncovered in 350F oven for 60 minutes, or until tater tots are golden brown.  

Leftover rating:
9/10 | The dish itself fares well in the fridge, but can be hard to find a container for.  It reheats nicely and still tastes delicious up to three days after making if stored properly!

Nutritional Value (Estimated, 8oz serving- with ground beef):
Total Fat: 24g
Total Calories: 400
Protein: 28g
Carbs: 37g
Sugars: 1g

TOTAL COST: $14.80 (with ground beef), $10.80 (without) 


One of my favorite meals to prep. I added mostly raw veggies (except for the grilled mushrooms) to a jar the night before with 1 tbsp dried herbs and all I have to do is add hot water the next day, allow it to steep for a few minutes and pour the mixture into a bowl. Topped with a little Fix Hot Sauce and I’m good to go.

Pancake Sunday - a ficlet for ask tiny!cas

Castiel sat alone on his shelf of the bookcase, his legs dangling aimlessly over the edge. It was early in the morning, and a peaceful silence enveloped the bunker. As much as Castiel loved the company of the brothers and Kevin, it was nice to have these moments of quiet solitude. He closed his eyes and leaned back, enjoying the stillness. In the back of his mind, he wondered if Dean, or anyone else in the bunker for that matter, was awake yet.


The shout made the tiny angel jump and instinctively grab for his blade. Realizing that there was no danger, he sighed and tucked the blade away again. There was the answer to his question.

“Cas! Hey! Good morning, little dude!” Dean came bounding up to the bookcase, grinning ear to ear. “How ya doin’?”

“I was fine until you scared me half to death,” Castiel said, smiling at Dean’s green. “I didn’t know you were up.”

“Dude,” Dean said, his expression suddenly growing serious, “it’s Sunday morning. That means hot breakfast.”

Castiel cocked his head slightly to the side. “You haven’t made breakfast on Sundays before.”

“Well, looks like it’s time to start a new tradition then.” He gave a quick wink and patted his shoulder in invitation. “Come on. You’re going to help.”

Castiel raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? I seem to…um…” He cleared his throat. “I seem to…lack certain…culinary skills…”

“Yeah, I know, Cas. I remember the jam sauce. Trust me. Twice.” He shuddered. “And the toast. This is why you’re going to help me today. You’re going to get some Cooking 101 lessons ala Dean Winchester today.” He smiled warmly and patted his shoulder again. “Come on. Breakfast is the easiest thing in the world to make. With me as your culinary guru, it’ll be easy as pie.”

“I don’t know how to make pie either, Dean.”

Dean burst out laughing. It was Castiel’s favorite laugh: the kind where Dean threw his head back and grabbed his stomach. His eyes crinkled at the corners and his laugh was deep. Although he wasn’t quite sure what Dean found so humorous, Castiel couldn’t help but smile as well.

Dean let out a “whew!” before catching his breath. “You kill me, Cas. Let’s go.”

Castiel stood up, stretched his wings, and swooped down, landing lightly on Dean’s shoulder. Still chuckling to himself, Dean walked into the kitchen. He had obviously planned on making breakfast earlier, because a large glass bowl and a frying pan were already sitting on the counter, along with a box of pancake mix. He moved to a drawer and pulled out a spoon and a spatula.

“Pancake Sunday!” he said happily. “Pancakes are the easiest things in the world to make. You literally cannot mess them up. Because it’s your first time, we’ll use the cheater method of pancake mix. All you do is add water and mix it in a bowl. Personally, I–”

Dean continued talking, but Castiel wasn’t so much focusing on the specific words as he was the sound of his voice. Dean usually carried himself so stiffly. He was a hunter, a warrior. He was the alpha male. But here in the kitchen, he was no longer the creature that John Winchester had forged him into. He was simply Dean. He smiled the entire time he spoke and he moved freely in the kitchen. Even his voice had a flow that was usually absent in normal conversations. Castiel knew that Dean loved cooking, but he never knew how cooking put the hunter at such ease. Even if it was just pancakes, the passion that Dean put into cooking and the pride he took in it was extraordinary. Castiel wished that Dean would allow more people to see that particular side of him, but he knew that it wouldn’t happen. He was the exception. He was always Dean’s exception. The kitchen was Dean’s space, his dominion, and he was allowing Castiel to be a part of it. Castiel felt his feathers double in size as he let the significance and secrecy of that sink in.

“Thank you,” he whispered, interrupting Dean with a soft kiss on his check.

Dean’s continuous rambled stuttered to a halt. “What?”

“Thank you for letting me in, Dean.”

Dean raised an eyebrow. “…into the kitchen?”

“Into your heart, Dean.”

Dean groaned and ran a hand down his lobster-red face. “Jesus, Cas! You can’t say shit like that! What the hell, man?” Still, he glanced down at the angel still balancing on his shoulder and gave a quick smile. “Christ…anyway, were you listening at all to anything I was saying?”

“Not really.”

Dean sighed. “So much for your lesson. Anyway, while you’ve been getting all chick-flick on me, I’ve gotten the batter ready. Now, this is where we add the Winchester flare.” He pulled open one of the kitchen drawers and rummaged through it, muttering something about Sam’s lack of organization and how he never puts things back where they should go. “Here we go!” He pulled a plastic squeeze bottle out of the drawer and unscrewed the top. Carefully, he poured some of the batter into the squeeze bottle before returning the top back on.

Castiel squinted his eyes as he tried to figure out just what Dean was planning. “I don’t understand. Why do you need the squeeze bottle? Don’t you just ladle the batter into the pan?”

“Ladle the batter into the pan…ha! No way, dude! Check it out.” Carefully, Dean squeeze the bottle and drew a circle on the pan. He then drew two more circles and an upwards curve. “Smiley face! Now, you just let that cook for a few seconds and then you fill in the rest of it.” He then squeezed more batter onto the pan, filling in the empty spaces. “Let that baby cook for a while. Once you start to see bubbles in the batter and the edges raise up, you flip it over. Easy.” He flipped the pancake over and revealed the smiley face in the center of the pancake.

“I didn’t know you could do that,” Castiel said.

“Hell yeah! I used to make Sammy pancakes like this when we were little,” Dean said, his eyes growing warm. “He liked it when I made the Superman or Batman logos. Hey, let’s make one for you now.” He greased the pan and began to draw. Castiel watched with wonder as Dean drew a triangle first and then a circle at its top point. In the center of the circle, he drew another smiley face. Next, he drew little wings on each side of the triangle. “It’s an angel!”

Castiel frowned as he examined the pancake artwork. “I do not look like that.”

Dean burst into the same laughter that he had earlier that morning, and Castiel had to take flight as he threw his head back again. His laughs filled the kitchen, intertwining with the smell of pancakes. Castiel joined in the laughing as well, which seemed to only egg Dean on. As he listened to the sound of Dean’s bellylaughs and breathed in the tempting smell of hot breakfast Sunday, he tried to search for words to describe his feeling at that moment, but he could only think of one. It sang through his very grace like the most beautiful of hymns:


There in the kitchen with Dean, Castiel was home. 

Chris Evans x Reader | Thanksgiving Mishap

Prompt: Thanksgiving doesn’t go as planned.

Happy thanksgiving guys!! I hope you spend it with loved ones and stuff your face with so much food! I’m sorry it’s so long too! I haven’t written in so long due to school and really wanted to do something for you guys. Also, I seriously have to thank @heather-lynn for the idea. You’re such a life saver!

You knew Chris was with his family, Having fun before spending Thanksgiving with you and Dodger. So you were quickly getting everything together, Seasoning the turkey, Making The rice, The beans, everything you could get your hands on. You only had a few hours to get everything together, and you already had a plan so he didn’t come home early.

Your phone vibrated in your pocket, So you cleaned your hands and answered.

“Hey babe. How is everything? Your mom and Carly okay?”

“Hey honey. And yeah. Everything is fine. I can’t wait to see you. It’s been months.”

It warms your heart and gives you butterflies hearing how much he’s missed you.

“I’ve missed you so much too. Dodger misses you too. Hurry on home honey. I know some place that’s missed you too”

You could hear him chuckle and whisper into the phone.

“Just wait until I get home sweetheart. I’ll rock your world. But that’ll have to wait. I need to go. Love you”

“Love you too you meatball. See you soon”

Looking at the clock, You notice you have about two hours. You go to the bedroom to take a shower and make yourself look presentable. A little makeup, perfume, and one of your fanciest dresses.

When you finished with your look, You quickly get back to the turkey in the oven, You notice all the smoke around the house. You cannot. Even. Believe it. You scurry toward the turkey, and open the oven. The turkey was charcoal. It was burnt to a crisp. Now you had barely an hour left. 

You open the windows so all the smoke could leave the house. Dodger took this chance to look out the windows in search for Chris’s car.

Walking back toward the kitchen, You turned around to get the rice out of the pan, But notice that you forgot to add water. Smacking yourself harder than you expected for making such a stupid and obvious mistake. How the hell do you forget to add water to rice?

Almost crying, You take the beans out of the pan to put on a plate, The only decent thing seasoned and cooked to perfection. You began walking toward the cupboard when you accidentally step on Dodgers tail. He yelps and runs away, and you slip. The beans and their juices fall on top of your dress, Obviously ruining them and staining them completely.

You can’t hold it anymore and cry. You sit down on the floor, Crying your eyes out. The first thanksgiving with you and Chris, and you had to ruin it. Everything was going wrong. You were bawling your eyes out and didn’t even notice Chris coming inside the house.

He looks around the messy kitchen, And hurries toward your crying form. He kneels in front of you and hugs you.

“What’s wrong (Name)?? Is everything okay? What happened here?”

“I- I’m so sorry Chris.. I ruined thanksgiving. I tried to make something special  and I totally ruined it.”

Mascara was running down your face, And Chris kissed your forehead.

“Babe.. everything is okay. Just.. Go take a shower and we’ll talk about it okay?”

Nodding, you stand up and walk yourself to the bathroom, Looking back at Chris sadly.

Coming out of your bath, You put on your pajamas and didn’t even bother fixing your hair. You walked toward the kitchen, You noticed everything was clean and Chris was putting pizza on a plate. He smiled, and walked toward the living room, Your favourite show was on, and candles were lit.

“Hey. I cleaned the kitchen and I ordered pizza.” He placed two wine glasses on the table. “I know it isn’t thanksgiving food, But I figured we could just relax today.”

“Chris.. I’m sorry I ruined thanksgiving. I tried to make the turkey and burned it to a crisp. I tried to make the rice but somehow forgot to put some fricking water in it-” 

Chris stifles a laugh, and you pout. How could he be laughing when you felt sad and you ruined dinner? Chris apologizes and motioned you to continue the story.

“The beans were beautiful and perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. But I accidentally stepped on Dodgers tail and slipped, The beans falling all over my dress.. I’m sorry babe..”

“Honey, It’s okay. I know you tried to make this the best thanksgiving for us. I really thank you for all of it. How about.. Next thanksgiving we make it together? Plus, Tomorrow mom will obviously have leftovers. We can just go over and eat some.”

“Fine.. But can we go eat now?”

You sit on the couch, and begin to stuff your face with pizza. He sits next to you, and hands you a wine glass. Resting your head on his shoulder, You watch your show.

“You know when we’re finished with this we’re going to have thanksgiving sex right?” He says this nonchalant.

“Gotta give thanks somehow” you kiss his cheek and continue eating your pizza.

This thanksgiving went better than expected.


So I just had the need to show you guys that animation companies (like pixar, disney and dreamworks etc) don’t animated people crying very well. All they do is add water to their eyes, nothing else. I just wanted to show you how much more effective and emotional actually making their eyes red, cheeks red etc, looks.

Companies don’t usually do that, because they’re afraid that the character won’t look pretty anymore. Screw that, crying is a natural process. It does not make you any less attractive.

The Tale of the Watery Chai
  • Customer: *impugns* Did you just put water in my drink!
  • Myself: Yes.
  • Customer: Why would you do that!? *now shouting* I caught you! I caught you sabotaging my drink! Now remake my drink the right way!
  • Myself: I didn't sabotage your drink, but I will make you a new one if you would like.
  • Customer: I saw you do it! I saw you add water to my drink.
  • Myself: Yes, I did add water to your drink, we always add water. It is part of the recipe put water in a hot chai.
  • Customer: I have been coming here for years and no one has EVER added water to my drink! I know you are purposely making my drink wrong! And the worst part is that you are admitting it! You have absolutely no remorse about trying to ruin my day!
  • He ended up making a big scene involving my manager and accusing us both of being in on it together. He took the third version if his drink along as he stormed out, vowing to never come back, like they all do.

For a little bit of extra uplifting, that little boost you need to power through your studies, or for the motivation to get a new project started!

You will need:

-Orange roses
-Vanilla bean (vanilla extract will do, but won’t smell as sweet)
-Cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon


1: Make rose water. This is simple to do; add distilled or mineral water to the fresh rose petals in a pot, just enough to cover the petals. Simmer them out until there’s no more colour left in the petals. 

2: Remove the rose petals. While still simmering, add in the rosemary, vanilla and cinnamon.

NOTE: You’ll want a 3:2:1 ratio: - 3 parts vanilla, 2 parts cinnamon, 1 part rosemary. However much vanilla you add to the rosewater, however, is up to however strong you want the spell/ending scent.

3: Remove the cinnamon sticks from the water if you’ve used them. Let the water cool.

4: Pour the new ‘perfume’ into a spray bottle and mist yourself/your space with it whenever you need!

ELI5: How is Orange Juice economically viable when it takes me juicing about 10 oranges to have enough for a single glass of Orange Juice?

My father worked in various divisions of Tropicana for nearly 40 years, going from factory work and into corporate. He has more knowledge about the industry than nearly anyone in the world, though he retired several years ago.

Here’s what he has to say:

A standard box of oranges (as bought from a grower in Florida) weighs 90 lbs. That box when extracted by a processor will generate 5.5 to 6.0 gallons of orange juice. A typical box of oranges will supply 180 to 220 oranges … depending on the maturity and the variety of orange. That means that it takes about 34.8 oranges to produce a gallon of OJ.

Re cost …. the economics of “table fruit” that you buy to eat is different than the economics of field run processed fruit. Table run fruit is sorted for appearance, boxed, and sold at a premium. Some varieties of table fruit are also processed but mostly used as table fruit and sell at a significant premium to processed fruit. Valencia, Parson Brown, “Pineapple” oranges and Hamlins are the main varieties of oranges used in Florida to make OJ in processing plants. Extractor do not “grind up the fruit”. There are 2 types of extractors …. one “reems” the fruit like you do at home and the objective of the reem is to get all of the juice, pulp and inside of the orange without impacting the white interior of the fruit (albedo) which is very bitter. The peels and waste material are then sent to a feed mill where they are pressed to reduce liquid content and dried to make cattle feed. The pressed liquid is run through an evaporator to turn it into molasses and added back to the cattle feed to sweeten it up.

A comment in the string says “don’t let them tell you they don’t add water because they do”. They don’t add water to not from concentrate Orange Juice …. it is against the law and no reputable brand would do this. The cost of the oranges is so different because when you buy table fruit it is at most a bag …. processors sign contracts to buy whole groves of oranges …. sometimes buying millions of 90 lb boxes at a time. If you look in the commodity exchange … you will see “Orange Juice Concentrate Futures”. This is the price a processor is expecting to pay for a standard pound solid (about one gallon of single strength orange juice) in the future. That cost typically runs from $1.25 to $2.00 ….. for about 35 processing oranges. (See math at the top of this note)

Nuf said …

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

Confidence perfume

I was doing research on oils and I found some that are awesome for confidence so I decided I should make this lil perfume for me! I have low confidence and self esteem since I’m on the bigger side, so maybe this will help alongside a new diet and some more freqent excercise!


  • A glass rub-on perfume bottle
  • rose essential oil (confidence)
  • small piece of rose quartz (self love)
  • one rose petal (love)
  • One juniper berry (self love and self purification)
  • Water
    • I perfer to do half blessed moon water and half regular water!

Put the rose quartz in before you pour anything. Place it at the bottom and charge it for half an hour with positive energy by meditating on your intentions. Then pour in half the water (regular water first if you’re doing moon water). Add the juniper berry now, channeling it with pure energy. Put in six drops of rose essential oil, and fill the rest of the bottle up. Finally, add five more drops of rose oil. For stronger results, leave it out during a gibbous moon to help you accomplish self love.


the real problem with the two-party system

Democrats (or Republicans): We believe that the sky is blue and water is wet!

Republicans (or Democrats): Well… I guess we know what we have to do now… add “orange sky, dry water” to the campaign platform!

My Cup of Tea

Modern AU Zutara oneshot for alexandrabrodt for the avatarsecretsanta exchange

Summary: It’s a rainy day and Katara’s professor would absolutely kill her if she got her papers wet, so she heads into the nearest building for protection. The building happens to be a small teahouse, and a cute guy named Zuko happens to be working there.

fanfiction or ao3 or click the read more

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