sunbeams kiss u in a way that no one ever can

Black Butler Characters As Random Text Posts I Just Happened To Come Across

Ciel: My therapist once told me I have this obsession with taking revenge, we’ll see about that.

Sebastian: I came out here to attack people and honestly im feeling so good right now.

Viscount Druitt: If you hate me….. have you considered…… that im beautiful? think it over.

Finny: It’s very important that am both cute and powerful.

Charles Grey: Sometimes im hungry and other times im asleep.

Alois: Do you ever get the feeling like your not even friends with your friends.

Claude: Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over my internal monologue.

Hannah: do you ever make a sarcastic remark and you just smile your yourself your so proud.

((General PSA that some people’s smut and ships may not make sense to everyone else but makes sense to them because some of them actually plot, discuss and build the ships obsessively on skype and not just here.

Also general PSA that people can RP whatever the fuck they want and don’t need your stupid, irrelevant judgmental snarky shitposting about what they do that doesn’t at all affect their lives.))


There are eight tiny Kotoris in my previous post impersonating each member of μ’s! The first three people to find all eight can request a doodle!! Message me a description of each Kotori’s placement on the drawing or send a link to an image of each Kotori circled! Use this HQ image to search!

GOOD LUCK!! (・8・)

How to Heal Exit Wounds

1.  Admit you’re shot.  Imagine:  
Doctor, that isn’t a bullet, listen,
her name is
– Not important, he would
say, you are bleeding out; and think you’re
an idiot.  But I bet he’d grab your elbows
like an emergency and it would
feel a lot like love.  I bet he’d say,

I can’t treat
something if you won’t tell me
where it hurts.  

2.  Tell someone where it hurts,
and in what way, and all you need.
In the silence.  In the car.  In the
webs of your fingers, in the space.
My god, in the space.  You think,
I think there is too much gravity in me.  
I think I am too good at revolving around
things I could never touch all of.  In
my wrist,
you say, it hurts in my wrist.

3.  In the way a person leaves
louder than the gunshot.  In the way
you are never afraid of the gunshot.
In the way there is always something
in the way of something, in the way
you will never reach, never

reach for them because it is
not your place and it would hurt your
wrist to do so, knowing that no one has ever
yet saved your place, it hurts in your wrist,
the way people leave and never take you
with them.  I am shot,

you say.  4.  Strip blame like clothes.
Say, I am shot and it is not my fault.  This
visit, she left through my wrist, and it
is not my fault.  After proper care,
I’ll need time.  I need time.

5.  Allow for it.


I just watched The Painting on Netflix today (the French dub, not sure if they have the English dub on netflix) and it was so good! As you can see in the trailer, the film follows a group of painted people who are searching for the artist who never completed their painting. I just loved everything about it from the art (just look at those colors and that character design!) to the story (i seriously teared up) to the music (just ugh go listen to it). If you love art, are an artist yourself, or just love animated movies, you should absolutely watch The Painting!