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24. Gladio. Nice to meet u btw ^^

Nice to meet you, too!  Hope you like this little scenario for #24.  Sorry it’s a little shorter than the others - just trying to get these all done as quickly as I can. :)


Gladiolus Amicita x Reader

Independent.  That’s exactly what you were.  If you wanted something done, you’d just go right ahead and do it yourself.  Furniture needed built for your apartment?  You built it.  Someone needed their ass kicked?  You probably weren’t best suited for it but, hell, you’d just do it anyway.  The way you looked at it, too many people had let you down in the past for you to trust that anybody else would get things done the way you wanted them done.  So you just did it yourself.  Sure, your approach to things ruffled a few feathers from time to time, Gladio’s especially, you tended to push people away when they tried to help you.  They didn’t offer because they thought you weren’t capable, after all, they literally only wanted to help you.  He wanted you to let him in but you insisted on keeping him at arm’s length.  You hadn’t been together very long, only a month or two, you just hadn’t been ready to let him past that protective shell you’d built around yourself.

That all worked well enough until your clumsiness caught up to you one day and you’d tripped down a few steps, landed awkwardly and broken your ankle.  You’d cursed and you’d called it all the names under the sun but it didn’t change the fact that the bones were broken and they needed to be given time to heal.  Rest.  Take it easy.  Things you just didn’t know how to do.  “Stupid girl,” you cursed as you sat with your feet up, your crutches on the floor beside the sofa, “You really did it this time, didn’t you?”  With a shake of your head, you reached for your crutches and hobbled through to the kitchen, this mood was nothing that a cappuccino couldn’t fix…. but you had no milk.  Or coffee, for that matter.  “Really?”  You slammed the fridge door closed, sighed and reached for your phone.  This one would sting.

“For once, I need you,” you wrote, even typing one of those little emoji things on the message.  You hoped he’d appreciate your attempt at humour; you’d never once told him that you didn’t need him, after all.  “Help?”  With the message sent, you debated going back to your little spot on the sofa but decided against it.  You waited a few moments for a reply to your message but none came, maybe he wouldn’t reply.  Maybe he couldn’t, maybe he was in training.  Oh well!  You’d just need to do without that coffee.

Once you were sure that no reply was suddenly going to ping its way to your phone, you started back toward your sofa only to be disturbed by a knock at the door.  “Who is it?” you called as you hobbled your way over, nobody answered.  With some difficulty, you opened the door just as one of your crutches clattered to the floor.

“Watch it, watch it,” strong arms had soon scooped you up, “Take it easy.” Tears prickled your eyes, you couldn’t even answer the door without those damn things getting in the way.  “Hey,” Gladio spoke softly, “None of that.  Whatever’s wrong, it’s not worth tears.”  He walked through your apartment and gently placed you down onto the couch.

“I can’t even walk properly, I have no coffee and no milk.  Probably don’t have any of the essential things because, you know, I spend more time at work than I do here,” you ranted, trying to just get your frustrations out, “Those bloody things are no use at all, I keep dropping them and this foot is useless.  I can’t live like this!”  You knew it was an over-reaction but it was an adjustment - you’d literally gone from doing everything for yourself, being super confident, and now you needed to accept help.  It’d take a little getting used to.

“So I’ll be your knight in leather armor,” Gladio grinned, taking his opportunity, “It’s only a temporary setback, (Y/N), you know that.  Bones heal.  You’ll be back on your feet in a few weeks.”  He sat beside you and pulled you close to him, “And until that day, well, guess who’ll be here to help you.”

Your head found its place on his shoulder as he hugged you to him.  “Thank you,” you smiled, “I really appreciate it.”  With a smile, your hand swiped at those pesky little tears, “I know I’m being silly, I know this is only temporary, but I guess I just didn’t think it’d literally land me on my ass, y’know?” You sighed, “Can you stay?”  Lifting your head, you caught his gaze with your own.  “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.  I know you’re busy but if you can…”

Gladio cut you off with a kiss.  “If you need me, babygirl,” he grinned, “I’ll be here for as long as you want.”

The shell you’d built around yourself?  Shattered.  Mission accomplished, Gladio!

June 21st-June 26th. i read a lot of fics this week. downright drowned in the ‘derek is a failwolf’ tag. Super embarrassingly stupid omg no bb stop bc s5 is coming up and I can’t imagine a TW without the hot mess that is Derek Hale <333 

If you haven’t read this yet, wear diapers so you don’t piss yourself laughing: 

Bogarted by HalfFizzbin (1/1 | 3,126 | Mature)

Alternate Title: “Dick Failwolf, Private Eye.”

(Or, Derek’s hit with a Film Noir curse, which forces him to narrate his own life in luridly-detailed prose.)

No one should be this socially awkward. Ever. No one: 

A Crumpled Bouquet of Pink Flowers by Vendelin (1/1 | 2,418 | Teen) 

Derek passive-aggressively courts Stiles

Stiles-1 Derek-0. omg! Just read the tags!  the tags are fucking glorious!: 

Highway Unicorn by Nanoochka (1/1 | 5, 245 | Explicit)

Stiles is awesome at giving road head. Presumably, he’s good at getting it as well. Derek? Not so much.

Just kdf;bm; ROTFLMAO: 

The Real Reason Derek Doesn’t Use Stairs by Hatteress (1/1 | 229 | Teen) 

“I’m a werewolf,” Derek says, like that’s a freaking excuse.

Derek listens to Erica and FAILS: 

Slightly Damaged, Still Good by Trelkez (1/1 | 1,564 | Teen)

“You gave me your sat-on half-dead flowers,” Stiles said, waving them at Derek’s back. “Are you going to ask me out, or what?”

This is more of a pack fail than a Derek fail. They’re all pretty inept tbh:

making an ass out of u and me by verity (1/1 | 1,358 | Explicit)

It’s hard to blame Derek for the fact that everything he says sounds insulting. The guy was raised by wolves.

Stiles-2 Derek-0: 

Ice Cream is Overrated by kototyph (1/1 | 2,344 | Teen)

Stiles is hopelessly competitive. Derek is just hopeless.

Love this series! Loveeee!: 

To See Heaven in a Wild Flower by ChildOfTheRevolution (1/1 | 2,943 | Gen.)

Working in a florist on Valentine’s Day was like working in a gun shop during the zombie apocalypse. Very loud, very busy and the very real threat of death especially for anyone who worked at said florist when they were desperately running out of red roses.

AKA the one where Stiles is working Valentines day in a stupidly named florist and may or may not fall for a totally adorable, incredibly gorgeous, emotionally stunted, slightly damaged Alpha Architect named Derek Hale. Also Laura’s a BAMF.

If you like a little failure with a little A/B/O and angst meep meep:  

Derek The Domestic Failwolf by standinginanicedress (1/1 | 9,937 | Explicit)

Stiles got training to be an omega, and Derek got training to be an alpha. Hard edges, tough, sneering at the sheer thought of fucking knitting something while he beat people up for fun. That’s how his parents raised him.

And, yeah. That’s all good for protecting Stiles and buying things for him, the stuff he’s supposed to do.

But sometimes he wants to be good at the other stuff. Stiles likes the other stuff – he deserves the other stuff.

or 5+ times that Derek (thinks he) was a shitty alpha.

long drawn out slow-building assemblage of failures i.e total shit show:

Stapp’s Ironical Paradox by SwimmingSwans (1/1 | 39,240 | Mature)

“The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle.” In which Stiles believes the same applies to werewolves and other nonhuman entities. Not 3b compliant.

Fails that hurt!!!! Owwwwwww:

How I Long For Yesterday by sweetbutterbliss (1/1| 6,017 | Mature)

Stiles blinks, his throat going dry, and he moves his thumb without thinking - liking the post. He feels a surge of petty satisfaction. At least the fucker will know he knows now. He stands up, his body feeling too heavy, and he blows out the already guttering candles. He lets out a sob of frustration when the last one won’t fucking blow out. But he sucks it back in and bites down on his tongue, using his thumb and forefinger instead.

He throws himself into their empty bed without undressing. He lies there repeating the words ‘Derek blew me off for Isaac’ over and over. He tells himself to shut up while rearranging his pillow violently, but he goes to sleep with the refrain continuing its painful loop.

Caution: Derek is a massive idiot and holy fucking FAIL:

Derek Hale’s Terrible Guide to Returning Your Love for Someone by Shake_n_Blake (1/1 | 5,161 | Gen.)

In which Derek courts Stiles, forgetting that he’s not a wolf, and not impressed with Derek’s methods of wooing.

Derek can’t find a balance between his instincts and socially okay things. For example, leaving dead things at the person you’re trying to love’s house? Not socially acceptable.


good, giving, and game by verity (1/1 | 89 | Explicit)

They’ve been together long enough now that they don’t have arguments over the big stuff anymore: there’s a few things they’ve each accepted as fact. Derek hates Olive Garden. Stiles refuses to let Derek work on the Jeep. Derek doesn’t dance. They’re never going to get werewolf-married because Stiles is never going to do the thing where Derek locks his werewolf dick in Stiles’s ass and jizzes all up his colon while they lie on a bed of rose petals and listen to mood music.

Derek should’ve invested in a bottle of nair: 

The Taller the Tree by DeCaStDe (1/1 | 5,091 | Explicit)

Derek misunderstands something Stiles says in bed, and does something about it. It goes spectacularly wrong, and Stiles happily reminds Derek that he loves him whatever ridiculous things he does.

Isn’t the title synopsis enough?: 

Derek Hale’s Seduction Technique by omlet (1/1 | 6,613 | Teen)

It doesn’t sit well with Stiles, the thing at the police station and with Erica. It niggles at him from the back of his mind, screaming PAY ATTENTION TO ME. Because Derek’s apparently familiar enough with flirting to do it successfully, like it’s something that comes naturally to him, but what kind of broody misanthropic guy flirts?

Stiles-3 Derek-0

Must Be This Tall To Ride by alchemy (1/1 | 3,760 | Explicit) 

“I love Ferris wheels, you’re afraid of heights. I’m happy, you face your irrational fear. It’s a win-win.”

Read this one forever ago and diedddd:

I Think the Problem Here is There’s Nothing Wrong by wait_for_it (1/1 | 5,156 | Teen) 

“Stiles wasn’t really sure what was going on, but if he had to guess, he’d say Derek Hale was losing his touch. The amount of times he’d been called out with the guy, presumably to stake out some new supernatural baddie only to have it be a false alarm, was starting to inch into the double digits.”

In which Stiles and Derek are dating and everyone knows it. Except Stiles.

Dorks! Just socially inept dorks!: 

A Little Less Sixteen Candles by silverlining99 (1/1 | 7,569 | Mature) 

In which Derek fails at wooing, and Stiles fails at catching a clue.

Also read this series forever and dieddddddd. Fucking adorable: 

Is It Cool if I Hold Your Hand by HalfFizzbin (1/1 | 1,343 | Gen.)

“So,” says Sheriff Stilinski, raising one eyebrow. “You decided not to play video games at Scott’s, after all?”

“Uh,” Stiles says. His eyes are wide and caught-out, and he’s got his arms wrapped around two giant tubs of popcorn. Beside him, Derek Hale—the same Derek Hale that the Sheriff last saw in his interrogation room—is handing a $20 bill to the cashier and clearly trying to appear as casual as possible. He fumbles the change three times before he gets it into his pocket, though, so it’s a lost cause.

Nooooo, Derek. Just nooooooo: 

By The Hour by janonny (1/1 | 16,490 | Not Rated) 

The one where Stiles thought Derek was a hooker who needed feeding, and Derek thought Stiles was interested in him.


Brutalist Masterpieces by Febricant (1/1 | 1,577 | Gen.) 

It figures the day Derek finally decides to face the do-it-yourself furniture is the day he breaks the only necessary tool.

Derek listens to Isaac and FAILS. Wow, Derek should stop listening to people:

Spurred by ohlittle-red (1/1 | 2,225 | Teen)

Derek tries to be more obvious about his feelings. Stiles does not react according to plan.

And the grand fucking failing finale (i mean c’mon, just look at the title):

Badly Timed Boners and A Failure to Communicate by eeyore990 (8/8 | 22,806 | Explicit) 

Suddenly, Derek is everywhere, and not just in that creepy, Edward Cullen, I’m-gonna-stalk-around-and-lurk-broodingly way. Stiles doesn’t know what’s up with that, but he’s pretty sure there’s only one conclusion to be reached.

We’re all going to fucking die.