Sexy Furniture for the Cheap

Our sexy new giant desk made in the colors and size we wanted, for which we didn’t have to unsexily shell out for, nor search high and low. Also, it was delivered to our flat (up 88 steps :/) from Bauhaus for 10 Euros. Plus we didn’t have to endure this IKEA-style continuation of a stupid cycle of slave labor, meaning we did not have to do an annoying prolonged assembly with an Allen wrench and a lame diagram.

It took us about one  minute to ‘make’ the table.

Materials (all from Bauhaus in Neukolln, Berlin): 
-1 MDF plank in black 65 Euros, (it is not particleboard, it has solid wood in the middle…I hate that IKEA pre-fab stuff that breaks if you need to move it)
-2 red metal stands, 18 Euros for both
-2 plain old long pieces of wood to put under MDF board for support, 5 Euros for both

Total cost: 88 Euros + 10 Euros delivery = 98 Euros

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These hand-painted furniture knobs add will add the perfect splash of space to any room. Made by Laurie Brennan, they come in galaxy and nebula patterns and even some that look like planets. They make me want to re-do my entire apartment!

- Summer

[HT Kelly Hills