DIY Bookshelves!

So I needed a lot of shelves (I still need more to be honest) but all of the pre-made ones at the store would’ve ended up breaking my bank… I was able to make these six shelves for $30 bucks with some wooden planks cut in half and 10″ concrete bricks from Homedepot. They aren’t the cutest arrangement, but it gets the job done!

Bog Chair .

Rather aptly named the ‘Bog chair’ I recently rested awhile on one of these fire side chairs and they really were one of the most comfortable camp fire seating devices Ive ever sat on .

 Some claim it to be the oldest design of chair around and is often known as a Viking or stargazers chair , but also an African chair , US Civil war dentists or a boy scout chair .

They look fairy simple to make from just two lengths of planking that slot together via a tenon and mortise joint and plan to attempt to make some very soon , but also plan to add a hole for a ground spike where the back touches the ground to stop it from possibly tipping over around the fire .

piss…  i installed that ocd/do it yourself clutter mod for FO4 and it erased my furniture option in the workshop

i’ve uninstalled the mod, tried the workaround, tried console command, tried another workaround and it’s still not there.

i’ve made a copy of my save, but i think i might have to uninstall everything - mods & game, reinstall and reload my save.  see if that works.

apparently it’s a known issue that some mods don’t agree with Far Harbor DLC (where this issue began for me)

so fyi - be warned about that mod and install/uninstall EXACTLY like they say or it will fuck up your game