when was the point of shipping for it to become canon..

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Kagami + superhero

“____! What the hell are you doing?!”

Your boyfriend’s loud voice made you turn your head a little, given the current circumstances.. Well.. You were trying to hang the Christmas lights up and slipped off the ladder.. And you were now hanging onto the edge of the house, because the ladder had fallen over, cutting off the only way you could get back down.

“I… uh… I wanted to surprise you with having the house decorated…” you squirmed, feeling the cold seep even further into your skin, “But I slipped off the ladder and now I’m stuck…”

He didn’t bother asking, because he already understood the whole thing, so he just walked underneath you, extending his arms out.

“Let go ____.”

As much as you wanted to argue with him, because how he said it so calmly made you just a little bit nervous, your hands were aching in protest. So with your eyes closed, you let go, almost screaming had you not landed in a pair of muscular arms. You buried your face in his neck, shivering from the cold evening, and he was quick to help you change into warming clothing, as well as wrap you up in a blanket as he made you hot chocolate.

“You really should’ve waited until I got back.. I would’ve done it with you..”

You turned to look at him, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.

“It wouldn’t have been a surprise silly!” You giggled, before sighing softly, curling further in his warmth.

“But thank you.. for saving me.. my handsome superhero.”

He laughed, returning the kiss with his own to your cheek, rubbing your sides with his warm hands.

“You’re welcome ____.. Just.. Don’t do something stupid like that again.. Not unless someone’s there to watch you..”

You scoffed, “Right… Because you haven’t done anything stupid in your life?”

This time, you burst out laughing when his cheeks heated up, and you knew exactly what he was thinking about.. How he had to confess to you butt naked in front of the entire school for losing the Inter-high.. To this day, that picture of him still rested in your phone, unknowingly to the red-head.

the worst fact about myself is since trixie(mlp) was my fave character and like Kinsie before i knew what those were i used to refer to myself in third person SOMETIMES and occasionally i slip up and do it out loud still

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if they do bring the Loud brothers and Linca back i hope they have a reason for it. i mean not just doing a normal Loud house episode but with dudes. compare it to adventure time when they did the gender reverse it showed that the Ice king writes fanfic. and was one long joke leading up to a the best punch line

That would be awesome! There was a lot of character development in those episodes for the AU characters as well (which is an odd thing to say), whereas the Loud bros seemed to only be there as plain stereotypes.

No. Just no. Ok?

So I used to make this joke all the time. Now I have chronic tinnitus. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s nerve damage in your ears which often comes as a result of being constantly exposed to very loud noise for a long period of time. The nerve damage results in a constant ringing/buzzing in your ears. So far there’s no cure. The severity of it varies, and I’m lucky to have a mild case, which I can barely hear during the day and is easy to block out at night. That said, loads of people with tinnitus aren’t so lucky. Severe tinnitus can’t be blocked out. Those who suffer from it also suffer from severe loss of sleep, depression, anxiety…. the list goes on. Tinnitus also comes with a degree of hearing loss in most cases, making it even harder to ignore. In fact, some people with severe tinnitus kill themselves just to make the ringing stop. Tinnitus can be so severe that it drives a person to suicide. Chronic tinnitus used to mostly be prevalent in older people who worked for years with loud machinery etc, but all of a sudden it’s becoming more common in our generation. Why? Because of people, like me, who listened to their music too goddamn loudly through their headphones.

Deaf by the time you’re 20? Please. That’s the least of your worries.


The only song i can hear whenever i see this gif


Okay guys,

We’re in a bit of financial trouble; our car needs a $500 repair before we go on our road trip to see John’s family (her mother has brain cancer but lives two thousand miles away) and Supernatural DC
The gas alone is expected to cost $400 and we just don’t have that much money

So I am selling Mary.

I love Mary. She was a bitch to paint (painting is not my forte) but I stuck it out because I had wanted her for a long long time.

She’s life-sized and really freaking cool, but she’s not something I need and we’re getting kind of desperate with the travel date coming up so suddenly

[So I listed her on eBay]
Her starting price is kind of high, but it’s less than minimum wage for the amount of hours I put into her alone (not including materials) and, to be honest, if she sold for less I would cry too much for it to be worth it

I urge you to check her out
And, if you’d feel so inclined, I’d appreciate if you could reblog this in case she is exactly what someone out there is looking for

I really want her to go to a good home guys, please spread the word?

Thank you,