My submission for the 2016 Berena Gift Exchange.  This is for @commanderliaras and I only hope I do the lovely gift she made for me justice with this.  It turned out slightly differently than I was first imagining.  We see so little of what happens between Bernie and Serena domestically so this is something to perhaps fill in a few gaps between Christmas Day and December 27th.  Also there may be a New Year’s installment - not sure yet.  From Bernie’s perspective.  Snapshots, polaroids if you will, of her growing intimacy with Serena.

I’ll pop it under a read more to save y’alls dash.  Also you can find it over on A03

Bernie’s Polaroids

1 - Flash

Bernie watches Serena as she sleeps.

It is taking on the properties of a habit, becoming a ritual Bernie performs before she will allow herself to follow Serena into the darkness. She will admit to herself that when she wakes in the night, her heart pounding, the steady sound of Serena’s quiet snoring calms her more than any breathing exercise she’d ever learned to beat back the chaos of anxiety. Waking on the heels of terror has been a part of Bernie’s life for so long she can barely remember a time when she slept through until morning. Now instead of white knuckling it until day break, she will often gather Serena into her arms, carefully, so as not to wake her, her breasts pressed against Serena’s back, lulled by the feel of the rise and fall, until her breathing slows and their hearts beat together.

She worries she could get used to this.

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Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 17

S18 E42 From Bournemouth with Love: Bernie is a kind and attentive human and boss to Morven in this episode. She starts by bringing her tea and a Napoleon cake. She listens to her, offers to tell Hugh Musgrove that Arthur has died. And later she goes to find her outside and talks with her, tries to help.

There were a few soldier references here that I found interesting.

The first thing she says to Morven is “Strong tea and sugar, what every good soldier needs to get them through the day.”

Outside they have this conversation:

M: I hope she doesn’t hurt him.

B: Why would she do that? Hugh was a soldier, he can handle anything.

M: Not all soldiers are strong.

B: No, that’s true. They’re not. I’ve seen lots fall apart when they saw their friends die. But the ones who manage to put themselves together they can get through anything. They wanted to make sense of the loss of all those young lives. They were soldiers with a job to do. They were going to make that job count.

It made me wonder how true this is for Bernie. Considering how sympathetic she is again and again, Bernie is not someone who has no feelings, or is out of touch with them. But I have wondered if she shuts her own feelings off when they overwhelm her / are bigger than she knows what to do with and instead focuses on “functioning.” I wonder if that’s a survival tactic. It would make sense for a soldier (especially one from a military family, if we go with JR’s headcanon). As long as you keep functioning at least you’ll survive, there isn’t always much room for anything else in the field.

It’s what she tries to do in this scene with Morven, to get Morven to focus on functioning, on doing her job, saving lives and making that job count.
It’s what she does with Raf outside too, she tries to make him focus on the job at hand, on functioning.

While there are definitely limits to the usefulness of this strategy, it is in itself not a bad one, and it’s the one she knows. She’s probably needed it herself as a soldier, as a frontline surgeon. And I have to admit that that’s also where I have a lot of sympathy for her.

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Do y'all ever like… think about the alternate timeline that actually makes sense where they’re about to have their first Jewish president, Bernie Sanders

Like. Do y'all ever think about how incredible that would be. The first ever Jewish president.

We were all a little naive to think that white goyische america would let us follow up eight years of a black man as president with a woman or a Jew. That would be too much for them.

BTS as things i've overheard at school
  • seokjin: my freshmen won't listen to me anymore and i feel like crying
  • yoongi: i parked my car in the construction zone but it's raining today and we're all going to die anyways so who cares
  • hoseok: i'm pretty sure my cat is a chaotic neutral...
  • namjoon: *while talking about college tuition* bernie sanders wouldn't do me like this vive la socialism
  • jimin: i tried to fight someone yesterday and they laughed and hugged me
  • taehyung: if i was a dog i wouldn't have to do this essay
  • jungkook: *reading a poster* 'sex is not a four letter word'... um, yes it is these people can't even spell it's s-e-fuck sorry

ok @ the ppl who are frustrated that hillary is not marching or being active after her loss,, like ….. her loss was like more than just her losing the election. i truly cant imagine how it must have felt for her personally, and i cant imagine the depression/feelings that followed that. she has been working for the majority of her life and was beaten by a racist sexist fascist rapist homophobe etc etc, so if she needs a break, she deserves one! not everyone can be strong all the time!! not everyone is able to march today! she is showing her solidarity in the best way she can like why do u guys hate women so much literally give her a break like ,,, bernies not marchin either babe! no ones angry at him!

Berena hug

You know the Berena hug (ofc you know it) I think it might be a hug of relief? Like Serena doesn’t look too upset in it, and I think the ep it’s in isn’t for a while (bc their outfits are the same as a photo JEmma tweeted on the 26th October), so maybe they’ve just found out Elinor/Jason is going to survive/be okay or something, idk but there must be a reason Bernie hugs her so strongly like that.. 

Do you guys think it’s a relief hug or a sympathy/sad hug? 

I seriously love all the news channels asking who’s gonna be the new leader for the Democratic Party like my homie Bernie Sanders ain’t doing the most out of everyone right now?

Operation Serenity

I’ve proved two things to myself today.  1) I really have gone a bit mental and 2) Yep still not able to write a one-shot.

I know I said I’d do it and then @cinemastill upped the ante with a dare.  So here it is.  I give you AAU Vs. Keller - I’ll pop it under a read more just to save y’alls dash.

AAU Vs. Keller


“I can’t remember a night shift that’s been this quiet in ages,” Fletch moaned and massaged the back of his neck.

“Ai, FLETCH,” both Bernie and Serena turned on him.

“Hush,” Bernie commanded.

“You’ll jinx it,” Serena finished, “and Lord knows we could use a calm night.  I don’t know about you but Hallowe’en left me ragged and I for one am not looking forward to the Christmas rush.”

“Right, sorry,” Fletch raised his hands in front of him, “it’s just there are only so many times I can inventory the supplies before I go right bloody mental.”

“Be happy we have supplies Fletch,” Serena said drily as she looked back down at her charts.

Bernie wandered over to where he was standing.

“Hmm, that does look fascinating,” she smiled. “Good to know the NHS is keeping us hip deep in gauze, tweezers and………latex.” She quirked her eyebrow at Fletch as she fingered a pair of  disposable gloves.  

She grasped his arm and steered him away from Serena, “You know when I was with my unit, when everyone was going a bit bonkers during a lull there was this thing we’d do….”

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anonymous asked:

wow thanks so much! so trump is the lesser of two evils, right? who do you think should become president when trump is done? do you think bernie sanders would make a good president?

I liked Bernie a lot, he was up there for me early into the election. I don’t think that a lot of his ideas were actually financially sustainable but his heart was in the right place and he seemed like the best candidate for the Democrats. 

As far who should be president after Trump… I’m not really sure. Neither party has anyone particularly great to offer. Bernie will be too old by the next election arrives, let alone if Trump gets a second term (which I believe he will). Now would be a prime opportunity for any up and coming politicians to start climbing the ranks and get in there. 

everything we did in arizona, to get out the vote, was destroyed because almost all independents who reregistered as democrats were booted off by a “computer glitch” and didn’t allow them to vote. not to mention the 3 to 6 hour (in the arizona heat) wait time just to fucking vote.

i want to cry, i want to scream, i want out of this fucking state, and this fucking country

we could’ve won arizona, but voter suppression fucked us over, and no one will do a damn thing about it cause those in charge are bought off in the first place