Victor:  “Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.”
Yuuri: asdfjhaslfjlsjfs…..//////

Based on the Special Feeling Meme: here

im planning on making a lyric video for all star using only georgi ogre edits- Nick

[kara danvers] lena luthor? what a jerk i hate her i- why would i befriend a luthor- [trips] *thousands of photos of lena luthor spill from supersuit* what those? you- you guys know i’m a reporter, they’re for work- snapper- *frantically picking up photos* listen she’s bad- she’s probably going to destroy the entire city and me- *thousands more spill across floor* really they’re not mine i’m just holding them for j’onn he asked me to do surveillance i- *alex picks up photo* *alex is not impressed* i’m just holding them for j’onn it’s just surveillance just- wait, listEn