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Request: Sooo in honor of BTS at the AMAs can I request their reaction to you getting all dressed up because you were their date to the AMAs? Like how they react when they see you all fancied up?
Members: BTS lmao
Genre: Fluff
A/N: I’ve cried over them going on this damn awards show like five times already bts honey you’re doing amazing sweetie catch me posting this a few minutes before their performance LMAO

Jinnie is literally so excited to see you all dressed up. He’s telling the other members that you guys are going to be the visual couple of the night and then laughing when they look at him with the most done expressions. Waits impatiently outside of the bathroom for you to come out and when you do he looks stunned, like it’s meme worthy. You laugh a little and ask if he likes it and he’s just “I didn’t know it was possible for someone to look this good???” Hypes you up and makes you feel as attractive as you look.

The minute you step into the same room as him after you’ve gotten ready, he’s all smiles. He takes your hands and kisses your forehead all gently, telling you that you look absolutely stellar and he’s excited to be able to take you out on the red carpet and show you off. RM finds it endearing if you blush at him a little and tell him it’s just some fancy clothing, but he responds with “It’s not the clothes that are nice, it’s the person in them that I care about.” Cheeseball Namjoon appears yall.

Honestly his boy is so excited to see what you put on, insisting beforehand that you don’t tell him so it’ll be a surprise. When you come out, he lights up like the moon and immediately jumps out of his seat. In typical sweetheart Hoseok fashion, he’s eager to tell you how good you look, pointing out his favorite parts of the outfit and helping you smooth out any wrinkles that appear after he hugs you. He kisses your cheek like three times before offering you his arm to escort you to the show.

He smiles when you come out, and although the smile seems very fond, it also seems a bit smug. He walks up to you and you rest your hands on his chest and ask him what’s up with the face, and he just chuckles and says “Nothing, you look good, very good, I’m just proud that I get to go with you.” You melt a little, knowing Yoongi doesn’t like to be super loud and extra about his compliments, but that his words had meaning behind it. You guys kiss for a moment, only to be interrupted by the members bursting into the room and shouting that y’all had to leave already.

He’s beaming from ear to ear before he even sees you, but it only manages to increase twofold when you appear from the bathroom. Jimin holds you by your shoulders as he looks at you, immediately showering you with compliments and telling you that you look absolutely spectacular. Brushes your hair back a little and says that he’s so grateful you came because you make him feel that much less nervous. Wraps his arm around your shoulder as the two of you leave the hotel, the smile glued to his face.

Another boy who acts all surprised the moment you appear, Taehyung is struggling between smiling and forming a little ‘o’ with his mouth. He looks you up and down like three times, hardly believing his eyes, and tells you that you’re the most good-looking person he’s ever seen in his entire damn life. Takes your hand and squeezes it, finally giving you a proper smile as he thanks you for coming with him and for supporting him and the boys so much. He’s quick to tug you out of the room, wanting to show you off to the other boys ASAP.

All the other boys will wait for the big reveal, but Jungkook is just a big impatient kid and opens the door just as you’re finishing up. He laughs when you scold him, but he’s there to help you put your shoes on to make it up to you, a happy little glint to his eye as he looks at you. He’s not always the best with compliments, but he finds it easy to tell you that you look absolutely perfect, and he’s giving you a million little pecks on the lips before pulling away, telling you that yes he’s absolutely bringing you two snacks for the show (lmao I had to).

iamwalkingdead1  asked:

If you're still doing the character ask meme thing, 32 please? :)

32. Give us an in-game interaction between your character and Pharah.

I’d love to! 

Same-Team Spawn: 

Cage: Pharah, what would I have to do to get a suit like that?

Pharah: <chuckle> So you want to fly? Well, it takes a long time. 

anonymous asked:

OKAY, I know you're an army and a voltron fan. And you've been using BTS memes when you right about Klance. So I challenge you to do the opposite: use a VOLTRON MEME over how you feel RN about BTS being in the AMAs. (only if you're up to it.) XD


anonymous asked:

Apologies if this has been asked before in the past, but how do you make most of your sa1 memes/photos?

Cheat Engine and a bit of editing work. Here’s all the screenshots I used to make that Teria pic the other day:

anonymous asked:

omgSO! I’ve been seeing all these posts about the boys saying ‘who is he’ and the whole ‘how do you like your eggs’ meme and I’m genuinely angry. Why are they only NOW good enough for America? What about all the other amazing kpop groups? Sorry to those basic but he’s who are just discovering Bts, you’re 4 years too late. Suck my big toe🖕🏽-DimpleNon

Okay, Um.. I don’t know where to start with this. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here is what I think of all your statements, not that I’m saying your wrong, or I’m right - 

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anonymous asked:

Mereoleona: "fuck" - Fuegoleon: *in shock, covering Leopoldo´s ears and carrying him out of the room* - Leopoldo later that day: fuck - Fuegoleon: *in shock, going up to Mereoleona to beat her up* - Mereoleona: *beats Fuegoleon up instead*

This happened. It truly did.

sheviper  asked:

plz draw more Pokemon I love it. If I what ones to suggest, maybe faves of each type? But really any will do your style is so cute with everything.

Yeah, I’ve thought about doing that meme sometime! Expect all 2nd gen, lol.

Wow, you all are so sweet, I’m gonna cry oh gosh.

egyptianghoul  asked:

Kat, I love your artwork and your content on YT and it makes me feel inspired to do things like animation memes and story videos but I don't have any of the proper software <//3 did you purchase any of yours or ?

I use clip studio paint and premiere pro to make my videos
They both cost money, but there are free art programs out there (medibang is great) that can be used to make simple frames like mine, and I’m sure you can find a cheap editing software to edit in