hockey edit meme?? - 10 players (3/10)

Andre Burakovsky, Washington Capitals
“Trotsy tried to get Burakovsky to be Burt. We all call him Burracuda. Everybody calls him Burracuda. Nobody calls him Burt. I haven’t heard one player call him Burt.” - Eric Fehr
                   (Meanwhile, Burakovsky says that nobody on the team calls him Burracuda).

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Error!Sans C5

AAAAAAAAAND-! Everything was a Weird dream 9v9 (?)

OMFG! Guys you are all MAAD!! XD I don’t know why but when i do this weird Memes Error become the shining STAR of them XD Like… Seriusly i drawn error like that good? LOLZ And i will do a few more because the ChocoError was hardcore (?)


hm. i had a caption for this for once but i forgot what it was

well here’s flicker in a different outfit i guess

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Would do anything for his soulmate, thinks sending memes is a good flirting technique, also wants an extra kid in case one gets hurt, extremely good at making a certain person fall for him even tho his techniques are questionable

“extremely good at making a certain person fall for him even tho his techniques are questionable”



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Can you do KuroMahi 6 for the prompt meme? (Sorry I really love angst lol) Thank you!

gdighf sorry this took kind of long! I was stuck on the different ways I could possibly go with this, but I think its fine. :,)

Honestly, probably not what you were expecting, but aaaaaa ;;;;

this is heavily based off of this scene.

6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.” - for the prompt meme.

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i need 2 do one of those art style memes some day bc i think those are the best ways to know what kind of artist some1 is . like i’ll see a bunch where the art styles r like…disney…stephen universe…powerpuff girls maybe…gorillaz if ur lucky And they’re just there but when i see the kinds like that one where the styles were like, garfield, ace attorney cultprit, anti sjw comic, that’s where it’s at babey