It is in your best interest never to stay where you are not needed. Do not allow yourself be tolerated. If they want to leave, i urge you to let them leave. You will bloom. We are so used to people, we do not realize how staying with them might limit our growth. Don’t beg anyone. Don’t stay where you are tolerated. Be prepared to bloom. Be prepared to unlearn yourself, learn yourself, find your own version of truths and detach yourself. Do not stay where you are tolerated.

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Lavellan x Josephine for 4, 14 and 17. Your art is so soft. <3

I’m sorry this took so long!!!! *weeps* anyway here they are featuring my own inquizyy, myriani‘s Aisling, and ribbonandcrown‘s Luthien because I didn’t have a Lavellan that romanced Josie

4. Forehead Kiss

had to do at least ONE platonic kiss soooo….here have mama Josie helping heal my pitiful lavellan’s broken heart aha;;;;;;

14. Kiss Along The Hips

myriani‘s Aisling Lavellan~

17. Goofy Kiss

ribbonandcrown‘s Luthien Lavellan

so in the last month, i’ve gotten some utterly unprovoked “my-ship-is-better-because-x-and-y” messages, death threats for responding to those messages, death threats for answering anon messages bringing up character flaws, people reblogging my untagged posts and arguing with me on them (if it’s not tagged with the character then generally people aren’t confident enough in the content to Discourse™ the hell out of it), someone reblogging a readmore of mine and commenting on it (seriously i thought it was common courtesy not to do that) while utterly misinterpreting it to the point where they assumed i was calling everyone who disagreed with me ableist, and now there’s a post about me and my Terrible Points going around that mocks me and completely erases the possibility that anything i had to say untagged on my own blog was even the slightest bit valid. 

and all this from the people who claim to have the real nice sunshiny fav. 

now THAT’s what i call irony, folks. 

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Ok so there's this supa cute guy and we've been flirting a lot lately but im kinda friends with his gf and like i feel guilty bc i let him feel me up and we kissed a lil bit and idk what should i do ;c

at first I was all like “aw cute” then I was like “oh shit” babeeeee why would you fuck w someone who’s in a relationship. usually I fucking hate people who does this but I can tell you feel remorse and shitty about it happening and I know you want advice and somebody to talk to about it, SO first i’m gna be brutally honest and tell you that was a shitty thing to do to his girlfriend, it’s also his fault to. you wouldn’t want that happening to you so why do it to somebody else? it’s not fair, and you and her both deserve betttaaaa then him, he’s scum and a lying piece of 💩 if it was me I would tell his gf so his lying cheating ass doesn’t get away with it and thinks it’s okay to do that to somebody, team up w his gf and fuck him up

Right… Kaneko tweeted an official power ranking for the characters:

Tsubasa, Maria, Chris > Hibiki > Kirika, Shirabe

Of course Hibiki has a gimmick that can put her in the top tier, but so do Kirika and Shirabe–when working together, their power output exceeds even Hibiki. By themselves, Kirika has more “raw strength” whereas Shirabe is more “adaptable”.

Serena is a secret that he hopes to explain if circumstances allow, Miku is technically the weakest but also “fearsome”, and Genjuro is obviously strong but doesn’t count.

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help i cannot draw. ur my same age? what do i do

you work hard at it!!! i only know how to draw bc ive been training myself to since i was 4 les go!! it takes 10,000 drawings (made with the intention of improving) to git gud so you gotta start Right Now

if you don’t know where to start then mark crilley’s videos are good for beginners. once you’ve got enough practice to train your hand to do what you want it to you gotta start drawing from life. whether it’s photos or live studies u just gotta Do It

let me know if u need help tho and i can give more specific advice lol

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All I do is dream about laying on your chest and talking about life

My favorite way to fall asleep is with someone laying on my chest.

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what does Fi feel like to you personally? I've heard intj described as a cold exterior with a warm furnace burning with passion inside. do you relate to that?

Everything you do is run through your emotions (yes, even in T types). Our brains use emotions to add meaning to memory. If your Fi is lower it makes it more difficult for you to detect this. ExTJs have the most trouble.

As a kid I was always into animals. I had trouble interacting with people so that may have been part of the draw- socialization without judgement. Animals were a passion, but when I got into birds it was an obsession. I think deep down I saw myself in them. Most people can understand their dogs and cats (or at least think they can). Even when someone is misinterpreting their pet’s behavior they feel confident in their understanding. Cats and dogs seem to make sense. We are closer to them biologically and they’ve spent thousands of years being domesticated to interact with us.

Birds are alien. People have no clue how to read them. The head bobs, the posture, the way the feathers move- everything is completely foreign and no one automatically knows how to “read” their pet bird. People do things like assume birds are stupid, or they mistake mating behaviors for happiness and territoriality for meanness. Cute snuggly baby birds are often put up for sale when they reach puberty and their behaviors change. Most animal species are compliant as babies. Few people are ready for the changes that adulthood brings to their birds.

My Fi latched onto birds because they were like me. Forever misunderstood. I spoke the same language but people were always taking offense or misinterpreting me. I could never seem to get my point across the way I had intended. Parrots can literally learn to speak our language and people still understand their cats and dogs better. How sad is that? When I became a champion for birds it was like I was helping myself too. I was an interpreter between species. I took personal offense to misinformation. That all stems from my Fi. I may execute with Te, but Fi is the where the passion comes, and in this case it comes from a lifetime of being misunderstood.

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do you think they will deny the 'louis tomlinson is not briana's baby father'? like insist he is or whatever

nah. I think babygate is gonna be over before we know it.