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is there another word for the “we’re dating kind of sort of but no one knows so our only choice is to have car dates and car sex” trope??

lyric that inspired all of this: boy you’re so sexy/just like a cadillac/just come and get me/cos i can’t hold it back/people on the street watch us in the back seat, oh

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An Explanation

This is my attempt to clarify what this blog is and in what context you should view it, taking into account criticisms I’ve received in the past.

It is no mistake that many of you assume I’m a dickish, 20-something philosophy major dude when really I’m a teenage girl. If you spend time learning and/or even just talking about philosophy, you run into quite a few of them, so I’ve tried to blog as a characterized version of the group. (Additionally, a lot fewer people call you stuff like “stupid cunt” when they think you’re a bro-y dude.)

This whole blog can in some ways be seen as my own silly little referendum on philosophy in general–I find philosophy has many valuable elements, but its elitism is detrimental to its own cause and I think a little light hearted mud-slinging is good for the conversation, especially with the devisiveness of modern academia.

In regard to the posts I reblog, I use a program called Queue+ (if you wanted to know where the proceeds from my t-shirt sales go, they allow me to use the full version). It maintains the level of content my followers have reacted best to without my having to be constantly online, however, if you have any experience with the extension you’ll know that in mass queuing it’s easy to add posts to your queue that have a message you don’t intend. It’s then very difficult to weed all those posts out when your queue is 2000+ posts long. So in the case that posts like this get reblogged, I try to delete them as soon as possible (it’s easiest if someone lets me know ;D). On the other hand, I have also been scolded for cracking jokes about ideas my followers hold in high esteem, and I need you all to know this–just because I mock it here does not mean I do not value it, just that even the greatest ideas sometimes need to be poked fun at.

I try not to get involved with the discourse and clapback culture as I generally find it totally unconstructive and leading to a sort of public shaming Jon Ronson has written a very good book about. But, if I have reacted in such an immature way to one of your posts and some of my followers have given you trouble about it contact me. I will do what I can to end it. I don’t condone the sort of harassment that I know I could in a moment of weakness incite here.

Some have questioned my stance on mental health issues in the past, which I assume has to do with my tendency to occasionally reblog self-deprecating, nihilist type memes. Here it is important to remember the commonplace nature of memes like this in the memeing community, taking into account the commonality of mental illness amongst the bloggers. I, for example, suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder that manifests itself largely in obsessive compulsive tendencies (my maintainance of this blog included), but am currently at a pretty good place thanks to getting on the right meds and a lot of time spent in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. If you are in a bad place I encourage you to seek such treatments out. At the same time, to me, as to many others with whom I’ve spoken, “nihilist memes” expressing and finding the melodramatics in our own negative thoughts can be very cathartic.

On the topic of tagging, perhaps the most divisive of the issues discussed here, it is true that I do not tag much. I tag my original posts topically, but following in the footsteps of the booty diaries I keep most of my reblogs unmarked. This arises partially from the technical difficulty of tagging posts I have mass queued, but in an even greater way it arises from my own discomfort with the issue in general. My rationale is essentially this: I reblog neither graphic imagery nor extremely hateful language–the kind of things that would require a warning before appearing on the evening news–so if my regular feed of posts is not appealing to you, then you should turn it all down. My unfiltered quality is one of my strongest characteristics in real life and I would like to continue that avant garde style on my blog. For whatever it’s worth, it’s important to me; and necessary to this feeling authentically mine.

Beyond me, there are more individuals who contribute somewhat sparingly to this blog. They–and the subtle distance I put between this blog and my actual self–are the reason I will sometimes use the pronoun “we” to refer to the creators of this blog.

Which brings me to the main point of this blog, fun.
It’s fun to take long respected material and combine it with contemporary jokes not just my teachers will understand. It’s fun to mock the annoying bros I know irl while also having an opportunity to be “just one of the guys” for once. It’s fun to invest so much effort and time into something that feels so mine and to have other people enjoy it.

Thanks, @fuliajulia


so uh I realized I never posted the results one of my final school projects here!

this was one of those “make your own project from scratch” type deals, so I figured I’d make a small fighting game roster based on a couple of character types you commonly find in those games :D

my theme was “I want to draw kickass ladies (and One (1) good looking guy) because I’m sick and tired of the way lady characters usually have been in games, and I want to draw out some frustration” :’)