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DA characters masterpost

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alright,here is my Mary Sue goes *sweats*

1.Origin/class/gender/age. Do you have headcanons about theirorigin that inquisition doesn’t cover? expand it.

  Mafalda is a Dalish mage, 25 years old.

Her mother died giving birth and Mafalda herself was so weak it looked like she might not make it either. Her father prayed for the life of his little daughter and a sprit came to save the girl.

This event changed Mafalda’s father’s view on spirits and he taught his daughter to look at the world with eyes wide open.

Due to her unique childhood, she has a stronger connection to the fade than most others. Mafalda is calm and friendly but always keeps her distance and doesn’t get too close to people. The greatest passion of the curious little girl was knowledge. She would search every cave, read ever book and listen to every story she could just to learn more. And when that was no longer enough, she started exploring the Fade.

She was always close to her father and he was her teacher and support. Sadly, he died when she was a teenager.

Mafalda’s one childhood friend was called Melava. Unlike Maf, who would agree with grown-ups, but still do things the way she thought best, Melava always made her opinions known, never backing up from a fight.

The two girls were as close as sisters, until Melava realised that her feelings had outgrown friendship and recognised her deep love for Mafalda.

Melava was so insistent that Maf gave in and attempted a relationship with her friend. They dated, lived together and slept together. But still Mafelda’s feelings didn’t match those of her friend’s and she couldn’t return Melava’s love. She realised that by staying in a relationship but not returning Melava’s feeling she was hurting her friend much more and ended the relationship.

After Mafalda became part of the Inquisition, she met her friend only once more. Melava was heartbroken and praying for her to come back, her voice full of hope. Mafalda understood then that there were no words she could say to help her, so she asked Cole to make her forget the relationship they had had. She believed that was the only way to heal her friend’s heart.

Home is where your heart is. And from then on, without her father and her beloved friend, no place felt like home anymore.

Until she met Solas.

2. Meaning behind their name, or at least reason why you chose it. Any would do.

Actually I wanted to name the cat Mafalda… Now I have no second cat but have dai character.
Mafalda is a form of the name Matilda, which meaning “strength in battle”, and this name fits her well.)

3. Any extra AU’s they’re involved in?

nope? :I

4. What nickname Varric gave them (or would if they ever met)?


5. Favourite scent. Do they use it as a perfume? (I’m probably weird for wanting to smell your oc- I know that)

Scent of wild herbs and flowers.Scent of apples and red pepper,scent of wood and…oh,I don’t know. I always thought she would smell like a mixture of oregano,pepper and wood after the rain :,D

6. Their love interest. Why they were attracted to that certain person.

because of reasons?
 The thing that’s important is Mafalda respecting other people’s secrets.She never asks him to uncover his secrets if he don’t want to. But she tells him that whatever happens, she will follow him and if he will run away, she will seek for him. Even when they had broken, her feelings did not change. And after Corypheus defeating she asked Cole if he wanted to go with her and escape the inquisition.
Traveling is better for your heart.:3

7. Fighting style, prefered weapons, favourite spells. You can use all dragon age classes and specializations in da universe as long as it sticks to canon.

 Mafalda watch her enemy, examines them and thinks up the best way to strike. And only then she attacks. And she prefers flame spells .-. But it depends on situation, of course.

8. Sum up their personality. Diplomatic, humorous or agressive? Do they enjoy violence? What’s their philosophy on killing.

 Diplomatic/humorous. She is full of sarcasm and don’t miss a chance for the friendly joke. She doesn’t enjoy violence but doesn’t think twice when her personal space is encroached and someone tries to treat her in sexual way. She warns first and then hits.
 She kills when it’s necessary but doesn’t enjoy the killing.

9. Do they appear attractive for their own brethren? Are they’re attractive by human beauty standards?

Mafalda is cute,I guess.Not tall enough maybe ,but still very pretty.Upstanding,graceful steps,red hair,frecles all over the body and lovely soft voice.
Anyway, she don’t pay much attention to that.She wears simple clothes,don’t usually  wear jewerly and never uses her beauty.

10. Place them on D&D character alignment chart.

True neutral,I guess

11. Give me link to their inspiration/development tag. Pretty please :)
meow <3

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DAI Masterpost - Branwen Lavellan

hornkerling tagged me for this— I’m going to do it for both my Inquisitors, I think, but one at a time, and Branwen gets to go first. :)

1. Origin/class/gender/age. Do you have headcanons about their origin that inquisition doesn’t cover? expand it.

She is Branwen of Clan Lavellan. Rogue, female, age about 30-31 at the start of the game. My headcanon is that elves use surnames only loosely; she might continue to call herself Lavellan if she married into another clan, but she might adopt the new clan name if she chose. She finds it jarring to be addressed as “Lavellan” alone.

She is her clan’s lead scout; in addition to being skilled with her two daggers, she has a great deal of woodcraft. She was chosen for this mission because she’s quiet, observant, and able to survive the long journey alone.

I have referred to various friends and family members from her clan in a couple of her fics; the clan is fairly well-populated in my head.

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Writing on the Internet

I freaking love being a writer and having a strong internet presence. You know why?

Because I can talk with my fans. I can be fans of my fans! We can all be fans together, and it’s beautiful. Whether it’s original fiction (hey there, Chronicles of Osota sequel that only has 8,000 words) or fanfiction, I love being able to talk with so many people about it. I love being part of a community like this, and I love being able to express myself in it.

Sometimes I go hunting around in the tags about my stuff, and I’ll just respond to you guys when you make drawings or dorky screencaps pertaining to something me or Sy did. It makes me so happy to see y’all doing stuff like that.

But, you know, y’all are always welcome to talk to me, if you want. My ask box is open! I’ll fangirl with you guys all day long. Nothing gives me greater pleasure.

tabbyis-htgawmtrash asked:

Connor doing the dumbest stuff on April Fool's Day to Oliver and cracking up at each thing (painting his soap with nail polish so it won't lather, putting fake spiders on his pillow, etc) and Oliver just looking at him like "why do I love this idiot"


And the BEST part is that the entire day Connor thinks he is being so subtle and tricky. He’s convinced that he’s totally getting Oliver and it is AMAZING!

Oliver just laughs to himself and humors Connor by going along with all the gags. He doesn’t have the heart to tell Connor he left the site ‘April Fools 101’ open on his laptop for Oliver to stumble upon. Or that Oliver found a receipt for Al’s Joke World in a jacket pocket.

Oliver plans on saying something to Connor about it that night. But then Connor gets so happy telling Oliver about all the work he did that Oliver decides to keep it to himself. Plus, Connor feels bad about some of the tricks he pulled and sets about making it up to Oliver as they settle in bed. As Connor slips under the quilt, humming as he kisses down Oliver’s chest, Oliver figures there isn’t any harm in telling Connor the truth tomorrow.

DAI masterpost - Simon Trevelyan

Since hornkerling​ tagged me, and I really just have the two Inquisitors, I thought I might as well do both.

1. Origin/class/gender/age. Do you have headcanons about their origin that inquisition doesn’t cover? expand it. 

Simon Trevelyan. Warrior, male, age 25 or 26. Oh, do I. 

Simon and his twin Rory are the youngest of the Trevelyan family, the nearest sibling being several years older. They were totally spare kids—there are 5 or 6 siblings in the family—and were practically inseparable until Rory’s magic manifested and Rory was taken to the Circle, about age 8. This was highly embarrassing to their parents, who preferred not to discuss Rory, much to Simon’s distress. He grew up as something of the family black sheep; he took to his warrior training, but not so much his schoolwork. (He has dyslexia, and reads slowly; he also has terrible handwriting, and is insecure about both these facts.) He refused to bow to family pressure and become a Templar. He had a number of inappropriate affairs, fought a few duels, and generally only barely managed to avoid being disinherited. He reestablished contact with his twin in their teens, and they were able to visit one another periodically. When Rory had to leave the Ostwick Circle, they naturally turned to Simon for help.

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1 - Viktor the Viking/Mister Dad even if vikings and barbarians have literally nothing to do with eachother i guess but who cares everything’s possible in the glade

2 - Fury Kain who think he’s so cool n shit now only because he’s a 100% original character donut steel and has his own story apart from the rayman saga too

3 - Joey the artist Teensie aka a shameless self-insert]

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Use only song titles from one artist/band to answer these questions and tag 15 people.

Pick your Artist/Band: oh jeeze, Say Anything
Are you Male or Female: I Am A Transylvanian
Describe yourself: Sappy
How Do You Feel: Less Cute
Describe Where You Currently Live: Where the Hurt Is

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: A Boston Peace
Your favorite form of transportation: Slowly, Through a Vector
Describe Your Best Friend: I Love You More Than I Hate My Period
You and your best friends are: A Certain Type of Genius
What’s the weather like: An Insult To The Dead
Favorite time of the day: Into the Night
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: Sorry, Dudes. My Bad.
Your relationship: My Bare Hands
Your fear: All My Friends Are Enemies

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DA characters masterpost

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1. Origin/class/gender/age. Do you have headcanons about their origin that inquisition doesn’t cover? expand it.

Okay, let’s go with my canon ones.

Harvey Cousland – human noble/rogue (two handed)/male/20. Is actually Rendon Howe’s bastard in my canon. I think he’s my first serious OC; I wish to have another baby as developed as he is someday.

Sabo Adaar – qunari (tal-vashoth)/mage/male/30. Joined the family not that long ago, but I feel like he’s got potential?

No canon Hawke, never got beyond a few daydreams about her, not enough for the masterpost. xD

2. Meaning behind their name, or at least reason why you chose it. Any would do.

Harvey’s name meaning varies from ‘eager for battle, warrior, strong, worthy, ardent’, depending on the language. I chose the name because he keeps trying his best to be half of these, and the rest he can never be. A little struggle with the world’s (and his own) expactations, I guess? Also sounds like a nerd’s name, I love it. I disliked this name at the begining, but the moment I heard it I knew it was his, so I had to give it to him. Had grown on me like whoa.

Sabo – probably because I was on a One Piece binge lately, it was the first thing that popped into my head while trying to come up with a name. I thought it fits, it’s somehow crude and sounds more like a nickname, which somehow fits into his backstory, still have to decide how. (Hey, like I said, new kid, didn’t spill all his secrets yet.)

3. Any extra AU’s they’re involved in?

DO I EVER. Okay, Sabo doesn’t really have any yet, but it’s just a matter of time.
Harv on the other hand has a few – there is an AU which for me is more canon than the canon itself at this point – he becomes a warden together with Trinne, my friend’s Amell. We ship our babies together like crazy. Also, since the Inquisition came out I have an AU where he never got recruited by the Grey Wardens, but somehow survives Howe’s betrayal and the Blight. Ten-sh years later  ends up being a part of the envoy sent from Highever to the Conclave, and becomes the Inquisitor by accident. In that universe Trinne defeats the Blight by herself, and ends up happily with Alistair.
There is also a modern AU somewhere in there of course, and from what i am willing to admit there is an AU AU of that with a more supernatural twist involving werewolves, I’m not even kidding. Things get cray cray.

4. What nickname Varric gave them (or would if they ever met)?

Harvey – acrobat – for his fighting style, the tendency to try and balance peace amongst his companions… and for trying to do everyone justice with his choices. With the latter I imagine Varric using a more sympathetic “you can’t be all things to all men” tone of voice.
Sabo – thunder – because of the booming sound of his voice. Optionally ‘bronto’, because he’s big and thick. Never to his face though. Of course, ‘bronto’ sticks… Sabo doesn’t mind though.

5. Favourite scent. Do they use it as a perfume? (I’m probably weird for wanting to smell your oc- I know that)

Harvey – petrichor, earthy smells you can find in the woods, tree sap, dry moss crumbling in your fingers. Doesn’t use perfume.
Sabo – definitely the smell of food and fire, potatoes from under the fizzling coals, soot; it actually makes him loose up a bit, a reaction reaching back to his days in Valo-Kas, associated subconsciously with  short moments of peace, quiet nights guarding the caravans, resting between jobs. No perfume.

6. Their love interest. Why they were attracted to that certain person.

Harvey – attracted to strong willed women – in all the canons and AUs . To Morrigan, fascinated by her alien charm…they fooled around for a bit, while both keeping their guards up. They knew their relationship had an expiration date, and lo and behold, it was true enough. To Trinne Amell - their relationship went from initial „I hate your face” through grudging respect, friendship, and then love. Textbook rivalmance, they’ve got different views on How One Should Do Things, and they keep challenging each other because of it. Since their relationship started without the fall-in-love-o-vision, they have a decent grasp on each others faults and quirks and their relationship goes steady without the initial honeymoon phase. At least for Harv it does- crushing on people is what Trinne does. XDD

Sabo – oh boy. I guess his first reaction to Josephine was „how do you even exist” Her peaceful ways dumbfounded and irked him to no end, more than he thought they should. Coupled with the fact she’s the most attractive human woman he had ever seen…nope, this couldn’t stand. Set on proving the error of her ways, in the end -spoilers but not really – she’s not the one who’s proven wrong. Lands on the ‘protect Josie at all costs’ team face first.

7. Fighting style, preferred weapons, favourite spells. You can use all dragon age classes and specializations in da universe as long as it sticks to canon.  

Harvey – ever since he was younger he had -quite harshly – learnt about the things he wasn’t capable of. He’s not a warrior and never will be – he and his daggers belong on the battlefield mostly as a backup, to cripple or deliver a death blow when the enemy’s attention is drawn somewhere else. Faced with a one on one situation, especially if the opponent is clad in heavy armor, Harv isn’t above tactically retreating, or at least moving to a location that would give him a tactical advantage. If that isn’t an option, he will try and end the fight as quickly as possible, aiming for weak spots, honor be damned. As time goes by, he becomes more savvy, and learns how to control the battlefield with speed and dexterity alone. During Origins he dabbles in the Ranger/Assassin specs, and during Awakening he picks up the basics of Legionnaire Scout’s profession from Sigrun.

Sabo – not imaginative with the use of his magic, his role in Valo-Kas could be summed up by ‘Set Thing On Fire’, ‘thing’ being people, trees, a bridge from time to time. What later followed was usually the rest of the group charging with big sharp weapons – a crude, but very effective tactic. After causing panic and chaos with his spells, he follows as the second wave of assault, his staff doubling as a spear/mace thing. During Inquisition he broadens his spell arsenal, but has affinity to fire/ lightning and Rift oriented magic. 

8. Sum up their personality. Diplomatic, humorous or aggressive? Do they enjoy violence? What’s their philosophy on killing.  

Harvey – realist, doesn’t like responsibility because his conscience wouldn’t stop bugging him if he didn’t do a well enough job; is actually a pretty kind person. Being the younger child who’s unlikely to inherit, and definitely not after his older brother had a son of his own, Harv never truly paid much attention to the art of diplomacy, something he had to work hard on after getting conscripted by the Wardens. He got quite decent at it after a while. As for violence - he doesn’t like it; doesn’t enjoy battle, and more often than not it’s nightmares form the battlefield that haunt him than the blighted dreams. In the dangerous world violence is necessary, and he won’t shy from it if there is no other choice, but it doesn’t change his opinion of it. Doesn’t regret killing darkspawn thought, and that’s one load off his shoulders.

Sabo – Pragmatic, survivalist, but also honest about it. I wouldn’t call him aggressive – not in a rude/threatening sort of way, anyways. Just don’t waste his time, get to the point or he’ll leave you with an ultimatum simply because you pissed him off by beating around the bush. He tries to learn diplomacy later, he really does…lacks the sense of cultural/historical implications of certain issues though, so he decides to leave it for people who know what they’re doing.  As for violence, he spent most of his life as a mercenary, and killing was often a part of the job, so he’s used to it. There is no shame in killing during battle, but might be a bit iffy when it comes to assassinations, it’s something of a warrior’s honor issue, even though he himself isn’t a one.

9. Do they appear attractive for their own brethren? Are they’re attractive by human beauty standards?

Harvey – well, I guess he’s on the better side of average? Lacks traits that would make him a canon of manliness – narrow jaw, average shoulders and slim build don’t make an Adonis, I’m sorry. He’s not very tall for a guy either, only 5’8”. He’s got that brand of looks, which - when you are used to it- you may find that he’s got something interesting in him, can’t put your finger on it. Pretty noticeable green eyes though. Grows stubble in form of a goatee to make his chin look more defined.

Sabo – not incredibly pretty based on both qunari and human standards - if orks were a thing in Thedas, one could say he looks a bit ‘orkish’- olive skinned, barrel chested, and even though taller than most humans, half a head shorter than most male qunari. A bit sunken eyes rimmed with darker shadows give him a constantly tired look. He looks like he should live in a swamp somewhere, he’d blend in just fine. One defining feature that saves the whole mess is a pleasantly deep tone of voice.

10. Place them on D&D character alignment chart.

Harvey – Neutral Good
Sabo - Neutral

11. Give me link to their inspiration/development tag. Pretty please :)

Don’t have those, sorry. :)

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Getting to Know Me

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Name: Monica
Nickname: Mon Mon or Monika
Birthday: August 6
Gender: female
Choices of clothes: whatever I have that fits me nice. Recently that’s been tees and skinny jeans
Country of origin: U.S.
Favourite colour: red
Time zone: Eastern U.S.
Favourite number: 7
Last thing I Googled: Normandy
First word that comes to mind: stuff
Favourite TV show: Doctor Who
Fanfic reading now: none
Uncommon fandoms: Boondocks, Princess Jellyfish, older cartoons in general, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, etc (music wise)
Favourite animation: Spirited Away
Last movie seen in theatres: A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey)
Dream job: graphic artist/author/illustrator

People I tag: no idea, do it if ya like.

"You really mean to take me on in that state, little brother? The odds are hardly weighing in your favor."

"Maybe, maybe not. But if you do not  give Sam Winchester back to me this instant, I swear on Anael and Lucifer’s graves I will tear you to shreds.” 

You done fucked up Zeke-Gad-what’s-your-name (ಠ_ಠ )