Man. Lucky’s about to pierce an ear aND a finger. Because spontaneously asking the unluckiest boy you know to pierce your ears while you’re drunk, sounds like,,, a grea8t idea Nathan. You’re probably,, not even nervous at all.

So u know how me and @duck-n-clover​ started shipping our characters Lucky, Levi, and Nathan? Well we almost immediately made an AU somehow?? It was.. really based on a joke comment and yet here it is,,, Lucky with his head shaved, Nate with his hair dyed, and both of them with a few new body mods. (Some possibly definitely done at home :,))
This is the runaway AU,, where Lucky and Nathan ride off on their motorcycles together and change their appearances so they don’t have to face The Consequences,, after,,, burning Levi’s microwave? (there would have been like,,, no consequences)) Christ I don’t even know have you seen this post well this is the context of how it happened. They are both a mess and we love them..


Daily Jade Hassouné is a very new blog dedicated to actor Jade Hassouné, and we (or, as of yet, @bi-magnus​) are looking for members! 

What we’re looking for:

✩ People who can somewhat regularly update the blog with reblogs and, ideally, original content.

✩ There’s no minimum amount of activity, i.e. you won’t be required to post something every day or even every week if you don’t want to. Be as active as you want, as long as you’re active.

✩ You don’t have to post original content, but it’s a plus. If you do want to post original content, you can’t whitewash Jade or other PoC. This is intended to be an inclusive blog and whitewashing won’t be tolerated.

✩ You must be willing to use the tag system so the blog can stay organized. If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message.

Applications will be open for a while, depending on how many are interested.

Apply here!

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For the prompt thing - “I can’t do this anymore. Not with you.” killugon of course bc im ready to suffer

I could have made this fluffy, but you said you wanted to suffer and this prompt is from a ‘Heated Argument’ sentence thing, so…fluff was denied! I hope you like this, I couldn’t write them arguing bc I can’t ever see my babies fighting unless its over something stupid, so you get angst instead! Enjoy? ;_;

I went to the original source of killugon suffering: post-13th Chairman Election, killugon separation. 

((Originally this was going to be part of the ‘my heart is gold but my hands are cold’ universe but not many pple get the whole daemon stuff so this is set in the cannon universe instead))

“Killua?” Gon asked. His friend was looking out the window to their hotel room’s balcony; Alluka sat on one of the fold up chairs, quietly sleeping in the light of the setting son.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Killua said quietly. “Not with you.”

Gon’s heart plummeted to the floor. “W-what?”

Killua turned his azure eyes to Gon. His gaze was steady as he said, “I can’t travel with you anymore. After we get to the World Tree, me and Alluka are gonna go off on our own, but I at least want to make sure you get to where your father is safely.”

He paused. “I’m sorry, I know this is kind of out of the blue, but. It’s something I have to do. And I thought it was better to tell you this before we say goodbye at the World Tree.”

Gon stared at Killua, unblinking. His ears were ringing in the leftover silence after Killua’s speech but one word echoed in his mind, over and over and over-

Goodbye? Killua was- Killua was leaving him?

Killua said tentatively, “Gon? You’re not breathing, are you okay?”

He hadn’t taken breath since Killua stopped talking, he realized abruptly and inhaled sharply. He dropped his eyes to avoid Killua’s searching gaze and pressed his hands together to hide the way they shook slightly.

Killua had probably already noticed, though. He noticed everything, unlike Gon. Gon hadn’t seen this coming, but maybe he had just been pushing it to the back of his mind, too scared to admit to himself that there was something off about their interactions since- since he was healed.

Gon swallowed thickly. His mouth was as dry as sandpaper. “Is it because of what I did with Pitou?”

He saw Killua jolt out of the corner of his vision.

“No! No, Gon, of course not! That has nothing to do with-”

“Don’t lie!” Gon snapped harshly.


Gon’s heartbeat was loud and heavy in his ears. He couldn’t think; Killua was leaving and it was all his fault-

“Gon. Gon, look at me.”

He pressed his lips together and didn’t move.

Killua sighed. Then, a soft hand gripped Gon’s chin, surprising him, and gently raised his head so he could see Killua’s face.

Killua’s eyes shone with an intense but unrecognizable emotion. They reminded Gon of stars.

Killua said, “Gon, don’t ever think this has anything to do with you, or what you did.”

“Then why?” his voice broke. “Why, Killua? I know what I did was wrong. I know that. And I know that it’ll be annoying to have me around without my Nen. But please, please don’t go. I’ll get better, I promise! I can keep up with you until I relearn Nen. And then we can go on all kinds of adventures without having to look for Ging…”

His words died in the back of his throat; Killua was shaking his head, already rejecting Gon before he could even begin to convince him to stay.

“I can’t. I’m so sorry, Gon, but- I can’t. You and me, we’ve been together for as long as I’ve escaped my family. I never knew what I wanted, but I knew it was out there. And now that I’ve freed Alluka, I know exactly what it was that I was searching for.”

I thought you wanted to be with me, Gon thought. His throat ached like it was on fire and he could feel the corners of his eyes starting to sting.

He breathed in deep. He couldn’t let himself get this upset; this was something he and Killua had agreed on long ago under a canopy of stars at the edge of the world, with nothing to hold onto but the other.

Killua had someone else to live for, now. And it wasn’t Gon.

“As long as you’re sure that this is what you want,” Gon said as steadyily as he could.

Killua nodded, looking more sure then Gon had ever seen him.

“I am,” he said and Gon’s heart split in two.


I was tagged by sweet @stephiramona to post 9 photos of my daily life (what a challenge :-) ). A great idea by @cyrilberthaultjacquieruniverse!

If you want to play this game, here are the rules:

  • 9 square images in a large square showing one day of your daily life. (Black and white, color, different media, all that can inspire you)
  • Tag your own creation with #onedayinmydailylife. (or send a message to Cyril) is now a blog!

  1. Just like my cat, I do not like getting up early.
  2. Coffee!!!
  3. On my way.
  4. Working hard.
  5. A view from my office window.
  6. Lunch break at square Theodor-Heuss-Platz.
  7. Autumn time - chestnut time!
  8. Having a nice dinner tonight.
  9. Waiting for the train home.

Oh, may be I missed their posts, but if not, then I tag Pete @tvoom , @stefcordey , @freitagvormittag and anybody else who want to play this game…

What Will It Be?

A/N: This is my entry for @sdavid09 Halloween Movie challenge. I had so many brain farts with his one so it might not be the best but I like it. I don’t know anything about “IT” or scary movies in general because I hate them, but this was fun haha. I hope you guys like it. ALSO, to the people who wanted to be tagged in Crowley fluff, this wasn’t the original one I was talking about, so anyone tagged in this one will be tagged in the other.

Movie: IT

Prompt: “Do you want to hold my hand?”

Pairing: Dad!Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Tiny children, cutesy fluffers, UNBETAED so this about to be a mess lhh thats about it

Word Count: 2650

Summary: Another date, another waste of Crowley’s time. When will he find what he’s looking for? Has he already found it in his daughter’s babysitter? (I suck at summaries SnS)

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“Okay, there are two first aid kits; one in the drawer right next to the fridge and one in the bathroom. She’s not a reckless kid per se, I just like to make sure I’m prepared just in case she decides she’s Superman one day,” Crowley explains.


“She’ll stay in her room and play for the most, you’re welcome to join her, she won’t mind. She may be quiet, but she’s friendly. If you do end up playing with her, remember, she liked Disney movies a lot, so be prepared to be a damsel in distress. If she gets bored with playing just pop in a movie - her favorite is Pocahontas. Do not put on a scary movie.”

“Alright, I-”

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Hiiiiiii! Happy belated birthday @loserchildhotpants !!!!! Does it still count?? I had exams and a pound of homework and portfolios to do, and I was crying the whole time like “noo I want to record the Melanie song!” But here it is. Admire the cringey, awkward, hot mess that is the me. Also my terrible music editing talent. The thing is I can’t play the guitar and the guys that I usually record with are out of the city, so consider this a super rough draft to show you my pure, raw affection. TTATT

Lyrics to “Hey Mel”
Hey Mel
You write insanely well
You literal ray of sunshine
I love you a ton and
I don’t care how old you are
I know you’ll always be a star
And I have told you everything there is to know about me.
You and Nathan, you are my OTP and…

Hey Mel
I know you’re Kylux trash
Dylan has got me o'crying
You survived a car crash
I’d say you’re a badass now
I love you to the moon and back
And I wish I could run across America to hug you but I can only write a shitty song about you.

You’re so pretty, you’re so quirky, and you’re funny too.
You’re specially fond of cute redheads
Thank you for being you.
I’m telling you you’re good enough,
I know life can be real tough
But then again
What the hell do I know about life? (I’m sixteen)

So wear a flowy dress, eat a bunch of cake. Hug your hubby make a pillow fort. Drink a cup of your favorite tea. Light the candle that you never use, make any wish yo like. Take a long relaxing bath. It’s your birthday Mel, do whatever the hell you want.

You’re so pretty, you’re so quirky, and you’re funny too.
You’re specially fond of cute redheads
Thank you for being you.
I’m telling you you’re good enough,
I know life can be real tough
But then again
What the hell do I know about life? (I’m sixteen)

You’re so pretty, you’re so quirky, and you’re funny too.
You’re specially fond of cute redheads
Thank you for being you.
You’ve survived so far in 2k16
I know life can be real tough
But what the hell do I know about life?
Here’s to another year of you.


Inktober day 24. Was talking to a friend online and scanned the pencil sketch to show him, so I have a kind of before and after. I do a lot of editing with the brush. Couple things I didn’t notice til after I started inking was that Scum had no tail. I very often forget the tail. No idea why. Also, his board wasn’t tagged. Anyway, WatrDog thinks skivvy skating sounds cool and can he borrow Scum’s board? The coyote is not at all sure about this idea Hadn’t thought about it before but it popped into my cranium this morning. If I get off my lazy ass and set up an Etsy store for prints, would there be interest in buying original drawings like these? 

[im not going to cross out ship names so that you guys dont get offended. if it shows up in your precious tags, you have every right to be angry.]

Rowaelin is disgusting. In Heir of Fire, Rowan sexually assaulted Aelin. At first, I didn’t think so, considering that biting is sexual in the ACOTAR world, and I still had hope that SJM actually had different, original books that couldn’t be mushed together as, ‘poorly written fae fairy tale retelling eroticas,” but SJM later confirmed in EoS that biting is sexual, that males do it for, “pleasure,” to, “mark territory,” because women are just objects, of course. In case you’re a ratty stan, and are going to deny that he sexually assaulted her, here:

He released her tongue, and she gasped for breath. she swore at him, a filthy, foul name, and spat at his feet. and that’s when he bit her.
She cried out as those canines pierced the spot between her neck and shoulder, a primal act of aggression- the bite so strong and claiming that she was too stunned to move. He had her pinned against the tree and clamped down harder, his canines digging deep, her blood spilling onto her shirt. Pinned, like some weakling, But that was what she’s become, wasnt it? Worthless, pathetic.

 You are going to sit there, telling me that he was only abusive because they were training. What was she tarring to do? Become a good warrior?

You dont have to sexually assault someone to make them stronger.

Tag Stuff :)

I was tagged by @bucky-loki-boki-lucky (a rad human being who you should follow) I’m gonna skip a few cause the original is hella long.

* Height: 5′8

*Age: 17

*Shoe Size: 9

*Do you smoke, smoke, do drugs: nevah

*Have/Want Tattoos: nah son

*Have/Want Piercings: My ears are pierced but I don’t really want anything else.

*Relationship Status: single and not lookin to mingle

*Favorite Movie: Warm Bodies (zombies+comedy+romance, heck yeah)

*I’d love you if: you get super hyped about things like I do

*A fact about your personality: I have a ridiculous sense of humor

*What I hate most about myself: I can’t seem to go more than a month without breaking a toe. I’m a damn fool.

*What I love about my self: my ability to make other people laugh

*What I want to be when I’m older: fiction writer/calculus teacher

*My relationship with my siblings: I have an older sister and we despise each other.

*Last text I sent: “K” no animosity I swear

*Current time: 5:15 PM

*Favorite Song: I literally have too many….King by Lauren Aquilina is one of my faves though

*Ghosts, are they real: I don’t think they’re like…dead people but I suppose there might me something that seems like ghosts…I got lots of theories

*In love with: miniature trampolines and chocolate costco muffins

*One wish: equality and peace for all *whoop whoop*

*Reason to smile: Chinchillas exist

*Time you woke up: 5:30…school stars at 7

*Underwear Color: neon orange cause I like to live on the edge

*Country: U.S.A

Ima stop there cause there are like 40 more…

I tag: @pilotout @thatotherfangirl @houseslytherin9 @thedoctorsnextcompanion @koolperson101 @cantcatchmegaythoughts @that-tall-canadian @animepandaworld

And also, I’m not a huge fan of the “keeping secrets is such a human thing to do so it doesn’t matter how many times it’s used on a show” mentality because, while it’s great to make characters human and relatable, this is still a TV show.  Keeping secrets is fine as a plot device if it’s used once or twice.  Any more than that, and it becomes repetitive, and good storytelling isn’t repetitive.  It’s fresh and original, and it doesn’t rely on previously successful plot devices to move the story forward.  

Sorry for the back-to-back rant posts.  I’m seeing a lot of condescending people in the tags and it’s frustrating me to the point where I feel like I have to defend myself.

albvsxscorpy replied to your post:

“Hi! I thought I’d let you know that drarr.y on instagram has been…”

Hi! First, love your blog and your art :) I’m pretty new to tumblr and just wanted to know what’s the proper way of rebloging fanart, because I saw the story about the instagram account that wasn’t crediting artists properly. A lot of artists say reblogs are fine, but don’t repost, and I’m wondering what the difference is? And when I reblog, should I tag the artist or is rebloging fine as is since the source always appears at the bottom? Just making sure I’m doing this the right way :) thx

Hi there, and thank you! <3 Reblogging is the feature on Tumblr that allows you to bring a post you like to your blog while keeping the original poster’s URL and caption intact, while reposting means you take a photo or a drawing posted by someone else and make an entirely new post with it. (So if you’re hitting the button with the two arrows forming a square thingie, you’re doing the right thing!) Reblogging a post will add to the number of notes the original post has, and since Tumblr’s reblog layout automatically creates a link to the original creator of the post, any exposure/notes the post gets goes straight to that person. 

On the other hand, reposting something (like fan art) means the original image file is downloaded from the source and a new post is made on the re-poster’s own account. This is definitely not good because 1) any notifications for that post goes to the person who reposted it, and 2) without any links/credit to the original creator no one will know where it originally came from. I have a feeling this is a problem that usually happens when people want to post stuff from Tumblr to other social media sites because there’s not exactly a ‘reblog’ button for that, haha! It’s also a hassle for those who don’t have accounts on every single sns platform out there, because it’s harder to approach reposters to ask them to give proper credit or otherwise delete the posts in question. 

(also I just found out that person has a different account for Scorbus art at @scorbu.s and a lot of my stuff is on there, so…. yep. I’m highly discombobulated right now. D’: )