You know these classic (yet terribly annoying) porn bots that either follow you or randomly like your posts? Well one day, 11 grandma porn blogs liked my same post.

grandma porn blogs.

I didn’t even know that existed.x’DDD

did you guys got something like this once? I mean beside the classic porn blogs, did you got very random/weird blogs that liked your posts or followed you? I’m curious….x’D

bonus (The following contain a pic that I found in one of these blogs. no worry though it is not porn. There was just a nipple but I censored it. It is also in small and the bonus is obviously not only about this pic. The bonus is totally sfw. I just warn you so you won’t be surprised xD) :

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too busy dreaming of jumping on your...

Ethan Nestor x fem!reader


is there another word for the “we’re dating kind of sort of but no one knows so our only choice is to have car dates and car sex” trope??

lyric that inspired all of this: boy you’re so sexy/just like a cadillac/just come and get me/cos i can’t hold it back/people on the street watch us in the back seat, oh

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okay but, i really want to make an rp??? either based on mythology, in a shady town with secrets, etc. something that hasn’t been done before or hasn’t been done in a long time, the group could be large or small depending on how things go. i love rping, i would preferably want someone who’s good with graphics, but then again the admin team could be up to 3+ with different talents and would listen to crazy ideas I have, like this or im me??? 

I once met a girl who said that she was glass.
She said that her bones felt fragile and that her spirit broke easily.
And she claimed that when she cracked, she would split into thousands of shards that only hurt the people who tried to help put her back together.
This girl told me that if she could, she would trade in her vulnerability for a durable shell, pleading to become stainless steel instead of paper thin crystal.
I tried to look her in the eyes and explain that yes, she might be glass, but she is the most stunning rainbow of stained crystal
A picturesque masterpiece of unparalleled perfection.
You see, all the times that she thought she was weak, made her strong.
The lines in her personal illustration are not soft breaking points, but instead
The foundation of her marvelous structure.
Have you ever seen anything more breathtaking in you life?
Because somehow, the artist in her kept replacing the pieces of herself, this ancient artwork renewed and restored with impressive expertise.
I said don’t you dare think of yourself as anything less than priceless.
They’d have your soul up in church windows.
You can see the light burst through your myriad of colors like a spectacle never before seen by anyone.
And I’ve never wanted a better view.
—  k.a.s. ((July))