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Soooo… it has taken me an embarrassingly long time to get back to a question I asked about Conrad Verner.

But, it is actually research for Jaxson’s story so… I want to get back to it. I’m tagging people who answered the original ask -

(Looking at you: @sanguinespire @ellebeedarling @bagog @nightmarestudio606 @juleshawke)

- but the floor is open to anyone who want to chime in… Actually, anyone who wants to talk about Conrad period - let’s!

I don’t remember ever having this outcome so I probably screwed something up - but apparently they talk afterward? What do you see coming out of that conversation?

I have a million things that I need to do…but I did it. Oh, the perks of being friends with me.


The sun rose magnificently, its rays beautiful as they kissed against his cheek.
If only it were the fiery kiss of that handsome, fire monster his soul longed for. Good thing he was headed to Grillby’s right now! Well…to Grillbz new joint on the surface. Heh, Grillby’s 2. Suuuuper original.

Chuckling as he went through the door he pulled up a seat. “ey, Grillbz! up for some sexy-time?”
“Sure why not?” The ‘smokin-hot’ bartender was quick to answer. “It’s after-hours, and I’m always ready to get some of that bony-ass!”
“hell yeah.” Sans finger-gunned, watching wide-socketed as the fire monster stripped. Like some kind of Greek god he just fucking flung that shit off to reveal his sexy-crazy musculature. Like how the hell did that even work, right? He was nothing but fire but somehow he was motherfucking Michelangelo’s wet-dream.

Sans was all too ready, shrugging off his ketchup-stinking jacket and hopping up on the counter. “come on, babe. i can see ya already got a ‘boner’, heh heh!”
Not waiting for Sans to disrobe, Grillby just got down to the nitty-gritty and burned his clothes off.
Sans moaned at the fire upon his bones. “heh, guess i can’t handle the 'heat’.” Writhing as burning hot hands pawed at his frame, Grillby pulled him into a kiss that only could be explained by a ridiculous and benign answer as “magic”. Fire tongue lashed with magic-ecto-tongue-thing as they moaned and groaned.

The amazing heat got his 'fire’ going and Sans felt his magic form in his pelvis. Like, fuck, what the hell couldn’t he make? In fact, like fucking Grillby could do that too cause he’s magic too right?
“yo, Grillbz.” Sans broke away with a trail of magma spittle. “make a pussy.”
“But Sans, your the one that always makes the ecto-things.” Grillby said in shock.
“but you’re magic too, so why not.” Sans chuckled.
Grillby flushed embarrassingly bright with blush before he picked up a bottle of ketchup. “Oh, I could…but then you wouldn’t be able to…” He poured a disgusting amount of ketchup onto his throbbing, rock-hard dick. “Enjoy my 'hotdog’.”
Good god he actually said that oh my godddd Sans was so fucking ready from that dumbass pun holy shiiiiiit. Sans grabbed that hot tamale by the hips and sucked his length down like the scrublord he was.
Sans moaned around the ketchup-s'magma’-flavored dick, voring that shit like his slutty life depended on it.

Grillby gripped his skull, ramming his length down his throat. “Oh shit, I’m close!” He cried, somehow deriving pleasure from someone that has no lips or throat but whatever magic right lmao. He came so goddamn hard Sans choked and coughed, but swallowed that shit down. “aw man, i need a chaser.” He grunted as he grabbed the ketchup bottle and chugged it like a freak.
Grillby, seeing Sans’ magic pussy all gushy gush like so fucking soaky it was so soaked, he dropped to his knees and stuffed his fire-face into his cunt. His 'tongue of fire’ lapped at that sweet blue snatch, just sucking up all that magic-goodness that probably tastes like ketchup cause what the hell else does San honestly eat.
Sans arched from the cunnilingus, screaming loud enough to wake the neighbors as Grillby devoured his magic. “Grillby! oh, Grillby! i’m such a sub!!!!! oh god! ah!” He came hard, gushing his femalian-bit juice all over Grillby’s face, this squelching mess somehow fizzling on his magic even though nothing else had before what the fuck

They fucked into the night.
The end.


I was tagged by both @jonesyi and @blindvogel, and it seems like a good thing to do for distraction on a Monday!

1) I’m named after the Bionic Woman. I was supposed to be named Susan, but my mom started watching the (original 70s) TV show when she was pregnant, and decided she liked the main character’s name better. So I became Jaime, and my little sister got to be Susan.

2) I collect tarot card decks.

3) New Orleans is my favorite place to visit for vacation.

4) I have strabismus - I am also farsighted and have a slight astigmatism, which really makes it wild that I managed to go for sixteen years (from ages 14 to 31) without wearing glasses at all. 

5) My favorite ice cream is vanilla soft serve. Yes, I know I’m boring. I don’t care. I love soft serve.

6) I started getting gray hair when I was 17 years old. At 40, I’d probably be full salt-and-pepper if I let my natural color grow out. Which is why I never let my natural color grow out.

7) I got my very first internet connection 22 years ago this month. Holy shit.

8) I was a hardcore Pepsi devotee up until I switched from regular to diet soda around 10 years ago; now I can’t drink anything but Coke (diet or zero).

9) I never have developed a taste for alcohol. I don’t mind the occasional fruity drink or hard cider, but I like those despite the aftertaste. Mostly, I just don’t drink at all, because it just has never been a priority to develop the taste for it.

10) One of my very favorite things to do is go out to dinner by myself and read a book. 

I tag … @lazyscience, @lifeofkj, @faejilly, @janiemcpants, @buckysleftarm, @summonerskies, @dimir-charmer, @rhiannon42, @scahill42, @lafemmedarla

anonymous asked:

Do you mind if I ask how do you give a song cover art? 'Cus a lot of my songs are blank and it looks bad ://

i use an app called ‘star music tag editor’ on phone and on pc i just use the default ‘groove music’ app (:

Anonymous said: Hii. Thank you so much for the cover art, it looks really pretty! Plus, now i finally have a sing with a photo ahhah

you’re welcome <33 i had to edit those photos quite heavily lol the results look nothing like the original photos

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if you see this it’s because i’m anxious af and or wanna kms and distractions always help me. thank you 💕

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Hey friends,

So due to my health and mental health, this blog will slow down. I no longer can keep up with the channels I follow and haven’t been able to find help running this blog.

I will still do my best to keep the queue going but there will be days with more reblogs instead of my original posts.

I really apologize to anyone that actually follows this blog with regularity, I just don’t have the energy at this time to force myself to keep up and keep everything tagged and queued. And I’ve been really stressed about letting this blog down for some reason.

Hopefully if my health gets better I can do more again in the future.

But hopefully you understand and are okay with more reblogs for now.


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HEY so like for some of the ones you do especially the friends ones like if you know what episode it's from can you write it in the tags bc I've watched every friends episode and when i see you compare the scene to the girls it makes me wanna go back and find the original scene but I can never remember which episode or season it was so if you have that information you should totally do that please lmao thank you

Sure, will do! Do you have any in particular you want the episode for?

So I was tagged by @mprunnergirl ages ago to do ‘Meet The Artist’!  Finally got around to finishing it up.  I’m not a big fan of drawing myself much, but I like how this came out,  Thanks for tagging me girl!  It was definitely some good practice.

I’ll tag @misrihalek (who got a shout-out at the top of mine), @13thcat@zrllosyn and @literalnobody if you guys are up to it (and if you haven’t done it already…I feel like I might’ve seen one of you do it before…)

amittagina  asked:

Hello, my name is Amitta. And I'm new on Tumblr❤ I would really like if you would check mine out and maybe give me some advice - because I really like yours!

Hi :)

- keep active and use the queue if needed. Posting all day long helps a lot to gain followers ! It took me a year to get 5k followers and went from 5k to 25 k in 5 months by using the queue ! I usually save the pics i like when they are from random pinterest accounts and heart pictures from tumblr i want to reblogg. Once a week i post them with the queue. So i only do a massiv upload once a week and thanks to that i am active all day long for an entire week.
- Use tags on your posts
- try to stay original

Hope this helps :)

anonymous asked:

What do you mean Broadway Cadenza? Other cadenza? I'm confused.

If you googled it it’d give you the answers you were looking for. A lot can also be found in my FAQ and this tag. But OK:

Sarah Brightman originated one Think of Me cadenza (the vocalization at the end of the song). This is the one that can be heard in the original cast album, and the one both Broadway Christines and most international Christine does.

Her alternate Claire Moore did another cadenza, with more coloratura and scales. This is usually the one the West End Christine does, as well as a few examples from international productions.

Because of this, the first one is often referred to as the Sarah Brightman cadenza, and sometimes the Broadway or international cadenza. The latter is referred to as the Claire Moore cadenza, the West End/UK cadenza, and sometimes even the Rebecca Caine cadenza (this because Rebecca Caine does the Moore version in the Canadian cast recording).

It’s still in large these two that’s in use, though other variations has also occurred. @glassprism made an extensive list over all variations a few days ago, with sound clips, so check out that if you wanna hear/read more.