white people be like uwu i love asian food ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ but what they really mean is they love sushi and miso and ramen and eating spaghetti using chopsticks but give them silkworms, octopus on a stick, duck embryo, rooster testicles and street meat in general and they’re all “eW how do asians eat this lol asia is so weird oAo”

- ̗̀ dec 3rd 2016  ̖́-

intro: hello hello !! i decided to start a studyblr due to upcoming mocks and just the desire to get more motivated ! i hope you all accept me into your wonderful community  ꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱

about me

  • my name’s robin (he/him) and i’m 16 years old !
  • i’m working to become an animator / graphic designer!!
  • i also do psychology and english literature,,
  • i play the ukulele?? :’’))
  • i rlly like bunnies ok they’re 2 cute 

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Honestly, how can people hate sushi?👅🙇🏼🍙I could (and sometimes do) eat it everyday!
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hello hello!! i’ve met new friends and have seen many fab blogs so i think its time to update! so this is a directory/faves list of 50 blogs. here are the directions to get a slot in my directory! (for my current foodies, you can still join! you have more chances to get picked again!) x

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so thats all folks! it would be cool if you guys talk to me and tell me something about yourself! you can tag a post #dazyfox or just message me! (this is not necessary but i would love to meet a sassy sushi) i’ll be choosing my new 50 foodies when I’m happy with the notes! get reblogging yey! - lara x

The Day After (part 1)

So I heard the amazing @sushinfood had not had the best day. I decided that simply won’t do. I’m currently working on an epilogue to their Gasterblaster!Sans series, but decided, yknow what? I’m gonna split it into two parts so sushi and you guys can see it earlier. This story is actually a continuation of the epilogue story I wrote earlier, called Later That Night. You can check it out on my eA writes tag, or the audio version on sushi’s blog!

The Day After continues on the morning after, naturally. Part 2 will have way more fluff believe me.

You’re all gonna have a good time. Enjoy! This ones for you sushi.


Sans grunted as he felt something press against him from both sides. He tried to open his eyes. It was hard, everything felt heavy. Finally, with some effort, he managed to pry his eyes open. He was immediately visited by the temptation to close them again. He felt tired a lot, but never had he felt as utterly exhausted as he did now. He felt like he could sleep for another hundred years and not wake up once. Sans looked to his right; Frisk was still fast asleep next to him. The child had crawled into bed with him during the night after checking to see if he was okay, and had curled up and fallen asleep. Their head was now flopped over Sans’ rib cage, their small fingers gently grasping at the fabric of his shirt. To his left, Sans saw Papyrus’ sleeping face. His long arms were wrapped around both his brother and Frisk, tugging the three of them close together, with Sans squished in the middle.
Sans closed his eyes with a quiet chuckle. It seemed he couldn’t get up even he wanted to. Not that he did. He was quite happy where he was now. He could somehow feel a comforting warmth radiating off the two people who snuggled him in their sleep.
A grin on his face, Sans drifted back to sleep.

When he awoke again, he was alone.
And surrounded by stuffed animals. Sans reached to inspect a fluffy dog plushie- and suddenly gasped in pain as his arm cracked and shot daggers of agony throughout his body.
Oh god…no…no no no no no no no not again…
But just as quickly as it had came, the pain was gone, leaving behind only a dull ache. Sans felt nothing rising within him, no power, no pain, nothing, except for his eye which quickly fizzled out. Sans panted, his frame trembling. He let out a sharp yelp as he felt the discs in his spine shift and creak loudly, but still nothing happened. As the pain once again faded, Sans was left feeling more exhausted than ever. Maybe he should close his eyes again…..

“…ns….ans…sans…Sans. Sans? Sans come on, wake up.”
Sans let out a grunt as someone shook his shoulder, stirring him into consciousness.
He blinked open his eyes to see his brother hovering over him, concerned etched into his elongated face.
“Are you feeling okay? You wouldn’t wake up when I called you,” Papyrus said worriedly.
“’M fine bro, don’t worry. Still just…” he yawned loudly. “Really tired.”
Papyrus let out a chuckle.
“I can see that. And you seem to really be loving that teddy bear Frisk lent you.”
“Mm?” Sans turned and saw he was indeed clutching a teddy bear. It was nearly two thirds the size he was.
“Frisk didn’t want you to be lonely when the two of us woke up, so they went and put a bunch of their stuffed animals next to you to keep you company!”
“Heh….c-cool….unh!” Sans cringed as his spine cracked and shifted again.

“I-It’s fine bro…this has b-been happening for a little bit,” Sans said through gritted teeth.
“D-Do you…do you feel like you’re going to transform again?”
“No…it’s not like before.”
“Well, Alphys just arrived. She’s going to take a look at you to make sure everything’s okay.”
Right on cue, a short, stocky, reptilian monster shuffled into the room, her arms laden with technology.
“H-Hey guys. Hope I’m not intruding.”
“Not at all Dr. Alphys! We’re very glad you could come!” Papyrus said.
“Hey Sans. How do you feel?” Alphys greeted the shorter skeleton.
“Honestly? I’ve felt way better. A-Ack!” Sans groaned he felt his ribs tremble angrily and shift from their places. He clutched at his shirt with his hand, his fingers digging into the spaces between his bones.
“Sans!” Papyrus grabbed his brother’s shoulder in alarm.
“What wrong?” Alphys asked, nearly dropping her equipment in her haste to inspect him.
“I-I’m fine, really…” Sans insisted as Alphys gently pressed her claws against his ribs. She gasped quietly as she felt them shift back into place.

“…I t-think I know what’s going on. Sans, I’m going to hook you up to this machine I brought. D-Don’t worry,” she quickly said as she spotted Sans’ uneasy look. “It’s just g-gonna measure your power levels. Hold still…”
Alphys stuck several electrodes under Sans’ shirt and in his face. Papyrus giggled.
“You look like you have spaghetti noodles coming out of you.”
Sans chuckled tiredly, too weary to try and think of a pun.
“Aha! As I expected. T-Take a look at this, guys.” Alphys turned her screen to show the brothers.
“S-See this?” she pointed. “That’s your power level compared to how much your Soul can contain. See how it’s fluctuating rapidly? Your body s-still hasn’t recovered from the sudden overflow of energy, and it’s trying to even it out. T-That’s why your bones have been cracking and shifting.”

Sans gripped the bed sheets.
“Does…does this mean I’m gonna transform again…?” His voice almost came out in a whisper as fear started to seep into him.
“Oh no no no no! Your body is just trying to recover, but it’s having some difficulty doing so after housing so much power for so long. It’s tired. Luckily, I-I have a way we can fix that.”
Alphys reached into her pocket and pulled out a small device.
“T-Thus little device will deliver short bursts of energy, t-to try and even out those power levels.”
Sans eyed it warily.
“Won’t that just make my power levels explode again…?” he asked.
“Nope! A-All it’ll do is essentially ‘shock’ your body into falling back into homeostasis. Think of it like hyperventilating. When h-humans hyperventilate, their body is trying to even out the amount of oxygen and carbons d-dioxide in their bodies. To remedy this, they try t-that weird trick you see on tv where they breathe in and out into a paper bag.”

Sans and Papyrus blinked in confusion. Where was the doctor going with this?
“The carbon dioxide, the bad stuff that’s causing the issue, goes back into the body, and very quickly the body reacts to resolve the issue, making the human take a deep breath. That evens out the amount of oxygen with the amount of carbon dioxide.”
“So…” Papyrus said slowly. “What you’re saying is…”
“We’re going to use the bad stuff, which is high energy levels, to shock Sans’ body into stopping his power levels from fluctuating,” Alphys finished Papyrus’ thought.
She turned to Sans, who was staring at her with a nervous expression.
“Now Sans, I s-should warn you, it may take a few tries too work. A-And it’s gonna hurt a little. B-But!” she added. “It’s the only way to m-make it happen quicker. Once your power levels return to normal, your bones will stop shifting and you’ll feel a l-lot better, I promise.”

Sans took a deep breath.
“…Ok. Let’s do it, then.

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time and date: june 16th, 1:21 pm
nicknames: renny 
birthday: june 8th 
gender: female 
sexual orientation: ????????? 
height: 5′4″  
favourite colour: blue or purple 
one place that makes me happy: my living room 
how many blankets do i sleep under: one in the summer two in the winter 
what am i wearing right now: jean shorts and a striped t-shirt and my glasses v cute 
last book i read: the steady running of the hour 
favourite food: sushi and cup cakes 
last movie i watched in the theatre: spy 
dream vacation: going back to poland 
dream wedding:  something chill and beautiful and happy 
dream pet: every type of pet 
dream job: publisher 

tag 9 people you want to get to know better: anneboelyns pluvial crooked-queen ms-deranged grantaere elysiuxm mulcibeur alohomorawrites albuswrites

Being home for break means smoking weed in my basement. I feel like a shitty 17 year old again

It’s time to do some magic ourselves and trend #SwanQueen again!

What we’re trending

When we’re trending
Sunday, March 1th. If your time zone does not appear on the poster, you can check here.

How do we do it?!
You just have to tweet using ‘#SwanQueen’. Send some love to our ship and our ladies Lana and Jen. But, most of all, express to the world your love for Swan Queen!

Do not use multiple tags/Do not repeat the same tag in one tweet / Do not retweet, quote instead by copying and adding RT to your tweet / Locked accounts won’t count, you have to open them / make sure to bring sushis, tacos and tapas.

-Text is not mine, i just wanted to make a more rainbowy poster, and the more posters the more people see it right? The original one can be found here



Omigosh, you guys! I actually built something decent without custom content. A sushi restaurant with a sushi bar inside! :)

It is a 30x20 lot, and I used content from “debug mode”, Get to Work, Get Together, Spa Day, Cool Kitchen Stuff and Dine Out (obvi).  

I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Remember to put in “bb.moveobjects” when you want to set the build down. 

This build has NO CC, but for those of you who would want to use custom content with this, I recommend the sushi created by @ohmysims to put on the menu and the decor sushi set by @purplelovesims to put in the sushi bar.

If you use it, please tag me in the photos, so I can see. :) 

Notice me, @poponopun :D



Sushi Rolls Recolour in Huning’s Pony Colours

  • adds 22 new swatches to original thumbnail
  • the MESH by HabSims is required!
  • the swatches may appear out of order but that’s due to the original colours by HabSims not being sorted, so I can’t do anything about it - sorry!
  • if you use these in pictures please tag #lottidiezweite, I’d love to see them!


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#15.2- Dating ___ Would Include (girls)

Requested: yes

A/N: This is long over due and I tried to make it gender neutral but some may be girlxgirl


•Helping her with outfits
• “Don’t you even think about looking at her.”
• Date nights would be almost every night
• “We watched The Notebook last time.”
• “Suck it up buttercup.”
• “Pizza or going out?”
• “Let’s go out, sushi?”
• She helps expand your taste pallet
• She spoils you rotten
• She tries to do the makeup tag with you expecting to do badly
• You actually do a good job
• Short, passionate kisses
• Hugs all the time
• She’s constantly taking pictures of you
• Polaroids are her specialty
• “I love you, (Y/N)”
• “I love you too Lyd.”

• Helping her open up to you
• “Ally, just talk to me. I’m here for you.”
• It takes her a while to be really comfortable around you
• Her teaching you how to shoot a bow and arrow
• You probably messing up a lot when learning
• Her treating you to ice cream or some other sweet after every lesson
• “You should curl your hair soon, it looks pretty like that.”
• Becoming almost like a second daughter to Chris
• But that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t threaten to hurt you if you break her heart
• She’s always giving you kisses
• She thinks it’s weird how close you are with Scott and Isaac
• Her teaching you French
• Cooking and baking a lot together
• “Geez Ally, your room is a mess!”
• “When it come to fighting supernatural creatures, it doesn’t exactly leave you with much free time.”
• “Allison, I love you.”
• “Love you too doll.”

• "Yes babe?”
• “I love you.”
• Being the really cute, sweet couple
• Like sweet enough to give cavities
• Cheek kisses
• Her leaving lipstick marks all over your cheeks
• Her babying you a lot
• Her holding you close to her for whatever reason
• “Don’t baby me.”
• “But you are my baby.”
• Puppy dog eyes 24/7
• “(Y/N) please!”
• “… Fine.”
• Going to her lacrosse games all the time
• Really really cute dates

• She basically wears the pants in the relationship
• She babies you too
• Her unknowingly making sexual innuendos
• Then she gets all blushed when you tell her
• Helping her with makeup stuff
• “(Y/N), don’t lie I can smell your discomfort.”
• “Liam, don’t look at them.”
• Her scaring boys or girls away from you
• Sleepovers all the time
• She likes when you play with her hair
• She’s a huge cuddler
• She’s also the big spoon
• She sometimes breaks into your house when she can’t sleep
• “(Y/N), I love you.”
• “I love you too, silly girl.”
• Her cluelessness is super cute and funny

January 3, 2016


It has been a little over 48 hours and already there are over 100 followers reading my recollections. My friend is in utter shock. I am extremely humbled. It has been pleasant speaking with you all over music and Netflix. I now have new experiences as a result (a small tip, do not put Nutella on sushi. I was severely mistaken) and am looking forward to learning more. It’s funny, even after 7 or 8 years on this earth I am still finding new things to enjoy (or, in the case of the sushi, spit out of my mouth quickly). 

My friend has been telling me about her trip to her grandparents’ hometown, and it made me wonder about my brothers and sisters still in heavan as well as the family that I have found in Sam, Dean, And Claire. From my experiences, one of the best ways to remember them is by remembering amusing stories as well as stories where they “annoy the crap out of you.” I’m sure they have stories about myself doing the same to them. It’s nice to have these stories written down, recollections of memories that can be looked over by more than just one person, adding their own version of events in the margins or crossing words out entirely. Even in our memories we continue to learn just a little about our past selves and our state of mind. It’s an intriguing concept. 

 I should probably share a story here and put into action what I have already written above. I guess the most recent one was a couple of hours ago. I was in the garage area of the bunker, exploring every nook and cranny while also making sure the warding holds up on all fronts. I can only assume that Dean was washing his car earlier before he left, as the floor was still relatively wet and there was a bucket on the ground, something I was unaware of at the time. The lights were dimmed, limiting my eyesight as I searched for the light switch. During my struggles to find the switch I ended up sticking my food in the bucket and falling hard, sending the bucket into one of the motorcycles parked in the garage. The bike, a beautiful vintage back motorcycle (I am unsure of the make and model due to the lighting), teetered before falling over completely, some glass breaking from its body.

I’m not sure how to put the motorcycle back to its original position and my back still currently hurts, therefore I elected to let Dean deal with it upon his return. What I will tell him I am unsure, but I am making myself scarce when he arrives (he was quite fond of that bike). 



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​things i’m currently in love with

tagged by mellodear, and I’m only doing it because she pressured me.

one song: Don’t Mess With Me by Temposhark

two movies: American Psycho and The Notebook (what? Misa made me watch it).

three shows: Boys Over Flowers, How to Get Away With Murder, and Law and Order

four people: actuallynotkira, actuallynotkira, yagami-raito-kun, and actuallynotkira.

five foods: sushi, kale, potato chips, kaiseki ryori, and rice cakes

six people to tag: e–r–u, e–r–u, e–r–u, e–r–u, e–r–u, I don’t know…he’s my only friend…?

Soooo I made sweet potato tempura sushi w/ a side onion tempura 😊 And whoa whoa, woke up to 55,000 of you supporting me!! I never thought I would get this lil goal ❤❤❤❤ As a great way to start the new year, I’ll be doing a lil shoutout!! Its a new year for showing new(& classic) accounts to find, so simply repost any picture & tag #mintyanneshares 😌 I’ll start reposting tmw depending how it goes hehe. Have a beautiful day earthlings, thanks for making the world go round 🌎🌎🌎💚 #feedfeed

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If I Were a Sim!

Tagged by riverstonesims

1. What world would you live in and why?
Even though I’m quite infatuated with Isla Paradiso at the moment, I’ll always be a Bridgeport girl.

2. What would be your traits?
Loner, eccentric, bookworm, good sense of humour, cat person

3. How would you live?
I would be a journalist or a writer and live alone in an open plan penthouse apartment with 360 degree views of the water and several cats.

4. What would you call ‘your spot’?
An extremely seedy, low-rent bar like The Grind where I could drink Absinthe, wear fishnet stockings and red lipstick and speak in a ridiculous fake French accent

5. What are your top 3 most DISLIKED traits?
Insane, unflirty, never nude. 

6. Your favourite color/ music/ food?
Green/80s and contemporary pop/kim chi and sushi

Tagging anyone who wants to do it! And Simsgonebye, because her answers to these meme things always fascinate me.

Packing my lunch is so exciting. The days I do it, life seems to move smoother and easier, and I have a sense of pride for gifting myself a nourishing meal after hours of work. Making and packing veggie sushi isn’t time consuming - I rolled these last night while watching a movie ☺️tag someone you want to make easy and delicious sushi with!

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