Otherkin Asks 19 -

19. What, if any, attributes of yourself remind you of your kin?

I am often reminded of Fang due to my leadership skills. She comes out often in school or groups of people. Lucky tries to keep the peace and have a good time, which is me most often. Beak and Egret I am less reminded of day to day

20. What kinds of things make your kinfeels stronger?

Watching videos of my kintypes, hearing my kin, especially wolves, and being around dogs/other canines (or my pack!)

21. What types of company do your kintypes enjoy?

They prefer my therian/otherkin pack, but Lucky gets along with anyone

22. Do you like the blogs about food for different kins?

I love them! I wish the majority of them posted more often however

23. Do you like the blogs about fashion/clothing for kin?

I absolutely adore them all! Especially cheapandalternative and fashion4otherkin

24.  Do any certain music types appeal to your kin(s)? If so, what kind(s)?

Fang enjoys bands like Fallout Boy and Imagine Dragons, while Lucky prefers more upbeat pop music such as American Authors or Bruno Mars. Beak enjoys Mumford and Sons and other indie bands. I do not yet know what music Egret likes.

25.  How many kintypes do you have?

4, Lucky (australian shepherd), Fang (timber wolf), Beak (common raven, and Egret (snowy peryton)


thephantomkuroko asked:


Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.

Hm Snap Out of It by Arctic Monkeys reminds me of my media group because it was literally the only thing we listened to for like 2 weeks because we’d chosen to do it for our music video and now I can’t listen to it without getting mad because we listened to it so much… the x files music also reminds me of these bc of all the illuminarty videos they watch

Any song by 2NE1 reminds me of my friend Kerry Anne because they’re one of her favourite kpop bands

Same goes for Emma with Muse because they’re her fave

The song at the start of The Devil Wears Prada reminds me of uncle cam because it’s one of his favourite films

The Rosemary and Thyme theme tune and everything else about that show reminds me of Emma and uncle cam bc they seem to watch it a lot :’)

I was gonna say something about Akashi but he’s not exactly real is he…

californiabeautykami asked:

38 & 33

What I do when I’m sad: I sit in my desk chair and try to do something fun with my music or play video games to make me feel better.

Songs that remind me of certain people: I don’t have any of those. Whenever I listen to The 1975, I think of my friend Taylor because she was the one who old me about them. But that’s as far as that goes, really. If you showed me a song, odds are that I am thinking about you when I am listening to it.

anonymous asked:

Okay, so here's the deal. A while back ago on I was instagram and I remember clicking on a link that sent me to youtube, the video was like a school play or something that was putting on ROTG, they did songs for each of the characters, Jack, Bunny, North, and Tooth, for example for bunny they played can't touch this, but I forgot what the videos called and what account had the link. Do you have ANY idea what I'm talking about?

Absolutely!!! I was looking for this a while back and some fabulous people helped me find it! Here it is:

Hope that’s what you were looking for!

You’ve with me since a year ago, on 05.22.14, and even I’m not a fan since the beginning (07.23.10) you’re the first celebrities that made me want to know what are you doing every fucking second. Everyday, every time at any moment, I’m listening your music, and seeing photos of you. Well, I haven’t the possibilities (economically) to go to a concert and see you guys, but I spent my free time watching your videos haha yeah! Well, the last year was a really good moment in my life, because after many time if being in pain, and finally decide to be a #directioner I leave my pain, reminders, negative things, thank you guys to teach me to smile again just to hear those two incredibly words that means a lot in my life “One Direction”, who would know that I’ll fall in love with you. Right know its a hard moment, one of you decided to leave and look for new things in his life, I’ll always being there to support and fight for you guys, I never express myself about you, but this time I’m ready to say LOS AMO UN CHINGO! thanks for being in my life, even you’ll never read this. Love you idiots! ❤ → obviously English isn’t my language. 😉 who cares.