Jensen and Misha doing the #YouAreNotAlone project gives me life. It really fucking warms my heart to know that they’re actually offering a crisis support network for the Supernatural family and offering lifelines management training at no cost! It is so amazing and marvelous, and I just can’t believe this. 

I love Jared spoke up about his issues and helped raise awareness and help fans find each other and help each other, and I love how Jensen and Misha are working alongside Jared in offering a support network for the fandom. 

They care about us so much you guys, they care about us so fucking much. I am crying, I literally am in tears. And I know this is starting on a rather small level compared to the world, but the amount of people it can help and the potential it has (which has already been seen by how many websites report about Jared’s AKF campaign), this is just so amazing and I am just so grateful.

I am so grateful and so thankful, to have these people be a part of my favourite show, they are doing something so incredible and I am just blown away. 

single mom octavia raising her daughter on her own after lincoln dies.

octavia trying to mourn her boyfriend while also being a good mother. octavia trying to do it by herself because goddamn it she needs to know she can. octavia showing her daughter pictures of lincoln every day so she never forgets his face, never forgets who daddy was.

bellamy spoiling his niece rotten. clarke spoiling her goddaughter rotten. octavia being a bit envious that they can…afford to do that? because she feels like she should be the one to spoil her kid. but also being very grateful because without them, her closet would be a lot smaller and with significantly fewer toddler sized leather jackets.

raven and octavia bonding over how helpless it feels to need someone. how hollow they feel on the inside when they have to ask for help. raven being a natural with octavia’s daughter in a way that makes her heart skip a few beats (and that can’t be medically good).


Imagine telling Woozi how amazing he was as a goalkeeper during the futsal match at ISAC.

BONUS: Woozi gets a little flustered when you say he looks sexy when he’s focused.



Day 10 - Your Favourite Pairing

Some post Ep11 Bumblebee based on this beautiful text post by @luxsp !


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they are always So Close to each other i can’t believe it. ((x))

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                           whaddya think i should get my VALENTINE this year ?
                           she’s way too COMPLICATED for stuff like this…

                                                —— are you disappointed it’s not you ?

// shipping is all well and good, but also consider – 

casual hookups! friends with benefits! making out just ‘cause! crushes that don’t actually go anywhere! missed opportunities! genuinely completely platonic hardcore bdsm handholding! 

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I imagined, next time, Harry sneaked in, Eggsy sleeping tummy down on the sofa, so he slapped the bubblebutt, jolting Eggsy out of sleep.

Oh my, oh my! We’re getting naughty here Nonnie ! I like that eheh ;)

I can totally see Harry sneaking back home after what happened the last time, still amused by his lover behaviour. It has been a few days, and he’s pretty “curious” about that particular ritual his lover has after missions. Obviously, he’s totally ok with Eggsy wandering naked in their house. The boy is beautiful and well fit, so you know, that’s more than fine for him. (The neighbours be damned if they catch a glimpse of a naked body and complain about it. His boy is a masterpiece.)

He didn’t meant to “sneak in” when he entered the house a few minutes ago, he just wanted to surprise is lover. And yes ok, also watch him naked. After all, he has the right to do it. But he wasn’t expecting THAT view to welcome him. 

Eggsy is asleep on the couch, belly down, and butt particularly round in that position. One of his arms is draped over an armrest, the other folded under his body. His pink lips are half-opened, Eggsy lightly snoring. In that particular position, he’s the perfect picture of innocence and debauchery. Well, Harry is fucked.

He has been standing in the living room for a whole 5 minutes, drinking in the delicious sight of Eggsy sleeping. He needs to touch, or do something. The light filtering through the curtains falls exactly on his body, and magnifies a little more the young agent. He’s absolutely perfect. Harry’s craving for that silky skin. 

So he touches the younger man with a hand, attention sliding from his back dusted with moles to his round buttocks. He gently strokes his lover’s butt, skin so soft against his calloused hand. He can hear little hitches in Eggsy’s breath, low moans escaping his mouth from time to time. He shouldn’t be doing this, he’s a gentleman he reminds himself. But the boy is his, and his reaction is so precious and outrageous at the same time… A surge of possessiveness overtakes him. He needs to mark that creamy skin, just to let his signature on the boy, and remind him (or whoever might see those pretty buttocks) that he’s taken. He know it’s childish, but yet… 

He slaps Eggsy’s ass. The young spy jolts out of sleep with a gasp, and literally jumps off the couch, startled and ready to fight. When he catches Harry’s gaze, he frowns, quite displeased.

“What the fuck ‘arry!”

Harry hides his smirk behind a blank face and simply kisses Eggsy’s lips; before leaving the room with a shocked Eggsy behind.

do you ever think about how leia is force sensitive and was maybe even sensitive to ben’s emotions as a child when he started becoming vulnerable to the dark side and has likely felt every last life her son has taken no matter how far apart they are in the galaxy and despite all he’s done she tells han that she knows there’s still good in him because she can probably feel that too