A belated birthday cute for @wyrd66! Radon the garmair and his two hawken, Sunny and Dances, meet Dahlia.

Dances and Sunny may be thinking to one another: “That’s a strange looking Hawken…”

Wyrd, you’re one of the people who inspires me with your own wonderful works and characters to keep working on my own headworld stuff that I might have otherwise given up on. HUGS. <3

Imagine chilling on the rooftop of the school with badboy!Woozi, after you two decided to skip class together. After some time, you started to feel a little drowsy because you stayed up quite late last night. Badboy!Woozi took notice of your sleepy state and chuckled at your cuteness, before pulling you close and sitting you down next to him. He motions you to lean your head on his lap and rest your body on the floor. After making sure you were in a comfortable position, he tells you to take a nap, adding that it’s okay and that he’ll be here when you wake up.


I was tagged by @mxmb4ever @myhyunwoolyone @flowerboyshownu in a selfie tag. And I’m pretty sure more mutuals have tagged me. Sorry!

BUUUTTTTT…. here I am. I don’t take much selfies anymore so I had to dig for them on my 3000 photos in order to find these. I was suppose to wear that flower headband to KCON, but I totally forgot to bring it with me. Sooooo… tada. LOOK AWAY!

I now tag (no pressure to do this): @tea-and-baescuits , @thequirkyone , @sg-pd , @dangerous-web-of-sin , @jarpark , @powershouse , @kkingjiaer , @dyedhoney , @ohmychangkyun , @joojoobaabyy , @rapmonhyuk , @hotseok @thekpophoepanda , @jay-bitch , @k00kied0 , @parkjaebumthirstgoddess @midnight-shinee , @kihqun

Bon Anniversaire, you fool!

This loser just turned seventeen, woozah!

Okay so since I have no clue what to do for my birthday, except abuse the fuck out of Photoshop or sleep (probably the latter), I’m gonna make a post and convey all of my happiness over to you instead. Since I came back on Tumblr and learned how to properly use it, I’ve met some awesome people along the way which I never expected to happen in the first place because I suck at making friends or talking to people in general. The fact that they stick with this whiny 5 year old belgian dramaqueen is astonishing.

But they’re also the reason I’m sitting with my lazy ass on Tumblr and making my own stuff along with my followers.

This is also a little gift to the people I’ve been following since the beginning and have been embellishing my dashboard with love for every character on the show, and it warms my smol wittle sinner heart.

@devil-in-a-winchester I should start off by you because you’re the first person that ever started talking to me on here, which surprised me at the time because you were officially my first favorite blog after 11.10 happened and I liked reading your stuff a lot, especially your rants lmao. It’s also because of your blog that I kept shipping samifer. You’re a friend but also give off those mommy vibes and as a person who’s never had all too much verbal/physical affection from my own mother in the past, you’re the first person who I’ll go to when I need anything on this site.

@satanslittleace Karin, you’re a super nice person and I’m glad I’m not the only Disney trash person on here. You are a cute patoot and If you wanna rant about s12 or anything else, you know where to find me XD. I got paper bags to breathe in.

@lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell Still can’t believe I befriended the author who I read fics from two years ago and now that I’m on Tumblr and have met them, I have learned that they like to bombard my PMs with porn. :))))) You are the Lucifer to my Charlie. GET IT? I’M FUNNEE. Ily.

@heavnofhell I know we don’t talk a lot but your love for the pretty morning star/Mark P. makes me really happy, especially your point of view on our ship. It’s definitely refreshing! Keep being an awesome dude bro beans, you’re a blessing darling.

@hideyourdemoneyes Mac-and-cheese, Macaroni, idk if you like nicknames but I do this with a lot of people and I know that mine suck so I’m just gonna stop it right there and we’re not gonna ever talk about it again XD. You’re a very kind soul Mac and I really hope you’re doing well. Thank you for all the awesome events you organize for our ship! ♥

@wholockeddruid It’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten about you Andy. I had a lot of fun sharing samifer love with you as well, and I’m considering watching Steven Universe to see if it hits my interest. Hope you’re doing okay!

@submish yoU FUCKEn meme trash face, ily Kalista. But you have to come back to Tumblr because I miss your face ok my little rainbow baby.

Some people I follow that deserve all the love as well for bringing Destiel, Gabriel, Rob&Rich, Rowena and other SPN ladies, Sabriel, Mishalecki and Sastiel, pretty graphics and the archangels to my dash;

@aria-lerendeair, @archangel-with-a-shotgun, @archangelsanonymous, @royalrowena, @totallysupernaturaloneshots, @always-keep-writing, @deanscolette, @zzzett, @tenoko1, @octomoosey, @yikes-cas

I honestly thought I followed a lot more people but then I remembered I unfollowed a lot of blogs earlier to keep my dashboard nice and clean, ummm…. but seeing these people post or reblog stuff just makes me happy and you should go and follow them. They have awesome content to look at!

And now that this is done, I’m gonna rest and snuggle inside a pair of angel wings. Have a great day!

name aesthetics bc i’m sick and bored

i’m not going to school tomorrow (yay, being sick!) and i’m very bored now so i want to do something. and since the last time i did name aesthetics you were all so great, i decided to do it again!

all you have to do is:

-> check out this shield agent - you don’t have to follow me but i’ll give you a hug if you do!

-> reblog this post to spread a word

-> send me an ask and tell me what your name is!

so yeah, go on! <3 also, i’m thinking about making some user aesthetics later so maybe i’ll do it later today, too :D

okay so me and @d-op were talking about lil sabo’s turn up nose me going on about how cut it was 

so i decided i wanted to draw him then next thing i knew one glance at @esttian and @nurmuzdalifah sabo’s in skirts this happened