Basically a playlist I scrambled together about Cas’ mental state in the last season(s) 

Bad Blood - Sleeping At Last
Forest Fires - Lauren Aquilina
Breathe Me - Sia
What If - Coldplay
Down - Jason Walker
Broken Toy - Keane 
Trouble - Coldplay
Irrelevant - Lauren Aquilina
Sorrow - Sleeping At Last
‘O Sister - City and Colour

i was going to make a post about a certain happening that i am extremely shocked that it is still going on in the great year of 2016(hasnt five years of this shit been enough) but i wont bc i despise discourse and getting involved is ….not good

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I don't know much about Oscar Isaac... can you fill me in so I can love him too?


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Oscar Isaac is a 37-year-old Guatemalan prince/actor/singer/musician who is famous for his roles as Poe Dameron, the best pilot in the galaxy in Star Wars (my babe):

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As Llewyn Davis, the world-weary folk singer in Inside Llewyn Davis:

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He played the troubled but genuine politician Nick Wasicsko (and won a Golden Globe) in HBO’s Show Me a Hero:

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and so many more roles that I would go on and on about forever if Tumblr would let me.

I would recommend you check out his IMDB page

Also his Wikipedia page

If that wasn’t torture enough, his Facebook page

And his band Nightlab on Soundcloud

Oscar is widely considered to be the best actor of his generation for the sheer variety of roles that he has been able to take on and excel in both in tv and film, as well as stunning short film projects. He also does voice work for some brands and causes that he is into, such as the documentary Time to Choose, a film about the global climate change crisis we are facing.

I would also refer you to this excellent interview conducted by his very own brother, Michael Hernandez.

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Don’t worry, you’ll be in Oscar Isaac hell heaven with the rest of us soon enough :)


i was tagged by @chimchimshi for the selfie tag c: thank yoou

i’ve been addicted to the snow app lately so i wanted to post gifs with the cute filters they have ;-; so much better than snapchat

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week 7. [091816-092516]
this is honestly my favorite spread so far!! i was really feeling pressed flowers this week, but i didn’t have any and i was too lazy to press some and dry them out, so i just drew flowers on the edge of my journal! i made the club board member position and i’ve really been into chill rap lately. this week has been super relaxing and tranquil and calm~