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what are some of your favorite blogs?

glfjdlgjsklj i have soooo many omg, i have been thinking about doing a follow forever, i haven’t made one since i changed my main so pls if your name isn’t here and we’re mutuals/you know i reblog a lot of stuff from you i just forgot. i do love you, i love every person i follow, my memory just sucks but you’ll be in my ff that’s for sure ♡ 💐 

here are some amazing people i follow and when i say amazing, i truly mean it. each and everyone of them has a beautiful blog and are seriously angels who just made blogs and decided to stay on tumblr for some bizarre reason. anyways i love them ღ 

🌷 @irosula 🌷 @pansugah 🌷 @sleepysugarmoon 🌷 @sukooks 🌷 @maeurn 🌷 @redgyeomie 🌷 @inochinohime 🌷 @dazzlingkai 🌷 @btees 🌷 @cypherr 🌷 @cyjmn 🌷 @meanei 🌷 @ggukgf 🌷 @yunvvgi 🌷 @sehhunie 🌷 @kyeons 🌷 @cyphrs 🌷 @kim-aris 🌷 @choiyoungjae 🌷 @taesthetic 🌷 @gothbambam 🌷 @goingjimin 🌷 @softieyugbam 🌷 @cutepimook 🌷 @00-hrs 🌷 @pamilku 🌷 @valuekook 🌷 @sugacreme 🌷 @4joshua 🌷 @cappukkino 🌷 @sassyseokmin 🌷 @melaninbam 🌷 @xiiumin 🌷 @cloudseokjin 🌷 @starrybbh 🌷 @autummskies 🌷 @kiimgyu 🌷 @jpghope 🌷 @got7doubleb 🌷 

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6 and 6😜

In bed at 2am, blissfully drowsy - “Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate.”

i know you said blissfully,, but that didn’t happen. i hope you like it!!

It’s scorching. The heatwave sweeping the country finally creeping up to Emmerdale. It had been gorgeous, the sky a bright blue until the late evening, a gentle breeze a nice release from the sun beating down on the village. The sun suited Robert, his blonde hair now a shade of white, almost bleach, a smattering of freckles appearing on his chests, clusters on his shoulders. It makes Aaron’s mouth water more than usual, a glow surrounding his husband more than usual.

It’s late, but the air is thick and humid, sweat clinging to Aaron’s forehead as he rolls on to his side, Robert’s arm falling from it’s place on his waist, sleep coming much easier for Robert tonight. Aaron huffs out a breathe and hits at his pillow, flattening it as he pushes his face down further and scrunches up his eyes. He’s got an early scrapyard run in the morning, his alarm set to wake him in only four hours.

It’s as Aaron’s muscles finally relax into the mattress that he feels it, a sharp kick to the back of his shin, his leg jerking upwards. Robert’s kicking is nothing new to Aaron, he’s had enough bruises across his legs to show his husband’s inability to stay still. Usually, it’s endearing, another feature of Robert’s that Aaron can mentally add to his ‘God, I’m lucky.’ list, Usually, it’s enough to hold Robert tight, allow him to curl his body into Aaron’s, head on his chest, and they will both sleep peacefully. Usually, it isn’t thirty degrees, closer to three am than Aaron would like. He can’t pull Robert close to him, heat pouring off of the both of them in waves. He loves him, but theres no chance he’s having Robert’s clammy skin sticking to him this late into the night.

He feels Robert turn away from him, mumbling something in his sleep as the duvet shifts around them. Aaron pushes it away from him, his boxers feel too tight, Robert feels too close, he can already feel the headache he’s going to have as he arrives to work.

He’s considering giving up trying, creeping downstairs to drink some of Robert’s disgusting coffee and watching re runs of Jeremy Kyle when it happens again. Robert’s leg jerking backwards, somehow kicking Aaron in the side, hard enough he can already feel a red mark forming. Sometimes he want’s to kill his husband.

“Rob. Robert!” He tries to keep his voice low, Liv an inconsolable grump when she is woken unnecessarily. Robert just mummers again, shuffles further along to the side of the bed.

“Robert! Wake up!”

“I’m sleeping.” His voice is muffled, mouth covered the corner of his pillow, it makes Aaron want to push him out of the bed and make him sleep on the bench in the garden.

“You keep kicking me. I can’t sleep and you’re not helping.”

Robert sighs, forces himself to sit up and looks down at Aaron. His hair is ruffled, blonde tuffs sticking out in every direction. He’s got creases on the side of his cheek, and his eyes are slightly red, glazed over from just being woken.

“I’m sorry. Why can’t you sleep?” He doesn’t need a late night therapy session; he wants Robert to sleep on the floor while Aaron spreads himself over the mattress, blissful hours of sleep coming easy to him, and for Adam to deal with the scrap while he hits snooze on Robert’s pretentious alarm clock.

“It’s about a hundred degrees, and I’ve got an arsehole of a husband who needs to kick everything in sight.”

A laugh erupts from Robert, chuckles as he falls back down to the bed, throwing is arm back over Aaron’s waist, pressing his mouth to Aaron’s for a gentle kiss.

“You love me.”

“Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate.”

Robert stifles his laugh by kissing at Aaron’s shoulder, he tastes of lime shower gel, Robert’s, and sweat.

“You know, if you can’t sleep, and since I’m awake now anyways, I know what we could do to pass the time” He dares to raise his head and wink at Aaron, pulling him closer to his chest as he wraps his arms around him tighter. Heat be damned.

“And it’s decided, I definitely don’t like you.”

They both know it was a lie, and neither of them get anymore sleep, but Aaron suddenly doesn’t mind.

ArtTrade For my Friend @oraclesaturn2!!
Au : ClockWise That Belongs again to my friend Oracle!
Omg i had soo much fun with this!! Mostly because of Sans outfit, its so diffrent and unique omfg, I adore the backround! Despiste that it looks flat x’D
Sorry about that xDD
There was a big space on the left side so..i had to add the Annoying Dog There ahahaha, if it ever exists in that au, My dear friend, I love doing this for you, i hope it was worthy of your amazing art, Your art is too increidible, i dont think this is enough to repay ; O ;

Guess what!

You’re doing amazing :) you woke up today!! And you turned on your phone or tablet or computer and you got on tumblr!! And sometimes that’s a pretty big deal ^-^ so good job! You’re doing wonderful :) I hope your day is as awesome as you cause you deserve it, okay? You really do ^-^

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Voiceless Lance AU: first realizing his limbs have been replaced with the prosthetic.

Trigger warnings for: blood/injuries, vomiting, mild body horror, non-consensual body modification

 It’s killing him, how he wants to scream but can’t.  The stitches holding his lips together start bleeding as Lance tries to force his mouth open.  Crimson drops roll down and pool at the junction of his lips, some others trickle down his chin.  It’s not enough to deter the druids.

 He still doesn’t know that very few and specific things will deter the druids.

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I feel like you've been asked this before but are you okay if we write something based off your art work?

YES TOTALLY PLEASE DO!!!! I’ll love you forever if you do, just send me a link so i can save it and read it everyday until the day i die !!



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Boooooiiiii do i love you or do i treasure you? Aaaaa, i was feeling sad but then you uploaded that and i feel i can go on with life today... your comic saved me with that sweetness (☆♡☆)

ohh i’m so flattered, thank you a lot! i spent too much time on this comic so I’m glad you like it, and that it could make you feel at least a little bit better. cheer up anon! plus ultra!


you know, i really did used to hate you. the guy across the street from me, being better than me at practically everything. and i somehow ended up falling in love with that guy, and he ended up being a complete cheese ball. and even though i make fun of you.. a lot. life would kind of suck without you. i really do love you, you’re such an amazing guy, and it still boggles my mind how you still chose me out of all the other girls. i know we had some tough times but i promise i’ll always love you, like i always have, and to try to stop you from doing anything stupid, knowing you. i promise that whatever happens won’t, and shouldn’t come between us, ever. and maybe in the end, you and i, we’re both cliche cheese balls.

- Sigrid Messina

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You are a sweetheart and I love you for that. You have helped with kind words, I once sent an ask talking about hating myself for relapsing and you've helped so much I can't put it into words. Love you Ducky

Ah, I’m glad that I could help you! How are you doing nowadays? I love you too!

When I say, I love you, it’s not because I want you or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are.

Have you ever met that person

Who you’re not attracted

But when time passes

Every word

Every smile 

Every laugh

Every moments 

whether good or bad

that you have shared

They became 

beautiful, vivid

and bright.

And you come to the point

 to ask yourself 

“Do I love her?”


Actual quotes from “The War”, EXO's album:

“Yeah, I want it, yeah, I need it.”
“You can tease me however you want.”
“Baby, a time just for us. What you do? Like this, ooh, I love you, ooh.”
“Baby we can go higher.”
“I want to lean into this night and wrap myself around you.”
“Come closer so I can feel more, I want to go even farther.”
“Let’s stay up all night.”
“I’ll cover you warmly with my whole body.”
“I’m thirsty, thirsty.”
“Yo, nice skirt, you push me up to the mound pitcher.”
“Put it to work.”
“Hit me and we’re going hard.”
“Something completely raw.”
“Let’s take this to the end, rock and roller.”
“A fire burning even deeper, not knowing how to stop, a burning heat all over my body, enduring through time.”
“I’m already back to you tied up.”
“I keep going deeper, like I’m addicted to you.”
“An adrenaline rush, pumping through my whole body. I don’t know what you do to me.”
“Up and down like a roller coaster.”
“I spread through you softly, like something familiar.”
“It goes down, down baby, leave your body to the rhythm. It goes down, down baby, let it go and scream.”
“Baby, are you down?”
“It’s our last night, a night just for us. Don’t be nervous and come to me, leave it all to me.”
“And my hands lose their way, baby, my hands, my hands.”
“In front of me now you’re feeling good now. Yeah, I’m feeling good now. (…) My mind blacks out.”
“I wake up my imagination and come up with hundreds of ideas of you.”
“With just one small move of your hands you can completely shake me up. Shake it, babe.”
“Your pale fingertips… Oh, like they’re trying to tempt me. Sometimes like they don’t care. Your gestures make me dizzy, show me more of you.”