“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..

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Emmerdale Survey Results

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It’s a power play! I love it!
—  Marisha Ray, giggling maniacally after Vex’ahlia opens the door completely naked to greet Percy

Supportive leg pat: GPF edition (see also: NHK edition)

Episode nine

Episode nine….

what about the number nine makes both Skam and Eyewitness make one boy say they love the other???

Even: *text to Isak* “…. remember that. Love you. Even.”

Philip: “I love you, Lukas, please wake up.”


DO THESE TWO SHOWS HAVE SOME SORT OF PACT(i am aware Eyewitness is an American adaptation of Øyevitne and i have seen it bUT STILL)


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If you're still taking requests, could you do something with Hana and Lucio?

“One of those mornings, huh?”

Lúcio grimaces and nods, directing his wheelchair forward and angling it so it aligns with the armchair Hana is curled up in. “Couldn’t be bothered,” he admits, reaching out to pat the knobbly curl of his knee. “Not like anything huge is happening today.”

Hana hums agreement and passes him a controller, exiting out of her game and switching to multiplayer. The base is quiet - most of the older agents are out somewhere, nearby in France if Hana remembers correctly, so she and Lúcio have the place to themselves. Zenyatta and Hanzo are out and about somewhere, but for the most part, they’ve been keeping to themselves, or at least Hana hadn’t seen them in the mess or anywhere else.

“You eaten anything?” he asks once the loading screen comes up, matching them with some random competitor across the world. Hana is using Genji’s account for at least some anonymity; Lúcio plays under the name Frogger to avoid attention.

“I had breakfast,” Hana says defensively.

“Which was?”

“… A granola bar.”

Lúcio lets out a laugh. “One game, then we’re going to go eat actual food, okay?”

“Fine, fine,” Hana grumbles. “I just wasn’t that hungry.”

“Well, you’ve given your stomach plenty of time to digest, so I’m sure more food won’t hurt. Besides, you’ve been at this for hours.”

“Two,” she corrects. At his raised eyebrow, she places her hand across her chest, over her heart, and says, “I swear it was only two. I got up around eight or so today.”

“And how long were you up streaming?”

“I got seven hours of sleep! You don’t need to parent me, Lúcio.”

“Just checking,” he says, dragging out the ‘u’, and Hana rolls her eyes, unable to keep a smile off of her face. “Can’t blame me for it, it’s part of my job description.”

“I know. I appreciate it, really.” He gives her an unimpressed look and she throws her hands up in the air, temporarily abandoning her controller. “What do you want from me, a declaration that you’re the best or something?”

“That doesn’t sound too bad, actually.”

“If I stroke your ego any more, it will fill the entire room.”

“Ow, harsh! You wound me.” He barks out a startled laugh when she reaches over to whack his shoulder. “Okay, sorry! Jeez, so ungrateful.”

“I just said thank you!”

“You said you appreciated it, totally different thing.”

Gomabseubnida,” she says with a chuckle. “Happy?”

“Marginally,” Lúcio says, though he sounds and looks pleased. “Now let’s kick ass so we can eat.”

“As if it was ever in doubt,” Hana replies, and they share a smile and it’s game on.

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my best friend’s with a fuckhead of a boyfriend, she knows he’s a fuckhead, she knows I know he’s a fuckhead, at one point he dumped her then asked for her back and she agreed, and I gotta be honest, it’s getting to the point where I’m getting damn sick of her complaining about him because she tells me about all this shitty stuff he does all the time and refuses to leave him and it’s like… I want her to be happy and I want her to be treated right and I’ve told her so many times to dump his ugly ass and she just won’t so why the hell do I have to keep hearing about him

you don’t fucking like how he treats you?? DUMP. HIM.