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Just because dean's siren was a man that doens't mean that he is bi , the siren represent what he really wanted in a person in that precise moment and to dean what he needed most was a BROTHER who could understand him , he just got out of hell , he wanted all the support he could get from a BROTHER who seems to have change in the time he was away . That's why his siren was a man , a brother , not just because dean secretly wants to be with a man .

okay, sure, that’s your interpretation. but you do know that people can have a different opinion? 

my interpretation of this episode was this: siren is a creature that disguises itself as someone that you would want to have a romantic relationship with and would be attracted to (have sex with). logically, i shouldn’t even say anything else. cause that’s just it. 

dean even describes it as ‘whatever floats the guy’s boat’. one of the meaning of this phrase is whatever turns you on, interests you, suits you, something you like, your preference or choice. the siren itself says that all it wants is to fall in love over and over again.

there are two examples of how siren works in the episode, and all of them were romantically/sexually based. if spn wanted to make clear that all dean wanted was a platonic relationship with someone who understood him, it could’ve tried better. 

so no, don’t act like my interpretation is less important and meaningful than yours. i have as much right to it as you do to yours.


Now come on! That’s not very kind! How would you like to be told that, huh? You should know better! Calling my brother fat! Again! You’re all AWFUL people! How do people even put up with mean, nasty people like you?? SHAME!!

Karamatsu: Heh! Too sexy to get up~

Karamatsu: Rhyming IS sexy~ Like me~

I’ve changed my mind. Insult him all you want.

I can’t eat all these! I had enough already!

Thankyou… but I’ll have to give them to the food disposal unit…

Here you go, food disposal unit.

He has muffins now. And he DID get to eat lunch. Nobody stopped him.




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Think of something off the top of you head and just draw it, but I still hate myself for not being able to. It just discourages me as an artist, and I don't know what to do. Sometimes I just want to cry because I think I'll never be a good artist.2/2

every artist i personally look up to actually /encourages/ people to use as many reference images as you need. thats the way you learn anatomy and poses. even people like michelangelo, monet, etc. drew by looking at something, whether they were painting a scenery or a model. sure, being able to draw a pose off the top of your head is nice, although that’ll only come naturally after you’ve practiced by studying references. for some people its easier than others, but regardless, don’t feel bad for using references!


“There are so many reasons for that. I don’t wanna lose ya. Do you want to see me or talk to me at all?”

The last message I recieved from a good friend of mine. I replied that he would tell me all the stuff he told me before if we would talk. Stuff like “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again…”. After he harassed me, lied to me, wanted to kill himself because of me and attacked me verbally and physically I don’t want to stay in contact with him anymore. Even though we had good times. Sometimes I miss him and I know this sounds weird but after all of this I couldn’t hate him. I know the friendship with him is toxic and I hope one day I will be able to not think about him.

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Hi there! I know you get tons of messages so it may be a while before you see this or respond but that is okay. I don't have many passions in life but I really love animals so I want to have a job that lets me work with them. I was thinking of becoming a Dog/Pet Trainer and Groomer but even though I have researched different places that offer training programs near me (I live in KY) I am still really confused about how to become a trainer and groomer. Do you have any tips on where to go?

Stores like Petco & Petsmart have their own training programs and can get you started as both a trainer and a groomer. I do not have experience earning certificates via chain stores, but I do know they require you to sign a contract and non-compete in order to stay in their program. 

You can also express interest in grooming by getting a job at a reputable grooming salon and simply asking! You will have to start off as a dog bather, but usually there will be some groomer that would love to show you the ins & outs.

I’ve heard okay reviews about Animal Behavior College. They have both dog training and dog grooming courses and include actual hands on training. There’s also Karen Pryor Academy for dog training, but in the end what you want is to be certified by the right organizations. Taking courses and gaining experience is key, but it should all lead up to being APDT & CPDT-KA Certified (in the US) for dog training.

I’m not sure if there is a certification process for dog grooming? Honestly certifications aren’t even required to be either, but it gives you the extra push into the career you want, while also learning important information. Learning by experience is great, but it is important to take proper courses to learn specifics. Especially when it comes to the well being of someone’s pet.

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you know what pisses me off? how anti-joker/harley shippers tag joker x harley or mad love in their hate posts. do you think we really want to see your BULLSHIT!? ----- besides that really adore your blog :)

Awww, thank you! ^______^ ♥

I know, it’s just awful. But there will always be haters, we can’t change this. Even a movie will not change this XD But we keep do what we’re doing and love what we’re loving and don’t care about the haters. They don’t deserve this amount of attention (︶▽︶)

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Ok , i don't know if it was my ask about him and Mark still being friends that person was referring to - i don't even know if Jack answered it- but if it was, i have this to say: I didn't ask because of the boss pose. I asked before i saw that because i got a nagging worry that they weren't friends anymore. I didn't want to start something in the tags , so i went to Jack's ask box. I didn't do it to be obnoxious , i did it to shut up my brain. I'm sorry if it made anyone mad.

It’s okay boo, don’t worry! I think a lot of people had the question on their mind anyway so I’m glad Jack had the opportunity to clear the air about it, it now gives people a reason to chill out about the whole thing [especially with the boss pose thing, even though you may not be referring to that!]

If your question really bothered Jack for starters, he wouldn’t have answered it, I think it was good of him to confirm things and swipe away rumours. Try not to be too hard on yourself bubs, everything is cool now and you have every single right to ask questions you’re curious about <3


I was tagged by: @eremin888 to do the face reveal challenge thing?
Even though you deleted yours. ~_~

I look funny in the second picture lol.
The more I look at these pictures the more I hate them welp.

I tag: @kikotsukino, @n-k-y and anyone who wants to do this because I don’t really know who’s comfortable with revealing their face. (You also don’t have to do this!)

i can’t tell if im getting better or worse. see, the aching in my heart has stopped but now my hands just cannot stop shaking. ive stopped crying everyday but now i just end up throwing things at the wall and hurting myself. my hands are rubbed raw from hanging onto the last remains of you, my legs are burning from all the running away i seem to do, and my soul is so goddamn tired. i can’t sleep it out because even in my sleep, i think of you and what i had hoped we could’ve been. i can’t stop burning my skin in the shower, i can’t stop hoping you’ll beg for me not to let go of you. i can’t stop holding on and jesus fuck more than anything, i want to let go but my hands have only ever know how to hold on as tight as possible. // tell me to let go, make this easier for me, stop making me want to hold on. i want to fucking let go.


Focuses on the day Neji was branded. 

Reaching up, Neji traced the intricate design on his father’s forehead. “Will it hurt?” He asked quietly.

“Yes,” he had told enough lies that morning. That was one lie that he couldn’t tell. ”But I will be there, holding your hand. Are you afraid?” 

Looking down, Neji stared at his feet, and nodded his head. Again, he was pulled into the warmth, and safety of his father’s arms. “I don’t want this for you, Neji. You need to know that. I love you. I…” 

“I can do it. I can protect the clan. I will! So you don’t have to cry anymore. I promise to protect everyone, even you.” 

Hizashi was torn between being proud of his son’s bravery and disappointed in his eagerness to accept his fate. Although, he had to remind himself that Neji was still a child, and that he had no idea what he was saying. It was such a cruel thing to do, shattering a child’s dreams, and he couldn’t bring himself to do so.

“I believe in you, Neji,” he smiled despite the tears in his eyes. “I know that I can always rely on you.”

Bright and early the next morning, Hizashi and Neji stood in the hallway outside of the Hyūga Council’s boardroom. Down the hall, Hiashi and Hinata were heading in their direction. Neji waved at the young Heiress, and she glanced shyly at her father before looking down at her hands. 

Frowning, Neji lowered his hand. It would appear that Hizashi wasn’t the only one to have a word with his child last night. Hizashi placed a comforting hand on Neji’s shoulder. 

“Hiashi-sama. Hinata-sama.” Hizashi bowed stiffly.  

“Hn.” Hiashi glanced down at Neji with a look of remorse on his face. Then he blinked, masking the emotion, and returning to his usual mask of indifference. “You don’t have to watch, Hizashi. You can just wait in the hall until it’s over.” 

It took every ounce of his restraint to keep himself from sending his older brother flying through the nearest wall. Like hell he was going to wait in the hall, while his son was sent to the wolves.

“I’m going to be there to hold his hand.” Hizashi glanced at Hinata. The unspoken question was clear. 

“She needs to be there to witness,” Hiashi said. “One day, it will be her duty to carry on the clan’s traditions. I know that this isn’t something that a child should witness, but I want Hinata to be prepared.” 

“Neji is a child.” Hizashi couldn’t hold his tongue any longer. “Instead of watching, safely, behind his Father’s robes, he’ll be the one suffering.” 


“You know that this is cruelty. He’s your nephew.” 

The two children looked at their fathers. Hinata hid further behind the clan head, while Neji stood by his father’s side, waiting to see what would happen next. 

“Imagine if their roles were reversed.” Hizashi pressed on. 

Hiashi scowled. “Are you that eager to show your son an example of what the seal is capable of? Hold your tongue!” It was the lingering love that he felt towards his twin that held him back every time, but Hizashi’s luck was running out. 

Neji tugged on his hand. “Tou-san?” 

Sighing, Hizashi looked at his son, and smiled reassuringly. If Neji witnessed him having his seal activated now, that would only terrify him, and make the situation more difficult than it already was. 

The doors finally opened, and the former clan head stepped out. Taiyō glanced at both of his sons, telling them with his eyes that he’d overheard their conversation. However, he didn’t say a word on the matter. “Bring the boy.”

He had never acknowledged Neji as his grandson, and Hizashi never required his son to treat him as a grandfather. Hiashi walked in first, with Hinata holding on to his robes. She didn’t understand what was going on, not truly.  

Hizashi bent down to pick his son up. It would be better if he held him during the branding. 

Times like that, Taiyō was grateful that his second son was branded. Several times throughout the ceremony, he thought Hizashi would intervene, and attack Hiashi. The sound of his son’s cries nearly drove the man insane, and it was obvious. 

 Hizashi didn’t lash out, like he expected, but it brought him comfort knowing that if he did it would have been futile. That was probably the only reason why he and the other council members were still alive.

Midway through the process, Hinata fainted, and had to be carried out by Natsu. Seeing her older cousin like that had been too much for her to handle. 

Most of the Branch House children fainted; some threw up, or soiled themselves. On rare occasions some suffered nose bleeds, or ear discharge.  However, Neji only cried and screamed in Hizashi’s arms. 

Taiyō couldn’t help but think that they’d branded the wrong child. 


Brushing his fingers across the fresh bandages, Neji grimaced. The pain had subsided to a dull ache thanks to the medicine Natsu brought by the house. Once the ceremony was over, Neji cried himself to sleep in Hizashi’s arms, and his father continued to hold him while he slept. 

“Here we are,” Hizashi removed several scrolls from the floorboards of his closet, and he moved from his knees to take a seat on the floor. He waited until Neji was seated in his lap before unraveling the parchment. 

“What is it?” asked Neji. He curiously stared at the colorful illustrations. 

“Eight Trigrams Palms: Revolving Heaven.” 

Neji frowned. “That’s a long name.” 

“It is.” Hizashi chuckled. The technique was meant to be passed down orally, but his father cheated, and had it illustrated in order for Hiashi to study it before bed each night.

“When I was a young boy, I would wait until Hiashi-sama was sleeping, and read over these scrolls. This one was my favorite. Once Hiashi learned the technique he no longer cared for the scrolls so I took them.”  

“That’s stealing, tou-san!” Neji scolded his father. 

“I know. But you can’t tell on me or I’ll get in trouble.” 

“It can be our secret,” he assured him. He held up his pinky. “I promise not to tell.” Father and son joined their pinkies, promising to keep the secret between them. 

Hizashi went on to explain the technique in detail, pointing out the amount of chakra that was necessary, and taking the time to make sure Neji understood how the chakra network operated. Neji didn’t hesitate to ask questions about anything that confused him, and Hizashi was more than willing to answer every inquiry. 

“Would you like to see how it’s done, Neji?” 

Neji’s face lit up. His earlier discomfort was long forgotten. “Please, tou-san!” 

“Come on. I’ll show you where I used to spend most of my mornings.” 


The woods behind the compound were off limits, and that was precisely why Hizashi chose it as training area when he was younger. Majority of the time, all of the attention was on his older brother, so it was easier for him to disappear for hours without anyone noticing. 

He would lose himself in his training, for hours. With the hopes of defying his fate as his only source of motivation. The first time he was able to expel chakra from every part of his body, he’d been so happy. Then he cried because there was no one there to pat him on the back, or urge him to keep up the good work.  But that didn’t stop him from practicing every day until he mastered it. 

“We can’t stay out long. The later it gets the colder.” Hizashi watched his son gape at one of the larger indentations in the ground. There were several left from his training, leaving his mark on the earth. “Stand back, Neji.” 

Nodding his head, Neji took a few steps back. “Further back.” Hizashi calmly instructed. 

He ran to the nearest tree and leaned against it. When he looked up at his father he saw the look on his face. “Further back?” he asked. 

“I don’t want you to get hit with any debris. With any sticks or rocks.” He clarified.   

When Neji was at a safe distance, Hizashi began. He hadn’t attempted the move in years, but it came to him naturally. Controlling the size of the sphere would have been an easy task, but he wanted to show his son an example of the technique’s potential. It was his way of showing Neji, that despite the mark on his forehead there were no limits to his greatness. 

Branches and rocks levitated from the ground all around Hizashi. The intensity of the chakra sphere had the bare tree limbs swaying back and forth. Neji felt the cool breeze against his skin, it was almost smoothing. Inviting. But also deadly. He was grateful for his location behind the tree. 

Once it was over, and the air stilled, Neji remained rooted, unable to move an inch. He had always thought highly of his father. In his eyes, there was no one stronger, but now…Was there anything Hizashi couldn’t do? 

Hizashi motioned for him, and Neji came. “What do you think?” He asked. 

Absently, Neji touched his forehead. It was still hurting. “I don’t think I’ll be able to do that,” he lowered his head, and stared at the ground. 

“Why not? With practice, you can do anything.” 

“But what if I’m not good enough…” 

“You are more than good enough, Neji.” Hizashi picked him up, and held him close to his chest. “Never let anyone tell you otherwise. There will be people that will tell you that you’re worthless, or weak, but, Son; I want you to know that’s not true. You are capable of achieving great things, all you have to do is work hard, and remain true to yourself. Don’t limit yourself, ever.” 

Neji didn’t fully comprehend what Hizashi was saying, not at that moment; still, he would always remember each and every word. Until the day came when he could make sense of what his father was trying to tell him. 

“Starting tomorrow, this can be our secret place. We can come in the mornings, and I’ll show you everything I know. The scrolls are yours now, but you can’t mention them to anyone. Would you like that?” 

“Yes,” he smiled brightly.” I would like that a lot, tou-san.” 

And when I’m long gone I want you to continue to come here. This is your safe haven now, Neji.  Hizashi glanced around the clearing fondly before carrying his son home. 

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Your name is so gorgeous like I want to name my daughter that now because I love it so much now that I actually know how to pronounce it and there is like, a tiny bit of Irish blood in my family so it's justified even though my mom will freak about it.


(also any other Irish names or words you guys have trouble with I will pronouce them for you! DO NOT FEAR!)


Yes I do them too and thank you so much!^^ 

  • at first he would be a bit shy around you
  • small skinship like holding hands, hugs and pecks
  • but after you’ve been a bit longer together he would get more confident and start giving more passionate kisses and hugs :-)
  • backhugs everywhere
  • when he’s backhugging you he would rest his head on your shoulder, or head if you’re short
  • would tease u by speaking chinese 
  • so you’ll be like “really now minghao”
  • but if you know chinese then wow congrats u guys can diss eachother everyday
  • wants to adopt a pet
  • he likes animals so any pet would be ok, although he would prefer a dog
  • pick-up lines
  • i’m not even joking this guy would randomly pop out of nowhere like
  • “Do u have a shovel? Because i’m digging that ass ;)))” 
  • “I’ll hit you with a shovel if u don’t shut up”
  • “Oh”
  • you would be the one who cook like everything for him
  • because he likes to eat
  • and he needs to eat
  • “yeah Y/N its o k- go take a shower i’ll cook for us :3″
  • fire alarm goes off
  • u end up running out of the bathroom naked
  • ^^^and if you don’t want that to happen
  • now let’s talk about more rated m stuff
  • not really 
  • but if you want to skip this part then ok 

  • making out with him would be all hot and slow like ughsjsaf
  • bites your lips
  • likes to give hickies
  • especially on your collarbones or tits
  • oh and his lips are like perfect,
  • his kisses would be perfect too
  • loves it when he’s grinding on you and you wrap your legs around his waist 
  • also when you moan in his ears
  • teASE
  • like sure he wants to give you a lot of orgasms
  • but at the same time-
  • -orgasm denial
  • like he’ll finger u and when you’re about to cum, he pulls out with a cocky smirk
  • and in a nice movie night with the other members he would want you to give him a handjob cuz why not :-)

this is boyfriend au so i’ll stop with the rated m stuff lol

  • he needs love so make sure you give him lots of it
  • like you don’t need to tell him “i love u” every single time because that would be just plain annoying, really
  • but like small pecks or hugs will do it
  • or cuddles
  • now that i said that
  • minghao likes cuddling 
  • wants to be the big spoon but if you really wanted to be the big spoon then he would be ok with it
  • a lot of bickering over stupid things
  • have you seen him bickering with mingyu?
  • if yes then you’ll know what it would be like-
  • -cute and others who happens to see it would smile at you guys because
  • “what a dumb couple lmao”
  • While watching a movie he would like to make fun of the characters
  • and if you like it too then good
  • because then you can make fun of them together and in the end both of you are like
  • “wtf happened in the movie”
  • i don’t think he likes to watch romantic movies that much so he would prefer watching action or comedy movies
  • i forgot to mention that if you’re with Minghao, then you’re also with Jun and Mingyu 
  • and if theres Mingyu there’s Wonwoo
  • so good luck

should i make more these?

and requests are open again! 


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Au where the human party members are seraphim, and vice versa?

So I assume that would make Mikleo the Shepherd and Sorey (lightning seraph?) one of his Sub Lords, which is already a really interesting premise right there.

They run into Lailah in the ruins, and just like before, Mikleo wants to leave her there but Sorey encourages him to save her just like before, not only because he wants to save her but because in this AU HE would be the one worried about leaving Mikleo behind/Mikleo needing human companions.

Sorey takes the fall from Gramps, when Lailah returns to Ladylake, they both realize that Lunarre is after her. In this scenario, Sorey brings it up to Mikleo and says that they have to save her. Mikleo is hesitant, Sorey says he’ll go by himself if he has to, Mikleo decides to come with because Sorey the humans can’t even see you you idiot.

Alisha is the Lady of the Lake, and she desperately want to help Ladylake, but no one can see her until Mikleo shows up. (Rose takes Dezel’s place entirely, secretly watching over him and Dezel has no idea she’s there, Dezel is the one that lets them into the ceremony)

Mikleo becomes the Shepherd to save the people of Ladylake, with Alisha (I’m thinking she’s a water seraph for some reason?) as his Prime Lord. He also doesn’t want to make Sorey his Sub Lord at first, his protective instincts are still in full force, and Sorey would leave and pout, but where Sorey required a sad, lonely trip through the ruins to figure things out, Mikleo would figure out pretty quickly that unless he plans on sending Sorey away altogether, he’ll need the power of purification.

Mikleo makes Lailah his first Squire, and when Sorey comes back, he becomes a Sub Lord. They travel with Lailah to Marlind, and on the way they meet Edna, a human girl with really high resonance. Her older brother was reborn as a seraph, continued taking care of her, but is now a dragon. Edna doesn’t actually have any combat abilities (though her parasol still packs a punch) but she sticks around because she has nowhere else to go (a la Elle in Xillia 2)

Lailah leaves the party, but then Dezel shows up and it turns out he has really high resonance because of Rose’s tampering. Dezel is still seeking revenge, while Rose just wanted to form the Windriders and keep them safe, but Sorey and Alisha argue that they need a new Squire and that Dezel is still pure despite his revenge seeking, so Dezel becomes the new Squire.

Dezel dies seeking revenge, and in this version, Rose lives to regret the consequences of her tampering. She tried to save Dezel, but it was too late. Basically, Dezel is still fridged either way, sorry bud. Zaveid probably takes over as Squire after Dezel dies, same as before. He still has the gun, because why not? Turns out he was Edna’s brother’s boyfriend before he became a seraphim, so he wants to stick with Edna and the gang.

Mikleo comes up with the idea to sleep with Maotelus while the world is purified, and Sorey backs him up on that. In this version, it’s Sorey that watches the light in the sky for centuries, and it’s Sorey that is caught by Mikleo, reborn as a beautiful water seraph, just like Sorey caught Mikleo way back when in Elysia.

[give me an au and i’ll give you headcanons about it]

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Some specific group of people, people who are shipping Sherlock with another person, are shitting on John. Its the new trend apparently. I was like wtf?? They're making up the most stupid reasons to hate on him, do you think he is abusive in anyway?

lmao “some specific group of people” I love how we all Know

oh yeah I’m aware of that, I don’t even know what they’re watching the show for tbh. and I wouldn’t have this blog if I thought John was abusive


Okay so I know my birthday is just in three weeks. But I want everyone to be well prepared.
I thought about doing something special this year.
And because I always wanted to be such a lady and diva like my mum, I’m throwing a fancy Tea Party .

The party will be themed as Victorian/Edwardian Style, so everyone can feel like a real Lady or Gentlemen at this day.

When? 19th of August afternoon til evening
Where? Botanical garden in the Hamptons (NY)
Dress code? Vintage Victorian or Edwardian

So every one is invented!
@joey-rico @selenexandxserafina @1-800-tanisha @kaylaashxo @lifebygab

Oh and the real after party is a week later at my friends club in LA.

OOC: if you wanna come to the party, just send me the files until the 15th of August

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this is random but do u ever think about dorian being a huge nerd like he spends so much time in skyhold's library complaining about the lack of organization and books they CLEARLY NEED but like. imagine the inquisitor cracking open a book and dorian has all the margins filled with notes and scribbles and *corrected* diagrams and they just look up like dorian. this author's been dead for ten years u can't argue with a guy who isn't even here and dorian just goes WATCH ME.

anon this is my life force. dorian is a scholar, and every scholar i know is a goddamn nerd baby. inquisitor has probably found dorian with a stack of books beside his chair mumbling at an author and their “ridiculous phrasing and preposterous thesis” at 4 in the morning.

“inquisitor i will argue with dead people if i want to why do you think i went into necromancy.” “to give dead authors what’s coming to them.” “exactly.”

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♥ + shibayama-junpei

Send me a “♥ + a Url” my muse will have to answer about their

{Kaiserin verse again because blah blah blah you know the drill}

1. Relationship Status: 

- Blitzmon is my second most loyal subordinate. Which is kind of a feat, considering that the most loyal is Aquilamon, which is my starter digimon.

2. Feelings toward them:

- He is funny and a nice person, I guess. Peharps too nice, to be honest. I just want him to take his duties more seriously.

3. Fantasies about them:

- …none, really.

4. Trait they like:

- Well, he does know how to bake a good cake and even I gotta admit that he makes me laugh. Sometimes.

5. Trait they dislike:


6. Favorite thing to do to bug them:

- It’s usually he who bugs me, really.

7. Favorite thing to do to cheer them up:

- He usually gets very happy to see me. So existing, maybe?

8. Nightmare they had involving them:

- He was in that nightmare I had with Duskmon and Cherubimon. I don’t want to talk more about it, okay?

9. Dream they had involving them:

- …that he was my parent’s store mascot and was juggling Poromons to attract customers. I guess that nee-san is right when she says that I’m addicted to that game…

10. Desire from them right at this moment:


i’ve always wanted to do this, but too lazy to do it. last week, i hit 5k so i thought why not? it’s a milestone right? lol anyways some of you might have forgotten me or don’t even know me but thank you for being a part of this blog since i was xromanogers and iavenge. anyways, have a great day x


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also a special shoutout to my romanogers babes just because you guys are a gem, seriously:

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sorry if i missed out on some people, but it’s 03:52 am so :)