not going to lie, Natsu’s past is really fucked up.

I mean

he found out that he is a demon, e.n.d, and he is ‘dead’ and the most 'evil’ wizard is his brother and creator. o and he was all alone when he went to the future. plus If Zeref dies, he dies and he has to kill Zeref before Zeref kills everyone he knows and loves.

don’t you think that’s more fucked up? Maybe a little worst than Erza.

That’s my opinion at least

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killing me softly with that Chan fic.. :^) i just sat down and read it and literally felt so attacked 🌚 lol it was so good!! that fucking cane dance is going to be the end of me.. and i'm okay with that lmao

I’ve never wanted to be a cane more in my life. Like

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I like being a cane

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Nothing is better than

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Being a cane

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and being so close 

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To the boy’s 

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gosh kill me now


look here why can’t they stop touching each other is my fucking question okay


If you know me in real you’d know I doodle Tigress a lot. And drawing her digitally is even more fun, so here, have some sketchy doodles of this stripy baby. Not my best of course though… just kind of like one of those old time-for-a-5-minute-doodle drawings. xD

(I was a bit lazy with the shading in the first one haha.)

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Do you relate to Severus in any way? What makes him special to you?

Yes. I do. His character is very personal to me in a lot of ways, both in the sort of person that I find myself very attracted to (my spouse is half-English and suffered a very traumatic childhood with a violently alcoholic father and a timid, easily cowed mother. Also, the first time I met him, he was wearing all black and scowly and had long, black greasy hair and I was like…oooh. He was also all quiet and shy and had to work himself up to talk to me, which I thought was adorable) and also things about myself that I can relate to- 

  • how much I enjoy my solitude,
  • my tendency to overanalyze EVERYTHING and always have a contingency plan, 
  • the fact that I’m really talented at a lot of things, but I don’t tend to apply myself much until I find myself drawn into some group or event or other sort of situation where I can shine.
  • my very pessimistic worldview, which is somehow counteracted by my utterly illogical unflinching hope in the best of people.
  • my desire to do something that is bigger than myself, even if I get screwed over or never get recognition for it, as long as it means that it helps make things better
  • I have lots of scars, some bigger than others. The large ones on my right arm are a source of some anxiety and shame and I don’t really like people seeing them, so I cover them up. Also, the metal in my arm aches and burns when the weather changes.
  • The snarking (mostly in my head) about some of the things that my children do because it keeps me sane. “Oh yes, it’s so hard to be a baby. Why, I’m an absolute MONSTER for changing your soiled diaper.”  “Oh, I’m so unfair, asking you to WEAR A SEATBELT. Truly, I ought to be sent off to prison for suggesting such a thing.”
  • My workplace reminds me a bit of Hogwarts, but only if the castle were made out of concrete blocks and the Forbidden Forest nearby was full of junkies and giant birds. There’s a dragon in there somewhere, too.
  • I enjoy wearing all black, including long, dark coats that billow around theatrically behind me. It’s totally my aesthetic, though I know I don’t look nearly as good as Snape does.
  • I am somewhat self conscious about my…lumpy, weird, often traitorous body. I don’t have any problem with my body for what it is. It works okay, and at least my pain levels are manageable. But the idea of being loved, valued, or even seen as desirable is hard for me to reconcile with the reality of my physical manifestation. So…it really does fill me with a sense of believing to think of how much someone like Snape is loved by so many other people, even though he is regularly described in negative ways. It shows me that the value that we place on people is not necessarily based solely on how we look- that who we are as people influences how people see us far more than a crooked nose or frizzy hair or a lumpy belly.  It gives me a sense of feeling like I can be a hero, even if I don’t look like the classic hero, if that makes any sense.

So there you go! A long (but not exhaustive) list of why I love Severus Snape as a character and spend a good chunk of my very limited free time waxing poetic about him. I hope that wasn’t too painful to read. XD

Hah. I’m pretty sure I have gained like 20 pounds within these two weeks. The one thing I fucking hate about traveling is I eat out every. Damn. Day. I loathe eating out.

But Imagine Lance with Negative Perfectionism

-It has been something he struggled with his whole life and sometimes its a real rough time for him when its triggered

-He hates telling people he has it because most people are under the impression that perfectionism is a good thing and he hates trying to explain that’s not the case

-Whenever he doesn’t meet his personal above average standards he sets for himself, Lance just lashes out.

-This is the beginning of his rivalry with Keith because he struggles with accepting that Keith is a better pilot and living under the illusion that their neck-in-neck keeps him from crashing mentally.

-Hunk knows because he’s witnessed one of Lance’s break downs after class one day when he failed the simulator and Lance was literally pulling his hair out from stress and disappointment in himself

-Hunk actually did research on it after Lance admitted it, and realized how many habits he had once seen as annoying was actually symptoms and coping mechanisms

-This is why Lance is constantly hitting on others, because he’s hoping they will return the praise and boost his crippling confidence.

-It’s also why he always smiles, because it’s easier than admitting he’s feeling hopeless or left out.

-He is terrified of telling the other team members because he doesn’t want them to see him as ‘less than perfect’ for having a mental disorder that causes several other issues like depression and OCD tendencies.

-One specific side effect of his perfectionism is his attitude where he doesn’t try hard or procrastinates, because he knows if he works on a particular task he won’t be able to do it the way he wants it done and why bother?

-Hunk can always tell when Lance is really having a hard day and knows all sorts of tricks to help out~because that’s what best friends are for