I don’t usually go to the trouble of linking stolen artwork post-by-post for other artists, but this one is a special kind of awful. When my (very polite, very kind) friend messaged this art thief (way more politely than they deserved) about the art they’d stolen, this happened^

Pics and links below the cut (all with NO credit).

As always, please do not harass this art thief and don’t report the art unless you own it (Instagram only allows artists to claim their own work). DO tag/message artists if you see their work in the pics below, because I didn’t get all of them.

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ships :-)

i’m sick and bored so yeah

what you need to do 

follow me

reblog this post

ask me a question, tell me who you ship me with, write me a blurb (i’ll write you one back if you do this!), etc.

what you’ll get


who is more affectionate:

who is the worrier:

who sends the other memes in the middle of the night:

who wakes up first:

who always tries to initiate sexual stuff at inappropriate times:

who plans the better dates:

who gets the other little presents out of the blue:

who suggests having kids first:

who hogs the blankets at night:

who always begs to get a puppy:

blurb (if you wrote me one):

no notes and we’ll never find out what cashton really did in hawaii

New Scenario/Reaction Blog!

I will be doing:

·         reactions

·         scenarios

·         drabbles

·         MTLs

·         ships

·         any genre (angst, fluff, smut, AUs, anything!)

·         certain requests may take longer to put up than others, but I promise to get to them!

The groups I know well and accept are: NCT, Astro, Seventeen, BTS, VIXX and EXO, but I will try to learn for any groups which are requested so the content I post for you guys is as accurate as possible!

There will be absolutely no smut or suggestive content containing underage members, and any ask for it will be deleted.

Requests are currently open! If you’d like to know more about me or request guidelines then ask ahead. I hope you enjoy my blog! ^^

if you have split attractions and you do choose to use the split attraction model or do find it useful, your orientation is good and valid and you’re not wrong for using something that is helpful to you in talking about your experiences

using the split attraction model is your choice. even if other people try to pressure you into redefining your experiences, telling you you shouldn’t use the split attraction model, your orientation is still valid. you don’t have to refrain from using or identifying with it. your orientation is your own to label and describe.

if you have split attractions and you choose not to use the split attraction model or don’t find it useful, your orientation is good and valid and you’re not wrong for not using something that isn’t helpful to you in talking about your experiences

using (or rather, not using) the split attraction model is your choice. even if other people try to pressure you into redefining your experiences, telling you you should use the split attraction model, your orientation is still valid. you don’t have to use it or identify with it. your orientation is your own to label and describe. 

no matter how you choose to describe your orientation and experiences, they are valid and you are valid.

Hello world! Let me start with a big thank you.We reached 10k and I just can’t believe it. In honor of this mind-blowing achievement, I decided to create my first favorites page ever. So, without further ado… let’s celebrate! 


  • Must be following me (coconuty), I will be checking 
  • Reblog this post at least once. Likes only count for bookmarking
  • Do not delete the text, self-promote on this post. Doing so will automatically disqualify you.


  • A follow back from me, if not already
  • A cute spot on my faves page (under construction)
  • I will be queuing a lot (but really a lot) from you


  • Reblog this post multiple times
  • Have a similar blog to mine 
  • Come and chat with me! I promise I don’t bite


  • Banner was made by me
  • I will be choosing when I will be satisfied with the amount of notes
  • I will be choosing 12 blogs. Depending on the notes, I might choose more

Good luck! Can’t wait to look at all your beautiful blog!

You know, I wish people didn’t remove my captions/comments off my posts when they reblog because not only is that rude ;-; but it also hurts a little bit.

ok so the studyblr aesthetic. i LOVE pretty notes. i LOVE stationery. i love anything aesthetic and i don’t see the problem w people who want to post absolutely gorgeous photos of their notes or bullet journals. over half of my blog is studyspo pics ! but i do hate the idea that new studyblrs seem to have where they have to get the “studyblr stationery” or “brand notebooks” for their bullet journals. like no?? i’ve never bought stabilos or moleskins or the kipling 100 and am fine ?? i have a pretty large following?? all you need for studyblr is the desire to learn & do better in school. 

are you a lover and admirer of smol princess nancy wheeler of stranger things? do you cry a bit when she’s in the scene? do you just want to delete every other scene of the episode and stare at nancy wheeler? then look no further, you have found the correct place.

R U L E S :

  • mbf nancy trash: celine ava olivia
  • must reblog / likes are only for bookmarking
  • fill out this quick form
  • must reach 50 notes or this absolutely never happened..
  • reblogging ends september 5th
  • we will be choosing 10-15 nancy trash

L O O K I N G  F O R :

  • nice clean theme
  • tagging system of some sort
  • nice friends who love nancy wheeler!!!!
  • blogs that post stranger things / multifandom

I F  A C C E P T E D :

  • you’ll get a spot on this page!! 
  • have friends to reblog your selfies and stuff + talk about nancy!!
  • be apart of a fun group chat!!
  • track #nancywheelernet
  • contact us for any other questions!!


Hi there darlings, Faatimah and I have become such great friends over the past couple of months. We’ve both reached a milestone in our follower count and thought it’d be great to host an awards together in honour of our friendship and achievements! So here goes!



  • Best icon (2x)
  • Best url (2x)
  • Best theme (2x)
  • Most amazing personality (2x)
  • Best overall (2x)
  • Faatimah’s personal fave (1x)
  • Haniah’s personal fave (1x)


We will choose the winners when we both have time and are happy with the notes, we hope hope you’re having a wonderful day/night!

- Haniah & Faatimah :)

I’ve been getting a lot of repeat requests for songs that haven’t come out yet, so rather than repeat myself every time, I’ll just post this.

The OP and ED for Mob Psycho 100, the ED for Amaama to Inazuma and the ED for 91 Days are scheduled to be released on August 31st. There are other songs to be released this day too, but these were the most frequently asked.

The OP for 91 Days will be out on September 7th.

For more release dates for this season, please take a look at this list.

I’m going to post these in their respective tags for now and I’ll delete this post by the time the 91 Days OP is released. I won’t be answering anymore asks related to these four songs.

Thank you for understanding! I’ll do my best to upload everything as they’re released.


Dear foodbabes,

Ehstrela and I (nouk) are starting a network for the foodlovers here on tumblr, because who doesn’t love to eat, right?
We would love to meet other foodlovers and make a little happy food place.

what is the network going to look like:
- A place where you can make a lot of new friends
- A place where we can help each other out on tumblr.
- A place where we can share recipes and our love for food.

- Mbf ehstrela and nouk
- You must reblog this post (like do not count)
- Be a sweet person (:
- Fill in this form here so we can get to know you a little bit (Only takes less than a minute!) 

- You will make a lot of new friends
- You will get a follow from us (if not already)
- You will be featured on a super cute network page (which is still under construction)

Higer chances:
- Have the same blogstyle as us (:
- Be active and talk to us
- Reblog this post more than once!

Really higher chance:
- Message us about which food you would be and why if you could choose any food on earth!

We will be choosing around 20 blogs to join us in ‘The cooking squad’ when we are happy with the notes!

-Our amazing banner is made by haniah, you can request one of her stunning masterpieces here

Lots of love,
Ehstrela and nouk


New Commission information! I’ll be deleting my other posts to keep everything simple. I’ll be opening 5 Commission slots for the month of September, first come first serve. Also will be accepting NSFW commissions for an increased price depending on what content is needed.

 Email me at jwhitneyart(at)gmail(dot)com to reserve a slot. Details and commission rules below the cut.

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I just want more friends on here but I’m so bad with conversations. I can barely talk to my irl friends. My idea of communication is just constantly sending them posts.

i want to address a small thing regarding some people.

if you’re going to post any kind of ship hate on your blog, do not include the word of the ship in the post itself. even if not a tag, if a word matches within the written post, it will show up in the tag.

everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this also includes the shippers. i don’t care how much you hate the ship, or what you think of it.

you can avoid it showing up in the tags by adding punctuation in the middle of the name, or just delete the post in general if asked to politely.

do not post ship hate that will show up in the tag.

be considerate to other people.

anonymous asked:

Stop reblogging your shitty fic. Its a piece of unoriginal crap and so are you. No kne is goig to read it no matter how many times youfucking reblog it. Do you need someone to write a post on each fucking part telling you how fucking bad it is? Leave the dragon age fandom no one fucking wants you here.

I’ve literally been sitting here, staring at this message (and the others) for a good hour or two, debating whether to reply or to delete it like I usually do. I’m not having a good time of it recently, and let’s just say you’ve caught me in a very emotionally and mentally unstable mood. I’m going to regret replying to this and opening a can of worms. But there we go.

Who are you?

Are you one person sending lots of messages? Or a group of people sending one message each?

Why are you hate following me if you hate my work so much? If you hate me so much? 

What have I done to earn your anger? I’m really curious. I know you’re unlikely to answer, I’m speaking to the air. But I am curious to know what I’ve done that makes you so aggressive towards me?

You (be you one person or a group) send these messages every time I upload or reblog my own work. Every. Time. It’s a waste of your time, my time, and more than that, it’s actually very hurtful. I generally delete the messages and move on, because you don’t deserve the attention. Mine or anyone else’s. But actually, these messages are painful and mean, and take away from the nice things people have to say.

You make me regret having anon asks on, because you just abuse them and do so to make me feel like a shitty person for wanting to share something I’ve worked hard on. You make me feel like shit for wanting to take pride in the one thing I am marginally good at. And what for? Why? What is your reason for wanting me out of the Dragon Age fandom?

Is it because I don’t adhere to certain fucking headcanons? Is it because I don’t sandwich my Warden or Inquisitor between Alistair and Cullen? Is it because I don’t kiss ass? Is it because I don’t ship the ‘popular ships’? I mean, what the fuck is it? Or is it just because you have nothing better to do?

I’m so sick and fucking tired of this happening over and over again. I haven’t done anything to deserve it.

anonymous asked:

i'm so sad idek what to do... blackjacks and vips are usually the kindest to each other and have so much overlap, but blackjacks are saying the most horrible things about bigbang members and yb had to delete his post promoting cl's new single because vips were being awful. why would yg do this? he's created such a rift in fandoms that usually get along so well. :(

YG cares about that $$$$$$ and not much else anymore.

He’s got his head in his ass. He’s looking for the drama. This’ll drum up attention, get everyone talking about CL. All press is good press, is how the saying goes I think. It’s sad that he’s pitting his fandoms against each other but are we really surprised. He’s never tried to stop Incles and VIPs from tearing down iKon and he’s never stopped ikonics from attacking Winner. He’s always tried to monopolize on that hate. Keeps the hive buzzing.

I feel like I tend to be more level headed than most yg stans when it comes to yg. I feel like I can understand where he’s coming from in regards to most of his decisions. Even if I think they’re gross and I don’t agree with them, I can see where he might have thought they were right from the point of view that he’s a man trying to run a business and he has to do what he feels like is right to keep the company on top. I don’t think he’s the devil or a demon or whatever. I think he’s kind of a skeezy person, I’m definitely not denying that. But I think he probably has some redeeming qualities hiding in there somewhere. Idk, Jiyong seems pretty fond of him and I want to trust his judge of character lmao.

But no matter how hard I try I can’t wrap my head around the idea of CL dropping this song on the 19th instead of the 20th. I just can’t. I still love CL and I’m still going to support her and I’m sure I’ll love the song. But that doesn’t mean I have to be any less vocal about my disappointment and that doesn’t mean I can’t feel like bigbang has been rather severely disrespected in this situation. I can do both, because I’m an adult who is capable of having and processing more than one feeling at a time. Yep.

oh my gosh im so livid, there’s an instagran account @ artemis.fowl.daily and literally all they do is repost shit. its run by two people. the text posts they have at least have the url intact,
like?? oh my god. i asked them why but they havent replied.
i saw work by @liilabard @iesnoth @dizzyclown (i think) @popsicle-stick @mootiness @alchemechanist and many others, p much anyone who is on tumblr or dA. please go talk to them or report them or something. this is ridiculous.
“ARTIST: UNKNOWN” is a poor excuse
they have a link to a tumblr called @artemisfowlsource but its been deleted or the urls changed

dont support this account, lol. dont support reposters
EDIT: a hopefully promising update! i privately messaged them and we had a polite conversation- the two ppl running the account understand what they’ve done isn’t very nice, and are currently working to source current posts. new posts they make will either be original or properly given credit after permission is granted to post them. hopefully, they really mean what they say! i believe they do, if not. well, not much can be done about ppl who wanna be buttheads on purpose. even still, just going thru the tags on instagram, they are not the only people who have inappropriately reposted art, sigh

anonymous asked:

oh my gosh your doodles are so cute... do u have to delete them?

Aww heh! I just…put that in the tags cause I was really tired. Made sense to me at the time?? i was like “justtt in c ase this is stupid, lemme tag it so i can remember to delete the ssssstupid”

But some of you guys seemed to like the smoochies smooches, which im happy cause im a real WUSS when it comes to posting fluff/smut. It’s not me being a tease, I’m really just very shy. But ye, when I’m done with working on other stuff, I’ll post mooore cleaner smoochies smooches.

community psa

everyone in this community, even those who have left, are fucking beautiful people.

every. single. one.

i know i’m not terribly active. i’m not terribly famous either. sometimes i fuck up and say stupid shit. i get insecure and delete posts with no notes. i get annoyed at other people easily. i feel upset if i missed a meet-up. i don’t talk to the other community members that often.

but there’s one thing i do know.

and that’s every single last one of you are wanted and loved. we love having you here with us.