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hey dragon age confessions, I promise this is a good faith message, but the choice of image you used for this confession (post/152072186732/confession-my-family-is-putting-me-under-great) feels kind of subtextually homophobic. I imagine that wasn't the intention, but using a cap of Dorian in the reveal scene where his father was going to use blood magic to 'cure' his gayness feels inappropriate for a confession about academic pressures. it's not a great comparison to make.

The intent was to use a mage (for the possibility of being made tranquil) looking upset.  There was no other intent meant for it.  If anyone else wants it deleted, I can do so, but there was no hidden meaning behind using that cap.


mod lc

okay so I updated my amazon music and somehow it found like ALL the old music files on my computer, including a bunch of ones i thought/figured i’d deleted, but nooope

so this is like a semi-fascinating/terrifying tour through my music tastes of 10 years ago and some of it i actually still like and other times i’m like “well i liked this when i was a sophomore in college please do not judge”

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better tagged by @secretlyrosequartz thank you love you 

nickname: Eren, Ricky

star sign: Capricorn

height: 5′2

time right now: 7:25 pm

song stuck in your head: shelter by porter Robinson & madeon

last movie you watched: Pretty in Pink

last tv show you watched: Gossip Girl

what are you wearing right now: Alien shirt and Joggers

when did you create your blog: 2013

what kind of stuff do you post: anime and aesthetic and whatever I like

do you have any other blogs: I deleted all my side blogs so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

do you get asks regularly: no

why did you choose your URL: my name is Eren and I get lost

hogwarts house: who knows

gender: Masculine Agender

pokemon team: VALOR

favourite colour: Pink

average number of hours of sleep: 5

dream job: I wish I knew 😔

how many blankets do you sleep with: 4-5

I tag : @shiftree , @shounen-yo, @biosh, @xi-ren, @littlenao, @orangeapocalypse, @derpyasian, @otherowls 

 And anyone else who wants to

racism in text below

you all know that oh my girl had their comeback windy day that featured indian beats in their song. as an indian person, i really didn’t think much of it. i liked the song and oh my girl is one of my favorite rookie girl groups. through out this era, oh my girl has done ugly things and i feel like if you are their indian fan/south asian (some of the stereotypes that influenced oh my girl’s behavior affects all south asians) you should know. this list also includes other rookies groups reacting to windy day & who have said racist stuff which isn’t oh my girls fault but i am equally as annoyed at them (the other group) so yea.  i was gonna do this before but frankly i was scared of the reaction i wld get n how ppl wld say i am being sensitive lmao

1) i can’t find the clip for this one (i think it got deleted but if you find it you can post the link on the post thank u) and it wasn’t subbed so idk the context of this. but seunghee basically pretended to eat curry & do stereotypical ‘indian people (lol)’ moves aka a water down version of bharatanatyam (indian classical dance) or smth…basically a stereotype while singing windy day. and then the show edited a turban on her head which was even uglier. & everyone laughed when she did it lmao

this mess! i get that yooa and hyojung were asked to dance to an indian dance but it doesn’t change the fact that this choreo was also based on ugly stereotypes that indian and south asian ppl get taunted for lmao. u can dance to indain songs without being…idk racist..and what the fuck is this ‘indian’ song lmao. this one literally makes me the most annoyed because they are imitating and mocking indian people. @ the people cheering them on: shut up

3) this

firstly, the heart on her head is supposed to be a bindi. and again she is doing that ‘typical indian’ hand movement…idk why it’s even referred as that…literally no one in india sits around moving their hand and doing that hand movement. it’s not a daily occurrence?? also this might not seem that bad to u but people have literally came up to me & other indians and have done this and talked to us w an indian accent just to mock us so yea its kinda a big deal 

4) this isn’t oh my girl but this is fiestar another girl group
fiestar was talking abt windy day and hyemi said curry time. literally every time someone talks abt windy day…they somehow bring up curry. which is another stereotype that brown people love curry so so so much!! also no offence curry is basically the liquid part of our food. so basically whenever we make a dish the liquid part is called curry. so curry doesn’t have a distinct taste it can vary. 

1:33 hyojung says they (fans) think of curry when they listen to windy day. she also says a bit before that their fans call them ‘curry-dols’. they all seemed so happy about it and jiho, jine, and binnie were laughing and playing around. they didn’t seem to care that ‘curry-dol’ and thinking about curry when windy day is playing is racist lmao. no offence the only reason why anyone would think of curry is because of the indian beat. and the fact that people associate indian people with curry is ugly

not to be that indian but basically a group made fun of indian people when the only thing that made their song different is indian beats. & yes i am annoyed. and at the butthurt ppl who will be in my anons: let an indian girl but annoyed at racism targeted at her own ppl 

Please Read - Important Update about Art Reposters!!

Update (11/2) Please Spread This & Be Careful!!

As some have been aware, Krafthoney aka Ringo23 and Lovelyaot are 2 blogs that I’ve warned many people about before, for the various misuse of the permissions that artists have given them, which more information are available in the links. Besides harassing twitter artists by asking them repeatedly for permits, even when they don’t reply, (and then deleting tweets to ask again), they edited and made fake permissions from izumi_b and butcher_shop on Twitter to post their on tumblr. They’ve also tried to use old permissions when the artist doesn’t want their art to be posted anymore, as well as posting more artwork than what the artist allowed them to. Because of their actions, artists like MAKI, harmoni, amaya_uw, 3kgrrrl, Jump, and several others have stopped allowing anyone to repost what they draw from their Twitter and pixiv anymore. Its because when they saw how those blogs took advantage of the permissions they once gave them by reusing them to post more art than the artist allowed, their trust was broken by those foreigners who didn’t respect their wishes.

Krafthoney and Lovelyaot have now created new blogs, ‘04678936200′ and ’3426547’, after deleting their old one, possibly because many people have finally caught on to the true nature of how they’ve treated so many of the artists they reprinted from.. This is not the first time they have deleted their tumblr because someone has realized that their art reposts were not fully authorized (read below).

After someone warned me of Lovelyaot’s and Krafthoney’s (who used to go by ringo23) new blogs, I went to see if they are indeed the same people, and through the same fandoms they’ve posted in before, as well as the same artists they follow, whom they tend to harass before about getting permission, it’s unmistakable that they are the same, only with numerical urls this time. 

They have previously changed their URLs from ringo23 and anime-blog123 to krafthoney and lovelyaot. 

Here is also something that most people don’t know about Lovelyaot that I learned recently:

Lovelyaot used to go by this previous blog that reposted HUNDREDS of Free!! and other arts WITHOUT PERMISSION. That blog’s url was: “nnanaseharu14″ and “himaritakakura12”. Someone finally noticed, and they sent a report to many artists about their work being reprinted without their agreement, and Tumblr Staff FINALLY TOOK ACTION and TERMINATED the blog after they received MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

The artist  [うた pixiv - @tetorapot_95] requested that their art that was stolen by lovelyaot’s past tumblr be taken down thru tumblr DMCA, and that was finally how their blog was deleted. After that, lovelyaot created “anime-blog123″, and then later, as you can see, they changed to ‘lovelyaot’. 

Moral of the story? Be VIGILANT.

Guys, please be extra careful because those of you who have previously blocked & blacklisted krafthoney and lovelyaot’s url will have that undone. 

In fact, you will need to block/blacklist Krafthoney’s (3426547) and lovelyaot’s new urls, (04678936200) to avoid seeing their reposted art. Since they’ve demonstrated that they were capable of and perfectly willing to use permissions (expired and fake) to deceive people, it’s prudent to avoid them and their reposted art as actions tend to reflect true nature, and they’re not blogs that have a good reputation with reposting art. Ex: FAKED PERMISSION

Signal boost this once more so mutuals/followers can be aware!

Keep reading

A-Hero-Complex Mobile Masterlist


DC Imagines:

The Flash:

Barry Allen

Cisco Ramon | Vibe

Earth-2 Cisco Ramon | Reverb

Harrison Wells

Eobard Thawne | Harrison Wells | Reverse-Flash

Hunter Zolomon | Zoom

Zoom Mini Series:

Cry Wolf: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, Finale

Multi-Character Imagines


Oliver Queen

John Diggle

Multi-Character Imagine

Legends of Tomorrow:

Leonard Snart

Mick Rory

Rip Hunter

Multi-Character Imagines


James Olsen

Young Justice:

Kaldur | Aqualad

Gods and Monsters:

Kirk Langstrom | Batman

Batman VS Superman:

Bruce Wayne | Batman

Multi-Character Imagines

Arkham Series:

Multi-Character Imagines


New 52!Barbara Gordan | Batgirl

Marvel Imagines:

Agent Carter:

Daniel Sousa


Tony Stark | Iron Man

Multi-Character Imagines


Wade Wilson | Deadpool

Vanessa Carlysle | Copy Cat

DC One Shots:

The Flash


[14/06/25] Zitao attended a driving license class today. The class he attended is for Chinese who is living in Korea, it has Chinese subtitle for the lecture. After 7 hours of studying, he took a theory test and he got 61 points. The qualified points for theory is 60, skill is 80 and road test is 70. So he passed the theory test with one extra point lol. [x] [x]


update from this post:

Tao asked the fans not to take his pictures but they still did. So Tao covered his head with the jacket and ran away from them. While running, there was a person who was walking a dog in front of him, he stopped immediately and looked kinda scared (don’t know if he was afraid of the dog or hurting the dog T^T), then he turned to a small alley. About an hour later, Tao went out and left. [x] [x]


i spent too much time on this good news though i actually fucking finished it

Not all trans people are thin

There used to be a plus size clothing swap blog for trans people. It does not look like it’s still active.

So if anyone wants to start their own swap blog- I’d be happy to boost it. Send me an ask and let me know if you do.

Until someone does that- let’s try this as an alternative.

If you have plus size clothes that you are willing to send to a plus size trans person, make a post and tag this blog in it so I can help you signal boost. 

Say what you have, in what size and describe the clothes a bit. Pictures would be great if you have them. Once you have a taker, delete the post and y’all can do private messages to get addresses to each other. 

It’d be great if you don’t ask for money for the clothes, unless you need shipping help. 

Please do not ask for the clothes if you don’t need them. If you don’t like the clothes you get, please pass them on to someone who can use them.

Plus size clothes are a precious resource, so let’s try to make the best use of what we can spare. 

If an artist asks you to take down the picture of THEIR artwork that YOU reposted
Then just do it. Apologize, and delete it. Don’t make it difficult.

Since I’ve been gone for a few months, my dash is a little dead from people either deleting or going on hiatus.

So, if you play ts2 through 4 and most mostly original content, like/reblog this post and I’ll (and probably other people that want to follow new blogs) will check you out! 

I like doing these every once in a while because they’re a good and easy way for everyone to find active blogs and for others to find you!

welp. my swapcest time is over guys. feel free to unfollow now cuz this blog will not longer be active but i won’t delete it. memories. 

i would make an appreciation post but i still can’t take screenshots cuz MY FREAKING KViudsvgzcsbkbvzxcnld main comp still doesn’t have internet. 

other than that. this has been my fav fandom so far so instead of leaving heartlessly like i always do. I MADE A MONTAGE -cough- shitpost

my final statement shall be…..PK BOI

btw if you’re mother 3 trash then love it with me. if you find me that is. 

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I don’t follow the series but I think a few of my followers do? I get a booklet of various events happening at a place called Symphony Space and this was in it. Not sure if this info has been passed around yet (considering it’s next year and all) but thought I’d scan and upload it before chucking the booklet for anyone who cared.

*SymphonySpace is located in New York City on Broadway btw in case you were wondering where this is being held. More info on the event can be found here if, again, it hasn’t been stated before.

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Hiii loves, I am making an updated favourites page, because I feel like I would love to get to know other lovely blogs! :)


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Hey cu-teas, Ele and I both have an unhealthy obsession with cafe’s and books and viola, The Reader’s Cafe network was brewed! But unlike any other network, this one will have a promo group to ensure that we stay active, whilst helping each other gain. So, why not read on and become a part of this koala-tea network! 

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