OK RE: YESTERDAY IT WAS THE GUY IN THE BACK PLAYING THE PIANO IN THE FLANNEL SHIRT!!! what do y'all think am i deluding myself or did he look directly at me like,, several times

also didn’t film this but their next performance was a love song and he looked at me several times again throughout it gah


A Court of Sin and Pleasure: TOG Special Edition - Rowaelin 11/?

“You are mine,” Rowan breathed, and she felt the claiming in her bones, her soul. 
“I am yours,” she answered. 
“And you love me.” “To whatever end.”
Rowan kissed her again. Slow. Soft. A hand slid up the plane of her torso while he lowered himself over her, his hips nestling against her. She gasped a bit at the touch, gasped a bit more as his knuckle grazed the heavy, aching underside of her breast. As he leaned down to kiss the other. His teeth grazed over her nipple, and her eyes closed, a moan slipping out of her.
The hardness of him pushed against her, and she bucked her hips, needing to grind herself against him, to do anything to ease the building ache between her legs. She slid her hand between them, and when she closed her fingers around him, marvelling at the velvet-wrapped steel, Rowan groaned, pushing into her hand. 
Rowan’s smile was nothing short of wicked as he pulled away to run a broad hand from her throat down to the juncture of her thighs. She shuddered at the sheer possession in the touch, her breath coming in tight pants as he gripped either thigh and spread her legs, baring her fully for him. And as Rowan tasted her on that beach, as he laughed against her slick skin while her hoarse cries of his name shattered across palm trees and sand and water, Aelin let go of all pretense at reason.

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Matt he's the history teacher! Mr. Lorsen I think? He's the Norwegian guy.

Matt: that’s embarrassing- But yes, I do know him. He’s very quite but loves to teach what he does, he’s enthusiastic and I think that’s marvelous! Maybe I should speak to him more.

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hi sorry i'm new to seventeen and i really like all of them except woozi?? idk he seems really rude and aloof. could you explain to me why so many people like him? sorry ^^;;

hello and welcome to the fandom!! and goodness okay I’ll try to do woozi justice best as I can! jihoon is literally the most important person in svt. they all have important parts to play but without him, we wouldn’t have any of the music that they give us. he writes, composes, produces. he’s the one that makes their music come to life and he’s the one who’s leading them in terms of musical direction. no woozi = no music = no kpop group seventeen. about “rude and aloof” bit, I think woozi’s more introverted compared to members like mingyu or seungkwan. he’ll tend to be more quiet and I think the reason why he may seem cold is because he tends to shoulder a lot of stress? I think he thinks about a lot of things at once (in t17p coups had to ask woozi about it during their heart to heart moment and jihoon ended up admitting that he feels the heavy weight of svt’s future on his shoulders? idk that could be why he may seem aloof to you?) but hey I feel like he’s actually a really sensitive person on the inside I just can’t really remember the moments to prove it ;; imo jihoon’s just..more reserved but he cares very deeply about seventeen and his members it’s just that he may be less affectionate about it. 

stop saying we don’t deserve him like we most definitely do deserve him and more…… yeah i get it truly good allies are few and far between but like y'all. we DESERVE that kind of allyship. we deserve nothing less than truly good allyship.

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hey nicki the guy i have a crush on is as dense as 3 whole bricks when it comes to anything romantic and is constantly complaining that hes 'so unlucky in the romance department' even though i keep dropping really obvious hints and i cant BELIEVE this so how??? do i tell him???? without ruining our friendship?????

dude that guy is so relatable that has been Me.
I think you gotta ask him out in a super unsubtle way.
You could try “Hey, you’re cute, I’m cute, let’s be cute at the movies together. You know in a date way. Not the fruit”


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Fuck this fandom. Taking it to the point where he has to delete pictures of his girlfriend is ridiculous. I hate humans so much.

I know Anon. I’m just as enraged and sad, and I honestly just don’t understand how the brains of these awful people work?

Like what’s their train of thought? They see a photo of a beautiful girl posted by a man they supposedly admire and love because she is someone he admires and loves and their immediate response is to send her hate??

Just.. like.. why? My brain can’t process why anyone would do that. It makes me so sad.

Matt has always been a very private person and people were giving him shit for posting photos of nature and animals and not personal photos and now that he’s opening up, sharing with us what is probably the most important person in his life, his beautiful girlfriend, and people are again giving him shit? Like what do you want from him?

They both have been nothing but kind and patient with fans these past few days, and they deserve so much better than people treating them like this. Some people in this fandom are crossing the line and they need to stop before Matt (and other cast members) decide to just cease contact with the fans (like they have every right to do) because they don’t want to, nor deserve to be treated this way.

Jay Headcannons

As much as I love Carlos (and boy, do I love him), I love Jay too and have some ideas kicking around in my head

- Jafar complained more about his fall from power than he ever spoke about Agrabah and their heritage. Once he starts learning about his country in Auradon classes, Jay starts picking up books on learning Arabic.

- He doesn’t tell his friends and hides his books because he’s worried that he won’t be able to learn a second language. On the Isle, Jay never cared to learn anything and he never had to really work and study.

- Carlos hears Jay speaking in Arabic one day and 1000000% has the hots for bilingual Jay.

- Jay teaches him bits and pieces and Carlos starts practicing on his own

- You just know they talk dirty in Arabic

- He lets Evie practice new braids on him. His favorite is a fishtail braid

- His bed on the Isle was a carpet underneath a shelf in Jafar’s shop. It’s too weird to have an actual bed in Auradon so Jay has to work himself up to it. He starts by sleeping on the floor like normal, then brings down a blanket to sleep with, then a pillow, until he’s ready for a real bed

- Jay definitely looks up to the tourney coach as a father figure and goes to him for advice and life problems and things Jafar was never there for

- Yeah, leather pants are nice but he will wear pajama pants wherever it is acceptable and argues with Fairy Godmother that they are appropriate attire for the classroom (he doesn’t win the argument, but she gets tired of fighting with him and lets it go)

- He can spot attraction from a mile away and hints at Mal and Evie getting together before the girls even realize they like each other

- always feeding Dude people food when Carlos isn’t around to yell at him for it

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Okay so I'm a big ass pushover and I'm a lesbian. There was a boy who had a crush on me and he asked me out. Me being the pushover that I am, I said yes. We "dated" for a few months and then I told him that I was a lesbian. He suddenly became very mean and started to be cold whenever I talked to another girl or boy. He told me that I couldn't date anyone else but him because I was too ugly and he was the only one who loves me. He's now been hurting me. He punches and kicks me. What should I do?

i know its hard to stand up for yourself but like thats already borderline abusive not to mention extremely possessive? Its unhealthy!! For both of you, especially to you. If you’re not sure about breaking up with him alone, have a friend nearby! Anyone to support you tbh get it to him straight, if he’s not treating you right whats the point of staying

I think one of the things I like about KS as someone who has been in an abusive relationship is that readers do get caught up in the “romantic” aspects of Sangwoo and Bum’s dynamic in spite of the fact that they recognize that the relationship is highly fucked up and unhealthy (at least I’ve never seen a single KS fan who was unwilling to acknowledge this truth). I think it highlights the complications of being abused by someone you still have feelings for and how abusers will manipulate those feelings. Like, I think the hardest part for people to understand about why people stay in abusive situations is the emotional aspects of it - like if someone can’t leave their abuser because of money or physical impediment or something I find that people more easily understand that - but like my ex and I were in a long distance relationship and I could have very easily walked away at any time, all I had to do was block him and refuse to contact him, but he had an emotional hold on me that made that impossible. Granted, at first Bum had pretty limited opportunities to escape but Sangwoo has become pretty nonchalant about giving Bum chances to Get Out now. And yeah idk I feel like the comic kinda gets the reader emotionally invested in wanting Sangwoo and Bum to be together but also makes is pretty obviously how Not Good their relationship is. And yeah idk I feel like I’ve never read anything that depicted an unhealthy relationship but also engendered the same kind of feelings I experienced in the audience. I don’t think I really got my point across here but ehhhhhh 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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plus doesn't akaashi love bokuto like unconditionally? like not even in a shippy sense but like akaashi thinks so highly of bokuto and isnt even done with him when bokuto starts moping, he knows what to do to get him back in his groove and theyre just so close? like obv hes a human being and a teenager at that so hes not happy 100% of the time but bokutos his friend and he treats him as such lol

YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT (honestly did I ghost write this ask because it’s legit my thoughts)

Like… if that ain’t something……….

He also knows all of Bokuto’s weaknesses (nerd even has them numbered) and knows what to do to get Bo out of every funk he’s in. They just have a really great relationship, not even in a shippy way, like you said THEY’RE GOOD FRIENDS. Akaashi loves Bokuto. Bokuto loves Akaashi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m so over seeing “akaashi is so one million percent done with bokuto lul bokuto is a burden and akaashi endures him lululul save akaashi”. Like, did these people even watch the same show as me? NEXT TIME I SEE THAT SHIT imma spike those people straight into a trash can :)