So I’m reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (finally) and I came across this beautiful little line that just screamed Rachel Duncan and tumblr so much.

(btw I regret every moment of my life that I’ve spent up until this point having not read this book; it is sublime)

anonymous asked:

Sorry for my ignorance but what actually /is/ cyberpunk?

Alright: cyberpunk is a form of postmodern “hard“ science fiction that appeared in the mid-1980s and peaked during the 1990s; and is still with us, in altered & diluted forms. It was birthed by dystopian fiction, which got a shot in the arm with the advent of computing, networks & robotics: new technologies which could used by humans to control humans—the ‘ordinary’ dystopian model—but were also conceivably capable of self-control, of human-like autonomy. It’s an adaptation of dystopian fiction to a new kind of modern world: nightmare societies no longer look like prisons; they look like webs. 

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