some rey headcanons :

• the first thunderstorm she witnesses comes at night time and at first she’s confused but then realises its rain and rushes to wake up finn because look @ all that water!!!
• all droids love rey bc she is good and kind and bb8’s friend
• she sometimes gets to fly in an x-wing alongside poe and his squad on their training runs and is always doing loops and barrel rolls for funsies
• swimming is the best thing ever and she wants to see every waterfall ever
• the best listener but always interrupts with questions if anyone is ever telling a story
• asexual!rey not being sure whether or not she should be wanting sex because no one has ever told her about different orientations before. all these new friendships are a big enough deal to her that she can forget her conflict for a time!!
• is always surprised when people ask if she is okay
• continues to tally every day she gets through like she did on Jakku

Here’s the new typography of mine! “MISSION COMPLETE!”

“A Very Wordy Pilot” - By Josh Mirman of Zen Monkey Studios

Just finished, 6:30 eastern, Tuesday, July 22nd 2014. Yay! 

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did in making it… Actually, I kind of hope you enjoy it more than that. ;-)