hi everyone! i just wanted to give some updates about this blog and various other things…

first off, at the moment of typing this, i have reached 990 followers, almost 1k!? AH holy cow! hello to all of you and thank you so much! it’s kind of amazing, maybe i’ll do some sort of giveaway (once i reach 1k)? i’m not sure yet, but i definitely wanna do something as a thanks because all of you are awesome! /w\

secondly, i’m officially making this blog just for my fan art! i’m working on a separate blog for just my original stuff and a portfolio site for ~professional~ purposes as i do want to start building up a portfolio for future jobs in my field! my separate blog is currently not open to the public just yet, but hopefully i can start adding some work there soon!

lastly, i apologize again for the lack of new art lately… work, the outdoors and pokemon go has been my life recently lol, BUT i am pretty active on twitter so if you’re not already following me or are just finding out i have one, please check it out! i occasionally share doodles, wips, as well as non-art stuff like my various collections (i like to collect stuff!). feel free to say hello! C: 

thanks so much again for all the activity, you’re all amazing! <3