Steve Rogers is honestly so pure like not even saying this in a joking way I’m dead serious he’s my favorite hero because there’s never any ambiguity in his actions and he genuinely just loves and cares about everyone around him. But the thing that creates such compelling proof for his romantic relationship with Bucky is the simple fact that, when it comes to Bucky, there is ambiguity there. He is the only person that Steve ever makes exceptions for. Steve’s values are firmly rooted in the law, doing right by his friends, and serving his country. But when Bucky is in the picture…those lines blur. A lot. He’ll break the law, he’ll put entire cities in danger, he’ll abandon his dignity, he’ll go on a suicide mission, he’ll fight his own friends…all for Bucky. He would literally do anything for Bucky Barnes, and that says a lot when you actually consider the way he acts when it comes to other people. They don’t get any exceptions. Bucky gets as many as he needs because Steve cannot lose him.

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wait how could someone feel bad abt having copics/how could someone make another person feel bad abt having copics? do they think kids should not have nice art tools? i got copics when i was 14, used most of them up and i've moved onto painting. they were such a good learning experience and worth the money, even if i prefer painting over them. so like, where's the harm in letting kids get the experience? this ticks me off

idk some ppl are bitter and petty as hell to the point where they make fun of kids who have them 😪 ive had my first set of 6 when it was my 13th birthday and i was ashamed of getting them afterwards, it wasnt until i was around 14 when i started using them more.

like i get it. some adults couldnt afford nice art supplies compared to a 10 year old,and i’d be upset by that! but its so low whenever they start picking on young artists for it, when they did absolutely nothing wrong

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Lafayette knocked quickly on Louis' door, having heard that his life was in danger and immediately rushing over. He was absolutely terrified about what he might see, but even more scared of how Louis might react when he saw him there. (cannot let this ship sink. or maybe I'll cause more pain. idk.)

((Oh no I’m not letting this ship sink. Not while I’m still on it!))

Louis, through chattering teeth and unsteady breathing, had heard the sharp and quick knocks. Usually, when the knocks were like that, he’d avoid opening them, but at a time where his heart is nearly frozen, he would take anything. Unfortunately, the pain and temperature was unbearable, he couldn’t do anything but shiver and whimper.

jasper is a soldier. born and raised, literally made, for that one sole purpose. which is what rose states in tonights episode. they dont get to grow up and chose who they are. jasper has done some shitty things but that’s literally all she knows to do. when her and lapis fused it was horrible for both of them, not to mention equally mentally scarring. they both contributed to this toxic relationship. yes. both. lapis states that she enjoyed hurting and torturing jasper? (this does not make lapis an abuser but its still bad and not healthy) and in the past she has fought with the gems. this doesnt make her bad tho. because shes had time to look back on her actions and realize what she did wrong and apologize. so far jaspers had very little screen time and the first time we see her shes just there for a quick errand run, which turns into a long ass trip full of traumatic and horrible experiences. shes so different from when we even first saw her. she goes goes from fierce warrior to  knee groveling desperate gem who just wants to be complete and not feel like a weak failure. i’m not excusing her actions because they were wrong. but she needs to learn and figure out why what she did was wrong.

Not even kidding when I say half the escorts in my city put “no black men” on their adds.
Is this a normal thing that girls are doing everywhere? Like why would you want to miss out on clients because you’re racist.
Also I live in a city where there is a very low black population so I just find it strange. Like I don’t put that on my adds and I’ve never even seen a black client yet. I almost think that they’re all just copying each other? Or they’re just plain old dumb and racist idk

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Ok first your art is sick! Second HOW DO YOU EVEN DEAL WITH WATERCOLOR?! IT'S SO FRUSTRATING TO ME AND YOU DRAW STUFF THAT LOOK LIKE HAPPINESS (Idk if you get me or not) but great job and my heart hurts when I look at Kuroo and Kenma art ❤❤❤

Watercolor could be a pain in the ass even for now. I still need to practice more than this. Its not enough with my current skill right now but thank you :>.

Yes, kuroken is my oxygen. I breath from it.

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Do you think Life is like some kind of Game? Like monopoly?

Idk even kno what life is. All I know is it throws lemons at me so hard I got bruises everywhere. >:-/


TBH I’d probably be more, like, obligated (idk what word I’m even looking for TBH) to finish stuff if I had more than one ask? But like, it’s kinda like whatever rn TBH. It’ll get done eventually. After I quit goofing around and brining myself down about my crappy art skills.

Also throwing paint sounds fun but I have to wait to do anything with paint til my step mom goes to sleep b/c I’m technically not allowed to paint inside the house.

i’m in kind of a phase where i rly want to draw toonsonas and i dont feel like drawing my own rn so please reblog this with a ref of your toon! i will draw ur toon in color and… idk about fullbody… all i have is ms paint and a laptop touchpad so i’ll probably only do halfbody tbh. hope yall don’t mind that.

i will only do it for maybe 1 person and i’ll pick ur name at random! if i get more energy i’ll pick 2.

EDIT: here’s an example of my art

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Why don't celebs carry any cash?

idk i think that’s just a myth or saying or something, like idk if it really has any truth but I do think Niall just happened to not have cash on him lmao which is funny.

also I NEVER carry cash and idk why. like I’ve never even thought about it before but I just realized that I literally never have cash….

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Why don't you kill yourself if you want to die so bad and you think no one cares about you?

idk if this is a genuine question or if you’re trying to hate but either way;

i mean i’ve attempted suicide like half a dozen times, so i am actively suicidal obviously. but i know that people care about me, even if it is only like 5 people. i know that some people care. and i do want to die, i want to die a lot especially recently because every day is the same and i don’t want the future and no one seems to care and i’m completely alone and everyone seems to be fine without me and seems to hate me. but seeing my little brother each day is keeping me living, that’s basically the only thing atm. i want to die, but the thought of leaving him destroys me. but i also think he’d be just fine without me. idk. but other than that idk why i don’t just give up and kill myself, thanks for reminding me haha

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I hate seeing people put their bunnies/ rodents in lots of water or on their back it makes me so mad like the animals health and safety is more important than your aesthetic

yes, this. thank you. not to mention just improper care in general, like wire flooring in cages and feeding them things they absolutely should not eat or can’t even digest. idk, when i was presented with the opportunity to rescue my bunny i stayed up all night doing tons and tons of research. i am still learning, but some of these owners seem like they don’t even know the basics. it is really upsetting. 

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I don't know what's happening but I started fangirling over Min Yoongi's ear just now. It's so defined and soft-looking :') And that reminds me (idk if you've been tagged to do this before), list 5 things about your bias that make you love him! The list could go on forever for an angel like Park Jimin <3 ---moon anon

oh my god that is so CUTE but tbh, everything about Min Yoongi is soft-looking :’’’) I WILL TRY, but I can’t promise it won’t get sappy hahaha

  1. His humbleness. Even though we don’t know him personally, I think t’s one of those things that you can just tell by the way someone expresses themselves, and I believe Jimin is a very modest person who doesn’t take their success for granted. He always says where he needs to improve, and all the members have stated how hard he works.
  2. how caring he is. One of the things that really got my attention back in 2015 (when I was still figuring out who I biased) was how much he seemed to care about the group’s wellbeing. I think this one is much more subtle, but he does seem to show a lot of support off cameras whenever one of the members is not doing so well (mentally or physically) and I think that is just such a lovely trait to have.
  3. HE GIGGLES SO MUCH. I love people who laugh easily and Jimin seems like he’s that kind of person. ^^
  4. he also seems like the type of person who gives more than he receives, who cares more about others than himself. I am torn with this one since I love his heart of gold, but I also wish he showed more confidence in himself.
  5. I wanted to keep pointing out personality traits, but I have to mention his eyesmile. It makes him look genuinely happy and it always pulls a smile out of me, even if I’m feeling sad :’)

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the thing about selling nudes tho is that there are so many shitty people out there will buy your content, post it for free on some other site so people can do what they want with it, or even straight up steal it, and there can be so much harassment that comes with selling content like that. not trying to tell you what to do though, the decision is yours and I wish you the best <3

ok that’s true yeah :( idk I just want to be appreciated and get money.. thank u for looking out for me

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This drama honestly hasn't seemed to affect Tay and I'm so glad. (I mean idk what she's like at home) but I even just saw a buzzfeed pole about who your best friend would be (vs Kim) and Tays winning by a landslide! #taylorisNOToverparty

I just want for Taylor to drop new music again and celebrate the fact that she’s #1 again…
(I do think it has affected Taylor still since people dislike her for what happened)

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Hey! May i ask you something or at least consider it?? Can you make either Gem or Nye in your story like very good at Chess? To the point that they're even better than Capricorn and he's always trying to be like *Okay let's do it now i think i can beat you* but he's never able to. Idk i thought this would be cool since this has happened to me as a Gemini. *not to brag* *though i'm very proud of it*. I just thought this would hit his ego and it would be good.

I pick Nye and this is now canon

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Hey, I was wondering how I could possibly get more followers for my lookbook/cc finds blog? You probably get a tooon of questions like this, but you're pretty successful so I figured I should go to someone who know. Thanks, and love you! <3

ooohhhh gkgjkgj these asks are so awkward for me to answer haha bc i cant really give a straight answer, idk if im even considered “successful” like whats successful on a simblr? yeah yeah, im not gonna act like there isn’t blogs with more followers then others that probably every simblr knows about and its cool and all that but.. its really just a SIMBLR!! we all (should atleast…) run one bc we like the game and thats that. i havnt really done anything “special” to gain followers, i barely tag my posts and all those things youre supposed to do. i just post stuff that im happy with and feel like yeah this is cool, i like this and then its ofc awesome that others seem to like it too. and then all of a sudden someone reblogs it, someone more does and then maybe even one of those “bigger” simblrs sees it and reblogs and then woop some notes and new followers. if i get tagged in an awesome lookbook using my cc i will reblog it bc its fun for me as well so see people using my stuff so, it will come, don’t worry about it too much. and im not trying to act like the follower count dont mean anyyything bc ooof cooourse its does and its fun when people click that like and its amazing to see the followers go up but we need to know thats not all :) 

one thing tho and ive always said this is that i can’t understand when people post things and they write like “this looks like shit i know i just gave up but here have a pic anyways” bc???? why would anyone like it if you dont even like it??? so i think my tip would be to post things youre proud of, dont just slap something together and hope for followers, thats so??? strange to me idk. and for a cc finds blog idek why you would care for followers bc you’re just reblogging other posts right? god i hope that doesn’t sound harsch but yeah.. i mean sssvitlans and other huge cc find blogs like that is another thing, they are doing an amaziiing job and must spend 1234568 hours a day on it but since they already excist i personally tend to never follow any more cc finds blogs but lookbook blogs are always fun!! and hmm with a lookbook, i havnt run a lookbook simblr per sey but i would say to use new cc, tagging correctly, linking everyyythiiinng, posting highhhhh quality photos, having the posts be very organized so either maybe make it super clean and simple or maybe you’re super creative and would do lookbooks in different settings. do you want to do just fashion or maybe mix in makeup too? there are no limits and you can come up with so many new ways like have a close up of the makeup matching to the full body outfit, maybe do it like a street style blog, create tips, do something new and find your niche i guess and go with it. also, for me in lookbooks, editing is very important so maybe just look at some tutorials on how to edit.. my main point tho is to post things YOU ARE PROUD OF and be real, people will notice it. good luck and remember kitten, i love YOU!!! :))))

wow now im just night rambling so lets finish this off with a random cat gif

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got tagged by @oohsenun to do the bias challenge (thx sweets!!) and i uhm i cant choose okay this was a fight between sehun minnie jongda and myeon ok i would have put all four of them but like,, effort. anyway have my absolute fave picture of my absolute fave even though sehun’s the one on my bias page
also reusing an old selfie bc again Effort and i love that one
anyway i tag @t-ooru (bc her thirsty pcy stan ass asked me to), @i-chanyeols, @kikinos, @angeljin, and idk anyone else who wants 2 do this !!