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Calling all The Adventure Zone Fans!

Are you a fan of The Adventure Zone who draws or makes music? Would you like to potentially make music or track art for a The Adventure Zone album? Well say no more, @junkmayor​ and several others are organizing a non-profit, no charge fan album for the Balance Arc of The Adventure Zone.

 If you’re interested in having a track in the album, this is the two ways you do it.
A.) Submit a track via message @junkmayor​ on tumblr, poisonedelite#0426 on discord, PoisonedElite on Reddit, or @poisonedelite on twitter. You can use what ever song hosting site you want (Soundcloud, google drive, dropbox, fanburst, etc.) as long as it does not require a download to listen to (skype, discord, etc.)

B.) Send some of your previous work to the channels mentioned above and 
if it meets some low quality control standards you’ll be invited the Organizational Discord for the album and free to submit tracks from there.

If you or your track is accepted it will be put on the album (i.e.if You are accepted you’ll be invited to the discord, if your track is accepted it will be put on the album and you will be invited to the discord! Don’t be too nervous about being accepted, as this is supposed to be for fun! You can submit as many tracks as you like, and they can be as long as they like (within reason, no 30 hour taako rock ballet.)

If you’re interested in doing track art for the album submit some of your previous work via message @junkmayor​ on tumblr, poisonedelite#0426 on discord, PoisonedElite on Reddit, or @poisonedelite on twitter  and
if it meets some small quality control standards you’ll be the discord. 

The deadline for signing up or submitting is November 30th, 2017. If you have any questions feel free to ask @junkmayor. Have fun and I hope you submit lots of stuff!!!

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omg your haunting yandere jumin was so good, you don't have to but could you do maybe a backstory as to why she ran away or what happens after (doesn't have to be smut tho but thatd be cool) idk the plot sounds really good haha :)

Hello Anon! Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! :) You are the first person to request here on Tumblr, so I highly appreciate it! You ask, and I deliver :DD
I hope this meets your standards. My writing is rusty so I apologize if its bad ^^

For any others who are interested: Here’s Part One: Haunting [Yandere! Jumin Han] [Reader-Insert]

WARNING: Hints of violence & other sensitive topics. Read at your own risk.

Part Two: The Life Of The Rich

A few weeks had passed since [Name] had joined the RFA. After her arrival within the organization, many events had occurred which were a turning point of not only her own life, but also for the old members of the RFA. Evidently, one of the main events which had occurred was the extravagant party that they were able to hold successfully. There were many guests, a lot of people from within the organization and out that [Name] had befriended, and many meaningful memories that she had made. Life felt as if it was a bliss. For someone who once struggled to even afford three proper meals in a day, it was an unimaginable luxury for [Name] who received healthy and nutrition food, much more so, when she had someone to cook  for her.

There were so many changes and they were happening too fast. Alas, that is to be expected when one who entertained customers for a living suddenly climbed the stairs of statuses within society, and lived a luxury which was only seen in films.

A few days prior to the party, [Name]’s life was chaotic and hectic with all the planning, moving, and dealing with certain issues Sarah. These days were also filled with a new blossoming love which was mutual between [Name] and Jumin.

With so much happening, [Name]’s life was as busy as ever. The time she shared with Jumin was filled with meaningful and intellectual conversations. Both of them conveyed understanding, and equivalent sympathy towards one another. There was not much time spared to completely know one another; their personality, their likes, or little trivias from the past. You know, the basics. Instead, both of them believed they had formed an emotional connection on similarities, and had pursued their relationship on such a whim.

Jumin was a person who dedicated his entire being to whatever he pursued. It was only natural he went all in when it came to love.

He had proposed, and she had accepted.

They both failed to realize that relationships went deeper than just emotions especially when the relationship had the label of romance attached to it. While many preached personality over appearance, physical attraction contributed just as much as personality if not more, especially in a sexual relationship. One’s background, beliefs, morals, future ambitions were all factors which heavily influenced a relationship. The attraction was not the issue. However, the lack of knowledge of each other did become one.

The reality of a relationship should never initiate after marriage.

After all, detrimental secrets only lead to chaos.

A few weeks had passed since [Name] had joined the RFA, and with the party already held, the date for the next one was not even close to being set.  

The hectic life turned into an one of a freelancer. With her old life abandoned, and nothing to do but wait for her spouse to return, [Name] felt herself become agitated due to boredom. She glanced around the living room she sat in, her eyes scanning over every single object and its detail as they searched, searching for anything to pass the time with. Then, her eyes shifted towards the kitchen where she saw a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

Her eyes widened and she remembered.

Hadn’t the maid called in sick today? And she had forgotten to call in a substitute.

Shrugging, [Name] stood up and walked towards the sink. As she made her way towards it, her eyes flickered towards glass cabinets which showed her reflection. For a moment, she came to an abrupt halt, her eyebrows shooting up in surprise at her own reflection. It was as if she had never seen herself before.

She looked tidy. Her hair was brushed nicely and appeared to be soft as silk, instead of messy. Her clothes represented someone of class, who’s sense of style would be featured in magazines for others to follow. She wore light jewelry that seemed as if it was worth of millions. She looked polished, taught, and respectful.

It was someone she did not know, it was someone that was not her.

She felt something nag at the back of her mind, and her heart beat pounded faster momentarily than its’ normal pace.  

However, she quickly shook her head and resumed her walk towards the sink.


Presently, Jumin was in a business meeting with a client who desired sponsorship for his business. After what seemed to be hours of endless discussion, much to his relief, the meeting was nearing the end.

He tapped his index finger against the surface of the table in annoyance, his eyes flickering towards the clock which hung in his office wall.

The meeting was meant to be for half an hour, and it was fifteen minutes past the time. By now, he was meant to be more than half way home, ready to greet his cat and his love. The client who obviously lacked time management skills did not seem to understand the basic concept that Jumin had a life outside his business.

And so he decided, why should he initiate business with someone who obviously lacks the basics such as time management in work practice?

He shouldn’t and that was it.

“Thank you for your time,” Jumin began, flickering his eyes towards the customer in a steel-like gaze. “That will be all. I will let Assistant Kang show you out,” He said, standing up.

The client, a 24 four-year-old male with messy brown hair, gasped in surprise when he was interrupted mid-sentence.

Desperation and plea was written all over his face.

“B-But I haven’t expl-” He said, but he was cut off by Jumin who sighed.

Irritation specked his eyes, and he glanced down at the client with a look which almost screamed murder.

“You had half an hour to go over everything but instead you were discussing irrelevant matters. For a potential customer, the least you can do is learn how to get straight to the point, not consume more of my time than what I offered, and actually have a good proposal for an investment. Your lack of sound business skills is enough to know that this will not work. Now, if you will excuse me from being bored to death, I have a wife to return to,” Jumin stated coldly, as he grabbed his coat.

The client sat there baffled at his response, his mouth hung open in shock at the harshness he had just been a witness to.

However, one word remained in his mind: wife. Oddly, this rang a bell of nostalgia. It made him recall something, or rather, someone.

The client recalled seeing the following headlines in the news: The Hottest Bachelor No Longer The Hottest Bachelor And It’ll SHOCK You!! So, Does Jumin Han NOT #GAY?!? #Number Four Will Change The Life You Didn’t Know You Had!  

He recalled seeing a person next to Jumin, his wife, and she seemed strangely familiar. It was as if he knew her. Dare he say,  he knew a ‘wilder’ version of her, but he could not recall where.

Jumin, who was making his way out of his office, froze when he heard the name of his wife slip the client’s lips.

“I’m sorry?” Jumin said, turning towards client, a threatening aura beginning to raid off him.    

The client turned his head towards Jumin and had a wicked grin which promised disaster plastered upon his face. Such expression caused Jumin’s fingers to twitch in disgust, an urge to punch it off his face rushing strongly through his blood.

“It’s [Name], right? Your wife? No wonder I knew I had seen her before,” The Client said, tilting his head. “Although, the last time I saw her, the sight was… Dare I say, much more exhilarating than what I saw on the magazine,” He finished, his grin widening.

Jumin clenched his fist, his eyes narrowing into a threatening glare which promised hell. Anger was seeping into his face. However, when he spoke his voice was calm and composed.

“And where did you see her?” Jumin asked.  

The Client’s grin spread further across his lips so the wickedness of it morphed into a plain sadistic sight.

“[Name]… Ah, she looks so polished next to you. When I saw- sorry, let me ‘rephrase’ that. When I had her, she was much more wild like an untameable beast. I still remember it clearly: the sight of her beneath me, my hard earned money splashed around her. If nothing useful, she did me a decent service at least. And now she’s with you? No wonder she looks so sold out and polished with money. I’m surprised a useless stripper like-” The Client continued, however, he was interrupted with a fist harshly hitting his face.

He screamed as he felt the harsh impact of the punch on his nose and teeth. His scream was loud enough to attract the attention of other workers.

Jaehee, who stood outside Jumin’s office and was waiting for him, rushed in the room with concern written all over her face.

She entered without knocking, and the sight of blood dripping from Jumin’s hand caused her eyes to widen impossibly huge. Then, her eyes flickered towards the Client who was bent in pain, holding his nose, and groaning in pain.

One or two splatter of blood dripped heavily from his nose and onto the floor.

Jumin, who was towering above him like a tyrant, glared harshly and clicked his tongue in agitation.

“Look at what you have made me done,” He began, his voice etched with anger and danger. “My skin is coated with your filthy blood. Maybe I shou-”

“Mr. Han!” Jaehee snapped, interrupting him. Her voice caused him to freeze, before Jumin turned his head towards her.

“Assistant Kang,” He greeted, as if everything was normal. Anger vanished from his face, and was replaced with his normal stoic expression.

His eyes flickered to the groaning Client and then towards Jaehee.

He sighed. “Looks like I got a bit carried away,” Jumin murmured to himself.

“A bit?!” Jaehee shrieked in surprise.

Jumin ignored her outburst before he flicked his hand, causing a few blood drops to fall on the floor.

He looked at Jaehee with a gaze that ordered absolute obligation.  

It was a look often worn by dictators and it was look which sparked fear within her and she did not like it.

“Take care of this mess. Call my lawyer, and find a way out of this,” He commanded with certainty.

Jaehee opened her mouth to reply. However, by this time, Jumin had already walked past her.

His expression was dark and only one thought occured in his mind.

I need to set things straight with [Name].



Alexander Hamilton x Reader
Words: 341
Prompt: Your OTP meet over tumblr
Hi idk if anyone will like this BUT ANYWHO IT’S UP.
i’ll be posting a phillip x reader later today and a tjeff x reader tomorrow! but enjoy this one x
requests are open as always!



Alexanderhamilrants was your favourite tumblr account. His account was at it’s peak with 800,000 followers and over 200,00 reblogs and likes per post. You loved reading his rant posts and listening to him constantly roast his rival blog, iknowwherefranceis, an anonymous blog who had been fighting against alexanderhamilrants since the beginning of the internet.

For a while, you had been a ghost follower. You had liked every single one of Alexander’s posts and reblogged the hilarious ones, but you had never spoken to him. You admired the way he could win every argument, no matter what the topic.

You decided that it was finally time to message the blog that you had been stanning for all of your tumblr life. You took a deep breath, clicking on their profile and shooting them a message.

(y/t/url): hi! I’ve been following your blog for a long time and I thought I’d say hello. I really like all of your rants.

alexanderhamilrants is typing…

alexanderhamilrants: Thanks! I’ve seen you reblog all my posts. I’ve checked out your blog a few times and it seems pretty cool. What’s your name?

Your eyes widened. The great alexanderhamilrants had seen your blog, which mainly contained rants and shitposting. “Oh god,” You mumbled.

(y/t/url): oh thanks! the majority of it is shitposting tbh. I’m (y/n).

The typing bubbles popped up again, showing that he was typing.

alexanderhamilrants: nice to meet you (y/n)! I’m Alexander, but please call me Alex. What do you say we become mutuals?

Your eyes widened. “Alexander Hamilton wants to become a mutual with me. I’m sitting in my bed surrounded by chip crumbs, wearing track pants. Wow,” you mumbled to yourself. “He must really have low standards.”

(y/t/url): sounds good! hey, listen, I’ve gotta get ready for work, but I’ll talk to you when I get back okay??

alexanderhamilrants: That’s fine! Hey, if it’s easier, I can give you my number? I know tumblr is a massive data waster.

(y/t/url): sure! Its xxx xxx xxx. Talk to you later Alex!

alexanderhamilrants has followed you

Son Family Week finale! It’s Bardine day!

I had a lot of stuff to do (and then I founnd a Eurovision livestream, and that was totally wild) , so I’m not sure this quite meets my usual standards, but I wanted to do something for every day of the event!

Now back to your irregularly-scheduled drawings!

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as someone who has a lot of internalized fatphobia, especially towards myself, I would look into blogs dismantle that train of thought and try to unlearn it yourself. no matter your weight, you have value. exercising is nice if thats what you want to do, but not having muscles or not meeting society's standard acceptance of 'pretty' does not mean you are worth less as a person, regardless of health. fatphobiabusters is a tumblr blog i visit a lot to help me through that

Thanks a ton , i’ll have to check it out .

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Author Interview - Notanislander

Originally posted by timeladv

Got to ‘sit down’ with @notanislander over the weekend and pick her brain about fandom stuff! TRIGGER WARNING - lots of lol-ing ahead! Read below and always reblog in support of our fantastic authors!


I was born ready sweetie!

I want to start with your url. You’re ‘not an islander’ living on an island? At least that’s what I’ve pieced together since I’ve 'known’ you. It’s always baffled me so I’m going to ask… what made you choose that name?

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