Inktober 022: Kozume Kenma

Tools: Copic multiliner (0.3), Copic Markers (100, C1, C3, W6, E02, E74, YR31, B63, R00, R20, R24, R29), Sakura Gelly Roll (white)

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Britney Spears may not be as big as Beyonce right now, but Drake certainly is! Drake is a bigger artist than Beyonce. He even got a #1 where lemon juice failed to get one. Bey is not on Drake's level so you need to accept that

The only way Drake is a bigger artist than Beyoncé is by height

and since you want to be brave so bad to talk about #1′s, let me put your ass in check real quick.

Y’all JUST gave him his FIRST #1 song meanwhile Beyoncé has about 9-10 of them (and a plethora of top 10 - top 20 - top 200 hits but I won’t go into those. It’ll be overkill) ALL of her albums debuted CONSECUTIVELY at #1 AND managed to win at least 1 Grammy, giving her a grand total of 20. Drake has been nominated an astonishing 27 times (so he had a lot of potential to beat her with the amount of Grammys); however, he only won ONCE

and I’m not even done with being petty. 

Drake and his award stats

Beyoncé and her award stats


And the album is called Lemonade, but you can refer to it as the BEST SELLING ALBUM OF 2016, topping, yes, Drake and VIEWS

When it comes to album gross: the combination of EVERY. SINGLE. DRAKE. ALBUM. fails to outsell Beyoncé’s FIRST album

I won’t even go into tour gross because that’s embarrassing at this point

Long story short: It is ok to like Drake more than Beyoncé. You can say he has talent or whatever, but you will NOT compare him to Beyoncé. That’s not even an option. You are right about the last line! Beyoncé is not on Drake’s level. She’s WAY above him

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I'm drawing an angel for an art project, and though I like the way I draw wings, they don't look right. I absolutely adore the way you draw wings and, If you wouldn't mind, could you give me some advice?

AAAH thank you so much!!

I like to think of wings as just an extra set of arms. Once you break the skeleton down to move the same way an arm does, it becomes pretty simple to construct! They move in similar ways.

Here’s what my brain sees when I draw wings:

It’s stylized of course and not 100% anatomically correct, but here’s just a basic shortcut. I’d suggest studying some wings yourself, perhaps doing a couple trace-overs, and observing how they move :D

I love the idea that Percy was kind of in a holding pattern regarding Vex, maybe because she’s always flirted with everyone and he wasn’t certain how she felt, maybe because he wanted everything about that exact moment to be perfectly crafted the way he crafts everything else in his life

and then she seeks him out in the forest and she all but begs him to forgive himself and learn to see himself the way she does, and suddenly all of Percy’s plans and what ifs and hesitations disappear in a sudden surge of i love this woman

i mean, Vax is right, Percy thinks with his head, but for once Vex makes him think with his heart 

Hello friends it’s time for me to talk about my feelings because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s been a very odd week.

This week I had a crisis of confidence in almost everything I’m doing here. It was not precipitated by this post by the woman behind Go Make Me a Sandwich, but that post could not have come at a more pivotal time. I highly recommend reading the whole thing, and obviously not all of it is relevant to my much milder situation, but here is the pertinent quote for what I want to say here:

People have told me more times than I can count that I’m “brave” for writing this blog. I’m “brave” for being open about my feelings and experiences, and I’m “brave” for saying what I think without apologizing or minimizing in any way. And to them, I always say the same thing: I’m not brave! I’m stupid. Doing what I do is like beating my head against a brick wall on a daily basis. Every once in a while, I might knock a tiny chip off the wall, and people may applaud and say, “look! Progress!”. But ultimately, nothing I do is every going to seriously harm the wall, but it will seriously harm me if I keep at it long enough.


Fuck! She’s totally right! I’m being stupid!

Let me be crystal clear: I’m not quitting. But I need to put some kind of padding between myself and that wall. Not only that, but I am constantly terrified that by perennially pointing at this huge wall all I’m doing is depressing everyone around me. I live in the shadow of this wall by choice; I really don’t want everyone to live here with me.

I’m doing okay. (With the power of Civ 6 I’ve gone from “video games are an almost unbearable trash fire” to “video games are great, actually” in the space of 24 hours.) But I can see how this could – or would – end if I don’t make some changes. I don’t know exactly what those changes are yet, but I know that 1) I can find a way of doing this sustainably and 2) that you’ll all bear with me while I figure it out, for which I am unspeakably grateful.

That’s all I wanted to say. I’m going to go play some more Civ 6 now <3