do your own planning

Do your own thing, never plan any events around other people, If you want to learn music, start hitting the gym, go travelling, do it all yourself, if someone wants to tag along, let them but don’t count on them.

EXO Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

||| Anon asked:  Hi there ! Can I get a BTS and EXO mafia reaction when their fiancee runs away? |||

BTS Reaction

Park Chanyeol

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He was keeping track of not only you but all off your devices, so he knew you were planing to escape.

*Snatching your phone from your hand* “Jagi, I think we need to talk.”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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One night you woke up to Minseok sitting in the corner of your room.

“So you’re finally awake. It’s time to stop playing these silly games and come back home with me.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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When one day he came back after work and saw you missing, he couldn’t believe you betrayed him like that.

“That girl… She couldn’t have gone far.” he thought getting into his car.

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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He would be angry af. He was at work when his men called him and told that they lost sight of you. He trashed his office before storming out to go find you.

“Aish, she’s nothing but trouble.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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After he told you, he’s in the mafia, he expected all kind of reactions but definitely not this. Trying to control his anger, he gathered all his men and told them to bring you back using any means possible.

“She has to be back home by evening, you understand?”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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After not seeing him for a few weeks and thinking you finally escaped, he came in and sat down at the opposite side of the table at the restaurant you were having dinner at.

“I gave you enough time to change your mind and come back on your own, seeing as you have no plans of doing it, I will take you myself.”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He would be pissed.

“I tell her my secrets and this is how she repays me.”

Byun Baekhyun

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He was searching for you for a whole week so when he finally saw you in another city he slammed you into an alley wall between the buildings.

“Naughty girl, so this is were you were hiding.”


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He knew exactly were you’re going so decided to watch from a distance and see what you will come up with. In a few days he lost interest though and decided to just approach you.

“Had your fun? Now it’s time to go home.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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A few months later you were about to go out of your new apartment when you opened the door and saw Yixing. 

“You’re pretty good at this, it took me longer than expected to find you.” he said throwing you over his shoulder and descending down the stairs to the car.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon 

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He found you the same day in one of the train stations.

“I didn’t propose to you so you would leave me the next day, you should now understand that there is no escape, I have eyes all over the country.”

Oh Sehun

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You were packing your things not expecting him to be back home so soon. You didn’t even hear him approach you from behind.

“Going somewhere? You know you can’t do that. We are engaged now.”

A/N: Hope you enjoyed!! I wrote this as if the member is the gang leader. BTS reaction coming up next. Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

Y’all know my obsession with mer!Stiles but what about professional merman!Stiles and single dad!Derek whose little girl is obsessed with mermaids?

Derek understands it’s probably not healthy to try indulge all of his daughter’s impossible wishes, but she rarely asks for anything and if she wants a mermaid for her 6th birthday he’s going to find a way to make it happen.

Enter Stiles - professional merman. Derek isn’t exactly sure if a dude is quite what his daughter wants in a mermaid but between not wanting to ruin the surprise and the fact she pretty much squeals MERMAID!! MERMAID!! MERMAID!! when she sees anything that even slightly resembles a fish, he thinks a guy will be fine. 

Derek is expecting…well, he’s not actually sure what he’s expecting. Do professional mermaids grow up wanting to be professional mermaids or does the job just come with a particular…lifestyle, like surfers and lifeguards and people way too obsessed with Disney? Whoever Derek is expecting to show up at his door though, it certainly isn’t someone who greets him by saying, “holy shit, you’re gorgeous” followed by “wait, I mean…holy shit you’re gorgeous.” Derek hasn’t felt his cheeks turn red since he was fifteen, which is why he’s totally not to blame when all he manages to say in return is, “do you come with your own tail?”

“Why, you planning on supplying one for me, big guy? I do have my own tail but if kitting me out in a different one is something you’re into….” he winks, like he was fucking born to, and for a moment Derek is kind of terrified he’s accidentally hired a hooker who thinks Derek has a weird mermaid fetish. 

“Um…no….that’s….okay.” He swears he used to have better game than this. Not that he’s trying to flirt with Stiles. He hired him for his daughter’s birthday party, for fuck’s sake. There are rules. He’s almost certain. 

“Great, well, if you could just lead me to the pool….” Stiles squints. “You….do have a pool, right? Once someone hired me to sit in a bathtub all day and while you might think getting paid to sit around in bathtub all day is the world’s best job, believe me when I say it’s not.”

Half an hour later, Derek blushes again - this is really getting out of hand - when Stiles knocks on his back door, panting, “okay, so, I know my website says professional and please trust me when I say I am but…could you help me get my tail on? Usually I have my buddy Scott to help me set up but it’s his anniversary today and, well,” he shrugs. Derek doesn’t stop blushing for the rest of the day, in fact. Especially during lunch when the kids go inside to watch The Little Mermaid and Stiles flops up onto the pool side, the moles scattered all down his neck and chest doing funny things to Derek under the glare of the sun. Not even the way Stiles’ nose starts to burn puts him off. All it does is force Derek outside, awkwardly standing over Stiles, shyly holding out some sunscreen. 

It doesn’t help that Stiles is perfect with the kids, either. No question is too silly for him and he even manages to coax his daughter’s friend Isaac to the edge of the pool even though Isaac is frightened of mermaids and the only reason he came today is because his daughter promised to hold his hand all day and protect him (which Derek noted fondly Isaac couldn’t stop talking about all week, according to his older brother).

The real problem starts, however, when his daughter asks Stiles if he will fall in love with her daddy because her daddy deserves true love because he’s he bestest daddy in the whole world and mermaids always always make sure when they fall in love it’s the “big explody” kind of love, right? You’re not an evil mermaid, are you Stiles? You won’t try to drown my daddy if he kisses you, will you? 

No, sweetheart, I won’t drown your daddy if he tries to kiss me.” He looks over at Derek, waggling his eyebrows. Derek, god help him, has never been so endeared in his life. 

See, daddy,” his daughter yells, putting her hands on her hips. “I told you.”

Stiles bites down on a laugh and Derek crosses his arms, raises an eyebrow at her. “Lacy, what have I told you about trying to set daddy up with strangers?”

“But Stiles isn’t a stranger, daddy. He’s got a tail.” 

Derek sighs, leading Lacy into the house. “I’m sure Stiles already has a lovely mer…person waiting for him at home.”

“You won’t ever find love if you don’t take a chance, daddy,” Lacy pouts, sounding scarily like Erica whenever they get onto the topic of his love life (which is horribly frequent these days).

“Yeah,” Stiles call after them, “take a chance, daddy! I promise, we merfolk don’t bite.” He pauses. “Much.” He winks and Derek blushes for probably the 100th time that day.

He hates everything.

Except, he really doesn’t because after putting Lacy to bed, he comes back down stairs to find Stiles’ number on the envelope of cash he had left out for Stiles to take. 

We merfolk don’t have use for money but if you want to buy me dinner some time, we do like to eat.

P.S. Curly fries are optional but highly encouraged.

P.P.S. If you bring me this money instead of curly fries, this relationship is not going to work. 

(Spoiler alert: Derek doesn’t bring Stiles his money. Instead he puts it in a box, still inside the envelope, which neither of them touch until Stiles proposes five years later when they use it to buy celebratory engagement pizza and that fancy ice cream that Lacy loves so much - which she henceforth insists on calling “finally ice cream” because, well…..finally.)

Does anyone else see the irony in a community absolutely obsessed with ridding the world of “daddy dom” relationships trying to force a Father/daughter view on a canon romantic relationship between two adults?,

Petblr Questionare

1. How many pets do you own?

2. What is your favorite animal?

3. What is your dream pet?

4. What is the most expensive pet you own?

5. What is your favorite species to own?

6. Do you have a favorite pet? If so what’s its name?

7. What is your favorite petblr blog?

8. How old were you when you got your first pet?

9. What/who is the newest addition to your pet family?

10. Do you own any pets that you don’t post about on your blog?

11. What future pets do you plan to own?

12. Do you breed any of your animals?

14. Do you sell/ have you sold any of your animals?

15. Are any of your animals rescues?

16. How old is the oldest pet you own?

17. How old is the youngest pet you own?

18. How many female pets do you have?

19. How many male pets do you have?

20. What is your favorite thing to do with your pets?

Prom Advice💕

I know it’s a little late for some of you, but for my girls whose prom hasn’t happened yet, this is for you!

-Start toning up! Do some light cardio on a regular basis, and try pushups and pullups if you don’t have weights or can’t get to a gym!

-Use a face mask the week before, and take good care of your skin!! Cleanse, tone, moisturize! Use a good serum & moisturizer for glowy skin!

-If you’re doing your own hair and makeup, plan out your look beforehand! Make sure you have all the tools and products you need so you don’t need to run out and get anything at the last minute!

-Know your angles for photos! Use a mirror and see what you like, and pose accordingly. Don’t force a smile if it doesn’t feel natural, it’ll just end up looking awkward!

-If you don’t have a date, don’t feel bad about it. It’s totally fine to just go and hang out with your girls!! Prom pics with your friends look absolutely adorable, and I promise the memories will be just as fun and happy. Don’t let whether or not a guy is with you affect the amazing time you should have!!

alex---baum  asked:

I'm getting a ukulele for my birthday, as I was inspired by your one stream, also because your voice is beautiful! Are you planning on doing your own stream soon? Or are you planning to just participate in the monthly streams on Mark's channel?

Nope, I’ll definitely be doing my own streams soon! I want to do another charity stream in march or April!


Pairing: nolan x reader

Request by @mistrose23: The reader is a werewolf from Scott’s pack and she’s best friends with Liam, Mason and Corey. She’s also friends with Nolan and she knows about him and the beast. So she helps him with his trauma. But he doesn’t know she’s a werewolf. He’ll find out when he and Gabe are beating up Liam.

A/N: Because Nolan is a smol misunderstood bean who needs to be protected. I’ll post part 2 later ;) If u wanna be tagged, let me know! Please send more Nolan requests i love that boy sm

[requests here]     [Masterlist] 

You sighed as you entered the school building. Things were changing and everyone knew it. Ever since Monroe started recruiting people for her own personal army, things started to get worse for the pack. You quickly made your way to your locker, ignoring the looks and whispers that were following you. You were a werewolf and a part of Scott’s pack, but so far, no one knew you were supernatural. However, people started to get suspicious, because you were spending so much time with Liam, Mason and Corey. Especially Liam was having a rough time, since everyone at school basically knew there was something going on with him.

You closed your locker and made your way to English where you saw one of your best friend Nolan.

‘Morning,’ you said and he smiled in return.

Your friendship with the boy had been very tense these past few days. Nolan was, just like all the other kids, terrified of the supernatural and completely under Monroe’s spell. It started with the wolf on the lacrosse field. His anxiety had gotten a lot worse and there were multiple times where you were the one who could calm him down or make him feel comfortable again.

He didn’t know about you being a werewolf, so you were torn between Nolan and your other friends. You tried not to speak too much about them when you were with him. Also the fact that you started to develop a tiny crush on him wasn’t really helping.

Class started and everyone paid attention to the teacher. You tried to listen to what she had to say, but you couldn’t quite concentrate. Whether you wanted it or not, you heard Nolan’s heartbeat pounding like crazy. You looked at the boy next to you. He looked very, very nervous and kept shifting in his seat.

‘Hey, are you okay?’ you whispered.

Nolan turned his head and looked at you.

‘I’m fine,’ he said with a shaky breath.

‘You sure?’ you asked, genuinely concerned.

‘Yeah, I just did sleep very good last night,’ he showed a small smile.

‘Y/N! Nolan! Pay attention please,’ the teacher said.

‘Yes, Miss,’ you nodded as you sat straight again. Nolan was definitely not okay.

The bell rang and class ended. You grabbed your stuff and stood up.

‘You wanna go for lunch?’ You asked Nolan, but he shook his head. ‘Sorry, I can’t, I have a meeting with the team.’

‘That’s okay, you still up for doing homework during our free period?’ you asked.

‘Yeah, of course,’ Nolan smiled as he made his way out of the classroom. You sighed and went to find your other friends. Corey, Mason and Liam stood by the lockers when you greeted them.

‘Liam? I thought you had a team meeting?’ you said when you saw him.

‘What are you talking about?’ Liam looked very confused.

‘Nolan said he had a team meeting,’ you told him.

Liam immediately grabbed his bag and hurried towards the boys’ locker-room. You shrugged and followed your friends to the cafeteria.

You sat in the library, across from Nolan, who was furiously reading his math problems. You were just looking at him. He wasn’t acting like himself at all. Sure, his behavior had changed these past weeks, but today was different.

‘Okay,’ you said as you closed the book in front of you, causing Nolan to look up. ‘What’s going on with you? You’ve been abnormally quiet today.’

‘I- uh,’ Nolan started, but it looked like he didn’t know what to say next.

‘Hey,’ you softly said as you grabbed his hand from across the table. ‘You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.’

Nolan smiled a little and shook his head, ‘There’s just a lot going on, I guess.’

‘I understand,’ you said and let go of his hand again. ‘I’m here if you need me, okay?’

‘Yeah,’ Nolan nodded. ‘Thanks, Y/N’

You opened your mouth to say something, but you were interrupted by Gabe.

‘Nolan, can I talk to you?’ he asked as he send you a weird look.

The boy just nodded. He grabbed his stuff, stood up and left with Gabe without saying another word. You raised a brow at the two boys. There was something going on here and Nolan had something to do with it.

Since you weren’t planning on doing any more homework on your own. You packed you bag and left the library. You walked through the hallways and almost bumped into Mason. He looked very panicked.

‘Mason? What’s going on?’ you asked slowly.

‘It’s the lacrosse team,’ Mason said swiftly. ‘They’re all blocking the entrances.’

‘What? Why?’ you were a little confused.

‘They want to make Liam shift in front of everyone, everyone’s looking for him,’ Mason whispered.

‘Oh boy, this is bad,’ you stated. ‘Where is he now?’

Mason quickly nodded behind him and you immediately understood that Corey had turned himself and Liam invisible. You nodded and cleared your throat.

‘I’ll go find Nolan. See if he cares to explain all of this,’ you said. ‘Be careful.’

‘You too,’ Mason said and you started to look for your friend. After a while, you still hadn’t found him. What you did find, however, were lacrosse player at every exit, door and hallway. They would send you looks full of anger and fear, but they didn’t do anything. You decided that this wasn’t going to work. Just when you were about to give up, your wolf-hearing picked something up. It sounded like a fight. Then you realized what was happening.

They found Liam.

You rushed towards the sounds and found a classroom with a lot of students, Mason, Corey and Nolan and Gabe, who were beating up Liam. Mason was yelling, but he couldn’t do anything. The lacrosse players were holding him back. You looked at Liam, whose face was covered in blood. You stood still for a few seconds before pushing yourself through the group of students. A few tried to stop you, but you easily pushed them aside, because you were a lot stronger. In the meantime, Gabe was seriously punching Liam in the face and Nolan watched it happen.

‘Stop!’ you yelled as you grabbed Gabe by his shoulders and pulled him away from Liam, who was on the ground. You stood with your back to the group of people and were now facing Nolan. He looked terrified. You could feel your heart break into a thousand pieces, how could he do this?

Gabe stood up again and was about to push you aside, but you turned around.

‘Don’t,’ you breathed heavily. Gabe stood still and took a few steps back. You felt your pulse rising as you looked at Nolan again. The whole room was quiet now.

‘What the hell were you thinking,’ you slowly said. ‘I thought you were better than this!’

Your heart started beating faster and faster and you felt yourself getting angrier by the second. That was the moment Nolan’s eyes went wide.

‘Y/N,’ you heard Liam’s voice. You looked down and when you saw the look on his face, you knew what was happening. Your eyes were glowing. You looked at Nolan in pure horror as you quickly changed them back to normal. Your back was still facing the others, so they hadn’t seen what Nolan just saw. You held your breath, but the boy didn’t say anything.

‘What is happening here! Get out! Go to the principal’s office, I can’t stand to look at your faces!’ coach stormed into the room. He looked absolutely furious. The students quickly left the classroom, but Nolan was still staring at you, like he saw a ghost.

‘Nolan! Get out of my sight!’ coach yelled and Nolan snapped out of his gaze. Without saying a word or sending you another look, he rushed past you, following the other students. While Mason, Corey and coach helped Liam, you just stood there.

He knows.

Part 2: Hunted


the little things i love about lee jihoon: the way he “high five” someone // insp. by: x

yellow-eyebrow  asked:

So I have an interview this week (!!!!!) for a position the next level up at the zoo that I've been working part time at for almost a year. I've read your interview tips, but do you have any tips for interviewing somewhere that you already work? Obviously, doing my research and knowing about the facility isn't a tip in this situation, because I've been working in the area and with these animals for almost a year, so I feel like I have to approach it a little differently

This is a really good question! It’s fairly common to move up at a zoo you’re already at, from intern to seasonal/part time, part time/seasonal to full time, or even from full time keeper to manager. Here’s a few tips for that:

1. Make sure to emphasize why you like this facility and why you want to stay there. This is especially important for zoos with high turnover rates - they want to know that candidates want to stay at the facility for the long term. Because you’ve been there for a while this is going to go beyond just the mission statement or any news-worthy moments - you’ll really need to go into detail about specifics like animal welfare philosophies and work environments. This is especially important in your case - to emphasize why you like this area and why you want to remain in the same area where you’re currently working. Basically… if you love them, let it show!

2. Have examples of both your reliability / consistency and times you have gone above and beyond in your current position. Humans are simple creatures and we often want to go with the path of least resistance. Reminding those you’re interviewing with of how reliable you’ve been and how they can count on you will probably make them feel pretty comfortable in keeping you around. Then remind them that you’re not just reliable, you’re going a step above that. Tell a story of something you’ve done that was top notch - did you handle a stressful situation, did you step in to help on a very busy day, did you walk two miles to work in the snow? Be ready with specific stories.

3. Remember that “moving up” in any way means more challenges, not just more opportunities. When applying for a full-time position or other forms of “moving up” it can be easy to focus on the cool things you’ll now be able to do. You can make your own training plan, do your own diets, shift dangerous animals… and while that’s super exciting, it’s also a huge responsibility. It’s important not to be over-confident or think that things will be just as “easy” if you get a full time position. Unfortunately, seasonal or part-time keepers can often be left out of more detailed processes on the job, like record-keeping or animal restraint. Don’t just touch on the “fun” things you want to be able to do, remind them that you’re ready for the responsibility of the things you haven’t been able to help with. Basically, emphasize that you want to be able to help out the team, not just that you want new opportunities for yourself (though those are okay too in the context of professional growth!)

4. Pay attention to any differences between departments/areas/strings within the zoo. This may not apply to you specifically but it’s an important note overall. Zoos can sometimes have widely different approaches to everything from enrichment to training between areas. (Of course this isn’t true across the board, and certain things like procedures and safety guidelines should be the same.) Sometimes it can be easy to assume that just because the area you’re working in follows certain guidelines or uses certain language that it’s the same everywhere, but this isn’t always the case. Try to talk to someone in the area you’re applying for to compare notes.

Slowly but Surely

Request: Hi! I love your writing so much, i wanted to request a newt x reader, in which newt and the reader are best friends, and newt thinks he has a crush on tina so reader helps him impress her bc he’s a shy baby, but in the process they realise that they actually had feelings for each other all along and they fall harder? Happy ending? Xx

Word Count: 2,861

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

“Well, that was disappointing.”

You and Newt stare down at the broken vase. Glass and water mix over the wooden floor and someone shouts from downstairs.

“I’ll get the broom.”

Newt steps back and you can already see the questions pestering him and thinning his confidence.

“I’m sure she’d say yes, Newt. You just have to ask.”

“I know, I know.” There’s the pacing you expected, complete with one finger pressed against his lips whenever he stops speaking. “I just need to find the right time.”

You toss the dust pan onto the ground, where it lands with a crunch on some vagrant piece of glass. “There’s never going to be a ‘right time.’”

Newt rolls his eyes at the quote gestures you make around his words. “I don’t want it to come from nowhere.”

“What if it comes from your heart?” You tease.

He scowls. “Funny. Here I thought I asked for love advice, not bad jokes.”

The glass scratches the ground on its way into the pan. “It’s a dual package. The jokes come free of charge.”

“What if I ask her on a roof? At sunset?”

“A bit cliché, don’t you think?”

“Well I don’t hear you coming up with any ideas.”

You sigh. Snappy Newt is not your favorite Newt to deal with. “Tina likes you, Newt. I promise. You could ask her out in a dumpster as a phoenix bursts into ashes around you both and she’d still say yes.”

“What about with a picnic? Women like those.”

You sweep the final pieces of glass into the dust pan. “If you really want help, you need to calm down. I’ll come up with something.”

Newt runs a hand over his face. “I’m going to check on the occamies.”

“No worries, I’ll just finish mopping up this mess myself.”

He turns back to you and shakes his head. “Let me help.”

The two of you finish drying off the floor as best you can. Sitting across from one another, you look at the final piece of the mess: the dropped lily, pure petals drooping under the water they soaked up during the clean-up. Newt leans over and grabs it before falling back against the wall. He holds it up in front of him, spinning it in his hands, ignoring the water dripping onto his hands.

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Summary: In which a sign in your room leads to a big misunderstanding between you and Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Sam x Reader (Platonic)

Word Count: 2,605

A/N: Fic inspired by a sign (the one under the gif) that I found on Pinterest. 

@avengerstories​ - you and your editing assistance are extremely important to me :)

Originally posted by vivalaplutoh

Your six-year friendship with Sam has been filled with more ridiculous dares than either of you can count. Thanks to you, he’s spilled drinks on himself in the presence of attractive women, sang to strangers in elevators, and even has a small tattoo of your name on his wrist. Thanks to him, you’ve eaten food off of dirty floors, kissed a few strangers, and made a fool of yourself in front of hoards of people.

One would think that being forced into these horrible tasks would make you and Sam hate each other, but miraculously, that never happened. Each painfully awkward moment only brought you two closer. So close in fact that, when Sam enlisted to fight beside Captain America’s, he refused to do so without you there.

At the time, you were wholly unaware of how choosing to fight in a battle that wasn’t yours would affect your life. You simply chose to do what came naturally to you - stick it out and stand by Sam’s side like he’d done time and time again for you. Who would’ve thought that being such a loyal friend would lead you to where you are now?

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This is for everyone who is asking me how I do my uncluttering sessions.

1. Start with your journal. Write down everything first. Find a place where you can think and have some quality time with yourself.

2. Think of specific areas you want to include in your uncluttering. Some areas on my list are: food, music, gadgets, books, plans, journals and blogs, finance, exercise, etc.

Food - what to eat and what not to eat. go healthy! ( I do juice fasting/cleansing sometimes)

Music - songs I want to learn, pieces I need to play

Gadgets - I organize files on my gadgets every month and I also customize themes

Books - reading list and study goals

Plans - plans for the month, monthly goals, weekly goals

Journals and Blogs -  organizing my journaling stuffs, updating my blogs

Finance - budget, savings, organizing my wallet

Exercise - regular exercise schedule

3. Unclutter your thoughts too. Write down all your million-dollar ideas before you forget about them. Remove all non-sense and dwell on happy thoughts and positive things. Stop worrying!

4. Get rid of all stuffs you’re not using anymore. Send them out for donations or throw them in the trash.

5. Tidy up your room and your desk. I do this on a daily basis. Nothing feels better than a clean and fresh room atmosphere.

6. Unclutter by prioritizing. First things first. Leave the internet alone and do your school work.

7.Practice minimalism.

I hope this has been helpful. Remember that uncluttering is personal. You can always do it in your own way.  

House of Cards: Chapter 4 (M)

Taehyung, Reader, Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst and a little fluff

Warning: Infidelity. Please avoid if this is not for you.

Word count: 4,002 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

A few hours after Taehyung left, you were still in the living room, sitting on the sofa mindlessly flipping through the channels. Your mind was on your relationship – if you could even call it that – with Taehyung, and the fast friendship you were developing with Jungkook, whom you liked immensely. The poor buttons of the remote were continuously being worn out until you heard Jungkook’s voice from behind.

“Where should we go for lunch?”

You looked up, resting the back of your head on the sofa so you could see him peering down at you. Through your bleary eyes you could see his crooked grin flashing your way. You were surprised; after the events that transpired that morning you didn’t think the two of you would talk again for a while. Perhaps you were the only one who felt the awkwardness of the whole situation. Jungkook acted like he always did, and the discomfort that you felt slowly dissipated over the course of lunch and the walk back to your apartment afterwards.

However, when he asked about your plans for the rest of the day, you frowned.

“Didn’t you say you have a party to go to this weekend?”

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