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the little things i love about lee jihoon: the way he “high five” someone // insp. by: x

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I'm getting a ukulele for my birthday, as I was inspired by your one stream, also because your voice is beautiful! Are you planning on doing your own stream soon? Or are you planning to just participate in the monthly streams on Mark's channel?

Nope, I’ll definitely be doing my own streams soon! I want to do another charity stream in march or April!

Petblr Questionare

1. How many pets do you own?

2. What is your favorite animal?

3. What is your dream pet?

4. What is the most expensive pet you own?

5. What is your favorite species to own?

6. Do you have a favorite pet? If so what’s its name?

7. What is your favorite petblr blog?

8. How old were you when you got your first pet?

9. What/who is the newest addition to your pet family?

10. Do you own any pets that you don’t post about on your blog?

11. What future pets do you plan to own?

12. Do you breed any of your animals?

14. Do you sell/ have you sold any of your animals?

15. Are any of your animals rescues?

16. How old is the oldest pet you own?

17. How old is the youngest pet you own?

18. How many female pets do you have?

19. How many male pets do you have?

20. What is your favorite thing to do with your pets?

Partners in Mischief

Hogwarts - Gryffindor Girls Dormitory

Sirius is applying makeup as Jamie watches her. After a while, she clears her throat.

Sirius smiles, without looking at her best friend.

Jamie: I know, I know…

Sirius: I wouldn’t hurt her, Prongs. It’s not like that. She’s not just - anybody.

Jamie: I’m happy for you both, really. Took you bloody long enough.

Jamie: Are you going to spend all your time with Remi now, or..? Because I have some really good pranks planned, and I can’t pull them off if you’re both snogging each other all the time.

Sirius stares blankly for a brief moment. Then, she breaks into laughter.

Sirius: Look, you’re my partner in crime, right? We’re the Marauders. Remi might be my girlfriend, but…

Jamie: If you could stop looking at your own reflection for three seconds, I do have a plan.


So can someone tell me why everyone’s giving RWBY shit? I saw a post complaining that everyone is cis in the show? Chill there are LGBT people in the show but, surprise!, the show’s not actually about romantic relationships all the fucking time. I saw people complaining because of plot holes and I feel the need to point out that every goddamn story has plot holes. People are complaining about how Blake’s arc is filler and Yang’s PTSD vanished but do they realise that not only is time passing between each episodes but the entire thing has been planned out. We saw Yang for about five minutes; we don’t know what’s happening in the rest of her life and there’s been a good amount of time since she put the arm on and way sparring with her dad. Blake has just reunited with her parents oh, and guess what? She needs to spend time with them because she hasn’t seen them in years. People would complain if all of Blake’s arc was put into one episode too.
This fandom needs to take a step back and actually appreciate how much time goes not into animating the series but planning a goddamn story. Do they even realise how hard it is to create a world like Remnant; considering every little thing they have? But people just prefer to complain that there are no gay people in the show or that someone should be agender or trans. Instead of hating on the people who are pouring blood, sweat and tears into this work and really don’t need your goddamn abuse about little things, how about we sit back, chill the fuck out and enjoy something that Monty Oum basically planned by himself to show the world?
Is that too much to ask for?


Below the cut are #61 100x100 blonde faceless icons suitable for fall / winter. These were made with Quinn Fabray (Glee) in mind, yet can be used for a variety of blonde faceclaims. All icons were made by yours truly. Please like / reblog if you plan to use, and do not claim as your own. Thanks.

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Interview : Tom Chaplin

When did the idea to go solo came to you ?

I don’t really know. People were always asking, because the dynamic of Keane which is that Tim writes the songs and I sing them. People were  saying « Tom do you ever plan to do a solo record, with your own songs. » They’re asking that from the moment of our success, thirteen years ago, but Tim was so good at writing songs that this creative part of me, I pushed it down and I denied it for a long time but a creative part, it grows and it wants to be heard (laughs) and during the Keane best of, in 2013, I felt like I needed to do something different and I needed to step away, to give this part of me a voice, so I started around 2013-14.

Who worked on the new album with you? Did your friends from Keane helped?

Part of the process was stepping away from Keane, to do something that felt completely different. I did actually work on one song with Tim for a bit when I was trying to figure out who I wanted to produce the album. We did some really nice work on the song but, it didn’t seem right in the end to me, having Tim to produce my record. I didn’t really see much of the guys from Keane during that process but one of the really lovely things about a solo record was being able to work with so many new people and to see how other people write, produce, think, play their instruments and all of this stuff. I worked with probably ten different writers and ten different musicians during the course of producing the record from start to finish and I had a complete blast with all of them, it was great fun.

What was the reaction of the people around you when you decided to do the new album?

I think they were really happy and excited for me, particularly my wife. I think she saw that it was a process that was really engaged. The problem was, and I talked about it a lot that I started really fast andI wrote quite a few songs but my problem with drugs resurfaced and then just took over my entire life. Through 2014 I became more and more useless creatively, I destroyed myself, so I don’t think that by the end of that year anyone was worried about whether I was making in music, They’re just worried about wether or not I was gonna still be alive the next time they saw me. Obviously last year was an entirely different year, I got myself well and, all this music came flying out of me and I think people close to me were really happy for me which is lovely.

When did you decide it was the right time to go back into the studios?

The last time I used drugs was at the very beginning of 2015, so January of last year. For the few months after that I wasn’t really interested in anything. I knew I couldn’t go back to my bad old ways, neither if that was gonna work for me again, not that it ever worked for me but I thought it might. I was left in this weird kind of no man’s land where I felt like I knew I couldn’t go back to what I’d been doing just taking drugs, so I looked to the world and I didn’t feel very connected to it. Chemically I destroyed myself and it’s very hard, addicts do find it hard to enjoy things again after a long period of using. It took a while for me to start to re-engage with making music. It’s fun you should mention going back in the studio I remember, the guy who was mentoring me at the time and helping me through that period. I said to him, I ‘m not interested in going back to the studio, I don’t care about music anymore and he said to me « just go into your studio, sit there for five minutes, play the guitar, play the piano, do something, see how it feels » I was like « yeah whatever I’ll try it. » and when I sat into the studio I remembered “this can be good, this is what I love. I’m actually kind of pragmatic about these things like keep going but once I did very quickly I was so energized, all that effort and energy that I put into having this massive drug habit that was part of my life, suddenly I was able to use that energy for something creative, positive and I was like « wow what do I do with this thing.” It felt very exciting.

You recently gave an interview to the Telegraph, I was wondering, do you feel like when you speak about it, it helps you as much as writing song, in a therapy way? To talk to newspapers ? Because I felt like it was deep.

That’s true! People keep saying that to me and I don’t feel like it’s strange or peculiar but I know what you’re saying. People are like « wow that’s deeply personal. » But the thing is that, that’s the way I feel these days about life is that I have been much happier and I found life much more bearable since I opened up as a human being and shared my problems. I talked to my therapist in huge details about all of the really dark parts of my soul and the things that I’m ashamed about, and sad about, regrets things I’m guilty about, I talked about all that stuff and what I found was like once I talked about it instead of being like this concrete thing that was trapped inside just evaporated and I thought that’s really good, and I think that for a lot of us human beings we think that dealing with stuff by internalizing it, repressing it and shutting it away is the best way. I think personally that it isn’t, I think it’s better when you let it all out so I just done that in my interviews and i don’t care how people judge me. The thing I discovered is a lot of amazing feedback people said « I, one of my family  had mental health problems or suffered with addiction, been through a dark time and it was really lovely to hear how vulnerable and open you’re being with your record because it encouraged me, a friend or a loved one to do the same ». And to hear that was the best thing I could hope for. I just keep doing it.

You get all the gory details it’s me, it’s who I am, it’s what I’ve done, hiding that stuff has not helped me so I’m giving it a go, I’m giving the other way a go. The other thing about it is that I think in order to make anything creatively good, you have to be honest and I know that some people can leave that with just be the art itself. A songwriter might just writes incredible honest and personal songs and leave it there but I wanted to go the next step and give the record a context so people understood why I’d written these songs and where I was coming from.

I was also wondering, if you end up again touring again with Keane, are you going to write more songs on your own?

I have no idea what the future holds in terms of Keane. It’s hard to imagine how it would continue the way it used to be which is obviously Tim writing the songs and me singing them. Because I’m just a different person now, I think I would want to be creatively involved. There are two sides for that I think on one hand I’m sure Tim would be quite into that as an idea. he was very nice about my record, he sent me lovely messages, it was really great. There is that possibility. There is a part of me that wonders if this is what I want to do now. I want to just be a solo artist. It could be that I just continue doing that. I have no idea how I’ll feel in 6 months or a year and I’d rather not trying second guess. Just let it be a surprise.

Are you playing any instrument on The Wave?

I did play some guitars, some keyboards, and I do a lot of singing as well, obviously not only my lead vocals, we wanted to… toward the end of the record there’s a lot of kind of gospel moments chorus moments I wanted to give the impression of lots of people singing the same thing, this is the idea of being kind of relational. A lot of the songs are about wanting to feel connected to other people so this idea of a chorus of people singing all at the same time, like a quire, or a congregation in a church I wanted that to find its way into the songs. So songs like « see it so clear », « the wave», « bring the rain » « hold on to our love ». They’re all songs that have that sens of a rousing congregation singing.

I did a lot of that myself, a lot of the laying of the voices, I would adopt a persona like I’m gonna be Marjorie sort of *sings in a high pitched voice* I tend to be different people and it was really fun. I let the guitar playing and the really difficult piano/keyboard playing to someone else, and drumming. They’re not my strong suit but I made a few little guest appearances on my own sounds.

Do your own thing, never plan any events around other people, If you want to learn music, start hitting the gym, go travelling, do it all yourself, if someone wants to tag along, let them but don’t count on them.

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         She had been more comfortable in this role then she could have ever imagined. Has more experience now in the way she carefully cradles the little bundle in her arms; a hand coming to swipe a gentle caress of her palm over the little forehead before she returns the small body along her arm. Joffrey was asleep now; and so was his newest little sister. A late night rouse was to be expected; especially with one still so tiny. And Cersei couldn’t help a tender smile with eyes never leaving their newest daughter. Chest swelling with an overflowing warmth; a tighten in her throat, and a hum on her tongue; all caused an even softer touch of her lips along Myrcella’s head.

        “I love her-”  She whispered when she sensed Jaime’s return. She loved Myrcella; she loved Joffrey, just like she loved Jaime. But this was…this was different. She was hers, just like Joffrey was her own. Theirs. Cersei glides her index along their baby’s brow and smiles when Cella moves  her little head and made an even littler sound. She could never get over how precious she is; such a tiny light Cersei could stare at for hours. “She’s perfect-”


Good morning friends! I have someone I need to introduce you all to. This is Tali! She is the scrub that I have been planning for almost a year to get. 8 months of research, 3 months of physical planning, saving for adult cages and possible vet fees, research research and more research, I have finally made the jump into giant species. She got here of wednesday of last week, and this picture is from that day once I had put her in her cage to settle in(meaning this picture set was taken the day she got here, and she has been left alone for the past five days). Two more days of her being left alone and you guys can expect some more pictures of her :) She is incredibly calm and has a very polite demeanor, I was very surprised at how calm she was when I unpacked her from her shipping box.

A Teacher’s Guide to Creating a Good Lesson Pl*n:
  1. Attention spans are short –> long rambles of info are a waste of time.
  2. Reading long texts without guidance = asking for your students to not remember it in a very authentic way.
  3. Handouts and/or power points with explicit directions are your friends.
  4. Thinking about your activities in terms of Before Reading, During Reading, and After Reading helps to simplify your thought process.
  5. A thoughtful mix of independent, partner, group, and whole class work can make a lesson feel much less boring and more interactive.
  6. Always plan how you are going to transition among different segments.
  7. ALWAYS plan The End of the Lesson (prevents “so um yeah” moments).

What do you have to add?

mohkii replied to your post:I’m sorry

It’s okay. I appreciate the apology. I was caught a little off guard considering I follow you and thought you to be respectable. I can appreciate you taking a liking to how I edited the photo and I’d like to say thank you for liking it so much but next time if you plan to do your own spin try to make it a bit more different. I’m not going to hold anything against you because I do believe it was unintentional. Just try to make it more YOU next time. ♥

Thank you for being so understanding! I understand how you reacted, which honestly wasn’t bad at all. Most people would’ve reacted badly, so thank you again!! Best wishes ♡ ♡

Okay, but WHY were the Stabbington brothers trying to steal Rapunzel's crown?

I get the “it’s gold, and huge diamonds, etc.” thing.

But they tell Flynn “we do this job, you can buy your own castle”, so they’re probably planning to sell it. (Maybe ransom it… but, eh, I don’t think so.)

Were they just like “it’s shiny and valuable, someone will want it”? Or did they already have a buyer lined up? (From a criminal pov, why steal something so high risk without guarantee of payment?) Take it a step further: what if they were HIRED to steal it? Did someone come to the brothers and say “I’ll pay you so much if you bring me the thing.” Only later did they bring Flynn on, because they needed his skillset. (Smaller frame makes him easier to raise and lower him through the skylight.)

If so, who? A wealthy collector? A power hungry noble who’s found a girl who looks similar enough to paintings of the baby princess and is planning to pass her off as Rapunzel in order to gain power? A neighboring kingdom with similar plans?

I have so many questions!!!

Hey guys! I just made this printable daily planner and of course, I would like to share it to all of you! It has a space for date, 24 hour table, inspiration corner, water intake tracker, notes and boxes for your to-do lists and meal plans! If you would like to have your own copy, follow me on Instagram: @anotheradrianne and message me here on tumblr your username so I could check if you’re really following me. I want to know you guys personally, don’t worry I’m not a psycho who would stalk you. Haha! I just really want to know my followers more and make friends with all of you! See you!

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I literally felt myself die inside at that last panel. Wilyart, you should be the Angst Queen, because with every update my heart either breaks because of what happened in said update, or it cracks because I know what might happen in future updates. I do ABSOLUTELY ADORE your storytelling though. I've got my own angst plans in mind that I may or may not write a story about and submit to you. Depends on how committed I am. And I'm pretty committed at the moment.

Oh my goodness. I would be blown away if you did that. Send me all the thiiiings. I love when people get inspired!

Also I promise to try to tip the scales back to fluff.


ya know, eventually.