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one thing and another with the busy world
where even breathing is hard
what if i said they were why
you and i became distant? 

Me: Okay, I have 5 miserable orbs, let’s try summoning Ryouma.

The game:

Athena: “You are nice.”

Me: *screaming insults and promises of sacrifice to her face*


One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it. 


I have escaped the land of spiders and death and have almost recovered from crippling lack of sleep. Almost. 

More importantly, I’m planning to do an extra long day of Liveblogging to celebrate the start of Tsubasa Month on May 1st, which is only a few days away. 

Of course, because Timezones exist purely to spite me, it won’t technically be May for everyone. BUT, YOU KNOW. WHEN HAS LOGIC EVER STOPPED ME BEFORE?

Here is a rough guide to when I plan to start:

Don’t panic if that’s a strange time for you. I should be doing it for quite a while, and you won’t miss anything if you’re out living your life.  

I’ll also answer the messages still waiting for me before then, but not right now. Now I’m just going back to bed. 


I ship but I don’t hate other things because of my ship. It’s not my only focus when I watch the show. It’s not my “one goal” or the “only thing I can see”. People say “you’re a destiel shipper, you hate Sam”. LIKE NO! Spend a few minutes on this blog and you’ll see that I love Sam. Destiel doesn’t negate Sam, or anyone else. It doesn’t negate other canon and non-canon ships Dean or Cas has. It doesn’t negate anything. They don’t have to cancel eachother out and just because I ship destiel doesn’t make it okay for me to hate on things that interfere with my ship.

It makes me kind of sad, because if you’ve followed me long enough you’d know I’m a very honest person. I feel bad about things, I make mistakes, and I’m very human. But as soon as you say who you ship, people put up this brick wall in their heads. They instantly think- this person hates Sam, they hate Meg, they hate Amara. It’s just not true. 

I hope that in the future we’ll stop doing this. I know I do that to other people too. I hear that someone ships Wincest and I always assume really bad things about them. But I know it’s not always true. I still avoid that ship at all costs, but the people shipping it aren’t very different from me. Just… they believe certain things are okay, and I disagree with that. But they aren’t any different. They’re just as human. 

I don’t know what I’m trying to prove here but ship wars are stupid and we should be enjoying this show together, not apart because we think everything has to conform to our own ideas and metas. We should be open to change- destiel shippers, sastiel shippers, wincest shippers, people who don’t ship, the GA…. we should all try to understand that we’re human af. 

Except the GA. I really can’t stand the GA. 😂

Damian Wayne X Reader- What do you mean? Part 2

This was requested by @twilight-loveer, @maryry24, and @thelast-flying-grayson.  Thank you for requesting!  This was a fun story to continue!


You sat on the counter in the manor’s kitchen, once again devouring some of Alfred’s delicious cookies.  Your dad had dropped you off at the manor because of a mission, and you were worried for him, and binge eating seemed like the perfect answer.  You went to reach for another cookie but found the plate empty.  Your head immediately turned to see the caffeine junkie himself dipping your last cookie in his coffee.  You were mentally planning many ways to kill him and hide his body when he noticed you glaring at him.

“You know sharing is caring,” he said.

“And stealing is wrong,” you quipped, “Don’t you beat the crap out of people who do that?”

Your glare turned into a malicious smirk.  His blue eyes widened as he slowly backed away towards the door to the hall.  You slinked off of the counter and ran towards him.  He let out an unmanly yelp and ran out of the room with you following.  You eventually caught up with him and tackled him to the ground, causing him to get the wind knocked out of him.  

You sat on his back and asked, “What did you do with my cookies?”

“I stole them,” he wheezed out.

“And who’s scarier: me or Batman?”

“Definitely you.”

You smirked once again and got off of him.  You walked into the kitchen and found Alfred with a new batch of cookies and medical supplies next to them.  You hopped back up on your spot on the counter and grabbed the still warm cookies.  You groaned in delight when it melted in your mouth.

“Thanks, Alfie.”

“It’s my pleasure, Miss (Y/N).  Did you really have to do that to Master Tim?”

“Hey! He stole my cookies and he had to pay the price.”

Alfred let out a chuckle and grabbed the medical supplies.  Tim walked back into the kitchen and grabbed his coffee without making eye contact with you.  He exited quickly and left you with Alfred.

You looked over to him and asked, “Do you think I was easy on him?”


Damian’s laughter echoed throughout the manor.  When he asked you about the first time you met Tim, he wasn’t expecting that.  He wiped the tears out of his eyes and looked at you.  It had been a few years since he had met you, and you still were the mouthy bad ass that he grew to be in love with.  He loves your attitude, your ability to fight, and now he can add your disliking of Tim to the list.  The only problem was he didn’t know if you returned his feelings.  He was worried if he told you, it would ruin your friendship and he would have to face your father’s wrath.   If only he knew you love him too.

You looked over to Damian and wondered when you realized your feelings for him.  Maybe it was love at first sight?  Fuck no.  Was it teenage hormones? Probably.  You knew that having a crush on your best friend was the most cliché and idiotic thing you had ever done.  His laughter is contagious, his personality is one of a kind…. You could go on forever about the quirks of Damian that stole your heart, but to save time you made those points the main reasons why.  Why did he have to be so damn perfect?  You even tried talking to your dad about your feelings, but that ended in a disaster.


“What do you mean ‘you have a crush on the demon’, (Y/N)?” your father asked, “Really?  I understand that you dislike Tim and all of that, but why him of all people?”

“Maybe because he’s my only friend who hasn’t run for the hills yet and also has a vigilante dad who could start a no-dating club with you,“ you said the last part sarcastically.

Jason let out a big sigh.  When he decided when he was going to take care of you, he knew the teenage years would be a pain in the ass, but he never expected this.  His daughter, his mini me, fell in love with one of the things he couldn’t stand.  Why did life have to be so cruel?

“If you really like him, then I’m okay with it,” he choked out.

You smiled and jumped on Jason to give him a huge bear hug, “If he does piss me off I give you permission to get your shotgun out my lovely father.”

Jason laughed and returned the hug, “That’s my girl.  So do I have to start the sex talk?”


“It all starts when two people fall in love and feel that special bond-”



You internally cringed at that memory.  Your humor is as bad as his, but that was worse.  You looked over to Damian and saw that he was staring at you.

“What?  Is my true form showing?” you asked while smirking.

“I guess then you are an angel,” Damian said.

“Sorry, Damian, but I crawled out from the depths of hell,” you joked, thinking that he was messing around with you.

“That’s why you’re hot.”

Your head immediately turned to him, “Damian Wayne, did you just flirt off of my joke to your original flirt?”

He nodded and pulled you in for a heart-stopping kiss.  You immediately melted into his arms and returned the favor.  He pulled you close and broke the kiss.

“I guess this means that you return my feelings?” he questioned.



You shrieked at the sound of a booming voice and fell off of the bed, taking Damian with you.  You popped your head over the bed to find your father clutching his stomach with a camera in his left hand.


“Hey, it’s my job to embarrass and protect you.  You’re lucky that I don’t do dad jokes.”

“Yes, but you do have a nasty sense of humor.”

“So do you.”

“Where do you think I learned it from?” you questioned.

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A person who identifies as nonbinary can be feminine and should still be called the correct pronouns. Don't be a dick. Thanks.

There is being feminine and there is 110% looking like a woman (or a man) while claiming you are “both” or “no genders”. It doesn’t work like that.

If you make absolutely no effort to look like the gender you apparently are, you just wanted to feel special and your pronouns are bullshit. Sorry. People who do this crap are an insult and a mockery of trans people.

Here’s some shit:

I just saw an artist that is quite talented draw Prince!Louis and Princess!Harry. Harry is so feminized, that he is wearing a dress, while Louis remains his masculine self. This is acceptable.

Yet the moment someone like Karukara decides to draw Louis being flamboyant, and sometimes even a bit feminine, yet still as a boy, she gets shit from half the fandom for enforcing hetero-normativity.

It’s bullshit and i’m calling it out because this is a whole new level of disgusting within this fandom.

i keep seeing comments/tags/post lately about how fic authors should always try to respond to comments to show love and appreciation to their fans, and i just wanted to take a moment to shout out to all those authors who can’t do that, whether due to other commitments, limited time online, or any number of mental or physical reasons that make it hard to reply. and i fucking hate this ‘it only takes two minutes’ and ‘it isn’t hard to reply to reviews’ mentality. you don’t have a clue HOW fucking difficult it can be for some people.

the great fandom secret is that no one is actually entitled to your time - and as much as we writers thrive on feedback and appreciation, please also remember to look after yourself, and put yourself first ♥

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bae i have to write a personal statement for college apps do you have any advice?? <3


so heres the deal basically i have the best college counselor in the entire world and she gave me all these helpful things that im going to now give you (with some of my own explanations) so basically most of the credit goes to my schools college counseling program and here we go…..

look below the cut:

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In light of the recent controversy sparked by Nezha:

In terms of general speaking, Nezha was released as a male Warframe. He was based off of a male Deity.

However, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to attack users for creating headcanons. The headcanon stated by @superluminalflower, of Nezha being a trans girl, has no reason for being them getting hate messages over it.

Headcanons are literally for the enjoyment of the person who makes them. We know that they are not canon; THEY know that they are not canon. Why do you feel the reason to give someone rude, hateful, and transmisogynistic comments and inbox messages for making up a personal headcanon? It’s not affecting your life in any way. You’re the one butting into their business and telling them that they’re wrong for making up something to make a character more more enjoyable and more relatable to them.

Seriously? Grow up. Leave people alone. Keep your crap to yourself and let people do what they want.

And honestly, I see this happen more often when people make trans girl headcanons. Apparently trans girls aren’t allowed to have anything special or personal to them, since you guys attack them for it. Shame on you.

One direction preference #2 How he makes you stop crying

A/N: Thank you for the lovely response on the last one, it went far better than I expected! You guys are amazing.

Remember, I still need requests!

Plot: How he makes you stop crying

HARRY: When he found you crying, he turned all frazzled and desperate, flailing about in an attempt to soothe you. He’d pull out his journal and fire off all knock-knock jokes he found there, he’d try to dance to startle a laugh from you and imitate all the boys in high-pitched voices until you’d crack a smile. If that didn’t work, when it was more serious, Harry would start to tear up. He’d blabber about how he hated to see you sad and he’d throw himself over you and cuddle you to his chest, cooing in between sniffles and brushing his hair against your neck in a last attempt to get you to laugh. Sometimes, he would start singing gently under his breath, the most sappy love-songs he could remember off the top of his head, rocking you back and forth until your cries subsided, and he’d bring you back entirely by guiding your mouth to his in a sloppy kiss, that had you giggling into his mouth, finally.

LIAM: Whereas some people might need a bit of space and silence, a little bit of nothing, when they were feeling down, you needed to feel suffocated. You needed someone to be there, to wrap around you, so you could physically tell that you weren’t alone. Liam had realized early on in your relationship, how you always clutched him tighter when you had a bad day, how you got a bit clingier when you were told some bad news. So whenever he could see the tears building in the corner of your eyes and wet your lower lashes, he’d command you to lie down, and he’d lay himself atop of you, pressing you into the mattress. He’d kiss your forehead and whisper sweet nothings into your ear as you gasped for breath, winding your arms tight around Liam so he wouldn’t pull back because he was worried he was too heavy. You’d sigh in relief as Liam’s crushing weight lulled you to sleep.

NIALL: Niall never knew what to do with himself when you started crying. At first, he’d try to be all understanding, asking what had happened and attempting to soothe you, but it wasn’t his forte. He’d stutter and ask the wrong questions, riling you up even further with every sentence that left his mouth. With a frustrated noise, he’d simply grasp you by your forearms and pull you to his chest. He didn’t expect you to hug back, simply let your hands fist his shirt as you curled into his warmth. With his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, he’d hold you together as you fell apart, right there in front of him, nose tucked into your neck as he kissed it occasionally, reminding you that he was still there. From time to time, you’d spill everything that troubled you, but more often than not, he’d just hold you until your sobs subsided, and then drag you to the bed to take a nap. After a few months of dating, he skipped the first step and went straight to piecing you together in his arms.

LOUIS: When you had first started dating Louis, you were a bit wary about crying in front of him. You’d seen him try to comfort his sisters and friends over skype and phone calls, and to say he wasn’t an expert was an understatement. But with a failed exam you had spent hours studying for, there really wasn’t anything you could do. Louis had hurried to your side, because despite being crap at comforting people, he was an amazing boyfriend who cared a lot for you. He was mumbling sourly under his breath when you opened the door for him, but when he saw the tear-tracks on your cheeks, he softened, and with a sad smile, he’d lead you to the couch. He’d pop a kids movies into the DVD-player, and wrap you up in the softest blanket like you were a little kid before tucking you in between the arm of the couch and his chest. Louis would let his fingers drag through your hair, and with a content sigh, you’d tip your head against his shoulder and sag against him, nuzzling into the softness of his shirt.

ZAYN: Zayn was always calm. Always had his emotions in check. Never lost control. Except for when you started crying. You rarely did, and Zayn had never quite found out how to deal with it when you did. Sometimes he’d attempt to cook for you. Other times, he’d get a bath ready for you. And then there was the time he thought he could cheer you up by throwing glitter everywhere, for god knows what reason, and you’d laughed more at his affronted expression when he had to clean it up than you did when he threw the actual glitter. After a few years together, however, he got it. He’d distract you from whatever was bothering you by rambling about his day and his thoughts and whatever came to mind while holding your hand, squeezing and pressing kisses to your knuckles whenever he felt like it. It worked like a charm, and there was nothing like the blinding smile you’d get in return when Zayn realized you were laughing again because of him.

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Ngoziu is a great illustrator, but a mediocre storyteller. It's one of the reasons we're seeing a rise in dissatisfaction with OMGCP and Zimbits (gaining by the day really). If you love it, great! You're right. Everyone who disagrees can go find something they enjoy. But the fact of the matter remains that the story as it has been written since the kiss is flat and /yes/ uninteresting. They're still cute characters, but lifeless. I am skimming now & everyone I know is also. It's basically dead.

I… I literally do not know how to respond to this?

Like, people are obviously entitled to their opinions, and I generally don’t start arguments that are based in personal opinions, because it’s pretty much like: 

Originally posted by kawaiild-stallion

…which isn’t fun for anyone.

I’m just confused about how a few sentences about how I support positive representations of healthy relationships earns me this… very confusing message?

If you aren’t interested anymore, and are just “skimming” it, why bother? Why read it all? Why put time and effort into joining the Discourse? It confuses me, Anon.

Originally posted by bookish

I feel like there are a lot of posts out there about how Ngozi uses visual storytelling masterfully, and how the background colors and test placements are all significant and cohesive over years of posting the story, so I won’t rehash that all (well, more than that did, I guess). [However, it’s pretty crappy to call other people’s work out for being subpar? It takes a lot to put your work out into the world, and N does it for free. Be respectful, dude.]

But I do want to reiterate that I find it super disconcerting that so many people find a legitimately pure and healthy relationship between the main characters in a story to be somehow lacking? I worry for some of you, honestly (and I really mean that, no sarcasm intended, it is worrisome). And incredibly weird to me.

As for the assertion that “it’s basically dead”?

I feel like at least almost 3,000 people disagree with you. Quickly, loudly, passionately, and with a lot of money proclaiming otherwise.

As for the “rise in dissatisfaction with ZImbits”,

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

I’m pretty sure most of that comes from people upset that their fanon characterization of the barely featured (because it isn’t about him, like, almost at all?) antagonist is so very not supported by canon. N has said from the start that KP is the foil in Bitty’s story. He’s the antagonist. Being mad that he isn’t portrayed as a good guy, and projecting the role of “bad guy” onto the main characters is just…

Originally posted by partyingzebra18

So. I don’t actually want to start a fight, Anon. I wasn’t even going to reply, because the idea of getting anonymous hate because I enjoy something is so strange that I don’t really know what to say. But, seriously, if you and your friends don’t give a shit about the main character’s story, maybe do yourselves and the rest of us actually invested fans a favor, and stay out of the fandom discussion.

And for anyone reading this and thinking that this Anon was totally justified in sending this ridiculous message 

Nope, sorry. If you wanted me to ignore you, you probably shouldn’t have publicly commented on my post. This is not the only comment like this. You are one of many people to try to find a way around what was said/meant/implied, whatever. Because there MUST be some other meaning.

First of all, the person quoted was not the only person to make such comments and they ALL mean the same thing. “I can overlook that she’s black because the costumes are well made.” There is nothing positive about that statement. Period. Just stop trying to pretend that there is. It implies that if your costume isn’t good enough, people won’t overlook the fact that you aren’t white. As if being black is some negative factor that should be counted against you. 

Second, you are also wrong about “literally almost all of the cosplays you did were of characters who are actually white”. No. No. No. I am going to assume you do not read comic books and correct your ignorance here. Out of the 10 characters I am cosplaying in that set, guess how many have black versions in the comics. Actually no, we’re going to say out of 8 because 2 are aliens. Martian Manhunter is NOT WHITE. He’s an alien who happens to shape shift into a black man for his secret identity sometimes. Dejah Thoris is also NOT WHITE. She is also from Mars but not the same comics as Martian Manhunter. White is not the default race of the whole galaxy, people.

 So that’s 8 characters left in the set and guess who are the ONLY ones out of 8 who DON’T have a black version in the continuity that I based my costumes on?? She Hulk and Colossus. Yep, the ones with full body paint. 2 out of 8. That’s it. That’s all. Everyone else is either black all the time, or black in the continuity that I based my costume on. 

This once again proves my point, that this type of discrimination is not based on ‘accuracy’ or anything else. White supremacy allows people to make the assumption that everything SHOULD be white, and that deviations from this norm must be noted, detracted OR if you’re so 'lucky’, can be 'overlooked’ if you’re 'good enough’.

I want to thank every person on this post who complimented me on my work, or expressed joy at seeing their favorite character represented, and even the people who negatively criticized my costume work based on my sewing skills not impressing them enough. Because they saw me as a whole person and not just my race being something they had to overlook.

Some of the few things I learnt this last year. That it’s okay:

  • to cry for reasons you thought you were stong enough not to cry over
  • to make-out with friends
  • to spend the day doing nothing but drinking and bathing in the sun
  • to be utterly clueless about where to go and what to do no matter your age
  • to miss people who treated you like crap