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Do you suppose the showrunners fully appreciate how the fandom feels about Susan Vasquez?

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i mean look at her.  why wouldn’t you want her on your team, whether she’s watching your back in a firefight, helping you pick up chicks, or banging your face off?  do they understand how much we love her?  how important she is??  the fandom took one look at her and was like “yummy butch latina you are very important to us” and while this fandom has its share of fuckery like any other, the way it treats Susan Vasquez is one thing it gets very right.

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Do you guys think Joyce will tell Lonnie about Will coming back? I personally would love if she does not, and someday that piece of moldy bread hears about it and goes, fuming, to her house, demanding explanation as to why she didn’t immediately tell him his son was alive and when he gets there, he sees another car parked outside

And honestly, it just happens that Hopper is there that day, can you imagine the kind of things Lonnie will think and/or say?

Can you imagine the interaction? Between not only Lonnie and Joyce, but Lonnie and Hopper, and Lonnie and the boys?

Because I can and man, if that happens somehow in season 2 I will SCREAM

Oxygen - chapter 3

Pairing: Jaehyun x (female) reader
Genre: romance, fuckboy!au
Summary: He took the oxygen away from your lungs and you let him. You let him unfold you when you promised yourself you wouldn’t. You let him inside when you knew you shouldn’t have. He ruined you and you gave him permission to do so.

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You woke up to the sound of banging on your door. You groaned and hurried to answer it before the noise disturbed your room mate’s sleep. When you opened it you were met with a disgruntled Jaehyun.

“What the hell was that Y/N! You stood me up!”

“You actually went? I thought you would be busy being two inches deep into some random college girl.”

You were actually surprised. You didn’t expect him to actually show up. Even if you knew ahead of time that he would, you still wouldn’t have shown up. He needed to be knocked down a few pegs. You felt no shame in what you did.

That was until you looked into his eyes.

“I went there earlier than the time we agreed to just to be sure. I waited all night for you. I waited until they closed! Do you know how embarrassing that was!”

“I do actually and I’m sure your other love interests do too. You didn’t actually think I’d give you a chance did you? Like I said you’re not what I want Jaehyun and you never will be.” You said coldly, turning around to go back inside.

“I won’t give up Y/N! By the way I can go way deeper than just two inches princess.”
You rolled your eyes and closed the door.

“Oh my god! Jaehyun was here!” Your roommate squealed.

“Go back to sleep please.”

“Looks like he’s found a new target.” Hansol said as you both watched Jaehyun and his fifth love interest this month interact with each other.

“For someone who said he wouldn’t give up, he sure did give up.” You stated writing down notes. The sun heated your skin as you and Hansol studied and took notes. Usually it was a bit chilly because Autumn was near, but not today.

“Is that jealousy I hear?” Hansol teased, dodging the paper ball you threw at him.
“How much do you want to bet she’s just a fuck buddy?” He asked stealing glances at the pair. She giggled when he pushed her hair behind her ear.

“Oh please I already know.”

For some reason it felt like your heart stopped beating. This shouldn’t bother you. He’s not worth your time. He just wanted to feel power and that was something you were not going to give to him. Jaehyun glanced at you and bit his lip. You turned away before he came to the conclusion that what he was doing was bothering you. Which it was, he was taking advantage of that girl for his own personal needs, but he tends to think differently.

“I heard you stood him up. What was that about?”

“How’d you hear about that?”

“I heard Jaehyun and Johnny talking about it.”

You completely forgot he and Johnny were roommates. Whenever you visited he either wasn’t there or he would excuse himself from the room so you and Hansol could talk. Out of all of Jaehyun’s friends there were only three you could tolerate. Johnny being one of them. He didn’t invade your personal space and was very polite. In fact he didn’t even talk to you unless he had to in class. You slightly respected him and you think he respected you.

“I’m not going to date that douche, but I am impressed. He actually showed up on time and waited for me until the restaurant closed. That’s something I didn’t think he would ever do.” You explained packing your stuff up.

“Wait for you?”

“Show up on time for a date.” You corrected him.

You set down the drink on the table in front of the customer. Smiling at him before walking away with the tray in your hand. You heard someone behind you clear their throat and you turned around.

“Are you seriously following me Jaehyun?”

Could you not catch a break from this guy? He was every where! No matter where you went he was right there to keep you company. Company you didn’t want. At least that’s what you kept saying to yourself.

“No, I’m just here for a cup of coffee at my new favorite place where my new favorite girl just happens to work.” Jaehyun said giving you a wide grin.

You were so close to strangling this boy. You walked behind the counter so you could take his order.

“What can I get you sir?”

“Actually never mind I think I’m good, but you could go on a date with me and actually show up.” He requested leaning over the counter.

You noticed how big his biceps were when he flexed. It made you wonder what else was hidden underneath that shirt.

“Go talk to that girl you were all over earlier today.” You smirked at him.
“Jealous baby girl?”

You frowned and rolled your eyes. You were surprised your eyes weren’t stuck yet. You weren’t jealous. How could you be when it involved him?

“Don’t call me that.” You grumbled.

“Oh so you like being called princess. Well princess if you were with me you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else. It’ll just be me, you, and that hot ass of yours.”

“Jaehyun I’m tired of telling you this. No.”

“Can we at least be friends. I’m not who you think I am.” He asked grabbing your hand.

“Like I said before, prove it.”

Open Letter to 1DHQ, et. al:

I’m seeing important people in this fandom-who have attended multiple concerts & spent thousands of dollars-leaving because of your utter bullshit. And they have every right to feel hurt and slighted by what your client said in a gay-friendly magazine.  If your ultimate goal is to devalue the 1D brand as they transition to smarter, more competent, more humane management, then you’re doing a bang-up job. Kudos. If your secondary goal is to rid the fandom of all the Larries because we are so “threatening” to Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis, then you’re also doing a pretty good job of that.


I’m not leaving.

You can delete my Larry-friendly blog with 13K followers, you can suspend my Larry twitter for the tenth time, you can “green light” homophobic bullshit in the media until the cows come home but


And now I’m pissed off. Royally. We love these amazingly talented boys who bring us so much joy yet you’ve continually kicked us in the teeth over our one cardinal sin: thinking/knowing/believing Harry and Louis are in a committed relationship. And quite frankly, I’m sick of it. So here’s my tactic, just to piss you off:


And I’ll wave my rainbow flag, and tweet 100 times a day “Larry is Real” and I’ll reblog erotic Larry fan art, and I’ll write 20 smutty Larry fan fictions because that’s what I like to do. Also because it will completely piss you off. So when “Laundry Day” happens and Harry and Louis finally, mercifully come out of the closet, I can tell my fellow Larries “WE MADE IT!” I also will write “FUCK YOU” on my rainbow flag and send it to your office via first class post.

In sum:


for making people feel badly about themselves for being non-straight, non-CIS, and for invalidating their identities. For making a fandom so toxic that people have to leave in order to preserve their well-being and mental health. And for continuously marketing “Larry” as a conspiracy theory and something that should be quickly dismissed if you were a “real fan”. When in reality, Harry and Louis’ love story is inspiring and beautiful and amazing and could’ve been marketed brilliantly for the past five years to make you even more money.

I feel like a prize fighter in the ninth round of a heavyweight fight and I’m bleeding profusely from a giant gash across my head and my eye is swollen shut and my jaw is broken in two places and my opponent has me pinned against the ropes just pummeling me. But somehow, someway, I find the strength to deliver one final, lethal punch that knocks my opponent out and


penny dreadful takes bromance seriously. there’s synchronized death speech posing

teasing your friend about his flower

getting in psychic mode when your friend’s half-faced friend shows up out of nowhere

connecting to psychic mode and agreeing to do the same

comforting the flower about his own flower getting down with the flower she banged once

staying up late to do a favor for your friend