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Request from @crystalbaby12 for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#13 - “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

#88 - “After everything…I’d still choose you.” - A/N - I left this one out as I didn’t know how to put it in. Hope that’s okay!

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“I can’t believe this shit.” you curse, pulling at the restraints on your wrist. Swearing loudly, you kick over a stool near your feet, the wooden chair smacking against the floor. You listen, waiting to see if your detainers come to see what the noise is about, but everything remains silent.

“I’m gonna rip his fucking heart out as soon as we get out of here.” Jax snarls from behind you, his back pressed up against the opposite side of the pillar. Even though you can’t see his face, you know his forehead is scrunched up in anger, the way it always does.

“If we get out of here.” you correct him, resting your head against the immovable post. “I dunno about you, but it looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

“Now ain’t the time to talk smart.” he snaps, referring to your sarcastic tone. You roll your eyes, huffing in annoyance yet keeping your thoughts to yourself.

Minutes later, Jax sighs loudly, the silence broken by his now softened voice. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine.” you reply quietly, not knowing how much longer you’re going to be able to last, your back stiff and stomach rumbling from being kept hostage for well over a day now. “You think they know where we are?”

“I dunno, but we better hope they do.” You close your eyes, his response truthful yet lacking the hope you’re aching to hear. “Unless the club can somehow come up with half a mil in two days, we’re fucked.”

“Wow, great pep talk. I can see why they chose you for president.” you say, rolling your eyes. Jax brushes his hands up against your own, his restraints stopping him from holding your hand in his own.

“I’m gonna get you out of this, (Y/N).” he replies, determination in his tone. Tears prick at your eyes, heart heavy with panic, body heavy with fatigue. “I’ll never let anybody hurt you.”

“Bang up job you’re doing.” you sniff, your nose tingling as your vision turns misty, defeated tears falling down your cheeks. “I forgot, only you’re allowed to hurt me, yeah?”

You know it’s a low blow, the past between you and Jax still raw even though it’s been a good six months since you found out he was sleeping with Colette behind your back.

“You really wanna do this now?” he questions, his voice surprisingly calm, as if he knows you’re on the edge.

“What better time, Jax?” Your voice cracks as you say his name, frustration thick in your veins as you try to hold yourself together. “Might not get the chance after he slits our throats.”

“Jesus Christ!” He tugs at his restraints mercilessly, the pain in your voice like nails on a chalkboard, his skin crawling with red hot fury. You flinch as he shouts, more tears escaping from your eyes.

He remains silent for what feels like forever, the tension level high as you try to face the fact that you might not make it out of here alive.

Your head pounds as you cry silently, unable to bear the thought of never seeing your family again, or never seeing the club again.

“I argued with Tig before we got picked up.“ you start, your throat thick with emotion, the lump refusing to budge no matter how many times you swallow. “What if he blames himself?”

“Fucking stop it, (Y/N).” he warns, defiance in his words. “We’re not gonna die here.”

“How can you be so sure?” you argue, your bubble of hope completely deflated, your mind screaming at you to be realistic. “We live in the life, Jax. This sort of shit happens all the time.”

“Not to us, alright? This isn’t how it’s gonna end for you, (Y/N).“ Shaking your head, you wish his words could cut through the negativity in your brain. “I promise I’ll get you home safe.”

“Okay.” you agree falsely, tired of the same empty promises.

You feel yourself being shaken awake, the throbbing in your skull the first thing you feel once you begin to stir. Blurry vision focuses on Jax, a worried expression on his face as he studies you. “Shit, I thought you weren’t going to wake up.”

“What happened?” you ask groggily, your throat dry due to the lack of fluids. Taking in your surroundings, your eyes widen in horror as you spot the bleeding body near the door. “Oh my god.”

“Hey.” he calls, his cold hands cradling your face as he tries to direct your attention back to him. “It had to be done. Once I cut loose, it was either me or him.”

You know it’s true, though it doesn’t make it any less horrifying. Nodding, you try to blink away the black spots dotting your vision, cold sweats creeping up your body as you try to remain calm.

“Jax, I don’t feel right.” you complain, nausea sweeping over you in waves. Jax presses the back of his hand to your forehead, his icy touch bringing you temporarily relief. “I think I’m gonna pass out.”

You can barely hear him talk, his words muffled as a loud piercing sounds in your ears, beads of perspiration dripping from your neck down to your back. No matter how much you try to fight it, you feel yourself slump to the side, reality slipping from you as you lose consciousness.

The unmistakeable fumes of disinfectant fill your nostrils as your eyes flutter open, a white ceiling greeting you as you do so. A hiss escapes from your lips as you shift, the hefty needle hanging out of your arm being the cause. “Welcome back, sleeping beauty.”

You turn your head to the side, a smile slipping onto your lips at the sight of Gemma. “Gem.”

“I’m so glad you’re alright, sweetheart.” she mumurs, standing to place a loving kiss upon your forehead. The simple gesture brings tears to your eyes, relief flooding though you at the realisation that you’re back where you belong.

“Where’s Jax? Is he okay?” you ask, a million and one questions sitting on the end of your tongue. Gemma smiles knowingly, before nodding, a heavy breath leaving your lips.

“He’s been worried sick.” she says, squeezing your shoulder comfortingly. “I’ll send him in.”

A minute or so later, Jax slips into the room, your heart skipping a beat at the sight of him. His eyes look tired, though they spark once they land on you, his skin looking a little less pale. “How you feeling?”

“Alright, considering.” you respond quietly, pushing yourself to sit up as Jax sits on the side of your bed. “How long have I been out?”

“Couple hours. You scared the shit out of me.” he admits, running his fingers over his beard. You reach up bravely, taking his hand within your own, squeezing lightly.

“Thank you for keeping your promise.” He’s taken aback by your actions, not expecting you to greet him with such warmth. “I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

“I’m sorry I gave you a reason to.” he says, his eyes flickering to your lips before he clears his throat, pulling away. Leaning down, he places his lips upon your forehead, lingering for a few seconds. “I’ll leave you to rest.“

You wrap your hand around his wrist, stopping him from exiting. “Will you come back later?”

“You want me to?” You nod shyly, unsure where you stand with him. He raises his brow in surprise, before a small smirk appears on his face. “Then I’ll see you later.”

“Alright.” you reply lamely, a hopeful flutter in your chest that maybe you can work past the hurt, and maybe there is a silver lining to this situation after all.

A/N - Ahhhhh I’m really not sure how I feel about the ending of this but hopefully you guys like it! Thank you for being so patient, and thank you for reading❤ let me know what you think!!

Do you guys think Joyce will tell Lonnie about Will coming back? I personally would love if she does not, and someday that piece of moldy bread hears about it and goes, fuming, to her house, demanding explanation as to why she didn’t immediately tell him his son was alive and when he gets there, he sees another car parked outside

And honestly, it just happens that Hopper is there that day, can you imagine the kind of things Lonnie will think and/or say?

Can you imagine the interaction? Between not only Lonnie and Joyce, but Lonnie and Hopper, and Lonnie and the boys?

Because I can and man, if that happens somehow in season 2 I will SCREAM

Don’t Get Caught

Summary: Y/n has been giving an assignment… her only rule? Don’t get caught. 

Requested: No

Note: Listen here <– while you read :)) (Guess you can say I was inspired by this song when I had it on repeat) 

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warning(s)?: Major Violence! Threats, cussing. (Parts later on while have mentions of blood and gore)

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Part 2

Don’t Get Caught

“Hey she’s there get her!” You quickly pulled your hoodie back over to cover your head, twisting your body to begin running down the dark alley way. Making sure to keep the gun hidden in your jacket pocket you reach out to jump over the wire fence. You knew the police where hot on your heels. Remember, Y/N… Don’t get caught.

~few hours early

“You want me to do what?” You asked, your heart racing inside of your chest. You shook your head at the wild idea they had planned for you. 

“H-h-how? There are police everywhere w-w-watchi-i-ng th-a-at place I’ll get caught!” You stutter out, already feeling fear for what your next mission involves. This was the craziest one by far, you’ve done over a few gas stations, a house and one small bank. You weren’t ready for this, no amount of training could prepare you for what you were about to face.

“Well then I hope for your sisters sake…” Michael walks up to you, bringing out the gun that he often used to help ‘persuade’ you. Toying with the trigger, carelessly pointing it towards your torso as if all of this was a game to him and it was, to all of them, this was just one huge cat and mouse. 

And unfortunately.. this mouse was going to be lucky to survive. 

“P-p-please give me something else.. p-p-please i’m not read-d-d-y” You began to cry, the familiar feeling of being consumed from the inside out by fear, no terror. Instead two of his men held you still, grabbing you by your arms making sure you couldn’t move. Micheal stepped forward, obviously having enough of your pointless arguing. 

“You stay alive


Letting the last tear drop from your eye, you quickly wiped it away with your sleeve. You couldn’t do this. How could you possibly go through with this? You were a 15 year old girl with a future ahead of you! Y-y-ou wouldn’t survive this… and if you did… your gonna wish you hadn’t. 

“You ready?” You could Cameron’s voice speak to you through your ear pierce which was hidden behind a clock of your hair. You forgot that they had eyes and ears on you the whole time, there was no way of escaping. Your mission was… simple. The 'spiderling’ as they like to call him have been preventing them from getting the 'alien stuff’ they need. Your job? To stop him. How could you possibly stop him? You were human. Well as usual, they were always one step ahead.

You took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves even a little bit. You where a nervous wreck and why wouldn’t you be, you were about to commit a murder. 

“Let’s not forgot what we are working for here Y/N” You nod your head, silently agreeing with him. You had no choice. They had your baby sister and for you she was the only family you had left. Your parents both died in a car accident when you were ten and since then 'these people’ got custody over you. How? 

“Yes I know what we are working for…Uncle


Peter’s pov#

“So are you going to ask her?!” Ned besides me asks excitedly. He’s known you’ve had a crush on Y/N since the start of freshman year. It was now Sophomore year and she still hasn’t noticed you, no wonder though, she was way out of your league. 

“Will you keep your voice down!” You angrily whisper to Ned. Gosh he’s gonna let the whole school know with him blurting it out everywhere!

He looks at me apologetically, putting his arms up in defense. 

“I’m just saying, sooner or later..” Ned says as my eyes drift down the hallway. There she was, standing be her locker with Liz Allen. God she was so beautiful, so naturally beautiful. I couldn’t help but to stare, I mean how could you not? She was the definition of perfect. Well at least in my eyes she was.

“Peter” I done it again, I zoned out. Ned just chuckles from besides me, finding my embarrassment obviously his source of entertainment. 

“Look just ask her out already man” He says realizing an annoyed sigh. I shut my locker after collecting my physics book. I turned around and so does Ned, with one last glance towards Y/N I began to walk to class.

“Yeah no way” I respond. 

“Why?” Ned asks, seriously not understanding how you have such low game.

“To save myself from complete and utter humiliation that’s why!” How could Ned not see it? 

“Your no worse off if you do” Ned states, finally leaving my side to head off to his English class. I exhaustively pinch the bridge of my nose between my hand, letting out a frustrated sigh. Ned was right, and that’s what made you even more upset. You didn’t have any game at all. 

“So are you coming tonight?” I heard Liz Allen’s voice speak, shit that must mean Y/N’s not far! 

“Not tonight liz, family plans” Gosh ever her voice sounded perfect. 

“It’s only you and your sister Y/N, Please, there’s going to be drinks and lot’s of hella cute guys” Liz speaks. I wonder why she doesn’t want to go? I’ve never really heard her turn down too many parties before. Peter start moving before you begin to look like a creep. 

“I promised I’d have a move night with her Liz” Y/N says, almost sounding saddened. Saddened? 

“Okay but if you change your mind… just come round” And with that Liz had stopped talking and walked into the classroom. I didn’t share many classes with Y/N except for Physics and Maths. And boy where they my favourite classes out of the lot. 

I was so consumed by my own thoughts I barely felt the bump against my left shoulder. I glanced up confused pulling out one of my ear buds. My eyes widened. Y/N…

“Sorry” W-w-was she speak-k-king to me? Normally this is the part you would say something back Parker. 

“I wasn’t watching where I was going I’m sorry, I have a lot on my mind with the pop quiz and the English assignment which is due that I haven’t even started and I missed last nights re run of gossip girl so I won’t really find it if Blair marries that guy or leaves for Chuck or-” All I could was stare at her flustered expression as she rambled. 

“And I’m totally rambling right now, sorry” She says with a slight laugh. Her laugh. Speak Parker.

“I-i-it’s totall-y-y oka-a-y” Good going Parker. She glances up to you and smiles, thinking she’s embarrassed herself like a complete fool. 

“We better uhh-”

“Yeah” she cuts me off. Why was she nervous? Y/N never gets nervous.

“Are you okay?” Why Peter why would you ask her that? She probably thinks your such a weirdo now if she hasn’t already before. 

“Why would you ask that?” Does she always answer a question with another question? But damn didn’t her eyes look so beautiful in the hall’s lighting. Okay that wasn’t creepy at all… 

“You seem… on edge?” I asked, not wanting to push any boundaries, I mean, this is the very first conversation I have ever had with Y/N. Oh gosh wait till Ned hears about this!


Whelp that was the bell. I was so worried about the pop quiz coming up that I totally forgot i raced into the classroom leaving Y/N behind.

You could say that


Y/N’S pov#

“Y/N, you still there kid?” You were shook from your mini day dream, replaying the events that happened earlier today. You quickly nod your head, glancing to your left and right. 

“Get into place, I’ll let you know when to come out” And then suddenly you heard nothing. Here we go, all or nothing Y/N… all or nothing. 

You began to walk, reaching the destination where you were to remain till you began to hear some chaos, then you were to come out and… stop him. Once you make it inside the closest room you close the door shut behind you and turn the light off, resting your back against the shelves. You were thinking you were beginning to hyperventilate. Resting a hand over your chest you began to count to ten, calming down your breathing which would slow down your heart. Remember why your doing this Y/N… And remember whatever you do-

“Put your arms up now! Behind your head!” BANG! Don’t get caught…


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A/N: Im feeling frisky so I wanna make like a badass/sad imagine set! And yes this is going to be ongoing :))) 

What would i do without you ?

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: Could you please do a Finn Balor one where the reader is afraid of thunder and lighting and Finn trys to calm her down??

Notes: @ambrosegirlforever One Finn Balor story hot off the press. I tried my best, as always, to fill the prompt as accurately as possible. I hope you like it. If you (or anyone else for that matter) wants to drop another request in the box, please feel free ! - Dani 

You’re in the closet. Which isn’t a joke or a confession, you have literally, physically crammed yourself into your wardrobe. There’s a storm raging outside and as far as your concerned, the only safe place for you to be is inside your closet being suffocated by winter coats.  To you at least it’s a perfectly logical thing to do.

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United We Stand (Part 1)

Prompt: This was inspired by 2 imagines! Reader and Raven have a sordid past that Charles is always caught in the middle of.

Pairing: Charles X Reader

Warnings: language, hostility, violence, angst,

Word Count: 1203

Notes: This is based around X-Men Apocalypse. The imagines were combined: Imagine instead of Jean, you went into Charles’s mind to fight Apocalypse for him. “Y/N! Please! I need you!” & Imagine having powers like Scarlet Witch and Charles being VERY interested in them. @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms

Also was beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and @amarvelouswritings


“Charles, why didn’t she recognize me, she knew me in this form,” Raven questioned as Moira, Hank, and Alex left the room.

“Well after you left me on the beach in Cuba, I took her memories of that time. Have a seat,” Charles offered to her as you stood behind his desk. When he wheeled in front of you, you put your hand on his shoulder.

“Lucky girl,” Raven commented, her blood boiling. Before she had left with Erik on the beach in Cuba, you had been good friends- in fact, you’d go as far to say you were best friends. You’d dated Charles for five years when all of the havoc with Erik and Shaw broke out. But when she left, when she broke Charles heart, you hated her. Your relationship had forever been altered with her.

“It’s good to see you Raven. Welcome home,” Charles said warmly.

“This isn’t my home,” she spat.

Instantly, your insides boiled and you saw red. “How dare you?” you questioned, your hand leaving Charles’s shoulder as you stepped forward. “How dare you say that to him? He was nothing but kind to you.”

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“Makeup Tips” Jimin BTS Fic~

Anonymous asked:  -Heyy I want to request a fic/drabble (totally up to you! I can’t really decide the length, sorry T.T) of Jimin crushing on a make-up artist so whenever he go into the waiting room to get everything done, he’ll immediately look for her/him and be very pouty if she/he is not there. But if they meet again, Jimin will be very attention-seeking by asking lots of things about make-up. It ends up with them agreeing to go out for a date someday XD (sorry if it’s too complicated/long. Thank you! <3)

A/N: YAAAS JIMINIE CRUSHING, i’m so happy for this request!! Insp based on the gif,i wanted to do a drabble but i was so immersed in trying to show cute and fluffy awkward chims that things got a little out of hand D:. Orz . Hope you like it Nonnie!! <3 I’m sorry for taking so long >3<

Genre: FLUFF
Word Count: 2259
Pairing: JiminXReader


Jimin was on the elevator.
First floor.
Second floor.
His heart racing as fast as ever, his hand pushing his chest back trying to control it at no avail. He had done this a thousand times, get up, dress, go to the company to get the schedule for him and the members, whine secretly, warm up a bit by dancing, dress properly for the work day ahead of him, make up, and take off. Ever since 2013 this was the typical routine for the day, with some minor exceptions. But around 3 months prior, his routine was crushed. His head was no longer his, it was no longer in control, now his heart stepped on the way every time he arrived at the Big Hit building. His routine was crushed…by you.
It happened fast and without warning, a former stylist left the makeup crew of the boys to dedicate to other goals.Immediately you arrived as the replacement, one day the other stylist was gone and you appeared. Jimin’s chest was struck by a powerful ( metaphorical ) lighting and whenever he saw you he would do anything to have something to talk with you, ANYTHING.
And so, he started to engage in conversation with you, he would ask you “tips” about makeup claiming he would probably need them for when they go to the airport or when they go out and you can’t be there to help him or the others, he would comment “Oh! That’s a nice eyeliner you got today!, ¿How you managed to do it so perfectly?” and you humbly would reply to him, thinking he had an honest intrigue about the things you asked, and he actually was, but that probably wasn’t the whole reason why he did it. He enjoyed watching as you carefully explained in detail to him what techniques he could use that would be easy to do his and others makeup in case they needed (a question of course asked by him), he was mesmerized by your hands using the tools with so much delicacy, he saw you as if you were a painter drawing over a canvas painting a masterpiece, you nose would sometimes scrunch when the lightest touch of your pencil was required. He would just stare infinitely at your when you weren’t looking, and the other members would shake him back to reality.
“Are you listening?” “Yah, brat, pay attention!” “Jimin where are our contacts…Jimin?…Jimin?? Heeellooo~?” “The mochi is out of the building”.
“Why don’t you ask her out?”

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Hello Detective (Chapter 20)

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(really long hahaha)

“We were worried when you didn’t come in this morning.” Lestrade said to you.

“Bit of a weird night.” You said, following Lestrade into his office where Donovan was waiting.

“Oh, look who decided to show up. What’d you do? Bang your head against the headboard to hard?” Donovan said, smirking and pointing to your bruised temple.

“Good morning to you too Sally.” You fake smiled, she was only jealous because Lestrade liked you more.

“You like the funny cases don’t you, the surprising ones.” Lestrade said to Sherlock, changing the subject.

“Obviously.” Sherlock said.

“Then you’ll love this.” Lestrade said. “That explosion.”

“Gas leak, yes.” Sherlock said.

“No.” Lestrade returned.

“No?” Sherlock asked surprised.

“No, made to look like one,” Lestrade explained, “Nothing left of the place, except a strong box. A very strong box, and inside it was this.” Lestrade said pointing to an envelope on his desk.

“You haven’t opened it.” Sherlock observed.

“It’s addressed to you, isn’t it?” Lestrade said. “We’ve X-rayed it. It’s not booby-trapped.”

“How reassuring.” Sherlock said. He examined the thick envelope under a desk lamp. “Nice stationary, Bohemian. From the Czech Republic. She used a fountain pen. Parker Duofold, iridium nib.” Sherlock deduced. He began to open it and dumped its contents out onto his hand. It was an iPhone in a pink case.

“But that… that’s the phone. The pink phone.” John stammered.

“What, from The Study in Pink?” Lestrade asked.

“Well obviously it’s not the same phone but it’s supposed to look like… A Study in Pink? You read his blog?” Sherlock asked annoyed.

“Of course I read his blog. We all do. Do you really not know that the Earth goes round the sun?” Lestrade asked, and Donovan snickered as she walked out of the room.

“It isn’t the same phone. This one’s brand-new. Someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to make it look like the same phone. Which means your blog has a far wider readership.” Sherlock said as he clicked the phone on. He went to the voicemail but all it was was 5 pips.

“Was that it?” Lestrade asked.

“No that’s not it.” Sherlock said, and he was right. After the message was over the phone received a text. It was a picture of a disheveled flat.

“What the hell are we supposed to make of that? An estate agent’s photo and the bloody Greenwich pips.” Lestrade said.

“It’s a warning. Some secret societies used to send dried melon seeds, orange pips, things like that. Five pips. They’re warning us it’s going to happen again.” Sherlock said.

“Hang on. I’ve seen that place before.” You said, taking the phone out of Sherlock’s hand.

“What’s gonna happen again?” John asked.

“Boom!” Sherlock replied.

The three men followed you out to the street to fetch a cab.

“I looked at this flat when I first moved here. We could have been flatmates.” You said to Sherlock.

“How do you mean?” Sherlock asked.

“This picture, it’s of 221C Baker Street.” You explained and the four of you caught a cab back to Sherlock’s flat. Sherlock hopped out first and went to unlock the door. The other two men followed, leaving you to pay.

“I’ll just pay then.” You said annoyingly as you handed the cabbie the fare.

“Mrs. Hudson!” Sherlock yelled as we entered the flat.

“I knew you looked familiar dear. You came to see about this flat around the same time Sherlock moved in here.” Mrs. Hudson said to you as she handed Sherlock the key.

“This door has been opened, recently.” He said.

“No, can’t be. That’s the only key. I can’t get anyone interested in this flat. It’s the damp, I expect. That’s the curse of basements. I’d a place once when I was first married. Black mold all up the wall…” Mrs. Hudson said, as the three men ignored her and walked down the stairs.

“Men…” you shrugged and smiled at her before following the guys down the stairs. When you made it to the bottom you saw that the only thing in the empty room were a pair of tennis shoes in the center. Sherlock began to walk towards them.

“He’s a bomber, remember.” John said, Sherlock continued on carefully. He knelt down next to the shoes slowly. Suddenly the pink phone rang, nearly making you jump. He stood up and answered it.

“Hello?” He asked.

“H…Hello… sexy.” the voice began, she was crying.

“Who is this?” Sherlock asked.

“I’ve…sent you… a little puzzle, just to say hi.”

“Who’s talking? Why are you crying?” Sherlock asked.

“I’m not crying. I’m typing and this study bitch is reading it out.”

“The curtain rises.” Sherlock mumbles to himself.

“What?” John asked, having heard him.

“Nothing.” Sherlock said.

“No, what did you mean?” John said.

“I’ve been expecting this for some time.” Sherlock replied.

“Twelve hours to solve my puzzle, Sherlock or I’m going to be so naughty.” The call ended.

Lestrade caught a cab back to Scotland Yard to start working things out back there, look for this poor kidnapped lady.  He instructed you to stay with Sherlock. This case was clearly all about him. Sherlock, John, and you went to Bart’s so you could start examining the shoes. Thank God Sherlock is a graduate Chemist.

When you walked in the lab you hung up your blazer on the coat rack. Now you were just in heels, tight slacks, and a brown strappy blouse.

“Who do you think it was?” John asked, you weren’t sure if he was talking to Sherlock or you.

“The woman on the phone… the crying woman.” John said again.

“She’s just a hostage.” You said.

“She doesn’t matter, no lead there.” Sherlock said.

“For god sake I wasn’t thinking about leads.” John said.

“You’re not going to be much use to her.” Sherlock said to John.

You walked behind Sherlock and examined all his equipment out on the lab table. On his computer he was trying to find a match for the dirt lodged in the bottom of the shoes.

“Are you trying to trace it, trace the call?” John asked you.

“No, whoever is doing this, planning all these intricate puzzles out for him,” you said pointing to Sherlock, “is not dumb enough to let his whole scheme crumple because of one traced call, he’ll have either re routed it through proxy servers or blocked the trace completely. This man is completely organized, I don’t plan on him making any mistakes.”

“Can you pass me my phone?” Sherlock asked you.

“Where is it?” You asked, standing behind him.

“My jacket.” He said. You rolled your eyes and reached into his jacket, your hand running against his chest and reaching into the breast pocket to pull out his phone.

“It’s a text from Mycroft.” You said, looking at his phone.

“Delete it.” He instructed, never looking up from the microscope.

“Delete it?” You asked, not sure why he wouldn’t even read it.

“Missile plans are out of the country now. Nothing we can do about it.” Sherlock said.

“Well, Mycroft thinks there is. He’s texted you eight times. Must be important.” You said.

“Then why didn’t he cancel his dental appointment? Mycroft never texts if he can talk.” Sherlock said.

“That’s not true, he texts me all the time.” You said.

“That’s because he’s infatuated with you. Look, Andrew West stole the missile plans, tried to sell them, got his head smashed in for his pains. End of story. The only mystery is this, why is my brother so determined to bore me when somebody else is being so delightfully interesting?” Sherlock said.

“Hold up… Did you say Mycroft was infatuated with me?” You laughed.

“Well he did take you to lunch yesterday didn’t he?” Sherlock said.

“Well so? He also offered me a job, that doesn’t mean he’s infatuated with me.” You argued.

“You’re probably the first woman he’s ever met that’s his intellectual equal… or at least mine.” Sherlock said. You were astounded, firstly by the fact that Sherlock believed you were his intellectual equal, which was saying something, and secondly by the fact that he thought Mycroft was basically in love with you.

“Try and remember there’s a woman here who might die.” John said, disappointed in our banter.

“What for? There’s hospitals full of people dying, Doctor. Why don’t you go and cry by their bedside? See what good it does then.” Sherlock replied insensitively. John got a little upset and walked out the door. He probably just went to the loo, he’d be back in five minutes. He does love to be dramatic though.

Suddenly Sherlock’s computer beeped, indicating its found a match for the dirt on the shoes.  As Molly walked in the door your phone rang, Lestrade was checking in.

“Any luck?” Molly asked.

“Oh yes!” Sherlock said excitedly. You turned to take the call.

‘Hey, any luck with the missing persons reports?” You asked Lestrade, who was looking if any women had been reported missing within the last few days. You heard the door open again and another voice was heard in the room.

Molly was introducing the man to Sherlock, she then turned to you

“And this is Sergeant Gregson.” Molly said, you turned around at the sound of your name and quickly shook the man’s hand, clearly more interested in your phone call.

“No none reported recently. What about on your end?” Lestrade asked.

“Hang on let me ask… Sherlock Lestrade wants to know the progress.” you said. You turned to Sherlock, your phone still pressed against your ear. You rested the other hand on the lab table next to him.  

“Tell him to meet us at our flat in an hour.” Sherlock said, still looking into the microscope.

“So you’re Sherlock Holmes. Molly told me all about you, are you on one of your cases?” The man said, clearly no one was going to reply.

“Did you hear that?” You asked Lestrade.

“Jim works in IT, upstairs. That’s how we met. Office romance.” Molly giggled.

“Yup, I’ll see you guys then.” Lestrade  said.

“Gay. I mean, hey.” Sherlock said, after one glance at the man.

“Alright, bye.” You said, ending the call.

“Well, I better be off. I’ll see you at the Fox. About six-ish?” The man said, turning and walking towards the door. You never got a clear look at his face but the fact that his underwear was hanging off was good enough to prove to you that this man was indeed gay.

“What do you mean gay? We’re together.” Molly said.

“And domestic bliss must suit you, Molly. You’ve put on three pounds since I last saw you.” Sherlock said rudely.

“Two and a half.” she tried to defend herself.

“No, three.” Sherlock stated again.

“Sherlock.” you said, warning him.

“He’s not gay! Why do you have to spoil… He’s not!” Molly yelled.

“Please, with that level of personal grooming? Tinted eyelashes. Clear signs of taurine cream around the frown lines, those tired, clubber’s eyes. Then there’s his underwear.” Sherlock scoffed.

“His underwear?” Molly asked, appalled.

“Visible above the waistline. Very visible, very particular brand. That plus the extremely suggestive fact that he just left his number under this dish here.” Sherlock said, picking up the piece of paper.

“Maybe the number was for her, I mean her tits are practically hanging out.” Molly said pointing to you.

“Hey! Even if the number was for me, do you really want to continue dating someone who was trying to pick up another chick right in front of his current girlfriend. I’d say you better break it off now and save yourself the pain.” You said. Molly rushed out the door angrily.

You immediately looked down at your chest. Contrary to Molly’s statement, your breasts weren’t hanging out that much. You couldn’t help it you had them, they were just there. You pulled the straps up on your blouse to see if they’d go in any more but you had no such luck. Sherlock noticed what you were doing.

“What she said bothered you didn’t it?” He asked. You looked up awkwardly, your hands practically on your boobs.

“Well, yeah.” You said, moving your hands to your waist.

“Leave them alone, they look great.” Sherlock said. You blushed.

“Sherlock!” You giggled, punching him lightly on the arm.  

“What?” Sherlock smirked.

“I don’t know, it’s just not like you to say something like that.” You laughed.

“I guess I’ve just never had anyone make me feel like you do.” He said, your eyes widened as you looked into his blue orbs. All you wanted to do right now was run your hands through those curls and let him take you on this table. The computer beeping broke your thoughts.

Sherlock pushed one of the shoes towards you, asking you to take it. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“You know what I do, go on.” Sherlock said.

“You want me to do what you do?” you asked and he nodded. You smirked and picked up the shoe.

“They’re very clean, but the sole of well worn, suggesting they’re old. Cleaned properly, the owner must have loved them. They’re quite large, suggesting a man, but there’s faint traces of marker inside where a name would have been written.” You said, in an arrogant way with your best British accent.

“You’re on sparkling form, what else?” Sherlock said, smiling at the accent.

“Adults don’t write their names in their shoes so these belonged to a child. Very ‘80s. Could be retro, or could be originals. If he loved them, kept this good care of them, then why did he lose them or give them up?” You added. “How did I do?”

“Well, Y/N, really well. I mean you missed almost everything of importance, but.” Sherlock said in an American accent. You laughed.

“That’s my line.” You said, smirking.

“Well, you know. I thought we were just doing impressions now,” Sherlock laughed, “You said that to me the day we met. God, I was so excited to find someone like me.” You smirked. You liked this Sherlock, this flirty, cocky, but still sweet. And always sexy.

“Your turn.” you smiled, handing him the shoe.

“Well you haven’t left me much left. He changed the laces three… No, four times. Even so, there are traces of his flaky skin where his fingers have come into contact with them so he suffered from eczema. Weak arches. Analysis shows the mud is from Sussex with London mud overlaying it. So the kid who owned these trainers, came to London from Sussex 20 years ago and left them behind.”

“So what happened to him?” You asked.

“Something bad. So a child with big feet gets…” Sherlock began and then he stopped. His eyes grew wide and you could tell he was thinking or remembering something.

“What?” you asked.

“Carl Powers.” He whispered.

“Who is that?” You asked.

“It’s where I began, Y/N. Go find John, we need to get back to Baker Street.” Sherlock instructed and you nodded.

When the three of you returned to Baker street, Lestrade was there waiting for you.

“Who is Carl Powers?” You asked Sherlock.

“1989, young kid, champion swimmer, came up from Brighton for a school sports tournament, drowned in the pool. Tragic accident. You wouldn’t remember it. Why should you?”

“But you remember?” You asked him.

“Yes.” He answered.

“Something fishy about it?” You asked again.

“Nobody thought so. Nobody except me. I was only a kid myself. I read about it in the papers.” Sherlock continued.

“You started young, didn’t you.” John commented.

“The boy, Carl Powers, had some kind of fit in the water, but by the time they got him out, it was too late. There was something wrong somewhere. I couldn’t get it out of my head.” sherlock said.

“What?” Lestrade asked.

“His shoes. They weren’t there. I made a fuss. I tried to get the police interested but nobody seemed to think it was important. He’d left all the rest of his clothes in the locker. But there was no sign of his shoes. Unit now.” Sherlock said, holding up the evidence bag with the shoes inside. You looked at your watch, there was only 6 hours left to solve the puzzle.

Sherlock sat down in the kitchen at his laptop researching. You sat opposite of him with Lestrade sifting through newspaper clippings. John was pacing in the living room, you knew he was concerned with the time and the kidnapped woman.

Sometimes, as an investigator it can be hard to remove yourself from the consequences. Just focus on the solution and stop stressing about what would happen if you didn’t solve the puzzle. In time sensitive cases like these it can be increasingly hard. Sherlock obviously has no problem with this. He wouldn’t even blink an eye if this woman died, all he cared about was solving it. Playing the game. Winning.

“Can I help? I want to help there’s only five hours left.” John said through the door, breaking you all out of your train of thought. You heard your phone ding in the other room.

“John would you mind getting that for me? It’s on the coffee table, thanks.” You said as he walked off to fetch it.

“It’s your brother. He’s texting her now about his case.” John said to Sherlock.

“Must be a root canal.” Sherlock said. John placed your phone on the table in front of you as you continued looking through the clippings.

“Look, he did say National importance.” John said.

“Hmph, how quaint.” Sherlock scoffed.

“What is?” John asked.

“You are. Queen and country.” Sherlock mocked, paying more attention to his investigation.

“You can’t just ignore it.” John chastised.

“I’m not ignoring it. I’m putting my best man onto it right now.” Sherlock said.

“Right good. Who’s that?” John asked, naively. You smirked, Sherlock looked up to him and raised his eyebrow.

“Well you better get going. Like you said… National importance.” Sherlock said.

The next time you looked at your watch there were only 3 hours left. Sherlock had moved to his microscope and Lestrade had gone out for coffee. Sherlock was analyzing the shoelaces from Carl Power’s trainers.

“Poison!” Sherlock yelled suddenly.

“What you going on about?” Mrs. Hudson asked, you hadn’t realized she’d entered the room to bring you all food.

“Clostridium botulinum! It’s one of the deadliest poisons on the planet.” Sherlock said.

“Are you saying he was murdered?” Lestrade asked from the doorway. He handed you your coffee and you thanked him.

“Remember the shoelaces. The boy suffered from eczema. It’d be the easiest thing in the world to introduce the poison into his medication. Two hours later, he comes up to London, the poison takes effect paralyses the muscles and he drowns.” Sherlock further explained.

“How come the autopsy didn’t pick that up?” Lestrade asked.

“It’s virtually undetectable. I’m sure no one would have been looking for it. It would have only taken about 75 nanograms to do it. One kg would be enough to kill the entire human population.” You answered.

Sherlock began typing furiously into his computer and you saw it was on his blog. Smart. This whole case was centered around him. The perp probably had text alerts for his blog.

“FOUND. Pair of trainers belonging to Carl Powers (1978-1989). Botulinum toxin still present. Apply 221b Baker St.” Sherlock typed.

“The killer kept the shoes all these years.” Lestrade said.

“Yes… Meaning?” Sherlock asked.

“He’s our bomber…” You answered. Suddenly the pink phone rang, again it was a blocked number.

“Well done, you. Come and get me.” The voice sobbed.

“Where are you? Tell us where you are.” Sherlock spoke into the phone. The woman answered and Lestrade looked to you, wide eyed.

“Let’s go!” He said to you. The two of you rushed down to his squad car and sped off to the location. You called for bomb squad once you got in the car.

“She lives in Cornwall. Two men broke in wearing masks, forced her to drive to the car park and decked her out in enough explosives to take down a house.” You explained to Sherlock once he met up with you guys back in Lestrade’s office at the Yard.

“She had to read off from this pager.” Lestrade said, placing the pager on the table.

“If she deviated by one word, the sniper would set her off.” Sherlock observed.

“Or if you hadn’t solved the case.” You pointed out.

“Oh… Elegant.” Sherlock said softly.

“What was the point? Why would anyone do this?” Lestrade asked.

“No, I can’t be the only person in the world that gets bored.” Sherlock said. Suddenly the pink phone buzzed again, indicating there was a voicemail. He played it and this time there were only four pips.

“First test passed, it would seem.” Sherlock said. “Here’s the second.” He held up the phone so Lestrade and you could see it. It was of a car, black, sporty.

“It’s abandoned, wouldn’t you say?” Sherlock observed.

“Go check if it’s been reported.” Lestrade instructed you, pointing outside to the phone and monitors. You nodded and glanced at the picture one last time, memorizing the make and license number. As you left the room Donovan entered, letting the ‘freak’ know he had a phone call. He stepped out of the room and stood near you, tapping away on the computer, holding the landline against your ear.

“Who is this? Is this you again?” you heard Sherlock ask. A moment passed before he spoke again.

“You’ve stolen another voice I presume.”

“Who are you? What’s that noise?”

The voice on your end spoke, killing your train of thought. You listened to the words they said, alerting you they found the car.

“Great.” you spoke, placing the phone back on the receiver.

“Found it.” you told Lestrade, passing by Sherlock who slowly lowered the phone from his ear. He turned to follow you and Lestrade out the door.

[FANACCT] IMFACT- Tension Up Fansign+Fanmeeting (IMFACTORY) 170521- PLUS tips for these events! (Fanboy)

Hi everyone~ I’m here to share my amazing experience at IMFACT’s Fansign + Fanmeeting Event! If you were looking for reasons to stan IMFACT, I’m here to help you. Simply put, IMFACT treats their fans very well, and especially care for their international fans, as they want to have many opportunities to perform in all the countries around the world. 

I love this concept; it’s so bright, vivid, and screams energetic!

Information about this event:
- IMFACT has not had an actual fansign event in Korea for a really long time, probably since “Feel So Good” era. They had a CD signing event in Japan not too long ago, but they said it was not the same as a real fansign event. So this was a special event prepared for fans, and doubled as a fanmeeting (involves live performances).
- The event participation was carried out first-come first-serve to 120 people.
- To apply for this event, the process was different from the traditional fansign process. Instead of buying an album on-site or online, two requirements had to be fulfilled:
* We had to send Star Empire Ent. an email with the appropriate information (name, account number, Daum fancafe ID, etc.) before the deadline
* We had to send the money (20,000 won) through an account transfer at the appropriate time slot. In this case, when it hit 8pm on the day the payment period started, we could proceed with the account transfer. Because of this, having a Korean bank account was extremely helpful and made the process much easier. 
- The staff provided the CD on-site, which made sense because we had to do an account transfer instead of the usual process. The CD had no wrapper and might be a special edition for this event. Nothing seems different about this album than a normal one, except the fact that it seemed like it was opened (plus there was no photocard, idk if the actual album has one or not).

I transferred my money right when it struck 8 and played the waiting game. After worrying about getting in, I finally found out that I had gotten in… Thank goodness. I was waiting for a chance to meet them since “In the Club” came out.

Okay. So the event would start at around 2pm according to the post on the fancafe. I woke up at 10ish and left right before noon. The event was held at a Catholic Youth Center (of all places) in Hongdae. I knew Hongdae somewhat but not the exact whereabouts of this site, so I wanted to leave earlier just in case I wandered too much. It turns out, the location was very easy to find, so I grabbed a bite at the convenience store and then went to the Youth Center.

I had to say, at first when everyone was lining up, things were a bit confusing. We were told to go down to the lobby floor (accessible by staircase) to check-in. Apparently, the staff were calling us in by numerical order, but on the fancafe post with the official list of participants, there weren’t any numbers by our names. Instead, we had to manually count down the list of people to find our number, and we would tell that to the staff. That must have been a bit annoying for the people who were farther down the list, especially in the 100′s. Luckily, I was only number 40. The order of our names was actually our seat order. That means I was in seat 40. The staff called us in by groups of 5-10. I confirmed my identity with only an ID needed to prove it. Once I was verified, the staff gave me a piece of paper with my seat number and a bottle of sparkling water (how thoughtful!) Then it was waiting time again.

Don’t lose any piece of paper, especially one with your seat number, given to you by staff at the event. They also gave us a complementary sticky note where we write our name. We would stick this on the inside of our albums, opposite of the photo pages for the members’ reference when they sign your album. 
I brought extra sticky notes to mark where each member would sign. You should always bring spare notes because you can use this chance to ask the members a question or write a lovely note for them. Note: Some groups do not allow questions, so always follow the rules and read the information carefully on fancafe updates. After a bit more waiting, we could go in!

I should probably get started on the actual event and the members. OK!

We were waiting when all of a sudden, THE LIGHTS JUST DIMMED AND TURNED OFF. LIKE WHAT THE. The room was silent until Please Be My First Love” CAME ON AND IMFACT WALKED ONSTAGE, SINGING IT LIVE! My heart died for a little instant, as my brain struggled to comprehend and process what was happening. Everyone seemed to be shook because there was not a single noise from the audience when IMFACT began singing. That was such a nice surprise and ahhhh I just love that song so much. Listen and love it lots.

After that impromptu performance, the boys sat at the table for the start of the fansigning. They greeted us and said a few words, thanking us for coming to this long-awaited event. Jian tried to add some things, but he kinda hesitated and seemed so cutely awkward like awww it’s okay, you’re so precious!! 

ONE RANDOM CUTE NOTE: The members commented about how many people came to this event, specially international fans (there was a handful of English-speaking fans there, and a lot of Japanese fans ((yay!))) BUT SANG ACTUALLY ANNOUNCED, “There’s a male fan here too!” AND THAT WAS ME Y’ALL. I WAS THE ONLY MALE FAN THERE AND AHHH I FELT SO SPECIAL. I waved like crazy when Sang said that, and some fans laughed. Taeho and Jian seemed pleasantly amused at this. Soon, the fansigning portion officially began.

Let’s move on to individual member interactions I had~ (warning: FEELS AHEAD!!)
The order was like this: Jeup→Ungjae(bias!!)→Sang→Taeho→Jian

Jeup was so friendly and talkative!! Even though my Korean isn’t perfect, we talked the whole time. What really makes me appreciate a group is when they take into consideration your level of Korean if you’re an international fan. Some groups (not going to name names) make the situation awkward for international fans because of the language barrier. I’m not bashing these groups just for that reason, but it still is disappointing when you want to be open and flexible to your diverse fanbase, wherever they may be from. What I mean is, I had an experience with an idol group or two where members did not talk to me much, in English nor Korean, even when I was trying my hardest to speak in Korean. Thankfully, Jeup complimented my Korean skills.

Anyway, he asked when I became a fan of them. I told him ever since “Feel So Good” era, and that I especially liked that track. I asked him, what was his favorite song, and he first replied, “Tension Up”, but also added, “In the Club” and “Please Be My First Love”. I agreed, saying that the trio of songs were all great. I commented that I especially think of PBMFL as 강추 (strong recommendation). Jeup burst out in laughter and complimented me again, saying that I even knew slang like “강추". 

He also asked where I came from, which is like a customary question we international fans get from idols. I told him America, specifically Hawaii, and pointed at the post-it note for him.

Q:This isn’t a question, but please come to Hawaii!
A: All right. We’ll definitely go.

Jeup looked at the note and actually said he really wants to visit Hawaii. I advertised the islands to him, saying that the weather is nice, the sceneries are great, and he added, “the beaches are good too”. So, he expressed that he wants to take all of the members there to have fun. Please do, we’ll welcome you warmly~

Finally, I told him his hairstyle was really nice today. It was spiked up and it really suited him! He thanked me, and I asked what he personally thought of it.

J: I like it. Styling the hair upward is very masculine.
Me: Right, I agree. Do you prefer having your hair styled up or bangs down?
J: *thinks for a bit* I think both is good, but now, having your hair styled up is rather cool now. So I personally like it this way.
Me: Yeah! Especially since nowadays it’s quite hot, right?
J: Right!

Then I told him I’d continue supporting IMFACT in the future. Such a cool guy~ Gonna hold you to your words, Jeup. See you guys in Hawaii. A hui ho!

Okay, I’m already dying of feels again and I haven’t even told you guys my interaction. So I can’t believe I was actually meeting Ungjae. I spazzed about him so much recently before and I had so many feels, but it’s always so different when you meet idols in real life. I told him I’m from Hawaii, like I always do. 

U: Hawaii? Wow.
Me: Am I the first fan from Hawaii?
U: *kind of confused* Sorry?
Me: Am I the first fan from Hawaii that you’ve met?
U: Ah, yes *laughs*
Me: *proud*
U: And you’ve come all the way to Korea.
Me: Yeah, I’m actually an exchange student.
U: Wow, really? *impressed* You’re really good at Korean.
Me: Ah, thank you. I still got a long way to go. But I’ve been in Korea for around 9 months. 

And, since this was a golden opportunity, thanks to my friend’s suggestion, I decided to just wing it and see what would happen if I wrote my bias a cute joking question.

Translation: Ungjae-yah, I like you the best ㅎㅎ Wanna go shopping together later? (I’m older so I’m using banmal/informal language)
Bottom right corner of signature: Thank you!!

I WAS SO SHY WHEN HE KEPT LOOKING AT THE NOTE, I WAS LIKE OMG OKAY MAYBE I SHOULDN’T HAVE WRITTEN IT, WHAT IF HE REPLIES NEGATIVELY?! But that was just my panic mode. Most idols with a good heart would play along! But since this was the first time I met my bias face to face, I was slightly worried what he would think. This is how the convo basically went:

U:  Ah, shopping? *curious*
Me: Yeah *laughs uncomfortably, shy shy shy af*
U: *genuinely interested* What kinds of clothes do you want?
Me: I like casual clothes
U: *smiles* Ah, casual? Ah, I like hip-hop style so… Hongdae has a few places, not a lot. But for casual clothes… *recommends some stuff but I forgot what he said exactly, sorry bb*

We talked a bit more about stores and things. It felt more like he was giving me recommendations HAHA but since he wrote, “Cool~!” on my note, then I’ll take that as a yes ❤ Anyway, I got pretty bold at this point and thought, well, might as well just go all out.

Me: Actually, you’re my favorite member. You’re really handsome.
U: *shyly smiles* *bows head slowly in appreciation*


Lastly, I asked him about his work as IMFACT’s lyricist.

Me: So, you’re in charge of composing lyrics?
U: Of course.
Me: When you write lyrics, where do you usually draw your inspiration?
U: *thinks* hmm… Well, I just draw inspiration from real life. When I’m thinking about something or when I watch a show or drama, I just get thoughts and write them.

It was time to move on, so I gave him one last firm handshake and moved on. Thanks to his sunny smile, I was able to feel accomplished after talking to him. I officially didn’t mess up royally in front of my bias!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS GUY. HE WAS SO NICE!! He already pointed me out in the beginning but seriously, this guy is awesome. Right when I moved to him, he extended his hand out and gave me a big, friendly handshake. He greeted me, “What’s up?!!” in English.

S: Ah, Hawaii~ my sister went to America. (I love that random transition of topics)
Me: Really? Where in America?
S: *says in English* America. For study.
Me: *internally: I know Sang, I’m asking where* Where, in America? *says it again*
S: *I think he didn’t specify, or he forgot, but he said she just studied abroad, and came back. I just accepted that answer lol*
Me: You should come visit Hawaii!!

And then he proceeds to tell me that he really wants to go. He looks at my post-it.

Q: Do you have a favorite Nine Muses song? (NM and IMFACT are same company)

I told him that I really like Namyu and that they’re my favorite group, and since the two groups are the same company, I wanted to ask him what his fave song from them was. He wrote Drama, and ofc I love that song too. Darn, I forgot some other little things I might have talked to him about. But here’s another thing~ (I was just speaking my mind at this point)

Me: Since there’s a lot I don’t know, who is the visual in IMFACT?
S: Actually, we leave it up to the fans, who see members as visuals in their own viewpoints. Like, if a fan watches us, they’ll think “Ah, I like this one! He’s a visual!” These kinds of thoughts. So it’s an individual’s preference. *how precious is this*
Me: Really? Well, honestly, I think you’re the visual.
S: Ah, really? *short shy moment, gives me another handshake for the compliment*
Me: Yeah, you’re really, really handsome.

I can’t stress this enough, THIS GUY IS SO GREAT!! I forget what else we talked about, but at the end, I got flustered lol just…. ahhhhhhh > <

Taeho is really cool and just polite and nice~ I just loved his reaction when I said I was from Hawaii. He was like, “Wa, Hawaii?” like aw. And I had to tell him about how cool it was that he got more lines this comeback. Seriously, seems like all the vocals in this group can be main. 

Me: Also, I really like how you got a lot of parts this time around.
T: Ah, really? *smiles* You like my vocals?
Me: Yeah! Compared to the older songs, you got a lot of parts. Isn’t it nice? 
T: Yep~ *high-five* Thank you~
Me: Hm, how are the parts distributed, anyway?
T: Actually, we each get together and divide the parts based on who fits the lines the most. We come to an agreement and split the parts that way. Like we say, “Oh, I think you would fit this part well”, and so on.
Me: Wow, that’s nice~ What do you honestly think of the title track, “Tension Up”?
T: I do like it. It’s really exciting. I also like In the Club and especially Please Be My First Love. That kind of style. *sly self-promo as always*
Me; I agree! 
T: We have more songs in store, so please anticipate them.
Me: Ah, could you give me a little hint about the next track?
T: Compared to “Tension Up”, the next one is a bit… slower tempo. It’s hip-hop, but more… relaxing? Chill?
Me: Ah, really? Sounds exciting. I’ll continue supporting IMFACT in the future~

I don’t remember much else that we talked about, but that was still a lot~ Such a sweet guy. Really cares for his fans, like all of them. 

Last but definitely not least, I met Jian~ Awkward little greetings ftw.
Me: Hi~ Jian-ssi~ Oh, where’d your note go?
JA: Hi, it’s right here~ *looks at said note*
Me: Oh *flustered af, drops head in embarrassment*

Q: Is an IMFACT X Nine Muses collab possible??
A: We’ve done one!
On the picture: Nine Muses Noonas are coming back soon, so please give them lots of support, and if a chance for a collab presents itself, we’ll do it for sure!

In response to my surprise at his answer, we had a convo.

JA: We collaborated before.
Me: Oh right, “Dream”, right? (referring to Sang x Keumjo’s duet)
JA: Actually, during the Star Empire Family Concert in Japan.
Me: Oh, really?
JA: Yeah. It was me and Keumjo-noona, we did a collab.
Me: Ah, which song? I didn’t know.
JA: Taeyang-sunbaenim’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.
Me: Oh, I’ve never seen it. Do you think it would be on YouTube?
JA: I think it’ll come up if you search it there.

I told him about Nine Muses being my favorite girl group, and he mentioned that they helped IMFACT a lot, and he really appreciates them. AND HERE’S WHEN I LITERALLY SAID WHAT HAS BEEN BOTHERING ME FOR SOME TIME LOL HEAR ME OUT, OKAY?

Me: Okay, this isn’t an insult, but I have something to say…
JA: Okay, what is it?
Me: When I look at you, Jian, I think of Euaerin. You remind me of her a lot. Like your tone… And I remember when you impersonated her.
JA: Ah, really?~ *smiling* Actually, I really look up to her. She’s helped me a lot. *I forgot what he said specifically, but he was really chill and nice about this LOL I hope it didn’t offend him cuz they could be counterparts! Killer rappers and amazing dancers.*

Like look at this goddess

And then look at this hunk! LOL. Their sharp features stand out, and they’re really charismatic. (God I miss Euaerin now). 

And then it was time to continue my attack on Jian. But this time, I wanted to give him a direct compliment~

Me: But Jian-ssi.
JA: *interested* yes?
Me:You’re really handsome.
JA: *amused at my straightforwardness* Ah, thank you~ *laughs*
Me: Yeah, especially this… *gestures at the amazing tie he’s wearing, bless his outfit and his whole existence* It suits you very much. Did you pick it yourself?
JA: Actually, the stylists did it… 
Me: Oh, well it still looks good!

Then it was time to go *sad face*
Me: *reads Jian’s message on my album* Ah, but don’t worry~ I’m not just a Nine Muses fan, I’m also IMFACT’s fan~ I’ll support you in the future!
JA: Thank you! See you!
Me: Bye bye!
JA: Bye~ Junior~~

Just the way he said my name at the end made me so warm on the inside hehehehe~ they are all sweethearts.
It took a long while to go through all 120 fans, but it was great. They had a little game session with the fans, where they would draw something on a notepad and then the fans guess the answer. The ones who answered would get a chance to take a selca with them. *ahhh jelly* Honestly, during that game, I was confused AF about what they were drawing LMAO I did not know how the fans could get all the right answers! I was stumped.

Then IMFACT performed some songs, as this was the “fanmeeting” part of the event. They performed some fan favorites- Tension Up (of course) and Lollipop. And during Lollipop, Sang was EXTRA and ran offstage momentarily and I GOT TO TOUCH HIS HAND AGAIN~! HE’S SO GREAT WITH FANSERVICE. LOVE YOU SANG!! Seriously, they know how to charm their fans and make them feel loved!

It was almost time to go, but IMFACT asked the staff if they could do one more encore stage of Please Be My First Love. The fans were cheering, wanting it, AND SO WAS I, LIKE THIS SONG IS SUCH A TREASURE. BEST CHILL SONG RIGHT NOW. Refreshing like a breath of spring air~
Their vocals were on point and it was cute because in the middle, when Ungjae started rapping, his mic turned off for some reasons and had some difficulties but the members helped and lent him a mic until it started working again. So talented and thoughtful agh. 

Then, it was time to go~ they waved goodbye and the lights dimmed and turned off again, just like the beginning. Just as they had come. They all disappeared backstage, except Jeup who straggled and stayed back a little to say one last cute farewell to the audience. And that was it. A great day well spent.

It was so worth the trouble of applying, even if it was a different format than I was used to. IMFACT is so underrated, and I think Star Empire is not doing the best that they can to help them succeed. Like, the members are all charming and talented and exceptional, but their title songs are not innovative, unique, or otherwise outstanding to really catch the public’s eye. Star Empire failed ZE:A and they messed up Namyu, and I feel so bad for IMFACT. But hope remains, and I will keep supporting them in their journey. I wish them all the luck for stardom. 

Please give IMFACT a try. Listen to their b-sides too, they have really good side tracks, which seem to be the real hidden gems of their music.
Please Be My First Love (If I didn’t stress this enough)
In The Club (an excellent r&b, more somber song of theirs)
Feel So Good (a really underrated title track, really hype-worthy)

And that’s it for my fanaccount!! It’s super long but it’s all my thoughts~ I’m going to make a video for this whole experience, hopefully by tomorrow. I spent so much time on this, hahaha. Until next time~

sillymonkey71  asked:

Hey, you seemed to have gotten a few nasty anon comments this morning, so I thought I'd drop in and say, love your work from Skullkickers to Uncanny Avengers. You're doing a bang up job, keep it up! And thanks for being as involved with the fandom as you are. It's great getting an inside look into the industry through your answers.

Thank you for the high praise and kindness. It’s greatly appreciated.

Debt Plan Pt. 2 - Thomas X Reader

Originally posted by hamiltongifs

“Where the hell have you been?” 

Alexander’s voice boomed as you closed the front door behind you. You had gone straight home after dinner with Thomas, worried your brother would have noticed your absence at dinner

“I had dinner with a few friends” You lied, removing your shoes and placing them neatly by the door

“Who?” He asked, his voice lowering in volume slightly. You tried to think of someone quickly. Angelica? She was in London. Eliza? She was at her father’s house with the children. You had no one to bail onto

“Why does it matter?” You said, walking past him and climbing the stairs. You were almost to your room when a hand grabbed your wrist and stopped you

“Y/N, Hercules stopped by Monticello to deliver Jefferson’s new slacks.” You froze in place, your heart stopped as he continued “He told me he saw you leaving Monticello, so I’ll ask you, Why. Were. You. With. Jefferson.” He spat the name at you and you felt your whole world coming down on top of you.

“I-I don’t know what you mean” You pulled your wrist from his grip and attempted to regain yourself. Before he could do anything, you raced up the stairs and into your room, slamming the door behind you

“You damn well do!” You heard him run up the stairs and bang on your door. You moved away from the door as it swung open to reveal a fuming Alexander. You narrowed your eyes at him as he moved closer to you.

“Why do you get to have a say in who I associate myself with?!” You shouted at him. He took a step back, not expecting backlash, but he was going to get more than backlash

“He’s a pompous dick!” He threw his hands up in the air as he shouted back

“The only dick is you!” You said, feeling tears brim at your eyes. You hated this, you hated fighting with Alexander more than anything

“Why is that?!” He cocked an eyebrow and moved closer to you

“Because I love him!” The words fell out of your mouth in a loud spew that you couldn’t control. You both stared at each other, him in shock from the words that came out of your mouth and you in shock from when. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to find out this way

“You’re never seeing him again….” Alexander spoke low, turning away from you 


“You’re never seeing him again!” He shouted, causing you to cower back. He exited the room, slamming the door behind him, leaving you alone. You sat down on the floor and sobbed, fearing that you had lost the man you loved forever.

Knock Knock Knock

“Huh?” You turned towards your window where the noise had come from. You stood shakily and wiped your tears, walking towards the window and opening it to detect the cause of the noise. Right there, was what brought you utmost joy and happiness, what you thought you would never see again

Thomas Jefferson

[translation] America Character Song: It’s Easy!!!!

[AUDIO LINK] from @hetalia-music
sung by Konishi Katsuyuki


カウボーイブーツ ベルトしめて
いくぞ早撃ち バババンバンバーーーーン☆


なんでも挑戦 アドベンチャー
Hyper Hyper Jump!!

ハリウッド 派手にいこうじゃないか

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The truth will surface

A/N: I really enjoy writing and it seems to calm me down. I really love that you like my stories so far it really gives me a boost of confidence even though I know that my english is not that good. I appreciate that you lovely people look through that. My second story is about our lovely Hoseokie, I hope you enjoy it. 

Summary:  what was going on? Hoseok just broke up with you but the fact that you agreed to it made him furious. You were confused. he was the one breaking up with you, but something was not right. and you were determined to find that out. Will you succeed?

Words: 1180

Originally posted by hoseoh

You felt nothing. You clutched the sink in your bathroom tighter. You just took a shower to relax. Unfortunately it didn’t work. The steam hanging in the air, fogging up the mirror. ‘’Why?’’ You thought to yourself. Your hands wiping the mirror to take a better look at yourself. Why was it that you couldn’t feel anything? You tried to get mad, you tried to cry, but there was absolutely nothing. You just stood there in the bathroom staring at yourself. Numb. You sighed and shuffled out of the bathroom towards the stairs. You looked at your living room remembering what happened 2 hours ago.

you were heading to the kitchen to grab some food. It was around 8 ‘ o clock when you decided you should eat some more. No, you weren’t hungry at all but one thing that you absolutely didn’t like about yourself was that you ate when you were bored. Well it wouldn’t be that bad if you grabbed an apple or something. No, you were one of those people that needed ice-cream or chips, just a snack.

You searched the cupboards and your eye fell on the box of cookies. You smiled and reached for them. A knock on the door caused you to curse. ‘’damn it. Who could that be. It couldn’t be Hoseok. He said that he would be busy tonight.’’ You shrugged and went over to the door and cracked it slightly open and took a peak. Your eyes widened. ‘’Hoseok?’’ You said surprised. ‘’Ah, hey (y/n).’’ He replied. You opened the door wider to let Hoseok in. He walked straight past you without giving you a peck on the lips which he normally did when he visited you. You frowned but decided not to think too much of it. ‘’I thought you weren’t able to come tonight. Not that I don’t mind. I mean I was just getting some snacks because I was bored but now that you’re here I don’t have to eat.’’ You said and patted your belly, glad that the cookies stayed in their package. ‘’I wasn’t supposed to come over but I wanted to tell you something.’’ he began cautiously. Now that got you worried. ‘’(y/n) don’t climb to conclusions. Maybe he just wants to tell me that he ate my cupcakes I had left in his fridge.’’ You thought to yourself. ‘’Okay. that’s fine. Do you want take a seat.’’ I asked him and walked over to the couch. ‘’No, I want to do this quickly.’’ He sounded unsure at first but then he straightened his shoulders. ‘’(y/n), I will get straight to the point. I want to break up.’’ Now that was something that you didn’t see coming. ‘’Come again.’’ You answered him and leaned forward to catch his words better. ‘’I want to break up.’’ He said louder. ‘’What?’’ you responded. ‘’Do you want me to shout it to the world or write it down. I want to break up!’’ He screamed this time. Okay. You heard it right the first time. You stared at him. Hoseok was pacing around the living room. ‘’But why?’’ You softly said standing up from the couch. ‘’I – I .. ‘’ Hoseok stuttered his eyes wandering around the room but never meeting yours. You looked at him.  He could feel your eyes burning. That got him mad, he was nervous and felt guilty as hell. ‘’ Because I fell in love with someone else!.’’ He screamed and didn’t dare to look into your eyes. You didn’t say anything. You had no clue what to say. You opened your mouth and closed it again. The silence was unbearable the pressure you felt right now was suffocating. ‘’Okay.’’ you answered him and stumbled backwards, your kneecaps hitting the sofa and falling down on the couch ‘’Okay? ‘’ he repeated suprised. You thought you were going to cry, to feel angry or sad but there was nothing. Your heart felt numb. ‘’Yes Hoseok. Okay.’’ You repeated yourself again. ‘’It’s a sign you stopped loving me, or at least loving me less or else you wouldn’t have falling in love with another woman. I don’t want to force you to stay with me. If you don’t love me anymore, just go.’’ I answered him. snatching the cushion from the ground and holding it close to me. ‘’ What the hell!’’ He yelled. ‘’You just let me go like that.’’ He spat. ‘’ That tells me you stopped loving ME.’’ He said angry and screamed louder when he said ‘me’  his hand tucking at his hair angry  He stomped over to the door and yelled before he left . “ I’m glad I fell for someone else. She wouldn’t let me go so easily’’ and slammed the door shut. You heard a pot breaking outside.

You were standing in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil. You were confused. He said that he fell in love with someone else but when you agreed to break up he got furious and what was the point in keeping him here if he didn’t feel anything for you anymore

The water boiled and you grabbed a cup and filled it up, the tea-bag dangling in the water. You sighed once again and sat at the kitchen table. Why don’t I feel anything. Nothing  interested you at the moment. You couldn’t care less. Your banged your head against the table. Maybe your emotions stopped working and the banging will get them to work again. ‘’What the heck are you doing?’’  You shot up, now your knees banging against the underside of the table causing the cup full of tea to fall over. Some hot water dripped against your pants and touching your skin. You hissed. Shit that is hot. You stood up immediately and snatched a towel from the kitchen counter and dabbed it against your pants. ‘’Ah sorry (y/n)!’’ You heard Taehyung’s voice behind you. ‘’It’s okay, you didn’t do it on purpose.’’ You turned around and smiled at him. ‘’The pain is already gone. No worries.’’ You put him at ease.  You filled another cup of tea and handed it to him. he thanked you and sat opposite from you.

‘’What do I owe this visit from you, Tae?’’ You asked him. He took a sip of the warm liquid and put the cup down. ‘’Well, Hoseok came home a couple of hours ago.’’ He began slowly, and looked at you wary afraid to get you mad. When he saw no reaction at all his eyebrows shot up in confusing but continued. ‘’He slammed the door shut. It was really loud (y/n). The windows were shaking. Yoongi and I decided to check on him  to see what was going on. We saw a furious Hoseok. If looks could kill.’’ Taehyung shivered from the memory. You looked at him. ‘’Why are you telling me this?’’ you asked him. ‘’Just listen please?’’ He pleaded you and grabbed your right hand. You pulled your hand back and motioned with your hand to go on. ‘’He was pissed. Muttering things under his breath. Yoongi asked him what was wrong. He exploded. The shoe he had in his hand went flying, nearly missing Jimin who walked by.’’ Taehyung explained, and made the throwing gesture with his hand, his eyes wide. You giggled. His expression was to funny. ‘’Jimin was shocked, shrieked and ran away to his room.  We were also shocked. His was breathing heavily as if he had just finished a concert. And his face. Woaah never had I seen his face so red.’’ You knitted your eyebrows. What was Taehyung even saying. Taehyung continued. ‘’He screamed that you didn’t fight for him that you just let him leave like that. He broke down (y/n). He fell to his knees and wailed. ‘’

Now you were mad. Who did he think he was. He stomped into this house and broke up with you. He fell in love with someone else. This was his own fault. You stoop up angrily. ‘’What the hell.’’ You said and rubbed your face. You felt tired. ‘’He is really upset (y/n). I don’t know what happened but he is crying. He kept crying, whispering your name.’’ Taehyung stood up and walked over to you trying to calm you down. You didn’t want to lash out at him but you were pissed. How dare he.  You grabbed his hands and pulled it off your shoulders. ‘’Seriously.’’ You laughed. Now you’re heart was hammering in your chest the adrenaline pumping through it. ‘’He broke up with ME, Tae, with me!’’ You screamed. Taehyung flinched. ‘’He came here to tell me that he had falling in love with someone else! And now he is crying because of me?’’ You yelled and kicked the chair hard, the chair falling on its side. You breathed trough your nose. Taehyung hadn’t done anything wrong. He just came to tell you not knowing what was going on. ‘’Tae, I’m sorry.” You held his hands in yours and rubbed over his palm to calm him down. He was shocked never had he seen you so angry. You pulled him into a hug and buried your head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around your back. You stood there for a while.

Taehyung pulled away. ‘’Once again, sorry.’’  He just smiled. “ No, I am sorry. I didn’t know he broke up with you. he hasn’t the right to cry if he was the one breaking up with you.’’ He responded.  He wiped away your tears. Were you crying? it felt like someone was squeezing your heart. You broke from the hug. ‘’Oh my god!’’ You screamed happily. ‘’I’m crying.’’ you jumped onto Taehyung who was startled. You had definitely some mood swings. He just laughed awkwardly.  A phone went off. Taehyung glanced at the screen and picked it up, answering. ‘’Yea?’’ ‘’Right. I’m coming right away. Uhu. I’ll see you in 10. Yes. Bye.’’ Taehyung hung up and had to go. ‘’You’re a weirdo.’’ He ruffled your hair. ‘’If you need something, just tell me. I hope Hoseok had it wrong and will apologize. You guys are perfect for each other. Maybe he is confusing ‘just liking someone’ to love.’’ He mentioned and put on his jacket. He gave you a quick hug and left.

You were standing in the middle of the living room. Your tears still streaming down your face.  You felt relieved but on the other hand you were miserable. Maybe the fact that you broke up was suddenly starting to kick in. You laughed through your tears. Not believing this was happening now.  You screamed and stomped like a little kid who didn’t get his candy. You felt enraged. How dare he barge in and break up. After 20 minutes, crying and kicking everything in your sight, you wiped your eyes, grabbed you jacket and walked over the door. He owned you an explanation.  You wouldn’t leave the dorm until the truth had surfaced. The fact that he had it said so casually that he fell in love with another woman told you that he was hiding something else. You were determined and made your way over to the dorms.

I love my Mirena IUD, but not getting my period makes me nervous. How can I make sure I’m not pregnant?

Someone asked us:

I have the Mirena IUD and I absolutely love it. However, I am still super wary of the fact that I don’t get my period regularly, as awesome as it is, because I’m constantly anxious about being pregnant. What are the legitimate chances that I might get pregnant with the IUD correctly in place? What are the warning signs if the device isn’t correctly in place? I ask, because my Gyno actually just retired and I haven’t found a new one yet. Any IUD tips or facts would be greatly appreciated!

It’s pretty common for the Mirena IUD to shorten, lighten and even eliminate your period. The chances of getting pregnant with an IUD in place are super incredibly slim — IUDs are more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. So you can relax. Odds are your IUD is doing a bang-up job of keeping buns out of your oven, regardless of menstruation (or lack thereof).

That being said, there’s still a teeny, tiny chance you could get pregnant–it happens to less than 1 out of 100 people with an IUD each year, but it IS possible. As you note, pregnancy is more likely if your IUD moves out of place or gets expelled. If it helps you feel more relaxed, you can check the strings that hang out of your cervix every now and then. If they’re way longer or shorter than normal, or have disappeared altogether, see a nurse or doctor about it. Same if you can feel the plastic part of the IUD coming out of your cervix.  You can take a pregnancy test just in case if you’re showing signs of pregnancy (nausea, swollen/tender breasts, fatigue, peeing frequently). But again, pregnancy with an IUD is rare, so try not to drive yourself nuts worrying about it. 

Remember, you can also use condoms if you want an extra dose of pregnancy prevention. And condoms are the ONLY method of birth control that also protect against STDs. 

It’s a bummer when our favorite doctors retire, but remember that Planned Parenthood health centers are there for all your gyno needs (and then some!). We happen to think our staff is pretty great.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood