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*slides Walnut Mother $20* Living (as a date mate) with the insanely cool Jared Kleinman headcanons would be greatly appreciated

living w jared would be wild bc it would either be constant laziness or no chill whatsoever. like on saturdays you guys would just lay around on the couch. jared would play video games and you would lay on his stomach reading or scrolling through tumblr. but on sunday you would get a weird boost of energy

- “babe, babe, babe. we should go to the spca.”
- “jared, aren’t you allergic?”
- “I don’t care. i want to go pet all the puppies and doggies”

which would result in a trip to the animal shelter, going out for ice cream, walking down your local boardwalk, and going to Walmart and buying a remote controlled helicopter.

you would always be the first one asleep. your nightly routine would be laying in bed around 9 o'clock - doing your own thing.

like you would be reading a book and jared would be watching something on the tv in your bedroom. sometimes you guys would watch a tv show together and get mad if one of you got an episode further.

shows you would watch together would include:

• bates motel
- “god, he is such a fucking creep”
- “yeah, but Norma is a MILF”
- “jared !!! that’s his own mother!!”

• rupaul’s drag race
- you two picking up little characteristics
- both of you would mouth pop at each other
- you wanted jinx to win
- jared wanted alyssa to win
- “may the best woman win” ing each other

• that 70’s show
- constantly giggling
- “hey jared, do you think we are like Ashton and mila ?”
- “nah, we are probably like Eric’s parents”

• keeping up with the kardashians
- “Kim there are people DYING”
- “is her ass even real??!?”
- jared doing THE BEST impressions of them all

• glee
- you only watch it because jared likes it

buying an apartment/house with jared would be great for the first 2 hours until he got tired. you would do most of the decorating. jared would be the one to settle all the numbers for mortgage and all that jazz

you guys would share a bathroom and do your nightly routines together.
- you washing your face while he cleans out his ears
- brushing your teeth at the same time while making funny faces in the mirror

you guys would have matching pjs

you would have “mr” and “mrs” everything

jared hated cooking but loved cleaning. so you made a compromise !! also jared would be hella good at folding laundry.

like you know that expensive silk underwear????? you bet that he folded them carefully and put them in your drawer

what a precious bean

Sam and Mercedes, unconsciously creating shippers.

I’m watching season 2 with my aunt who has never watched the show before, my uncle walks in and this is what pretty much happens…

Uncle: What are you guys doing?

Me: Watching Glee

Aunt: Its actually a great show.

Uncle: What’s it about?

Me: Kids who sing as they go through life.

My uncle takes a seat and starts watching.

Uncle: Who’s the blonde guy?

Me: That’s Sam, Sam Evans.

Uncle: Ah, is he related to that blonde girl?

Me: (laughing) No Sam and Quinn are not related they are actually kind of dating.

Uncle: That’s weird, they look like brother and sister.

Aunt: That’s what I said! I think he should get with the black girl, what was her name again?

Me: Mercedes Jones

Aunt: Yeah, her! She has an amazing voice, i’m jealous!

Uncle: Who’s Mercedes?

I pause the episode and pull up a picture of Mercedes.

Uncle: I agree, they look like they would make a great couple.

After a while

Uncle: Who’s that girl with the brown hair? She’s really annoying.

At this point, i’m laughing hysterically!

Do you ever watch or listen to the Glee version of “Sunshine Of My Life” and think about Burt Hummel, widower and single dad, singing that song to a little Kurt, probably using some of the hand gestures Kurt used in his own version of the song, dancing around the living room or even just driving in the car, drumming on the steering wheel and checking the rearview mirror every ten seconds to make sure his son is still smiling because it is his job to keep that kid smiling come hell or high water?  With his flannel shirt and his baseball cap and his big rough hands with the grease that seems permanently embedded under his fingernails, pretending to polish an imaginary apple on his shirt because Kurt always, always laughs when he does it and Kurt’s laughter is honestly the brightest sunshine Burt has ever known?

Because I think about it.

It Only Takes One Time (Part 28)


Part 27

Warnings: Swearing, emoness

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It was insane how incredible seconds could feel like minutes and minutes could feel like hours. I was just living through time because time was all I had left and it was slowly beginning to take over and suffocate with me.

My insane love story was enduring a snowball effect and the longer it went on, the bigger and more chaotic it got.

I knew I was being an asshole after I got the call, I really did. If you were ever in my situation of not knowing right from wrong, this would be a lot more understandable. There isn’t a way that it would make me sound like less of a cunt, so if that’s the title that suits me best; so be it.

Marie had called me on the phone, and she sounded distressed. I knew for a fact that she was known to put on acts whenever she wanted. I wasn’t 100% an idiot. Although she was convincing a lot of the time, I’d known better.

Her desperation towards me was too much at times but how else was she going to continue? Telling her to loosen up wouldn’t change anything. She was my fiancé and I had to take whatever she threw at me.

All she described on the phone was a conversation she had with Catherine a while back which basically ended with Y/N being awful.

I really don’t know why I believed it. Maybe it was just be thinking that if I believed it, I wouldn’t have to make a choice over Y/N or Marie anymore and it would be obvious whom I belonged with better. Y/N would hate me because anything that came out of Marie’s mouth angered her. If I showed any trust in my betrothed, it would hurt her.

The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt her and make her believe that she was less than nothing. By the time I’d said it all though, it was out of my hands.

I knew that both of us would need time to process and try and compose ourselves, so the trip to Marie’s family would be a wonderful excuse. However, her family meant her brother and uncle. I’d already known Jacob, and her uncle wasn’t even her real uncle so that ended in a load of awkward conversations.

 There also weren’t any surprises to find that they didn’t have a lot of money. I was never one to judge anyone on that, but if 3 people live in an apartment, there should be someone who tries their best to keep what little they have in order. It’s really not sanitary having a bunch of bugs inside of old pizza and Chinese takeout boxes.

I couldn’t even make it through the full weekend without telling a lie that Phil called me back to the apartment for an emergency that occurred in the kitchen. I promised to return back if I was able to before dark.

I couldn’t even be a good significant other for the biggest bitch on the planet.

Could you blame me though? It felt like I’d sacrificed myself and my payment was drinking games with her ‘big’ family to determine ones masculinity.

I’d realized that I’d contracted myself entirely once I was about to knock on the door. The whole point was to get away but I’d just ended up coming right back. I hated myself so much that words couldn’t even begin to describe.

I was digging myself in deeper because I was addicted. This mess was like cocaine. I knew it was bad but I needed more and I kept telling myself that it would all be okay and I could stop whenever I wanted to.

I really couldn’t, though. I couldn’t begin to fathom the possibility of how horribly everything would go if I kept up my little charade. I’d believed Marie and I verbally confirmed that in front of the woman I was hopelessly in love with.

No, Dan. You can’t say that anymore.

I had made my decision and I had to honour it.

There was no way at this point to right and wrongs.

The one second I had to form a coherent thought was invaded when the door swung open and I was greeted by a more elegant looking woman holding a young child on her hip. She glanced from side to side before smiling. Waverly.

On a few occasions I had met Waverly, and she had never been fond of me, but she tolerated me. Y/N wasn’t close to her and you didn’t need anyone telling you. You can imagine my confusion as to why she had suddenly appeared.

“Dan, come on in. It’s a party and they’ll be back soon any moment.” Waverly gripped my forearm and pulled me inside. This struck a million questions in my head and I wasn’t sure what to think. I was brought into the hallway where there was a bunch of arrows pointing upstairs and I was puzzled.

“What? Party? Who are we waiting for?” I leaned my arm back and scratched the back of my neck. I couldn’t formulate anything to help comprehend the setting. There were around 3-4 other women with babies and young children. Liam was here, too and my first instinct was to walk over and pick him up.

“It’s Y/N’s birthday, idiot.” Waverly state, earning a ‘shhh’ from a different woman sitting on the couch who then proceeded to putting her hands over her child’s earns. Waverly rolled her eyes. “Hush, Stella, I know you and your kid watch Glee. We all do the same thing. Either way, we’re throwing a little party for your baby mama and we got her friendly pal Phil to take her out and distract her while we set up. Originally, it was going to be upstairs but its way too small so we had a last minute discussion and changed it for down here. She hated when I threw these when we were younger but she just texted me telling me that they’re walking up, so everyone hide!”

I really was a raging cunt. You’d be able to assume that judging by all of the crap I’d gone through with Y/N, I’d at least bother remembering the day she ages. I didn’t though and I wanted to punch myself. Luckily, I was holding my son so that saved me from looking like a psychopath.

Also, I couldn’t help but cling on to why Phil was in charge of distracting Y/N. In most situations, one would think Waverly would take Y/N out and everyone else would stay back and plan.

Then again, why the hell was Waverly suddenly so involved with Y/N? I’d been gone for a day and a half. Why was everything so different?

The room took a drastic change and the air felt different. It was heavier and I could feel a lump forming in my throat. I would have to face her and I didn’t even have a fucking birthday present to top it all off. Coming to the apartment was a mistake. I should’ve stayed with the bugs and the pizza boxes.

I looked back over to Stella, the one who lets her kids watch Glee. She gave me a smug smile and just mumbled ‘they’re back’ and reached up to the light switch to turn the lights off. We heard the door closing and a mumble off voices that proceeded to get louder. It went from in audible to a conversation we all were very intrigued to ear. I had a perfect view of the door and I wasn’t ready. It made it worse that there was an insane amount of kids and even they weren’t making noise. I was so nervous I was panting.

The door creaked open and we were greeted with just the silhouette of Phil and Y/N. It was dark and the small light from the hallway outlined their bodies.

“I don’t know, Phil.” Y/N sighed. “If everything that’s happened wasn’t a huge wake up call, then I’m not sure how I’ll feel when I receive it.” Y/N sounded exasperated and tired. I hoped that this would be the moment we all jumped out and screamed surprise, but everyone was listening intently. I was getting a bad feeling.

“He’ll come around. And you should talk to Catherine. I won’t lie when I say everything is shitty, you really don’t deserve this.” Phil replied in his soft voice. Y/N shifted her body so she was looking at him and shrugged.

“What do you think I deserve then, Phil?” She whispered back. I wasn’t sure if Phil even knew everyone was in here, he may have not gotten the memo in time about a change of scenery.

“You deserve better. You deserve something good. I mean, I know you have Liam, so that means you and him… You both deserve to be happy. You’re so kind and you’re a wonderful mother. Dan is a wonderful father so I’m sure we both know that Liam is covered but you… You’re in a state of lacking friendship and experiencing heartbreak and you really-you really” Phil took a second to catch his breath. “You deserve better.” He repeated once more looking down.

This would’ve been the best moment to jump up and yell surprise, but alas, it was the hardest part. Y/N, took her index finger and placed it on Phil’s chin to make him look up and inhaled.

In one swift motion, she was kissing him, and for the billionth time I realized how much I’d fucked up.

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10 fav grace, hannah and mamrie quotes

I dunno if you mean 10 each or what so here in no particular order

  1. Nobody is wired wrong, because there’s no wrong and right in the way we are.
  2. Do you watch Dr. Who at all? (Nope). Well that pretty much exhausts all of my conversational skills then.
  3. Let’s take the example of telling your parents that you are an ‘artist’ and maybe you’ve been an artist your whole life and you’ve only now realized that you were born this way and you are an artist and you are going to pursue art and make beautiful art… with the person that you love.
  4. Mamrie ate paint!
  5. Carrot onesiiiiiiieeeee!
  6. Ooopth
  7. That tastes like the worst part of everything!
  8. How do you make your stove go oven?
  9. Oooooh, aaaaah, ewwwww!
  10. All day I look forward to going to sleep and then Tumblr happens.


  1. Oooooh, aaaaah, ewwwww!
  2. It smells like a yeast infection
  3. I’m a leaf in yo face
  4. That’s what she said… no she didn’t she’s a lesbian
  5. If you care about your life put away the knife
  6. first of all
  7. I am going to exercise. exercise my right to be as lazy as I fucking want to be.
  8. oh my god I feel like someone stabbed my clitoris 
  9. The world didn’t start spinning in 1997 ya dicks
  10. This is juniperfect.


  1. I can’t tell if my crotch is sweaty or if I pissed my pants
  2. Laser I barely know her
  3. My two mums, my two mums, look at me hanging with my two moms.
  4. Do you watch glee
  5. I put the aww in awkward
  6. Have you ever heard a koala make a noise on youtube?
  8. Have you ever put a marshmallow on toothpick?
  9. Where did the banana come from?
  10. are you sure absinthe isn’t just the way Hannah say absence?