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To celebrate October, ask the mun about spooky Autumn things!

Send a number (or a few) for me to talk to you about Halloween/horror-related and Autumn-related favorites!

  1. Favorite scary movie
  2. Favorite Halloween (not necessarily scary) movie
  3. Favorite Halloween costume I’ve worn
  4. Halloween costume I want to dress as but haven’t yet
  5. My ultimate dream Halloween costume
  6. Favorite character from a Halloween movie
  7. Favorite spooky novel
  8. Favorite scary video game
  9. Favorite classic movie/book monster
  10. Best memory from a past Halloween
  11. Favorite Autumn drink
  12. Favorite Autumn food/treat
  13. What I’d love to carve into a pumpkin
  14. Best pumpkin design I’ve ever carved/plan on carving
  15. Do you do anything special for Halloween?
  16. Do you enjoy bonfires, or have you ever attended one?
  17. Favorite scary story or legend
  18. Favorite Halloween candy
  19. Do you like going to Halloween stores?
  20. If you do go to Halloween stores, do you buy anything or just look around?
  21. If you wear costumes, do you make your own costumes or purchase them? 
  22. Have you ever gone to a Haunted House attraction?
  23. Have you ever gone to a corn maze?
  24. How about a pumpkin patch?
  25. What did you always wish you could dress up as when you were a kid?
  26. Do you ever partake in a nice leaf pile jump?
  27. Do you call apples covered in sweets: caramel apples, candy apples, toffee apples, or something else?
  28. Tell a spooky campfire story (if you have one)
  29. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever had an experience?
  30. If you live in a climate where the trees change colors, do you like walking/driving around and looking at them?
  31. Do you decorate your home for Halloween? 
  32. Do you hand out candy on Halloween, have/attend parties, or do something else?
  33. If you could be any legendary monster, what would you be?

me: I wish God would just give me a sign, to know if I’m going in the right direction.

Friend: hey here’s a random call supporting you and confirming that you’re going in the right direction!!!!

Me: haha cool. Anyways I wish God actually would talk to me for once and just be clear FOR ONCE

Uncle, next day: hey I know this is random but God wants you to know you’re going to be okay. I had peace just thinking about you.

Me: haha coolio. Anyways why doesn’t God give a damn how I feel, why can’t he just talk to me and show me just once what to do.

Dad, next day: hey I was praying for you just now and God wants you to know He loves you and wants to use your gifts.

Me: awesome thanks. Anyways does God just not care at all bc he obviously doesn’t wanna bother with me


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i came out to my parents tonight and it went really badly. they want me out the house. i have no money and no car bc they own the one i drive and my job situation is bad rn and i can't afford to get out. but i can't try to stay and make them happy if they hate who i am. what do i do?

Get in touch with your local LGBT community center!!!!!!!!! They’ll give you resources and connections to get safe, in the mean time, talk to school guidance counselors, and find a friend to stay with until you have other stuff figured out. If worse comes to worse you can contact social services but I’d save them for last because they are. very not fun

Spring Cleaning

A/N: first of all can we talk about how beautiful this gif is, wow. A man. I want to cry. Also, I’ve been gone a fat ass minute so I hope this piece of writing is okay and isn’t wack!!

Request: Can you write something where Harry cant get enough of your kisses and you’re trying to do stuff around the house but he won’t stop and he says something like “please, do it later. I just… cm’ere love and let me love on you.”

Spring cleaning was tedious but you knew it was something you had to do. It was time to dust, wipe and replenish your home to its original state.

It was a time of refreshment is what you liked to tell yourself but you really just like blasting your music for hours as you danced around the house while cleaning.

Throughout the years of living with your boyfriend Harry, you knew the last thing he wanted to do was clean so usually when this time came around, he was either busy with work or he would help clean up a bit before he gives up and locks himself in the bedroom where he would do whatever Harry does. That was the norm with you guys, however, today was different.

Harry was desperate for your attention today of all days. The day when you needed the most space to finish what needed to be done is the day he chooses to be irresistibly clingy. Any other time, you would love this but not today.

You were dusting off the wooden shelves in the living room with a soft song playing in the background when you felt a strong pair of arms from behind snake around your waist. His large hands spin you around to face him and your heart flutters at how close his face is to yours.

“Just one kiss,” he whispers huskily, his lips quickly close the space between the two of you as quick as the words leave his mouth.

His velvety lips melt into yours and it takes everything in you not to collapse right then and there in his arms and let him kiss you for the rest of the day. As much as you wanted that, you also wanted to finish cleaning as quickly as possible so you could get back to Harry without worrying about cleaning.

“Not now, Harry,” you sigh defeatedly when you pull away from him.

“Why not?” He questions, his words muffled as he buries his face in he crevice of your neck.

You have to stop yourself from giving in immediately at the sound of his voice and the way his fingertips were grazing the exposed skin of your stomach.

“I’m busy!” You retaliate for the tenth time that day. You slip out of his grip and hurry over to another part of the house to distance yourself from him until you were done with all your chores.

The bathroom is where you ended up with your Mr. Clean magic eraser sponge scrubbing roughly the floor of your oversized bathtub. You were left with your thoughts and you secretly wished Harry was in here bothering you again.

It was understandable that Harry wanted your attention so badly, but at the same time, it wasn’t. Harry got home from his movie filming a few weeks ago and of course, he attacked you with all the love in the world but you sort of expected it to die down by now. He’s seen you every day for the past three weeks and now that he was acting the same way as he did the first day he comes back from a long trip made you sort of suspicious.

Harry gave you love and affection all the time, but not this strongly on days where he’s already been with you for a while.

“Found you,” Harry says from the doorway as if you summoned him. “Love, enough’ cleanin’.”

“No, I’m gonna finish my spring cleaning,” you stand up from your spot on the floor and begin walking towards the door to leave the bathroom but Harry stops you with a gentle grip on your arm. He gives you sideways smirk before pressing his lips onto yours.

You couldn’t get enough of this man. Your hands ended up in the tangle of his unruly curls and he backed you into one of the marble top counters in the bathroom, his hands on either side of your face and without breaking the kiss. It was ridiculous how much of an effect he had on you with just one kiss.

He somehow ended up lifting you onto the counter and stepping in between your legs, his lips still expertly moving with yours.

“No!” You exclaim, ripping your lips away from his and jumping off the counter. “I’m cleaning!”

Harry watched you disappear out into the hallway, a goofy smile on his lips at how determined you were with your task and because he knew you wouldn’t be able to fight him for too long.

The empty bags and boxes of snacks from your kitchen were thrown into garbage bags as you furiously cleaned out the cupboards. Harry had gotten you all worked up and you knew it wouldn’t be long until you have into him because the way he was kissing you and pleading you made you want to stop doing whatever you were doing even before he did either of those things.

And there he was, reclining on the fridge with a dimpled smile on his face.

“Ugh! I can’t escape you,” you groan, throwing your head back in frustration. “Harry, I told you I’m almost done. Go read a book or watch TV or something.”

“You sound like a mum,” Harry chuckles. “I mean I can make you one tonight if you let me.”

The empty cereal box in your hand was flung at Harry’s head and it hit him with a loud ‘thump’.

“Ow,” he laughs, rubbing the spot on his head where the cardboard hit him.

“You’re seriously making my cleaning harder than it has to be,” you frown. Harry walks over to you and envelopes you in his arms once again and this time you don’t protest. He begins to pepper kisses along the top of your head to your forehead and cheeks before stopping at your lips. Instead of one long passionate kiss, he repeatedly kissed you in short pecks.

“I have to mop the floors, Harry,” you interrupt reluctantly. “We can finish this later.”

You stepped away from him and instead of letting you walk away, Harry held onto your hand tightly so you wouldn’t.

“Please, do it later. I jus’…” Harry trails off quietly, “cm'ere love, let me love on you.”

“Harry..” You sighed, reaching up to smooth back a curl that had fallen onto his forehead. “What’s gotten into you? I know something is up, I know you better than you think.”

Harry’s eyes are focused on your intertwined hands. He stays silent as he runs his thumb over your knuckles in a soothing pattern and you could tell that he was deep in thought. You lift your other hand and place it on his warm cheek which causes him to close his eyes in content at your touch.

“I have to leave tomorrow for interviews, y'know for the film,” Harry admits sadly, his free hand comes up to rest on top of the one on his cheek.

“How long?” You ask, your heart breaking just a bit at Harry’s sudden new trip.

“Two weeks.”

“We’ve been through worse,” you say, trying to make light of the situation. “Two weeks is a walk in the park.”

“Hmph, I suppose,” Harry chuckles halfheartedly. “But I’ll still miss you.”

“And I’ll still miss you,” you respond. “I think my spring cleaning can wait one day.”

“It can but I can’t,” he whispers as he pulls you into a bone-crushing hug. “Are you gonna give me some love then? I swear I can’t get enough of your kisses.”

“It’s like you read my mind,” you smile, leaning into Harry’s welcoming pink lips ready to be met with yours.

I’ve seen so many people ranting on here the last few days in their tags about their lives and such and I just wanna say I really do hope things get better for you!! ;v;

Like just seeing how many people are going through alot is making me so upset because you all deserve so much happiness ;w; so if you are going through hard times I just wanna send out an open message to say that I hope things get better for all of you! I am always here if anyone wants to rant or talk about anything and I am all ears when it comes to those things!! I know myself that sometimes just talking to someone can really help!! I want you all to know I am here and I want things to get better for you and I really do care about all of you on here! Stay safe and I hope things turn around for some of you!! None of you deserve what is going on and with time it will get better!! I love all of you so much <3

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I think you all project on Natasha about AA cause you want to think she was uncomfortable. Watch her do any commentary and she's quiet a lot of the time. I mean maybe she was uncomfortable but honestly it's just projection


Natasha actually called out someone directly on Twitter last year for using the r-word. She’s a huge mental health advocate and not only talks about her own issues but volunteers with mental health affected youth as well. That couldn’t have been the easiest thing, reading feedback from fans and how many were legit hurt. But you learn, you grow and try not to make those mistakes again. Listening to the AA commentary, I genuinely felt for her during more of the offensive scenes

I mean, she wasn’t going to turn down a role you know?  But lately, Natasha’s been rejecting jobs that she doesn’t agree with so that’s good on her.  And she talked about her proudest moment being when she was doing pageants and they wanted her to stuff her bra but she supported a charity for breast cancer so she dropped out instead even tho she made it to the finals.  She’s the type of person who stands by her words. Natasha always puts her morals above anything else.

What is wrong with that?

I love TCC with a true love. Really I do. I treat it very seriously, I do. It means a lot to me. I want you to know that. But…

Let’s stop for a second and look at thousands of people on Tumblr who are talking about their teachers and how perfect they are… When I was with all this alone I just felt weird about myself and tried to accept it but now when I know how many people has “the same” crush as me… It’s quite weird. What we did to get involved in all this? What’s wrong with us? Can’t we love people at our age? How this happen? Was it all years before or are we just that fucked up now? What?! Thousands… Talking about their love for their teachers. It’s scary for people outside.

I’m not attacking, trust me. I just wonder…

I’m part of it, so I accept and respect everything in here, but really… Who started this? How? When? Why?

Love you Guys, I just wanted to share thoughts. Don’t hurt me for that. Love you all!

hey i’m sorry if i worried anyone with my posts tonight, i don’t usually like talking to people one on one and like venting to them and so tumblr and just screaming into the void is kind of one of my ways of coping with things, nothing bad happened and i didn’t do anything, i just thought about some things. my friends are truly amazing and i love each and every one of you so incredibly much, thank you to anyone who reached out to me or wanted to, it really means a lot to me that you thought about me, i really have the best friends.

anyways we’re going to resume our regularly scheduled programming of @shogas memes pretty soon now i just wanted to make sure u guys all know how much i appreciate each and every one of u and that i’m fine!

Fantasy Posse Meme

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Name the 5 people you’d pick for your Fantasy Posse dinner party, and why. Dead people, fictional characters, or dead fictional characters allowed :)

Tag 5 people you want to play.

Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, Magnus Banes, The Doctor (either 9 or 10), and Taylor Swift

I tag @mrsfrankensteinwinchester @penelope1730 @strangelock221b @mel-loves-all @glitterkitty4ever 

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Do you have any advice for calling the Pens? I've gotten very good at calling my senators, but am still nervous at calling this dumb hockey team (whom I love and am very disappointed in)

Your average customer service representative is much like the staffer who takes your call when you ring up your senator; the difference in this case is you know they’re a Pens fan (or at least they acknowledge that the 2016 playoff run was indeed a great time to get into being a fan).

I told the woman I talked to that I wanted to register a comment, and that as I understood it, they’d be taking a lot of those today, which she said they had. At that point, I went into my speech. I’d written down exactly what I wanted to say. I also tried to make it personal, tell her what this team means to me, because I have gained so much via hockey and being a Pens fan.

She thanked me for calling, saying that they’d definitely gotten negative calls, and some positive ones too. I thanked her for taking my call, and that was that.

Something I wish I’d done more of: made it even more personal. In my speech I’d made a great deal about Hockey is for Everyone and the Declaration of Principles (also mind you that when I say “speech” what I really mean is, like, two long-ass sentences? but uhhh “speech” yes). I wish I had told her that I’m a bisexual, biracial fan, because while being a female fan is definitely still a minority group, I think it’s important that the organization realizes that they have fans with multiple and differing backgrounds.

Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable bringing up that sort of information if it’s applicable to you, that’s okay. You absolutely do not have to disclose that information to a random stranger over the phone, no matter how nice they are.

Also: if you feel like you might get emotional or cry during the call, that’s okay! Customer service representatives are trained to talk to people who are at all levels of emotion, and there’s no shame if, in the midst of telling them your thoughts and feelings, you get teary.

The main thing is to be polite, which you know already because you’ve been calling up senators. Be prepared, either with some general talking points or a written out script like I had. And if you can, make it personal: you’re a Penguins fan. This is your team. And your voice is important.

i know i do this a lot so i’m apologizing now before i get asks about it but i’m really sorry i keep talking about wanting friends etc i just feel really lonely and isolated from all the people i want to hang out with right now and anxiety and The Incident don’t help so i’m just. really sorry i love you all a lot for sticking around

If you are not my friend and I’ve never talk to you or follow me, don’t

I’m not upset, it’s clear they final look like a couple. No more hiding and playing games but Harry if you were a couple along, you have some explaining to do.

You’re complicit with all her pap walks and merchandising and selling pictures to the press. 

You crying you wanted the Veterans to be the highlight is a lie. That’s one of the reasons for me covering your ass, my love of an idea that vets deserve so much better. 

Now let’s get to that Trump Article that I defended you on, now who is fake and phony?  What about your side trip to St Vincent’s? The people want to know.

Maybe it’s time for you to get a real job and pay your way. 

Good luck Mr. Markle you’re going to need it.

jongin reaction to his gf distancing herself from him

he would understand completely if you wanted your own space for a while, he’d want to give you what you needed so you were comfortable. but if you started doing this more often than usual, jongin would notice and start to be super worried all the time. he’d check in on you constantly and try to get you to talk to him as much as he could, and when he sensed that you were trying to become distant once again, he’d tried to find ways to stop you and smother you with tons of affection.

“it’s getting late, i think i’m gonna head-“

“can’t you stay with me for tonight ?”


“please? i haven’t seen you all week and all i want to do is hold you.”

“jongin you’ve been attached to me all day..”

“because i love you and i want you to feel that you’re safe and sound with me by your side.”

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I always feel awkward talking to artists that are doing work for me because I’m afraid they see it as pressure to work on what I commissioned them for but like… I just want to know if you’re having a good day and all. I think artists deserve happiness and people to talk with because they do such good work for the world. I love you art friends.

Taurus on the house cusps

Taurus on the 1st house cusp

Very pleasant and easy to be around

Beautiful appearance

Very kind, and peaceful

You approach most things in a calm and patient manner

Taurus on the 2nd house cusp

You could easily make a living by singing

You care deeply about material possessions and will likely choose a career for material fulfillment

Doesn’t like to be reckless with money

Has great entrepreneurial skills

You spend money on things you consider lovely and may like to spend money on things having to do with your physical appearance

Taurus on the 3rd house cusp

In school you were very determined be focused

You communicate in a peaceful way that makes others want to listen

Your voice is very soothing

You like to talk on issues that include fashion, beauty or anything related to the earth or nature

Could invest time in numerous activities to help Mother Earth, recycling, waking instead of driving etc.

Taurus on the 4th house cusp

Early home life was likely very calm and not too chaotic

In your home, comfort is key

May have numerous planets throughout your home

Loves to garden, paint, sing etc

Taurus on the 5th house cusp

You enjoy doing activities that involve nature

You may have lots of animals and enjoy walks in nature

Your approach to love isn’t too intense, you likely are the type of girlfriend/ boyfriend that always checks on their partner, doesn’t expect too much and together you just have a good time

You think romance and love should be calm and not weigh too heavily on you

You like painting and art and invest lots of time making art

You like going on dates like picnics or drive in movie theatres or even bike riding

You are a very sensual lover

Taurus on the 6th house cusp

You likely follow a diet and like to keep in shape

Your daily routine involves just being comfortable

You may enjoy reading, gardening, or doing artsy things every day

You work very hard for material resources

Your work place must be harmonious and peaceful

Taurus on the 7th house cusp

You seek partners who are financially stable

You easily attract wealthy partners

You love to be able to provide for your partner during are very loyal and stable

You like partners who are attractive and loyal

Taurus on the 8th house cusp

You obsess over beauty

You can gain wealth from mysterious sources

Your death will be quite peaceful

You are very sensual in sex and may use food, oils, candles etc

Your sexual encounters may be more materially oriented

Could have a sugar daddy 👀

Taurus on the 9th house cusp

You have a practical and down to earth view of religion and don’t often change your opinions

You like traveling that appeals to the senses

You love beautiful scenery and prefer comfort when traveling, you aren’t the type that would wanna climb a mountain on a vacation. For you it’s about relaxation

Communicating your opinions and views will generate a sense of abundance in your life

Traveling will create a sense of abundance in your life

Your self worth may be based on your experiences and what you’ve done with your life as far as travel goes

Taurus on the 10th house cusp

Your career may be focused on material gains

You want to be seen as someone who is wealthy and hard-working

You may decide to go into business

You likely won’t have many career changes

Status means a lot to you

Others however may seem you as materialistic and vain, only worried about status and money

Money, Power, Glory

Taurus on the 11th house cusp

You have wealthy and attractive friends

You may be able to attain material security through friendships

You have friends in all the right places

You are drawn to trends

Your view of what security is, is largely based on what society thinks it is

You have very stable friendships that could easily last a lifetime

Taurus on the 12th house cusp

You self-undoing will come from your materialistic desires

You unconsciously strive to be selfless

But you also have a deep need to be financially set and stable

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Dear Donnie, my favorite artist is crying. She's so sad. She got me into the Apritello ship, but now I'm scared she's going to quit TMNT forever. I love her art. You're her friend. Do you think she might get weirded out if I give her this super long ask? I want to help. Can you talk to her and tell her, it's going to be ok?

I do not know who you are talking about. Which artist do you even mean?

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So Nalu love fest is coming up and i was wondering if we're going to see more from the Hakobe series? And, if we do, would you write a chapter where Lucy is pregnant? I love stories with a pregnant Lucy, her and Natsu's interactions are always fun.

At this time I don’t think I’ll be doing anything for the Hakobe couple during nalu love fest. I want the final story to be a few chapters long, and right now the most I can do for love fest is a few one-shots. With the amount of stuff I have planned right now I don’t know how long it’ll take me to get back to that couple, even if they’re one of my favorites I’ve written. 

For the final story though I was planning on having Lucy pregnant at least for one of the chapters. I’m personally not interested in pregnancies/babies/children, (I don’t hate on any of those, I’m just not interested in it at this time) but I think for that couple they would be heading towards that stage in their life, so that’s why I would write at least one chapter like that. It would be the epilogue story after all. 

I think if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to do 3-4 one-shots for nalu love fest, but we’ll see. I’m spending most of my time right now trying to get ahead on CHDH and FTGO! so I have something to post in November when I’ll be spending all my time on a new story, and that’s not counting another story I’m working on. 

T-T I think I’m spreading myself too thin, but oh well. Oh, and all that’s not counting editing/proofreading ‘Two Tickets’ as it goes, lol. Yeah, pretty sure I took on too much at once, but I’m still gonna try to finish everything I have working on in time. If not, oh well. Not gonna beat myself up if I don’t meet my goals. 

Hope that answers your question. I know I kinda started rambling in there. I’m really tired, lol. It also doesn’t help that I’m writing a scene where Natsu’s tired and I’m kinda feeling the effects from that. I like to get in the same mindset, and right now he’s just exhausted. 

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So there's this guy who likes me and wants to date me but we only started talking today. And like I'm kinda uncomfortable with him even though he's asking if he can do things (like calling me names, saying I love you ect) and respecting when I say no but like. It's weirding me out for some reason. So um, can I get some Dark or Host love if you're okay with it? (If not that's okay)

(Thaaaat’s real creepy indeed. Those kind of people can jump from one place in their mind to another if you’re not constantly keeping clear on boundaries.)

Host sits next to you. His knees drawn up to his chin he keeps his distance. When you invite him closer and ask for a hug, he gives you a soft smile. He drapes his arm over your shoulders and let’s you lean into him.

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I want you to know that I love your storeys so much? Your writing is so beautiful and wondereyful, and you're such a pleasant human beings to talk to? I love your blog too thank you for existing <3 I look foreyward to seeing what else you do

no need to be so abreysive :(((

@sunlitshowers @astrangetypeofchemistry i know this is you too fuckers i cannot b elieve