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Bts reaction to them taking care of their ill girlfriend

Request 1:  Hiyaaaaa could I request a bts reaction to their gf suffering bad period cramps and wanting to lie in their lap all day 💕 thank you so so much

Request 2:  Hi! I don’t think this has already been asked but I’d like to request “BTS reaction finding out you’ve been sick for days without them knowing and couldn’t take proper care of yourself” Probably fluff suits it but I’m fine with whatever comes to your mind for this :D (I went through your blog last night and omg totally worth it ^ヮ^)

Request 3:  Could u do a BTS reaction to reader being on her period and feeling lazy and wanting cuddles? Lots of fluff! I love your blog❤❤

A/N: Guys, I’m combining those since they are pretty similar.


He’ll be concerned af. Although he couldn’t take proper care for you for the first few days, now he was home and he was running from one place to another, trying to bring everything you need, or he thought you need. At one second you just smiled and said “Baby, stop running around and let me cuddle you. That’s all I want.”


Yoongi had several sessions in the studio before he found out that you wasn’t in your piano classes, but home trying to keep sanity form pain. Only then he ran like his life depends on it and when he arrive home, he snuggled you in his arms and gently stroke your tummy in hopes of the pain to disappear.


Junnie will be adorable. He knew your tummy hurts and that you couldn’t sleep because of it, so when you finally fell asleep at 11pm in the night, he decided to do something helpful before he held you in his arms. He did all your assignments that were due to this week and called your professor to let him now you won’t attend for the rest of the week,


Hobi tried literally everything to bring your mood up on the phone until he comes home. You were whining that all you wanted was to lie in his lap and eat chocolate that was non-existing in your apartment. Hobi told you that both he and the chocolate are only five minutes away. Also he promised you’ll lie in his lap as long as you want.


Jiminie was worried for you. He was pulling the puppy expression and was stroking your tummy and then kiss you over and over again reassuring you that everything will be alright. At one point you just laughed at his unusual adorableness. “Oppa, I have my period, I’m not pregnant.” 


Tae will put good old school anime and lots of chocolate and hug you, before you two fell asleep. Until your cramps hit and you started meowing like a little kitten. Tae woke up instantly and started whispering sweet nothings in your ear trying to make you feel less pain. But instead of that, you got horny, but period didn’t support sex.


Kokie will also run everywhere doing whatever you want, where ever you wanted to gom he will assist you. As if you were ill. Your stomach just hurted shit badly, but Kookie thought the world was ending, so he helped, however he could. Of course, actually all you wanted from him was to cuddle you, but whatever. At the end of the day, he did that too.


My ask box is opened not for requests, but for smutty confessions. Guys, I love reading those confessions. Some of you are kinky…like me. So, send more in. You can come to me with all your sins. Share them, I’ll listen. Mommy will listen.

Samwell 99

A Holsom Brooklyn 99 AU

  • Ok it should be abundantly apparent that Holsom means our favorite lovable puppy-dog eye Jewish boy Adam Birkholtz is Jake Peralta. He’s brash, he’s messy, but he’s a damn fine detective and he knows it/makes sure no one forgets it.
  • Cue his equally brilliant rival/colleague Justin Oluransi who’s by the book, anxiety ridden, has so many spreadsheets and folders for everything under the sun yet he retains an insane amount of knowledge.  
  • We’ll get back to their totally amazing chemistry in a moment  

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Ok but imagine a Percival Graves who is overworked, under-appreciated and just flat out tired of his job getting “apprehended” by Grindelwald.

Percival is dead asleep, his body trying to reap the benefits of any precious hours of sleep when a wand of all things pokes him awake.

He opens his eyes to bright lights, to a blonde wizard grinning up at him like a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning.


The other man huffs his approval, magically yanking the heavy covers off of Percival’s body. “Pleased to meet you Mr. Graves, though I must say I expected more resistance.”

Percival squints, still fighting the blinding lights his eyes had just started to forget. “What the hell do you want?”

“You, my boy,” he says. “More accurately – your life. I have business in New York and within MACUSA itself and I’m afraid I’ll require your assistance until it’s accomplished. Now-”

“Wait a second there Gellert – may I call you Gellert?” Grindelwald actually lowers his wand, opening his mouth to speak but instead leaves it hanging open. “You’re taking me prisoner in my own home, while you take over my place at MACUSA. Is that right?”

“Why-yes, that’s-”

Percival moans in satisfaction in a way he never has with a lover. “Oh thank Merlin. There’s about thirty feet of parchment that needs reviewing, the Aurors are behind on training and Sera just threw another personal assistant off the roof of the Woolworth. And I thought I was going to have to lead this morning safety briefing with only four hours of sleep.”

“Excuse me?”

Percival adjusts the covers, making them all nice and fluffy again. Once he’s settled in he shuts the light back off, bathing them both in darkness. “It’s at eight, in auditorium C. My speech notes are in my briefcase if you need them, and for Merlin’s sake don’t eat the toast.”

Grindelwald, now more frustrated than confused brings light back so fiercely it nearly blinds them both.

“I’m afraid you don’t quite understand the implications here, Mr. Graves. Now you’re going to get off that bed right now and tell me everything I need to know to be you tomorrow-”

“For fuck’s sake,” Percival sighs, throwing the covers over his head. “The password to my office is the MACUSA motto, Sera’s favorite breakfast is merely a pot of tea, and everything else you need to know is on my desk, under a pile of backdated reports. And if Tina comes to talk to you about whatever conspiracy is next – be it Bigfoot invading Canada or Centaurs planning a revolution – just do me a favor and listen. It isn’t always a hit but her heart’s in the right place.”

And with that he shuts the lights off again.

Grindelwald is still standing there, in the darkness, wand raised but pointed at nothing.

He can’t-but he-did he just…?

“You better hit the hay,” Percival mumbles, already half asleep. “You have to be up in three hours.”

Long Lost Love: Pt. 2

Pairing: Kol x Kai x Reader

Warnings: Kidnapping

Word Count: 2498 aka a lot longer than part 1


Today, there’s a free music festival going on in the lovely city of New Orleans. The weather is amazing and all you see is happy faces surrounding you. Freya joined you and Kol, then ended up heading back home after a couple of hours to help out Elijah. Klaus was miles away taking care of what he called ‘business’.

As you were dancing to the upbeat music with the rest of the crowd on the freshly cut grass, Kol left to buy the two of you a beer. Wine was never your thing.

Moments later, you were at a loss for breath from all the dancing, so you stepped aside from the crowd to quickly rest. Admiring the music and soaking up the sun felt just amazing, but that fun soon vanished because a hand covers your mouth and you quickly pass out.

Finally, you wake up sitting on a chair. But this time, you aren’t at the festival. You are in an unfamiliar place, an empty warehouse from the looks of it. The first thing you tried to do was stand up and stretch, but your hands were tied behind you with vervain ropes. It stung like a motherfucker. “What the hell?! What is this?” You said aloud to yourself.

You hear footsteps approaching you, so you turn to face whoever it is. “You’re awake! Great!” The stranger says. He was a tall, dark male wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

“Who are you? What am I doing here?” You wiggled your wrists, but the vervain only pierced your skin once again.

“You’re Klaus’s precious sister in law right?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“Do you see a ring on my finger? No. At least not yet.” You spat.

“Who cares. I needed someone to get to him. And you were the easiest target. Poor Kol is probably wondering where you are.”

“Well Klaus isn’t in town. And even if he was, screw you.” You looked at him in disgust. There was no way you were going to rat out Klaus’s whereabouts. Especially to any enemy. No matter the consequences.

“Feisty one you are. Damn!” The man yelled in amusement and you scoffed at him. He sure was annoying.

“Since you won’t tell me where he is. Maybe this will help.” You furrowed your brows at his statement, then suddenly, his eyes turned yellow, revealing his fangs and didn’t hesitate to take his time sinking his teeth into your neck. The pain took over you, making you scream your lungs out. A werewolf bite is lethal to vampires and you thought to yourself how dead you are.

Finally, he stopped, but the dead weight of his body laid on you and the next thing you know, you see Kol above him, ripping his heart out of his back. Kol then threw his body off of you like a piece of trash.

“Oh my god, Kol. Thank goodness.” You sighed in relief. Your boyfriend sure is your savior.

“Hello darling.” Kol smiles as he’s wiping the blood on his hand to his shirt, then he quickly goes over to release your wrist from those damn ropes. He can handle the stinging of vervain way better than you can. “That’s a rather nasty bite you have there. Are you alright?” He added because he didn’t see it healing.

“Yup. Werewolves.” You shook your head as your were watching your wrists heal.

Kol cups your cheeks with his palms to draw your attention to his face. “I’ll call Nik so that he can cure that godforsaken bite.” He plants a kiss on your forehead, then reaches in his pocket for his phone to call Klaus.

“I should’ve listened to Elijah when he said for me to keep viles of Klaus’s blood. Now look where I am.” Luckily for the Mikaelsons, a werewolf bite won’t ever kill them, you were the odd one out.

“Not to worry, darling. He’s only a town away, last I heard.” Kol put his phone to his ear, waiting for Klaus to answer.

“Douchebag.” You sneered, looking down at the man that kidnapped and bit you.

“There you are, baby girl!” You flinched from the loud voice that wasn’t Kol’s. You couldn’t believe who it is. It was no other than your ex boyfriend, Malachai Parker walking in. This has to be the side effect of the werewolf bite making you delusional. But no, you noticed that Kol sees him too. “Out of all places you could be. New Orleans? Really?” Kai added, tilting his head in confusion.

You were speechless. Frozen. How is Kai he even here? The last time you saw him was years ago when Damon separated his head from his body. But you have to admit, he damn sure looks good.

“I’ll ring you later, brother.” Kol says to Klaus over the phone and hangs up. Kol looked confused as ever at the fact that you didn’t deny knowing Kai and you just stood there not saying a word.

“And who the bloody hell are you?!” Kol asks angrily.

“I’m her lover, duh. Cool accent by the way.” Kai jokes, then approaches you to look at your bite but Kol stops him by pushing his hand on his chest.

“Pardon?” Kol narrowed his eyes at Kai.

“Hmm…Did I stutter? Yeah. I don’t think so.” Kai quickly grabs Kol’s hand and siphons his magic. Kol tries to fight it, but he failed as he was weakening to the floor.

“Stop! That’s enough!” You vampire sped up to your boyfriend and your ex boyfriend, putting yourself in between the two. “First of all, how are you even here?” You asked Kai.

“Long story, babe. But please tell me who is this vampire that is that’s getting all worked up. You got a body guard now?”

“Kai, this is my-” You paused. “-boyfriend, Kol. He’s an original.”

“Yeah originally annoying. But ouch. I have to admit, that cuts deep.” Kai fake pouted on the outside, but on the inside, he was pretty hurt that you moved on while he was stuck loving you all these years. “And don’t tell me he’s the one that turned you. That was supposed to be my job.”

“Yes. But it’s been years, Kai. Years.” You over exaggerated the word ‘years’ because it’s really been that long. “I’ve moved on. Not to mention, you killed Jo. You killed all of those people. If you ran off with me instead we wouldn’t even be in this position.”

“This is enough. It’s no time to reminisce, love. Leave him be.” Kol looked at you while grabbing your waist, then looked at Kai. “Leave her be.”

“At least let me siphon her nasty bite.” Kai implied.

“She-WE don’t need your assistance. My brother’s blood will happily do the trick.” Kol glared, pulling you closer to him. Jealousy definitely took over him that he had to be stubborn.

“Kol, it’s alright. Let him help me.” You insisted.

Kol took a deep breath, scowling at Kai. “Fine. But make it quick.”

As Kai is siphoning your bite, he whispers in your ear. “This is what you really want?”

You looked back and forth between Kai & Kol. The old memories with Kai flooded your thoughts, but you fought it, replacing it with memories of Kol instead. “Yes Kai. This is.” You said while making eye contact with Kol. You knew that he was listening. And finally, that werewolf bite was all gone.

“Alrighty then.” Kai turned you around so that he’s hugging you from behind, then cloaks the both of you. 

“Let go of me! Let go of me now, Kai!” You instantly try to free yourself from his grip but he was too strong, especially with the help of him siphoning some of your magic as well while he’s holding onto you. 

“Y/N! Y/N!” Kol cries out for you. He looked around 360 degrees and couldn’t see you or hear you, but you were right in front of his eyes.

“Don’t worry, babe. Your little boyfriend can’t see you. Boo hoo.” Kai’s voice started to fade as you were passing out from his constant siphoning.

(1 Hour Later…)

Waking up feels like deja vu. Only this time, it was your ex kidnapping you for your affection, not some stranger looking to kill you. Instead of waking up in that warehouse this time, you were on a bed in what looks like a hotel room. Kai was sitting on the edge of the other bed waiting for you to wake up.

“So….How was your nap?” Kai asked smiling.

You instantly vampire sped up to him, grabbing him by the collar. “Kai what the hell is going on?” You were so enraged that your eyes turned red and veins started forming under your eyes.

“Aw, someone’s groggy from their nap.” Kai joked, but you weren’t laughing. 

“This isn’t a fucking joke. You kidnapped me! My supposed-to-be-dead ex boyfriend kidnapped me!” You shouted, tightening your hold on his collar.

“Okay okay. First of all, you can let go of me now.” Kai uses his strength and grabs your arms, pushing you so that you’re sitting across from him on the bed, then he started walking back and forth from the nightstand to the TV. “And secondly, I just missed ya, puddin. I thought maybe we can hang without that Mikaelson pest that you’re grossly screwing.” 

“And how do you know that I wont try to escape?” You straightened yourself sitting on the bed, crossing your arms in front of you.

“Trust me, sweetie. You won’t. Because if you do, i’d happily put your boy toy in a sleeping spell how I did Elena.”

“You wouldn’t.” You exhaled through your nostrils, giving Kai a death stare.

“Oh I would. And good luck asking Bonnie for the spell because last I heard, her and the Mikaelsons aren’t exactly buddy buddy. Unless, she and rest of your gang know about you being with Kol Mikaelson.” 

Kai was right. Bonnie and the rest of your friends would like Kol dead just as much as Kai. Not to mention, the part where they have no idea that Kol is even alive. There’s no need to get them involved in this funny business at all.

“Okay, so basically you kidnapped me in hopes I’ll fall in love with you again? Yeah Kai, that makes perfect sense.” The sarcasm in your voice was hard to miss. The word ‘love’ triggered Kai. He stopped his pacing and sat next to you on the edge of the bed.

“You know I’ll never in my life hurt you. A day, all I need is a day. Maybe two to make up for lost time. And if you still want to be with that pathetic vamp, then I’ll let you go.” Kai frowned.

“Okay fine. Deal.” You agreed. “At least let me tell Kol that I’m safe. I know he must be worried.”


“We need to find her!” Kol commanded to Freya, breaking his bourbon glass he had in his hand. His voice was so loud that you can probably hear it all around the compound.

Freya had her witchy knick knacks laid out on the table including a map and your hair brush to try and locate you. “Just calm down. I’m trying. But he must be using a cloaking spell on her because it’s like she doesn’t exist.” Freya made known.

“What’s going on? What’s with this shouting, Kol?” Rebekah rushed into the room.

“Y/N’s past lover took her and vanished because she chose me.” Kol said as he was pacing back and forth.

“What? Who?” Rebekah asked.

“Some wanker named Kai. What I heard, he was dead and now he’s alive.” Kol turned his attention back to Freya. “Please Freya, I must find her.” There was desperation in Kol’s eyes as if he was afraid. Either he was afraid to lose you to Kai or he was afraid that Kai will hurt you.

“Do you think he’ll hurt her?” Freya started to feel worried at how upset her brother is.

“How should I bloody know?” Kol started losing his patience.

“Trust me, he won’t. That boy loves her.” Rebekah implied. 

At one point you’ve told only Rebekah all about your relationship with Kai because she was always there whenever you needed an ear. There was no way you were going to vent to Kol about him. She’s also confident in her answer because from personal experience, no matter what goes down between Marcel and the Mikaelsons, Marcel would never lay a hand on Rebekah because he loves her.

Kol’s phone starts to ring in his pocket, so he quickly took it out in hopes that it’s you calling. Lucky for him, it is you that’s calling, Kol’s eyes lit up and he answered it immediately. “Y/N. Where are you? Are you safe? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. I’m safe. I don’t know exactly where I am but don’t come looking for me.” You informed Kol.

“What? Are you mad? What has he done to you?”

“He needs me for two days and if I try to leave or if you come for me within that time span, he’s going to put you under a spell that even Freya can’t reverse. Kai won’t hurt me. I promise.”

“So the two of you expect me to just do nothing and wait for you to come home then?” The thought of you spending time with Kai made Kol sick to his stomach. You’re his and only his. He doesn’t want anyone else getting in the way of that.

“Pretty much.” 

Kol snapped. “That’s rubbish! You tell that bastard I’ll tear him limb from limb if he dares to lay a finger on you.”

“Kol, I love-” Kai takes the phone from your hand and breaks it in half. Tossing it behind him on the middle of the bed.

“Wow. He sure is violent.” Kai felt no guilt disrupting your phone call.

“You’re so annoying.” You scoffed, grabbing the nearest pillow, smacking Kai in the chest with it. This is the man you have to put up with for the next 48 hours. You felt terrible for how worried Kol is going to be, you’re just hoping that he doesn’t lash out and go on a killing spree or something.

“Yup. But remember, you loved me at one point and I’m hoping to bring that spark back you know.” Kai smirked. 

“Yeah yeah yeah.” You rolled your eyes. Yes, you did love Kai at one point and part of you will always have love for him, but you have Kol and he’s just an outstanding lover and friend. From listening to your gossip to telling you how much he loves you before bed and even making you coffee every morning.

“Alright come on. Go freshen up.” Kai patted your thigh as he lunged off of the bed. “We’re going out.”

Nessian - Depressed!Cassian

Here is part 2 of my Depressed!Cassian headcanon mini-fic thing.

Part 1 here!

[Depressed!Cassian - Part 2/3]

The following evening, Nesta banged once on Cassian’s door before letting herself in.

“Nesta?” Cassian said, raising an eyebrow. He was still lying in bed. But he looked as though he’d at least bathed, as if he’d finally eaten something, too. He was sprawled atop the bed sheets on his stomach, wearing nothing but a pair of loose fitting trousers.

Nesta didn’t dare look at the bandages on his wings. Instead she allowed him to see her roll her eyes over his generous, muscular backside. Then she prowled to him, as if she’d seen nothing of interest.

“I require assistance, and you’re the only one in the House of Wind readily available,” she said. Nesta sat on the end of his bed, facing away from him and swept the hair off the back of her neck. “My necklace has become tangled in my hair.”

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work for me ||

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#22: Did you just hiss at me

#34: You work for me. You’re my slave.

Pairing: CEO!Taehyung x Secretary!Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 573

A/N: OKay this is my first ever written smut and it’s like really bad I had to go and read some smuts to try to figure out how to write this and honestly you need to be very descriptive and so idk how long a drabble is supposed to be but I made it short so…idk about its quality sorry !!

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toastheaven  asked:

Hi! As a practicing therapist, what sort of advice would you give to someone tossing around a vague idea of maybe one day going to school for psychology/therapy work based on their own experiences with their own mental illnesses and a desire to help other people?

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! It took me a while to find the post where I talk about this.  This reply is gonna cover practical advice for breaking into the field and deciding on an educational path, and also common emotional problems I saw happen a lot in therapist school but rarely saw addressed in advice for young therapists.

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Doctor Holland

for @tbholland (personal imagine)!! congrats :-)

playlist: 1. because of you // ne-yo / 2. foolish // ashanti / 3. let me love you // mario / 4. ignition // r. kelly / 5. buy u a drank // t-pain / 6. shake it off // mariah carey / 7. let me hold you // bow wow ft omarion / 8. love in this club // usher ft beyonce / 9. check on it // beyonce / 10. baby boy // beyonce / 11. like you // bow wow ft ciara / 12. oh // ciara / 13. fallin’ // alicia keys / 14. if i ain’t got you // alicia keys / 15. all falls down // kanye west

“You’re not serious.” You adjusted your ear piece again, securing it around your ear, before putting on your gloves. “Well, tell her that we can’t commit unless she does. We don’t have time, or money, to wait on her response.” You let your fist collide with the punching bag, already feeling the tension leave your shoulders. “Yeah, well, maybe she should’ve organized that with her CEO daddy before making me any promises. Tell her to either get her shit together and get me an answer by tonight, or she could forget about the partnership.” With that, you took one glove off, took out the ear piece and ended the call.

Being the head of your father’s company was no walk in the park, especially being a woman. No one took you serious but gave you all the work so you could prove your worth. You found yourself wanting to prove yourself more and more. So, you overworked yourself, even if you never admitted to being overworked. You never let a call go to voicemail – no matter what time it was or what you were doing. There was no such thing as a vacation and no such thing as breaks. If it needed to get done, you were going to get it done.

“Ready?” You turned around to see your personal trainer, Barbara, walking into the gym, already heading toward the ring to spar. You nodded, placing your ear piece and phone into your bag and into a compartment before putting on your other glove. Barbara wrapped it for you, putting a mouth guard in for you and putting her gloves on. “Stressed?”

“Is it that obvious?” It came out as a mumble. She laughed at you, nodding.

“Meg, your chest is heaving up and down and it doesn’t look like you’ve done much – lack of sweat.” She pointed out, causing you to shrug and put your arms up in a defense stance, blocking your face.

“Let’s go.” Your words were muffled from the mouth guard, but Barbara got into stance with you. You two knocked gloves before she took a swing at you, but you were quick enough to block it. This went on for a few minutes – she had got you in the stomach and had swept you with her leg, sending you to the ground. But, when you weren’t distracted, you threw in a few good punches, too.

And then your phone rang.

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anonymous asked:

ceo!tom mercilessly teasing you during a meeting or conference - if you aren't noticed by the others you get a raise (he is very confident in his abilities ;);))

oh my god this cocky assho-

As you were Tom’s assistant, it was normal for you to accompany him to meetings and take notes and mark down important topics that come up. Upon this particular meeting, Tom was rather infatuated by the red dress that clung to your figure, making his head flood with things he wanted to do to you. 

After sitting down next to Tom in a rather large office chair, you crossed your legs and Tom watched the way the action made your dress ride up slightly. His eyes darkened, thoughts of you under him consuming his mind instead of the business matters at hand. 

While you focused on taking the notes, Tom made sure his hand was out of sight from the other people in the room and placed his hand on your inner thigh. You quickly looked over at him after feeling his hand on you. You whispered to him, ignoring the close proximity of his hand to your core, “is there something you need, sir?” He shook his head with a smug look crossing his lips. “Not at all darling, is this ok?” He spoke only loud enough for you to hear, his fingers drawing circles into your inner thigh, making you uncross your legs. You nodded quickly, despite being confused by his sudden actions. 

Tom redirected his attention back to the meeting, occasionally chipping in some commentary and opinions. His hand continued tracing patterns into your skin, sending waves of sexual frustration through your body. You ached for him, wanting him to do more, but knowing this was not the time nor place. You attempted to squeeze your thighs together, but his hand halted you. 

You gave him a desperate look and he reached for your ballpoint pen that was trapped in-between your fingers. You gave it to him, him taking it with his free hand. He slid a piece of paper that was in front of you, still eyeing the fellow business men in the room. You couldn’t see what he was jotting down, but when he slid the paper back over to you, you couldn’t help but gasp as his fingers moved up to your covered core. 

You read his neat handwriting, which wrote out, “stay quiet, you’ll be getting a raise and much more x.” Your heart rate sped up, nervous that with him continuing his actions you wouldn’t be able to keep up or quiet. You took your pen back and began to pick up on the notes where you left off. Tom’s fingers slipped over your clit and began to outline circles over your clit, making you clear your throat in an attempt to suppress the moan building up in your throat. Your handwriting was beginning to falter from its usually neat state. 

Just as Tom began to speak about a possible collaboration with the few men across the table, he slipped a finger past your underwear, gathering your wetness and glancing at you out of the corner of his eye. You gripped the pen tighter and fought the urge to buck your hips as his finger slipped into you. He continued presenting his ideas and you were practically writing nonsense. He leaned forward in his chair, concealing his hand further under the table, as he sped up the motion of his finger going in and out of you before adding another. His thumb rubbed over your clit and you were nearing your release, eager to relieve the tension he had caused. 

Your eyes landed on his lap which showed a very prominent outline of his bulge. Without hesitation, you “accidentally” dropped your pen. Furious with his teasing, you scooted back from your chair making him remove his hand immediately. He looked at you confused for a moment before you dropped to the ground in “search of your pen.” He didn’t think about it and returned to the conversation. You crawled under the table, careful not to hit the legs of the men across from you. After quickly retrieving your pen, you ran a hand up Tom’s leg making him jolt in surprise. Your hand reached up for his thigh and stroked it softly, fingertips grazing the expensive material of his suit bottoms. Your hand went to his bulge, stroking it for a few seconds before he grabbed your hair and yanked you back up swiftly. 

“Find your pen, Y/N?” he said through gritted teeth, you nodded, a smirk evident on your face. You got back into your chair and Tom leaned over to you as the men opposite of you engaged in an off topic discussion about last night’s football game. 

“I expect you will be joining me in my office when we get back, correct?” Tom whispered, softly and discreetly biting your earlobe after speaking. 

“Yes, sir.” 

what am i doing i’m-


anonymous asked:

the egos reacting to being genderswaped

Darkiplier: he would be upset at first, but then he would realize his femininity could really help him manipulate people. Like, REALLY help.

Warfstache: Warfstache would be insistent on “finding that sob who did this and giving him an ass rifling”

Googleplier: he’s a robot. He wouldn’t even notice honestly.

The Host: as he can’t see, he would have to do a lot of research to figure out what his new body looked like. Interpret research as you will.


Bim Trimmer: he would cry because his beautiful talk show voice would be lost. Then he would cry after being hired as the sexy assistant instead of the host.

Bingiplier: “Sweet! I’m going to go hang out with some girls and make new friends!”

(I want to quickly apologize because I realize that this post could be insulting to the transgender community. That was not my intention and I’ll be more careful in the future. ♥️)

anonymous asked:

Selam Aleykum! I wanted to know if there is a prayer for taking someone out of you heart that should not have such a big place in there and fill it instead with love for allah? Thank you

Wa Alaykum as-Salaam,

Here are some duas that might help you get close to Allah insha'Allah

Yaa hayyu yaa qayoomu, birahmatika astagheeth. Aslih liy sha-aniy kulluhu wa laa takilniy ilaa nafsiy tarfata aynin.’

(On You Who is Everliving and Sustains and Protects everything, I seek assistance through the means of your mercy, correct for me all my affairs and do not entrust me
to my Nafs (myself) for the moment of a blink of an eye.’)

(Mustadrak al-Haakim vol.1 pg.545; Shu'ubul Iemaan of Imaam Bayhaqi Hadith No.:760,

Ya muqallib al-qulub, thabbit qalbi ‘ala dinik

(O mover (or flip-flopper) of hearts, make my heart firm upon your religion)

- Ya muqallib al-qulub, thabbit qalbi ‘ala’l-haqq

(O mover of hearts, make my heart firm upon the truth)

- Ya muqallib al-qulub, thabbit qalbi ‘ala ta’atik

(O mover of hearts, make my heart firm upon your obedience)

- Ya muqallib al-qulub wa ‘l-ahwalhawwil halina ila ahsan ‘l-hal

(O you, transformer of hearts and spiritual states make our states the loveliest of states)

- Allahumma, ya muqallib al-qulub wa’l-absar, thabbit qalbi ‘ala dinik

(O Allah, O controller of the hearts and eyes, let my heart hold fast onto your religion)

And Allah knows best

Life Imitates Art - Tommy Shelby

While you’re waiting back at your room for Tommy there’s a shoot out at the club. One of them is badly wounded. 

Life Imitates Art - Tommy Shelby | Part of Gods + Monsters

Tommy hadn’t asked you to come along tonight. In fact, he’d specifically sent Arthur around to your room and told you to stay in. “Tomorrow,” Arthur had promised, “he says he’ll need you tomorrow. For negotiations.”  

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CH 18 - One in the Same

First   |   Previous   |   End?

He opened eyes and the room came into focus around him. As he turned he noticed a computer, lights, and a very full book case. One of the figures on the shelves was knocked over. When he reached out to fix it his hand slipped right through. Examining it closer he noticed he could also see through it.

A sudden thought occurred to him as he stared. Who was he? There was only a moment to ponder this though.


He hadn’t noticed the door opening behind him. It was safe to assume that the man on the floor had been the one to open it.

“Another one?” Sean ran a hand through his hair.

“Um, hello. I’m sorry to bother you but…do you know who I am?”

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Not a Common Whore

Anonymous asked: Hi Megan! Would you be able to write a Tyrion x fem reader where she works at LittleFingers. One day Tyrion comes in and he sees her trying to read but failing and he offers to teach her. She has her reservations as she doesn’t trust men due to her work & past. Over time, they begin to fall in love, much to Tywin’s dismay as he thinks she’s just a ‘common whore’. Happy fluffy ending please!

Here you go, lovely!! I apologize for taking so long. I do not own Tyrion, Tywin or Littlefinger. They belong to George R.R. Martin.

Warnings: brief mentions of attempted rape, but absolutely no detail. Um…I think that’s it.

Pairings/Characters: Tyrion Lannister x fem!reader; mentions of Tywin and Petyr.

Originally posted by strangehermit

Tyrion Lannister sighed as he entered Littlefinger’s brothel for the third time that week. The first time he’d gone, it had been for the same reason anyone else went to a brothel. That was when he met you the first time. You were a new girl and Tyrion had taken an instant liking to you. He came back the next day and here he was again. He found you in the same spot as always, curled up in a chair, a book in your lap and a look of confusion and frustration on your face as you tried to mouth the words until you looked up at the Lannister.

              “Good afternoon, milord,“ you greeted with a sly smile. “What is that book you keep reading?” You glanced down at the book and then back up at Tyrion, a blush painting your cheeks. Tyrion found it quite amusing that a woman in your occupation would blush at anything. “I, uh…” you began, but trailed off, embarrassed. Tyrion could see the uncertainty in your face. “You don’t know how to read, do you my lady?” You shook your head, as the tears welled up in your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Anniversary request (Happy anniversary!!!): Fluff involving Damian and Barbara. Those two need more time together!

Thank you dear! I’ve never done just Damian and Barbara together, so I was excited to get to write them. I hope you like what I’ve cooked up. 

Words: 2,596

Rating: Gen (implied previous DickBabs for the story)

Summary:  Dick has been in a bad mood for a while and Damian can’t figure out how to fix it, so he goes to the one person he’s sure can help. Barbara Gordon. (Takes place while Dick and Damian are Batman and Robin)

AO3 Link

Damian Wayne prided himself on being self sufficient. He’d been able to take out a squad of his mother’s assassins at age 4. Had developed an immunity to most poisonous plants and animals a year later. He had survived multiple different abandonment in the wilderness exercises and had enough money in his own accounts to survive any modern disaster that might befall him.

He did not like asking for help. He was not the kind of person to need it. Not with his training, not with his abilities, nor with his mind. He hadn’t needed help before, and if he found himself in a situation where it was required, he worked until it no longer was.

That was then. With Mother. Now that he was in Gotham, things were different. There was, of course, new experiences and customs to take in, and things he was forced to learn in dealing both with the people of Gotham and his new place as Robin. Still, help was a rare need in his life and growing more so with every acquired skill.

Which is why he hated the idea of even standing outside the Gordon woman’s door, and why he berated himself for considering asking for her help. As it was, he had no other alternative. He’d tried everything in his power to resolve the situation, and thus had to turn to an expert.

“Are you planning on standing there all day, or are you going to knock?”

Damian resisted the urge to jump at the voice from the buzzer. Of course she’d be watching him, the woman had probably been laughing at him for the last five minutes as he’d tried to convince himself this truly was the best course of action. It didn’t help that her voice had sounded both vaguely irritated and amused.

He scowled up in the general direction of where he thought the camera might be. “Grayson has told me that spying is looked down on here.”

“So is loitering.”

Damian had listened to Barbara over the comms long enough to hear the amusement still in her voice, layered under the disapproval she seemed to be portraying.

He crossed his arms and finally caught sight of light glinting off the camera above him, allowing him to look at it directly. “I have a purpose for my visit, Gordon.”

“I hope it’s not for surveillance, if so I need to have a talk with Dick, he’s been teaching you wrong.”

Damian rolled his eyes up at her, “Grayson doesn’t need to teach me surveillance skills, Mother taught me when I was three.”

“Then you must be rusty, it took you too long to find my camera.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario with RFA + V and Saeran where MC is told that she is being let go from a her job and is upset?


  • this boy
  • is s o clueless on jobs and jobhunting
  • “what do you mean you’re being let go? They can’t just do that all of a sudden!! I’ll help you look for new jobs, ‘kay?”
  • thinks getting a new job is easy enough (just u wait yoosung,,,)
  • besides, since his MC is a total angel, they’ll get one at the end of the day
  • he’s extremely innocent & he’s trying his best tho
  • altho he does ask a lot of dumb questions


  • when he hears you’re upset from being let go of your job through the chatroom, he immediately rushes out to the store to buy you flowers, chocolate & alcohol (if you drink ofc)
  • probably one of the best to cheer you up tbh as I imagine him to have been let go from a lot of theatre productions when he was younger
  • sits with you until you feel better <3
  • “hey babe, now that you’ve been let go of your job, how ‘bout you take a leaf outta my book and join theatre?~”


  • doesn’t understand why you have a job in the first place
  • since you live with the Jumin Han, superduper rich guy supreme
  • still, you seem upset so he tries to cheer you up
  • keyword: tries
  • “well,,, you can always work as my assistant if you can’t find a job–?”


  • well he recently quit the agency so
  • !!! you know what this means
  • makes dumb jokes about your boss to cheer you up
  • sends your application in to every suitable place with vacancies instead of his application
  • “Now you’ve quit that job, you can do anything you want! Become an astronaut, MC, let’s go to the moooon!”


  • offers to hack into your boss’s computer and make their day miserable
  • even tho he promised himself not to hack anymore
  • just for you, because even tho he wouldn’t admit it
  • you’re v special to him
  • if you refuse tho, he probably wouldn’t do it
  • although your boss miiight just have a few glitches in his computer one day soon
  • just a few
  • there’s no proof of who done it thotho

There’s no Jaehee because in her route, MC and Jaehee have their own coffee shop together so MC can’t be let go from a job, and I’m at a complete loss for V so far, I’M SORRY. Hope you enjoy these thoo!! <333

- Jo

Assist Him | MY ~ FINALE

Pairing: CEO! Yoongi X Assistant! Reader

Summary: Min Yoongi, a CEO billionaire who has a massive crush on his assistant y/n. It’s hard for him to be able to control himself some days, he would just love to tangle his fingers in her hair and shove his tongue down her throat. But he knew too well she probably didn’t feel that way about him. So, he took it out on those who did.

Genre: fluff, angst


Word Count: 1300+

Note: This is the final part of this series, it’s been fun. I hate myself for this shitty ending but I hope you like it.

Part 1 >> Part 2 >> Part 3 

 Yoongi walked into the building, walking past y/n’s desk but his eyes still fixed on the document he was holding. “I need those sales on my desk in five.” He said walking into his office and closing his door, walking over to his desk and taking a seat. Sighing, he was trying to get over last night and the events that took place. He wasn’t sure if y/n meant what she said or if she was just angry and trying to find a way to tell him he was a man whore. After looking over documents Yoongi looked at his watch and realised that it had been 20 minutes and y/n still hadn’t walked in with his usual coffee like always.  “Y/n?” He called out but got no answer, he reached for the phone and tried calling her desk but got no answer. He stood up and walked out, looking at the desk and saw how empty it was. He noticed her name wasn’t on her desk anymore along with the cute annoying little things that took up space or photos of her and her family that had been placed on it. “Oh shit.” He realised that y/n was gone. She left. He went back into his office and grabbed his coat, Namjoon walking in and seeing Yoongi look uneasy. “Hey, what’s up?” He said but Yoongi just grabbed his keys and walked past the taller man and into the elevator. Trying to be as quick as he could to get to her, before things were too late. Meanwhile y/n was at home, packing her bags and looking over the plane ticket that read ‘New York’ and her stomach churned. She got a job offer there and decided to take it so she didn’t have to sit there at that desk and have her heart broken anymore. She finished packing and walked out of the building, saying goodbye to her neighbour and getting into the taxi. Just as it drove off Yoongi’s car pulled up and he got out, looking up at the building before the friendly neighbour spoke up. “If you’re looking for y/n you just missed her.” She said and she ran his fingers through his hair, tugging at the locks trying to think of what to do while pacing back and forth. “Do you know where she went?” He asked trying not to snap or sound rude but he was so frustrated. “The airport. I don’t know what flight though.” She said and he nodded, thanking her before getting back into his car and driving the route he usually takes to the airport. He pulled out his phone and clicked on her contact, praying she hadn’t blocked his number. He held the phone up to his ear, listening to the ringing sounds as he drove as fast as he could. Y/n looked down at her lap to see the all too familiar name show up, from the man she loves. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as she clicked ‘ignore’ and looked up and out her window. “Shit.” Yoongi muttered putting his phone back in his pocket and focusing on the road and traffic. “So where you headed? Paris? The city of love?” The driver asked looking at the girl in the back seat. “New York, I have a job offer there.” She answered and he nodded, pulling up at the drop-off and she got out. She grabbed her suitcase and walked inside the big building, going through security quickly and getting everything sorted. Yoongi parked and didn’t care how much he got charged, after all he can always just pay it. He ran into the airport, annoyed that he had to go through security. “Have you seen this girl at all?” He asked holding his phone up to the woman who was currently putting his stuff through to be scanned. “Yeah, New York.” She said, handing his stuff back to him which she quickly shoved into his pockets and ran. Looking at the screens to see which gate she would be at.

Departure: New York 8:30AM  Gate 28

He checked his watch and saw how close it was to leaving; 8:27AM. “Shit.” He muttered once again, running up the escalators and trying to find her. “21…22…23…” he would mumble the gate numbers as he sped walk past them. And when he got to Gate 28, he saw out the window the plane take off. Through the crowd of people though he heard a voice call out that was all too familiar. “I love you.” His eyes were fixed on her standing there, tear stained cheeks and her luggage still with her. She then began running towards him, she jumped into his arms and he held her close to him. Holding her as if he was scared she would slip away if he didn’t. “I love you.” She mumbled into his shoulder, tearing up again and hiding her face in the crook of his neck. Taking in his cologne that filled her nostrils, god how she missed it. How she missed being close to him, he could feel her wet and warm tears against the skin of his neck. His face buried into her neck and her hair tickling the skin on his cheeks. He couldn’t stop the smile forming. “I love you too.” He finally said back, his voice cracking slightly as he pulled back. Finally crashing her lips with his, taking in everything while he could. He pulled back and met her eyes, he didn’t even realise she still had her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands holding her thighs and keeping her up. “Don’t leave…please.” He begged, his voice cracking and tears welling up in his eyes. She brought her hands up to caress his face and hold his cheeks. The feeling of her hands touching his face was too good to be true. “I won’t.” She said before smiling slightly, before placing her lips on his softly once again and this time just enjoying the moment. Of being in his arms, being this close to him before the moment comes to an end.


“Mr. Min do you want me to go get your lunch like always?” He stood looking out his window, turning around at the familiar face he had been seeing for the past three years. “Thank you Jisoo but could you clear my schedule instead? And call y/n and book lunch at the top restaurant. And tell y/n I will pick her up soon?” Jisoo, his assistant for the past three. After y/n came back Yoongi begged y/n to work for him but she wanted to take time off and write a book. She also managed to get the treatment her mother needed, and she survived. Y/n visits as much as she can and tells her mother how she’s been going. There y/n stood outside in her white cocktail dress, white heels and a white fitted jacket on top. Her h/c curled slightly and hung at h/l length on her. Her make up done to look natural and light. Yoongi pulled up in his black SUV and smiled once he got out, walking around to the other side and picking y/n up to twirl her around in his arms. She giggled and begged for him to put her down which he did and quickly pecked her lips. “I love you…Mr. Min.” She said smiling looking into his deep and crystal like eyes.

“I love you too…Mrs. Min.”

50 Shades of Mr. Morningstar

Fandom: Satan and Me

Ship: Natan

Word Count: ~8000

Rating/Content: NSFW

Summary: Lucifer has eyes for the new receptionist at his company, and he’s not one to let inconveniences like boyfriends get in the way

A/N: I’M BACK BITCHES! This Part 1 of 2 commission from the lovely @astarisms (Not two parts, just two commissions). The other one should come very soon as long as I can get my shit together. I had a lot of fun with this and it was super indulgent fucking sue me

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64 Floors-Part 8


Summary: He’s a powerful man but you had turned into an even more powerful woman right before his very eyes. And he was going to show you just how much he valued you. 

A/N: I can’t believe  this is the final part to this series! I have enjoyed this writing story so much for you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading it just as much :) Thank you for all amazing support throughout this process, I love you all and can’t wait to keep writing more stuff!

|Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three| |Part Four| |Part Five| |Part Six| |Part Seven|

~Approx. 2.6k words~


“What?” He looked at you with shock, too stunned to even move.

“I’m leaving the company.”

“W-What? No! Baby, no. Was it the gifts? Were they too much? I can take them all back. I’ll stop sending them, I’m sorry I just got carried away, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. You know that’s the last thing I want.” He rambled, desperate to explain himself.

“This environment just isn’t working for me. I can’t be an assistant anymore.”

“No. You can’t leave. I won’t allow it.” He crossed his arms, straightening to his full height and standing dominantly over you. But you weren’t intimidated in the slightest.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore.” You narrowed your eyes at him, irritated that he still hadn’t learned to take no for an answer.

His face fell and he walked towards you, reaching out to place his palm on your cheek. “I thought you loved me.” His voice cracked and it made your heart ache, watching him suffer at your hands.

“I do.” You argued, placing you hand on top of his. “But I can’t work with you anymore.”

“Yes you can, you’re just stressed that’s all!” He protested. “I’ll stop making you work late, I’ll increase your pay, I’ll get you that desk set you’ve always wanted….just…stay.” He begged, but you had already made up your mind.

“Y/N.” His voice cracked, your name falling from his lips in a soft whine.

I’m sorry Mr. Hemmings, but you’ll just have to make due without me.”  You turned to go, but you only took a single step before his hardened voice spoke again.

“If you walk out on me right now then we are done.”

You turned to face him, your eyes wide at his steely ultimatum. “Luke, don’t bring our personal lives into this.”

“You already did that when you were so eager to let me fuck you in the elevator on your very first day. Did you even care about this at all or was this a part of your little game?” His eyes were cold as his business persona seeped in, the adorable, kind,  Luke you had come to love vanishing before your very eyes.

“How could you say that to me?” Your voice broke his words penetrated your strong demeanor. “How could you?” You felt the familiar burn behind your eyes, signaling you were about to break down in front of him. He suddenly seemed to realize he had gone too far, his sharp features immediately softening at the broken look on your face. He reached out to you.

“Oh God, baby I’m sorr-”

“Don’t.” You took a step back from him, your own expression turning sour. “Don’t touch me.”

“Can we at least talk about this?”

“I’m done talking to you. And I’m done working for you. And I’m done being your little fuck buddy if that’s what you think of me.”

“You know that’s not what this is.”

“Do I? Because you seem to love reminding me that’s all I’m good for.”

“That’s a lie and you know it.”

“Whatever. It doesn’t even matter to me anymore. Goodbye Luke.” You turned to go, walking towards the door to his office.

“But I love you!” He yelled, desperate to stop you from walking away from him. You stopped, idling in the doorway.

“Who’s the liar now?” With a sad smile you exited his office, leaving the great CEO of Hemmings and Co. without an assistant and with his heart in his hands.


Two Weeks Later

You’d never met someone so determined in your entire life. He had sent countless gifts directly to your apartment: flowers, candy, beautiful clothes from your favorite stores, perfumes, makeup, and jewelry. The man had fine taste, but you had sent every single one of them back. You could not be bought. He had shown up at your apartment a few times, but you had sent Calum to divert him elsewhere while you hid in your bedroom and cried. You missed him like crazy, but you had decided to distance yourself from the dominant business tycoon. It would be best for both of you, you had convinced yourself. However with each passing moment that lie became harder and harder to believe.

It wasn’t until the third week, until you had done something unspeakable, that he suddenly stopped pursuing you. You got a job at Riley Industries and somehow Luke had found out about it. You didn’t want it to have to be this way, but at least now you would have a fresh start.

It was your fourth day on the job and already you absolutely loathed the place. John Riley was an even bigger ass than he was before you worked for him, like he was gloating about the fact that you had left Luke to work for him, as if he had anything to do with you decision. In truth, Luke had blacklisted you from every other corporation in the city. Hemmings was a big name around here and if he asked them not to hire you then they wouldn’t. You had even tried to apply at the local mall, but they had given you the same half assed excuse as every other company had. You knew it was all Luke’s doing. He was trying to coax you back to him and he was fighting dirty. So you had delivered the final blow, going to the one person you knew would simply love to go against Luke’s wishes. John had hired you in an instant.

Working for him was torture, but at least he was just as obscene to the other female workers so that they didn’t judge you for his awful comments like the others had.

“Do you have my files for me babe?” His breath was hot on your neck.

“Not your babe.” You reminded him for the umteenth time.

“Oh you will be.” He chuckled before snatching the files from your hand and stalking off to his office. You rolled your eyes as he passed, before busying yourself again with whatever work you could get your hands on. John didn’t keep you half as busy as Luke used to and finding something to do that kept your mind off things was hard work in itself. You hadn’t heard a single thing from Luke in a week, so you thought you were hearing things when you head his familiar accented voice grace your ears.

“Well do you know where I can find her?” He asked the front desk receptionist. You peeked around the corner to see him berating the poor receptionist who looked about ready to cry.

“I’m sorry sir, Mr. Riley said she wasn’t allowed to accept visitors.” She squeaked, terror in her eyes. You watched as Luke leaned in impossibly close to the poor girl, gritting his teeth as he spoke.

“Are you aware who I am?”

“Y-Yes Mr. Hemmings, it’s just I don’t want to upset Mr. Riley. He gave me specific instructions not to let you in-”

“That’s bullshit. Tell me where she is.”

You rolled your eyes as you walked up to him. “Leave the poor girl alone.” You shot the receptionist a sympathetic look as you walked over to your new desk, Luke trailing closely behind.

“I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for weeks.” He spoke in a hushed tone.

“Well you found me.” You refused to meet his eyes, knowing that if you did you’d crack under his stare.

“Y/N don’t be like that.”

“I’ll be however I want.” You muttered as you sorted the papers in your hand.

“Y/N.” He said sternly and you couldn’t help but glance up at him. He looked haggard, like he hadn’t slept in awhile, his hair a mess and the dark circles under his eyes a dead giveaway.

“I have work to do Luke.”

“Yes you do. For me.”

“I told you I wasn’t coming back.”

“No, you said you didn’t want to be my assistant anymore.” His voice held a sly edge and you didn’t know if it worried you or excited you. Perhaps both. He handed you a sealed envelope, the stationery you had helped pick out for him a bitter reminder of better days. “Just take a look at this okay?” You wouldn’t take it. You always had been stubborn. Luke sighed, placing it on top of the papers you were using instead. “Promise me you’ll at least look at it before throwing it in the trash okay? And I know I don’t deserve to even ask you this, but will you meet me at our office-my office-” he begrudgingly corrected himself, “tonight at seven? After you’ve read the papers. You won’t regret it I promise.” He left the office without another word, leaving you to mull over what he had just presented to you.


“Well are you going to open it?” Calum asked excitedly. You had come home almost immediately after Luke had left and had spent the rest of the day deciding if you were going to even open the thing let alone go and meet Luke.

“I don’t know!” You cried, throwing your hands in the air.

“I swear if you don’t open it I will.”

“Don’t you dare Cal.” You warned him as he snatched the envelope from the coffee table. “Calum!” You yelled.

“Here, I’ll do the hard part.” He laughed, ripping the seal off the envelope and yanking the paper out of it.

“Cal!” You groaned as he shoved the neatly typed document in your face.

“Read it. Put me out of my misery.”

You glared at him before taking the paper from his hands. With a deep breath, your eyes began scanning the letter. You had to read it twice to believe it.

“Oh my god.” You whispered, unable to process this unbelievable information.

“What?” Calum asked, attempting to read over your shoulder.

“I need to go.” You grabbed your jacket and rushed out the door.

“Go get him tiger!” Calum shouted after you as you made your way to meet the man who had just turned your life upside down for the second time.


He wasn’t in his office when you got there, but there was a note on the door instructing you to meet him at the roof of the Hemmings building. With a huff you made your way to the staircase that would lead you to the up to where Luke would be waiting. You couldn’t believe what he had done and you were about to give him quite the talking to.

You pushed the steel door open to see him standing with his back to you, his signature crisp grey suit making him look even more broad than he was. His hands seemed to be fiddling with something, but you couldn’t quite tell what it was. Though at the sound of the steel doors slamming shut, he shoved the article in his pocket and turned to face you.

“You came.” He mumbled, a smile adorning his face at his small victory.

“Explain yourself.” You demanded, your eyebrows knit into a hard line as you approached him, waving the documents in his face.

“You don’t like my offer?”

“Of course I like it, but what I would like to know is what makes you want to make me the CFO of your company!”

Luke chuckled, his blue eyes sparkling. “Because you’re the best candidate for the job.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“No actually, I’ve been considering it ever since I met you. Well, since you started working for me I guess.”

“That’s bull, we both know there was only one thing on your mind when you hired me.”

“Alright, so maybe I had a funny way of showing it but I’m not lying to you. The current CFO is set to retire in a few months and even before all of this with you and me I was strongly considering having you shadow him so you could learn the ropes before taking over the position permanently. You’re smart and loyal and you know the inner workings of this company by heart. It only helps a little bit that I happen to be in love with you.” He gave you a sheepish smile as you eyed him warily, amazed at the amount of thought he had put into this. “Of course, you’ll have to report back to me for certain things still, but I promise I won’t make you pick up my dry cleaning.”

You let out a laugh, music to his ears. “So what do you say?”

“I’d be a fool to say no.” He grinned.

“That’s what I like to hear. We can go over the official documents tomorrow. Of course this will mean you get your own office, and a substantial pay raise, naturally.” He shrugged as your mouth fell open.

“Luke I don’t know what to say. Thank you. I promise I’ll do my best for this company.”

“As you always do.” He smiled, taking a step closer to you and reaching out to take your hand in his. You couldn’t deny, you loved the man standing in front of you. You loved him with all your being, despite the rocky start and you would do anything for him. Suddenly, he cleared his throat. “As happy as I am you’ve agreed to be my CFO, I have a more important question to ask you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m in love with you. I love you more than I ever thought I would ever love anything. Hell, I thought it would be me and the company for the rest of my life until you stumbled into my life. You’re smart, and confident, and unbelievably sexy, and you’re not afraid to put me in my place. Having to be without you for the last few weeks has been torture and I don’t ever want to be without you again. The bed feels empty and the place is too big for just one. I just…I just need you baby. And I love you so much, and so I was thinking…maybe we should get married.” You didn’t even have time to process his words before he was down on one knee in front of you, pulling out a beautiful diamond ring from the pocket of his slacks. “Baby I love you so much and you make me so happy. Do me the absolute honor. Marry me.”

You didn’t even have to think twice. “Yes.”


“Yes!” You exclaimed as he rose from the ground and pulled you into his arms, lifting you off the ground and swinging you around before placing his lips gently on yours. He was smiling ear to ear and you wore one to match as he gently placed the gorgeous ring on your finger. “This looks just as beautiful on you as I knew it would, fiance.” He beamed, placing another kiss to your temple.

“I love you too you know? Just thought you should know.” You smiled happily up at him as you admired the ring on your finger.

“I already made appointments with a wedding planner. I figured we could start picking a date and location and cake and stuff, because I don’t want to wait to marry you.”

You laughed at his eagerness. “Just how confident were you that I was going to say yes?”

“It’s always good to plan for the best. I want nothing but the finest for you princess.”

“Good, because I’m really only marrying you for your money you know.” You teased and he let out a laugh.

“I’ll take delight in spoiling you.”

“Don’t you dare.”

He kissed you again, his hands grabbing your waist and pulling you close to him. He missed the feeling of you pressed against him and he couldn’t wake to take you home for killer makeup sex. But that would come later. Right now he just wanted to be disconnected and in the moment with you.

“Everyone’s going to hate this. People will talk.” You muttered.

“People always talk.” Luke scoffed. “You just ignore them and you focus on your own success. Besides, they know not to question my decisions or they lose their jobs. That’s what happened to that mole who was stealing passwords.”

“Yeah, who was that anyway?”You asked.

You gasped as he named one of the employees who had been gossiping about you the day you quit. He explained that they had hacked into your computer to try and frame you for leaking the secrets to Riley’s company.

“He thought he got away with it when you left, but I always find out where my employee’s loyalties lie.”

“Mine will always lie with you. You know that right?”

“Of course darling.” He smiled, kissing you again.

You couldn’t believe how things had panned out. Not only did you get exactly what you came here for, but you got a little something else as well. Things were perfect, and you could never ask for better.

“Alright Miss.CFO, we have work to do.”




canadian-hufflepuff  asked:

I love you and your blog way too much to the point where your headcanons (along with a few other blogs) are assisting with the creation of the plot bunnies in my head for a Villanos/Villainous Fanfic. However, I thought it proper to consult you on permission to use said headcanons (mostly the PTA ones) instead of being a dick and using them regardless. Anyways, do you have any headcanons concerning Cambot?



Here’s the PSA for everyone: You are absolutely encouraged to use anything here that you want with two stipulations

  1. Please credit this blog! (Just a link back to the blog or something is fine!)
  2. Please send me a link when you’re done!! I’d be honored and delighted to see anything you guys make, so please show me what y’all make!

I have an ask about Cam-Bot that I can dump a few hc’s on as well, gotta get through some older asks first though!))