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Fireworks Have Been Claimed By The Gays

Anon asked: PICTURE THIS! (trumpet sound!) Michael Mell and the gang go to a firework show nearby. The fireworks weren’t the only thing Michael was gazing at though. *An AU where Michael and Jeremy meet at a fireworks show* I just got back from a firework show and this idea popped up in my mind. Your stories give me LIFE! Keep it up!

1) no YOU give me life, random citizen
2) this is really fucking cute whhhhat the hell i…fuuuK
3) I know I have other stuff to write I’m sorry if yours has been sitting but I’m writing this because the 4th was recent and *sets off popper* America

Michael nodded proudly to himself as he stared at his very expert packing. Inside the cooler in front of him were cans of Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Coke, and various fruit juices. Right on top of the cooler was a beach bag, it’s handle looped with the coolers long one. Inside were ghost pepper balls, swedish fish, oreo dippers, and Cheetos Puffcorn. He could not wait to get this party started, he had been invited by a group of really cool kids to go to the boardwalk and watch the fireworks. He brought a towel and bathing suit with him, but in all honesty he probably would just sit on the sand and watch everyone fuck around.

As he shoved his towel into the snack nag he realized that he had no idea how he got invited to this. For a bit he had been kinda friends with Rich after the shorter of the two randomly apologized to him for being a huge dick the past few years. Then from there Rich forced him to be friends with Jake and he kept getting swallowed up into forced friendships. He didn’t mind though, just a year ago he had no friends and now six? Shit he was living on air.

He got a message from Rich, he swiveled around on his heels and danced to the beat of music playing loudly in his room, picking up the phone in the middle of the dance.

‘u still pickin me up?’

'Yah dude I’ll be there soon ❤!’


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Through the Looking Glass - Chapter 10

SPN FanFic

~Sam and Dean burst through your apartment door to save you from a nasty ghost attack. The amazing part is… Sam and Dean are characters on a TV show, so what the hell is going on?~

Reader x Dean, Sam, Castiel (!)

1,997 Words

Warnings: A few cuss words. A million tears.

A/N: OK, 1) I’m sorry this is so short, but it is. 2) Thank you to everyone for reading, i love you all. 3) I’m so sorry. - Also, I never do this, but I listened to this song: “The Piano Guys - A Thousand Years” on repeat while I wrote this, so if you’d like to join me in the flood of tears, please listen along.

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Chapter Ten - When You Say Goodbye:

Suddenly everything was so clear; you understood everything, every second of your time with the Winchesters made sense, you got all the hidden meanings, the clues all fell into place. A gentle peace came over you and felt truly fine for the first time in forever.

You stood still, calmly looking between the brothers. Dean had finally climbed to his feet, quiet tears still leaking from his green eyes. You held out your hands for each of them and they moved towards you. You took their hands and held them tightly, smiling sweetly at each of them in turn.

“What are we doing Y/N? Let’s get out of here, let’s go home,” Dean begged. He raised your clasped hands and kissed your fingers.

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rebuilding honeycomb

there was a series of asks that i was going to respond to with this, but tumblr screwed up and deleted them. :/ anyway, to that anon, thank you!! your ideas have been making me think about this all the time

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thank you to everyone who’s been helping me finalize my chlobee designs, and everyone who helped me make decisions about queen bee so this actually got, you know, written.


Chloé admires herself in her floor length mirror. The transformation had felt strange and had been slightly terrifying, but it was worth it. She decides that it was a good thing that she didn’t call someone to swat what she had thought was just a very large, very disgusting bug.

Idette had been going on and on about something— something about rules and responsibilities. But really, all she’d been doing was keeping Chloé from being the best, and most gorgeous, version of herself. And that was saying something.

Chloé’s felt this transformation before, but it’s more comfortable than being akumatized. She chose this. She’s in control this time, with no lilting voice in her ear or emotions clouding her better judgment. Not to mention the outfit is way cuter.

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Crowley, Gabriel, Lucfier, Castiel X Reader

“Yo! (Y/n)!” Dean calls out, grabbing her shoulder. (Y/n) sighs and turns to face the older Winchester.

“Dean, I was kinda on going to-”

“Not anymore! I need you to do me a favor!” his gravely voice echoed through the hall of the bunker. (Y/n) rolled her eyes.

“Let me guess, you and Sam are going on a hunt, and you need me to stay here and babysit whatever prisioner you guys have chained up.” Dean smiles and pushes her towards the living room.

“Yep! Thanks, (Y/n)! We’ll be back in three days!” the man strutted away with his black duffle bag slung over his shoulder. (Y/n) heaved a long sigh and grabbed her laptop from her bedroom. She walked into the living room, looking down at her phone. She didn’t notice who she would be monitering until a voice spoke up.

“Oh! Look who decided to show her face again!” (Y/n) looks up quickly, only to be met by the three firmiliar smirks of her ex boyfriends, Gabriel, Lucifer, and Crowley.

“Oh not you guys!” she mutters, hiding her face in her hands.

“Miss us?” Lucifer asks smugly.

“Nope.” (Y/n) says, collecting herself and removing her hands from her face.

“Well why would you. I mean, it’s not like you really ever needed me. I mean, you had someone else to give you their full love and attention.” Crowley says, not meeting your gaze.

“You know that isn’t true! Nothing ever happened between me and Michael! I wanted you! Not him!” (Y/n) yells, crossing her arms. Crowley jumps up and glares at her, eyes turning red.

“Then why were you in bed together?!” He demands.

“He teleported into my bed on accident! Ugh! I’ve told you this!” Gabriel and Lucifer watch the fight, looking just as pissed as the demon.

“That’s better than what she did to me!” Gabriel says, jumping up from sitting cross-legged on the floor. (Y/n) glares at the archangel.

“Okay, first of all, I was POSSESED, and second of all, YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME WITH KALI ANYWAY!”


“You’re right. I let it take control of me. I could’ve fought, but I didn’t. So when that demon bitch was throwing herself at Dean, I didn’t do anything to stop it. But you have no idea how much you hurt me when you cheated on me! But I told myself it made sense. Why would an archangel date a human when he could be with a beautiful godess? It didn’t stop the pain, but it somewhat numbed it.” (Y/n) said, sitting down on the couch and not looking at any of the three men infront of her.

“Well, Luc. It’s your turn. Come on, I’m all ears and I don’t have any fight left in me.” She says quietly. 

“There’s nothing for me to say. You meant everything to me. I couldn’t stand it when I saw you locking lips with Micheal!” Lucifer says, running his hands through his short blonde hair.

“Micheal brainwashed me. He needed to take away the last remainder of your happiness so that you could focus on the apocolypse and fighting him. I don’t even like Micheal as a person! Why would I want to make out with him, or sleep with him?” The room was filled with a heavy silence for what felt like an eternity, until (Y/n) broke the silence.

“You guys don’t believe me. Fine. But I want you all to know that I really did love you all. But, not anymore. Someone came along and took all of my pain away, and made me truly feel loved. He’s my savior, and the only thing that kept the gun out of my mouth.” The boys looked at her, suprised.

“You were going to…” Crowley asks quietly.

“(Y/n)…” Gabriel begins, but is cut off by the flapping of wings, signaling the enterance of an angel. Castiel appears behind (Y/n). He leans down and kisses the back of her head.  (Y/n) smiles at the other three men, astonished and somewhat jealous looks plastered across their faces.

“I believe you all know, Cas.” (Y/n) smiles.