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Hi!!! Well I dont know if its just me but Fitz is acting weird, why is he 'saving' Aida??? Do you think that there is a possibility that Fitz is a LMD too? He's the only one who has been in Radcliffe's apartment recently. Also, Jemma is crying in the promo and looks like is because of Fitz, do you think they have a fight? or she discovers thst ha has download Aida's program? i dont know this lack of fs is killing me

Hi Anon!

Well I dont know if its just me but Fitz is acting weird, why is he ‘saving’ Aida??? 

  • I might be in the minority here but I don’t feel that Fitz was acting weird or out of character at all in wanting to figure out what went wrong with AIDA.  Fitz doesn’t fail often when it comes to things he creates, let alone something going completely against what it was intended to do.  This is also coupled with the guilt that he feels like Nathanson’s blood is on his hands. 
    • When its on Radcliffe’s and 2.0.  I also feel that Fitz is sensing something is off with Radcliffe, he didn’t ask Radcliffe for help, didn’t give him the head back, so he knows something is wrong and wants to know what it was.    
    • I don’t think he even intends to continue the program, he simply wants to know right now what went wrong.
  • He did ask Jemma to help.
  • Even though she is an android and its NOT ROMANTIC in any way shape or form, Fitz still cared for AIDA.  She saved him not once but twice.  She saved Jemma, the absolute most important person in the world to him.  
  • Its necessary for the story.  Fitz need to see Radcliffe is the one behind it, that he’s the one after the Darkhold, and I have a feeling 1.0 will be used to stop him and 2.0 in the future.  

Do you think that there is a possibility that Fitz is a LMD too? He’s the only one who has been in Radcliffe’s apartment recently. 

  • Nope not at all and I’m more sure now than ever.  
  • Radcliffe was freaking out because in not being able to come to the Playground to play he doesn’t have access to Robo May…who he said needs monitoring.
    • Robo May is the most sophisticated one Radcliffe has got right now.  And he said nothing about losing access to a Robo Fitz.  
  • Robo May already knew something was off.  Its been a whole 3 days tops in terms of the show since she has been activated and she already knows something isn’t right with her.  And that was before she saw the parts.   Robo Fitz would have also been feeling something was off.  
  • We would have seen Radlciffe using a Robo Fitz to try to get at the Darkhold in his own way, ie hacking/tracking.
  • Radcliffe would know if Robo Fitz was  poking around in AIDA 1.0′s head from monitoring him.  And that is one of the last thing Radcliffe needs right now, is Fitz poking around there.  Because its only a matter of time that way until he’s found out.  Had Radcliffe been in control of a Robo Fitz we wouldn’t see Fitz keep digging, Radcliffe would have stopped him.

Also, Jemma is crying in the promo and looks like is because of Fitz, do you think they have a fight? or she discovers that  has download Aida’s program? 

  • Honestly, I’m not sure.  Both Fitzsimmons look upset in the promo.  I actually do hope she has found out and they are really properly having it out on the matter once and for all.  They need to have a good proper argument here.  This is a fight we want them to have.
    • My guess is Fitz doesn’t drop the AIDA thing like she wants.  Whether Jemma finds iAIDA or not, something brings AIDA up again (the AIDA 2.0 reveal?).  Fitz does what he did last night and goes over the good it could have done, why he did it, and Jemma finally just lets go.  No more whisper fighting.
    • I can also see that Jemma finally voices something about what Fitz does to protect her.  We know she carries guilt when people do things/get hurt/killed to save her.  IE Lash, Will and Fitz last season.  So Fitz saying I am doing this to protect you and Jemma can only take so much.  In protecting her he put others at risk kind of thing.  
    • They’ve needed to have this discussion for a LONG time…like since the Pod long time.  This is a fantastic opportunity to finally have it.  Whether they get to come to an understanding or they hit a stalemate will remain to be seen.  
      • As I think this will be an ongoing issue and I still have hope for the Role Reversal/Woman on Fire thing I’m going with stalemate/agree to disagree before being forced to move on by crap hitting the fan elsewhere.  
  • Besides they got to fight in order to make up….just saying they are saving that first kiss of the season for a reason.

And unless one of them is kidnapped I think we are through the worse of the Fitzsimmons drought.  They won’t be together all the time but it won’t be as bad as A.  

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If they continue like this, with shitty interview & the mention of unnecessary things, not just the fans want to leave, take a break. I bet Steve wanna out too. Writing next song together? Uh uh. Idk, the mention of F was like wtv for me /aha babyson suddenly exist/. But bringing his mom? Its cross the line. Also the set up Ig story w baby chair, Ig picture that include dog stuff in it? All so funny.

no offence but you’re dramatising and mixing things up. i think steve is well aware of the fact that louis is knee-deep in stunts and he’s a more decent human being than you’re giving him credit for. steve and louis have become friends along the way. just ditching him because the interviewer asked invasive questions.. come on, what are you really implying here? if you personally want to leave feel free to do that, i’m gonna be rallying twice as hard for him. it’s quite evident that both louis and steve appreciate out efforts. it’s not louis’ fault that he’s receiving questions that make him AND I QUOTE “uncomfortable”. like i said all last week, we know simon jones loves using stunts for promotional purposes and it’s shit that louis is receiving the short end of the stick again. doesn’t mean he deserves to be dropped like a hot potatoo by his own fans and steve, what the fuck


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You guys are the reason why I feel motivated to draw again after five years and now I try to improve~
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I haven’t been feeling well lately so I spent most of my time on youtube and these two cheered me up and motivated me to finally get the hell out of my bed and start doing something again 

I’m honestly so glad my friend showed me their videos, they helped me through some tough times

Here are the links to the videos (in case someone wants to know)

A RACE FOR ALL TIME | Japan World Cup #2   (Jack)

DON’T LET HIM FIND YOU… | Hello Neighbor #3  (Mark)

Love Live Irene Adler

I love it when Irene comes up, because Irene is the embodiment of Sherlock’s sexuality. She’s the question that he tries very hard to ignore. She is the road not taken, but a road he could still take, possibly, if he wanted to. When Irene pops up, it’s a cue to think about Sherlock as a sexual being. It’s that for John as well, clearly. 

I don’t want to be self-referential about this, but I feel compelled to be tonight: we fanfiction writers know how great it is to have Irene crop up as a conversation between Sherlock and John. It’s a crisis point conversation. It’s the best way for John to ask all the questions he wants to without actually asking them, and that’s pretty much what happened here as well. He wants to know: are you straight, are you gay, what are you, Sherlock? What do you want? Do you love her? Is it her, or is it me?

That conversation usually ends like this: “I could go to her, but I’d rather stay with you.” (Why would he do that, John? Ohhh right, because he loves you!) We’ve all done that, haven’t we? Haven’t we all written that in one way or another? I don’t want to disparage my favourite screenwriter by saying “low hanging fruit,” but…Irene is low hanging fruit, we all grabbed it, didn’t we?

I like this idea that Sherlock sometimes responds to Irene’s texts. That’s good; that’s some ice melting off of him. To me that says he’s been thinking about the possibility that maybe a sexual relationship is something he wants. With her? Probably not. But she’s an entry point to it, she’s his libido, and yes, he has one, and he just acknowledged that. That’s great. Tonight, in this episode, Sherlock acknowledged that he sometimes considers the possibility of engaging in a sexual relationship. That’s huge.

I’m so glad Irene came back up just now.

John was about to leave. He was going to abandon Sherlock 20 minutes early, why? He’s trying to put distance between himself and Sherlock because he is not the man Mary thinks he is. Does this make sense? What does that have to do with Sherlock?

And why does he suddenly need to tell Sherlock what to do about Irene?

Because it’s not only Mary who needs him to be a good man. Sherlock needs him too, and John feels that he’s failed both of them. Why is he sending Sherlock off to Irene? He’s saying: I’m not good enough for you, Sherlock. Irene loves you too, go to here instead.

But that’s ridiculous. We all know Irene can’t keep Sherlock right. If anything, she’d send him down the worst paths, as she’s done before. John says to Mary, and to Sherlock: I can’t be the man you need to be. I cannot live up to your expectations. I am not that man.

And both of them say, yes you are. You’re human, you do the best you can, and that’s why we love you, and it’s good enough for me.

And John hears that, and he doesn’t leave.

I like it.

really makes me uneasy when people who aren’t traumatized tell you “it’s never gonna happen again” bc:

1. it happens again daily in my head
2. where are you gonna be if it does happen again

it just seems like a very invalidating thing to say that’s all

Master List

These one shots/blurbs are from my main blog (@harrysbunshun). I created a separate writing blog after deleting all my original content due to others stealing my work and reposting it as theirs 😞I hope that you guys enjoy my work, new and old, as much as you did before xx

Here’s a little key to go by:

* Daddy!Kink

+ AU Plot

^ Friends/Acquaintances

- Sub!Harry/Pain!Kink

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Well here it is folks! Due to needing rent money, I am opening up commissions! All the info you will need is in the images, but I wanted to inform that I will only be taking fifteen commissions at the start. If I feel I am able to take more, I will raise it to twenty. It’s first come first served, so act quick if you want a slot!

I will be requiring payment upfront via invoice, but I will not accept the invoice until I am sure I can do the commission. So if I feel that I can’t do your commission for any reason (And I reserve the right to refuse any commission) then I will simply give your money back. But once the invoice goes through, there will be no refunds.


  1. Tenta - Cat in Suit - Battle Sprite animated: $50
  2. meancrank - Scary Harry - Colored Fullbody: $35
  3. JB - Nextale AU’s Asriel - Colored Partial/Bust: $25
  4. AW - OC - Overworld Sprite: $15
  5. Corrupted!Flowey - Partial/Bust: $15
  6. kenzie - Cyan human OC - Colored Fullbody: $35
  7. Cey - OC - Vendor Sprite + Major and Minor Sprite variations: $60
  8. Heroman3003 - OC -  Colored Fullbody: $35
  9. Blue - OC - Battle Sprite: $25
  10. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  11. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  12. ChrisZito - OC - Battle Sprite Animated: $45
  13. Nora - Final Fantasy OC -  Colored Fullbody: $35

Hope to hear from you all soon! And one more reminder: Asks are NOT emails. I will not acknowledge any tumblr asks for commissions.

Hello and welcome to the TJLC Support Group!

Do you want to make new friends in the TJLC community? Do you want a place to anonymously ask questions without judgement? Do you need life advice from your fellow TJLC-ers? Well we are here to help!

  • Our main goal is to offer support for people in the tjlc community
  • If you want to meet more tjlcer’s and get more active in the community, send us an ask so our followers can see
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  • If your’re a larger blog, but feel that you can’t express some opinions bc of your following feel free to use our ask box as anonymous confessions box (anons will be censored though please no hate)
  • If you’re feelings doubts and want help to believe, tell us and we’ll ask our followers to link to their favourite metas/evidence!
  • We have a full FAQ which lists the aims and values of the blog and the tags we aim to use for those who wish to avoid doubts.

Who are we? We are a blog set up by @witch-lock and @the-abominable-brides, but we hope to grow!

Why are we doing this? Our reason for having this space is so people in the community can express their thoughts without fear instead of bottling their feelings up, and to lessen the amount of doubting asks sent to other blogs that don’t wish to receive them. We hope to answer any concerns followers have, personal or fandom related to try and create more tangible support for everyone in the tjlc community . 

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Starting to see blogs that are "the mcmansionhell of" and all I want to say is

Y'all do you because more crap needs to be called out for being well, crap. I’m an architecture/interiors/design person but if you want to take down, say garbage Web UI (like my blog lmao) or auto design or whatever else fascinates you and want some pointers, shoot me a message.

General design blog advice:
- always make sure you’re legally reusing or modifying images. This is huge. Stay within the Creative Commons if you can. Better yet, take your own pictures if you can.

- roast things not people. If you don’t care about people’s feelings, here’s something that will make you feel pretty bad: You can and will get sued. Make up characters in place of real humans. Do not bully ever or I will be eternally disappointed in you. No witch hunts. Luckily for me, houses don’t have feelings. If they did, I’d feel really bad.

- If you want a larger readership I recommend keeping swearing in check. I follow what I call the DAHA rule: damn, ass, hell, and acronyms (‘wtf’, ‘af’, whatever else the kids say these days.)

I do want to say I have seen stolen content from this blog posted without citation. If you want to use one of my pics somewhere send me an email - I’m very chill about it. I hate DMCA takedowns more than anything, and have fielded plenty in order to bring dank content to all because I have a lawyer. Listen to your English teacher: don’t plagiarize. You will get caught.

Finally, if @classical-vinyl follows you, it’s me. (I first got a Tumblr in college to catalog my records because I’m very boring in real life.)

Happy blogging,

Edit- Protip: I always tweet back (@mcmansionhell)
Dating Newt Scamander Would Include

Request: yes


• meeting him while trying to rescue the same demiguise from poachers intending to use it to make an invisibility cloak

• arguing with him for a good minute because he thought you were trying to use the demiguise for the same thing

• when he realized you had the same intentions as him, you teamed up to rescue him

• bonding over your love of magical creatures and deciding to team up for better chances at successfully saving as many creatures as possible

• being the one to initiate the relationship because he didn’t know how

• (he had been thunderstruck that you wanted to be his friend, let alone his girlfriend)

• ‘well people do find me a bit weird’

• ‘you are a bit weird but so am I, and you make me feel free’

• being there for every hatching/birth of a new creature

• 'newt I need help with our newest babies they’re setting each other on fire’

• 'here put these on them, the muggles call them 'diapers’ I put a charm on them so they’re fire proof’

• discovering new breeds very rarely, so its always a huge deal

• helping him save credence (because he’s still alive fight me)

• supporting him in everything just as he supports you

• so many forehead kisses once he gets 100% comfortable around you

• he’s almost always touching you subconsciously

• a hand on your lower back as he passes

• linking your pinkies when you walk

• soft sweet lingering kisses just because

• knitting him a new Hufflepuff scarf since his is so old

• tying his bow tie for him the muggle way

• cuddling when he’s had a bad day

• whether its being unable to rescue a creature or he has flashbacks of his time at Hogwarts when he was an outcast

• perfecting the warming charm because he’s always cold no matter what you do

• reading books on muggle creatures to him

• helping write fantastic beasts and where to find them

• insisting on an extended yard when you finally settle down

• 'we need room for them to roam when they come home!’

• 'right yes I didn’t consider they would want to return’

• 'we have raised over half of them from birth, if they don’t visit it will break my heart’

• being complete dorks together for the rest of your life

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May I Present Master Jinn?

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Ahsoka Tano stood before the Jedi Order and pleaded her case. In spite of suspicion and doubt cast on her by none other that Masters Ki-Adi-Mundi and Sifo Dyas, Grand Master Yoda managed to convince the Council to accept Ahsoka back into the fold. Finally, Ahsoka Tano has become a Jedi Knight and now it’s time for the real work to get started…

First | Previous | Next | AO3

The Jedi Council broke up for lunch after meeting with Ahsoka as some gave her suspicious looks but a few came over to personally welcome her.

“I am always happy to see a fellow Togruta join our Order,” Shaak Ti smiled, reaching out to touch Ahsoka’s shoulder.

Ahsoka nodded her thanks in return. “It’s good to be back, Master Ti,” she said, surprised at such a warm welcome. “I was gone for far too long.”

“Grief can cloud our judgement,” Shaak Ti agreed, squeezing her shoulder before she took her leave.

Yoda hummed thoughtfully as he stood at Ahsoka’s side. “Wise and kind, Master Ti is. Know her, do you?”

Ahsoka’s expression was wry and amused as she glanced down at Yoda. “Yes. I looked up to her when I was a padawan.”

Chuckling to himself, Yoda gestured for Ahsoka to follow him out of the Council Room. “Come, come! Test your navigation skills, I will. Find the great hall and lunch, we shall.”

“Knight Tano!” a voice filtered through a rebreather called out, and Ahsoka froze, her heart clenched tight in her chest.

Master Plo!

Turning around, Ahsoka tried to control her emotions, to tamp down on her overwhelming joy at seeing one of her favorite Jedi alive again. It had been difficult to hold back the tears before the meeting but now that he was walking towards her, now that she was older and taller than the last time she saw him, all the years apart hit her at once and it took all her control to stay standing.

“Master Plo Koon,” Ahsoka said, bowing and hoping she didn’t sound as emotional as she felt. “My master spoke very highly of you.”

“How unfortunate I was never able to meet this… Master Skywalker,” Plo Koon said, running his finger under his chin. “Forgive me for asking a personal question but, have we met before? I sensed a connection that has surprised me.”

Ahsoka swallowed and shook her head. “No. I don’t believe we have.”

Well, not yet anyway, Master Plo.

“How strange,” the Kel Dor Jedi murmured, glancing down at Master Yoda, whose ears perked cheerfully. “The Force was quite insistent. I suppose I must meditate on this further.”

“A good idea, that is, Master Plo,” Yoda commented, clicking his staff on the floor for emphasis. “Your guidance, I sense Knight Tano will need.”

“Of course,” Master Plo nodded to the Grand Master. “If I can be of help in anyway, please do not hesitate to ask, Knight Tano.”

“Th-thank you, Master Plo,” Ahsoka managed to get out without bursting into tears or throwing her arms around the Jedi Master. She watched him depart and then turned back to Yoda. “To the dining hall?”

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the signs as i know them

every astrology blog has to do this right ? here’s mine version as well hahah :D

Aries: laugh at their jokes pls, shy af until they meet with their friends, nerds but cute, v v talkative, easily excited, terrible taste in music, forgets what they were talking about

Taurus: will force you to become friends with them, super annoying, will most likely smile at you, just wants to be loved, likes cold weather, especially late fall, sarcastic af

Gemini: annyoing when annoyed, kinda insecure, will make you feel like the most important person on earth, weird taste in music, sucks at sports

Cancer: will make you smile when you’re sad, the fangirl, smile that feels like home, likes to make people laugh, really loud sometimes, naive lovers

Leo: smiles when they talk, confident, #body goals, random compliments out of nowhere, likes animals, likes travelling, will make fun of you 25/8 if they like you

Virgo: quiet, in their head 91% of the time, awesome at art and playing an instrument, loves food, most likely the deepest lovers out of zodiac, nice voice

Libra: likes to be the centre of the attention, funny but will talk crap about you, flirty, helpsless lovers, wants to get married, loves their mom, the wine friend

Scorpio: will remember EVERYTHING about you, comes up with probably the best comebacks out of all the signs, likes black humour, talkative as hecky, takes everything personaly

Sagittarius: proffesional, literally does not give a fuck, will say their opinion, loves their friends but is never too clingy, super random and always up for an adventure

Capricorn: either weird taste in music or weird hobbies, wants to be always right, the most patient people ever, protect them

Aquarius: different, always smiles with their teeth, weird, cannOT KEEP A SECRET, loves listening to loud music, likes coffee and watching movies

Pisces: one of the prettiest people you’ll ever meet, quiet but popular ? very loving and loyal tho, usually very passionate about something, nice fashion taste

Preventing hand injuries from digital art

I got a question about drawing injuries, and I typed up a pretty lengthy response so I wanted to share it here as well.

I get asked a lot about hand strains and injuries, and it is something most artists have to face one time or another just because we work so hard for our dreams. I personally don’t get strains or injuries, both for art and for piano playing when I still majored in it, two main creative paths where hand/arm injuries are common. My hands rarely feel tired and when they do, I stop drawing. So when I get asked, I usually can only offer the fact that you can find a lot of carpal tunnel exercises on google and there’s nothing else I know about relief exercises, other than I find that flinging my hands also help loosen them up a bit.

The most important thing about this issue is actually prevention rather than relief. I would like to believe this approach is what prevented me from getting injured–I’ve never really been a push through the pain type person, and glorifying suffering and pain as a sign of hard work is definitely unhealthy, as those are huge signals from your body telling you to stop. There are many things that I know for sure strains your hands much more than anything else that I will list below, and I believe that, if it is possible for you, the most efficient way to deal with injury is to find out which of these things is the cause and working around it.

The first big cause is posture; if your arms have no support points (ie you have to hold your elbow up with your muscles or tense your wrist to maintain stability) you will strain much easier, just like how you get tired easier standing at an uncomfortable pose vs a well grounded one. So be sure to seat yourself so that you have somewhere to rest your arm while drawing, while your body is at a relaxed angle with full support. For a normal tablet, rest your arm and wrist somewhere on the table or the tablet. For a Cintiq or tablet monitor, try having it upright so that your elbow can rest on your desk, and your wrist can rest on the cintiq screen, and you only need to use your fingers to control the pen.

The second cause is your grip on the pen. This can be caused by your need for precision/speed of repetitive movement/pressure. Line art, or cross hatching, or pressing hard to get the darkness of the brush you need, are all high stress activities that strains your hand much more than, say, rendering or putting down a base painting. Knowing that, you can:

  • Use a higher brush opacity or turn off pressure sensitivity for opacity to prevent yourself from having to press really hard to get brush impact you want.
  • Go to your wacom tablet preferences if you have one, and set the hardness of the brush so that it’s easier to get the brush opacity/size you want. You want to have the problem of having to try to press lighter for lighter lines, rather than having to press harder for darker/thicker lines. The latter strains much more than the former.
  • If your grip of the pen is too tight purely because the pen is slippery/too small for you/hard to grip, such as old bamboo tablets, there are rubber tablet pen paddings that you can buy online, or you can just use a layer of masking tape all around the grip area to increase friction/grip comfort and make it easier for yourself to hold your pen. A Cintiq or Intuos Pro pen is ideally what you want your pen to feel like: have friction on the surface so your fingers don’t slip, large enough so it rests and takes up space comfortably between your thumb and index fingers without you tensing and curling your hand inwards really hard, and shaped so that your grip is stopped right before the cone of the tip, preventing slipping.

The third cause is the schedule of your drawing. This may or may not be possible to change because for a lot of us, a deadline is a deadline. But try to space your tasks so that you cycle between intense, detailed, hand-straining work, and relaxing, loose, more brainstorming work. The latter is excellent for hand rest while still being productive creative work. For example, if you are drawing comic pages, it might make sense in terms of efficiency to sketch 10 pages, then ink 10 pages, then tone 10 pages. But when you are inking those 10 pages consecutively, that’s when you give your hands no rest and your hand will start to hurt a lot, while you have no choice but to push through the pain to get the work done. Instead, try to draw these pages one by one, or have a few drawings at various stages of completion to rotate between. eg. you work on inking drawing A, then when you feel your hands are strained, switch to putting down loose underpainting for drawing B, switch back to inking drawing A, then start brainstorming drawing C and think more/draw less. Give your hands some natural times to rest up with less intense work, and you get work done without having to lose time by having to really stop drawing altogether.

As tempting as it is to try to feel like you are working as hard as you can to achieve your dreams and aspirations, while feeling guilty about resting/taking the more relaxing route, remember that your hands make your art possible, so treat them well! 

The Best

pairing: platonic hamilsquad x depressed!reader

genre: angst! modern au

word count: 1700

warning: mentions of depression, death/suicide

summary: you haven’t been at school all week, you haven’t been answering texts. eventually, the boys decided that they’re not going to wait for you to reply anymore, and take matters into their own hands.

a/n: yoo so sorry for the angsty thing, i was planning on putting up some starboy laurens fluff but ive been having a pretty bad day meself so. wrote some angst cuz it made me feel better. if you’re having a bad day i hope it helps and i hope u feel good tomorrow!

You had spent the week in bed. Your work was beginning to pile up – in both a metaphorical and literal sense, you thought as you looked at the pile of papers on your desk – and you probably got more texts in the past five days than you’ve gotten in the past year. Everyone was worried about you. Just today, Alexander had left you 3 voicemails and he sent you 51 messages in the span of 6 minutes; John sent you 2 pictures of Lafayette and Hercules playing checkers, and then one of himself pouting because, as he put it, he ‘wanted to see you’; Lafayette sent you a video of himself singing some French song that was supposed to be a lullaby but it didn’t really help; Hercules sent you a picture of himself in a ridiculous hat. 

Nothing cheered you up. You hadn’t had this bad of a spell in years, but lately things had gotten worse and couldn’t bring yourself to do anything. You just couldn’t.

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Tosaki’s wedding

Haha okay so: 31.07. Day 7: rest?  | anything goes  | sun

I decided to take this day to draw Tosaki’s wedding (with his fiance, I think her name is Ai?) in a happy ending maybe…haha I don’t know it seemed like a funny idea in my mind XD and drawing all this crap was actually really fun. So this was clearly meant to be ridiculous so, what the hell? I just hope you enjoy and laugh with me at this shit I made. 

Since Ajin is such a dense manga, and I really love the characters, sometimes I just feel like I want to see them doing stupid things together… (unfortunately I didn’t think it’d be right to include Sato and the others here xd except for Tanaka, cuz he’s just a cinnamon roll). 

(Anyway I apologize for the bad quality of some drawings that are next ): when I’ve my computer fixed, I’ll make them well).


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ft working in a restaurant
  • jellal, blinded era: hello! table or booth?
  • customers: booth please
  • jellal: right this way..
  • jellal: *feels a table* is this a booth?
  • customers: ...
  • meanwhile
  • gray: ugh ok what do u want
  • customers: what do you recommend?
  • gray: excuse me? i don't eat here
  • customers: are you serious?
  • gray: oh wait, i recommend a dish called "shut the fuck up"
  • meanwhile
  • gildarts, washing dishes: *automatically crashes dishes without even trying*
  • gildarts: lol dang it *takes another plate*
  • gildarts: *crash* dang it!!
  • meanwhile
  • levy: *voice at a speed of 180 miles per hour* alriiiiight.. table 3 wants the soup of the day with the special hold the onions, extra spice cooked well done with a side of fruit, no strawberries and the other one wants a salmon lightly seasoned and grilled. *leaves*
  • gajeel:
  • gajeel: *triggered the vietnam war flashback*
  • gajeel:
  • gajeel: chicken nuggets it is then
  • meanwhile
  • gildarts: we hVAE NO MORE PLATES!!!!1111
  • juvia: well, that's what you get for not being more gentle gilda-
  • juvia, seeing a fish ready to be served: *triggering aquatic feels*
  • juvia: oH MY GOD
  • juvia:
  • juvia: *serves the fish with a dead glare*
  • meanwhile
  • mirajane: do you know where all the strawberry cakes are?
  • lucy: i thought i saw erza holding them
  • mirajane: ...wheeeennnnn?
  • lucy: right.. now.
  • erza: *stops in tracks and innocently glances at them*
  • mirajane: *runs after erza* stOP HOARDING THE STRAWBERRY SHIT
  • meanwhile
  • jellal: *feels another table* how about this?
  • customers: *annoyed* we said BOOTH
  • jellal: you know what
  • jellal: you could sit on the floor for all i care
  • meanwhile
  • gray: dude where the fuck are the fishes!!
  • natsu: i don't know, the only thing in there were drinks!
  • happy, out of nowhere: i ate them
  • meanwhile
  • natsu: sting, we got fired..
  • natsu: again
  • sting: geez.. why don't you set the place on fire while you're at it??
  • sometimes later
  • fire siren, firefighters everywhere, sting crying on the ground: i didn't mean it literally for fucks sake!!

“I want you always to remember me. Will you remember that I existed, and that I stood next to you here like this?”

Welcome to the ML Calendar Project!

Because we all need somewhere to keep track of our, (or our crushes) schedules! 

Originally posted by yoshioru

We are currently looking for interested artists to help in the creation of a 12 month calendar for 2017 featuring original fanart for Miraculous Ladybug. The calendar will be free for download upon completion. 

The hope is to release the calendar by the end of January so in light of a traditional application process we encourage artists to simply contact the page or reply to this post so that we can reach out to people directly and start setting things in motion! Each month will feature a fanart piece reflecting the month it is paired with as well as any important dates/holidays with significance to the fandom and the cultures represented by it. 

We know that some of you have already reached out to @thelastpilot who is spearheaded the project. If so you do not need to feel compelled to comment or reply here as well, however you are welcome to if you want to help spread the word! 

Let’s see if we can make something miraculous! 

Boyfriend Jackson

A/N - Here’s Jackson as your boyfriend~ Hopefully you guys enjoy and please keep sending me your requests!

Mark | JB | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • Jackson Wang
  • where do we start with him?
  • okay well first off he’s definitely the clingiest boyfriend out of all of Got7
  • he’ll always be texting you to make sure you’re okay and to tell you he misses you and loves you
  • he’d be lowkey annoying at times but you know he’s only like that because he loves you and wants you to know that
  • he’d be super protective of you as well
  • anyone who makes you feel upset will become his new enemy istg
  • if he ever saw you crying then he’d pull out all the blankets, your favourite movies and your favourite food
  • and then he’d just cuddle with you all day
  • he’d do anything to make you happy
  • jealous!Jackson would be so hot omg
  • he’d see you with another guy and would just switch into a possessive boyfriend
  • obviously he wouldn’t be so possessive that he stops you seeing your friends but he’d make sure to let you know that you are his and he is yours
  • even if you are in public
  • speaking of being in public, Jackson would be really big on pda
  • he’d want everyone to see that he is taken
  • and he’d want every guy to see that you were taken
  • usually he’d just hold your hand but whenever he was feeling even a little bit jealous or protective over you, his arm would be around your shoulders, holding you close to him
  • or if there was a guy who just wouldn’t get the hint that you were taken, his arm would be wrapped around your waist and he’d be pressing kisses onto your face and maybe nipping at your ear 
  • if the guy didn’t figure out by then that you were happily in a relationship then Jackson would just full on make out with you right there and then
  • and his hands may wander a little too much considering you were in public…
  • Jackson would often ask for your opinion on his songs and if there was something you didn’t like then it’d be changed immediately
  • your opinion is basically the only one that matters to him
  • because you’re his little princess and he only cares about you
  • he’d probably use his songs to flirt with you as well
  • like he’d put a really suggestive lyric in there and would play it for you and then ask for your opinion
  • and obviously you’d love it bc flirty Jackson is best Jackson
  • whenever you hung out at the dorm, Jackson would be holding on to you the whole time
  • he’d be like a little koala bear just snuggling you loads
  • and he’d LOVE whenever you sat on his lap
  • and not even in a suggestive way, he’d just love having you in his lap because it showed that you wanted to be close to him and cuddle him
  • but if he was feeling rather stressed from practice or a busy schedule and you came and sat on his lap then god have mercy on you bc that boy won’t hold back
  • Jackson may be really cute and sweet towards you but as soon as clothes are off and you’re in the bedroom or the backseat of his car then a completely new person shows up
  • he knows exactly what to do to get you all riled up and squirming beneath him
  • and the sounds you’d make would just drive him over the edge
  • but then the next morning he’d wake up with messy hair and a husky morning voice and he’d just want to snuggle
  • any remnant of the previous night gone apart from the purple bruises he left on your body
  • basically Jackson Wang would be the cutest and sweetest boyfriend ever who wants to treat his princess like she deserves and would never let other guys near her
  • because she’s his and he’s hers
  • and he loves everything about her