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Loki x Reader


Prompt: Can you do a cuddling Loki x Reader?

Loki loathed Midgardian movies. He hated them with a passion. But nonetheless, you had insisted on having an all-day movie marathon. While you popped the popcorn and got the living room ready, he stretched out on the couch, one arm behind his head and an unamused expression on his face. This was not the way he had intended on spending the day.

“Do you want butter on the popcorn?” You called from the kitchen. You were dressed in sweatpants and a loose t-shirt you had ‘borrowed’ from one of the guys. Everyone else was on a mission in Peru, and as far as you were concerned, this was the perfect way to get to know the god of mischief a little better.

“Whatever you desire,” he replied. You returned from the kitchen a minute later, a bowl of popcorn tucked under your arm and grumbled when you saw he was taking up the entire couch.

“Move,” you told him. A smirk tugged at his lip.

“You should come over here and make me,” he challenged. You set the bowl on the coffee table and crossed your arms, thinking.

“Fine, don’t move then,” You smirked. You walked over and laid on top of him, wrapping your arms around him and snuggling into his chest. He paused for a few seconds before hesitantly wrapping his arms around your waist.

“What are you doing?”



“Because I think you’re hot?” you replied. His cheeks burned a bright shade of red, and you didn’t even have to look at him to know it.

“Do you not deem me dangerous?”

“Not from this position,”

“I suppose that’s fair,” He paused, going silent for a few seconds. “Are you going to move?”

“Nope. I’m pretty comfy.”


“Do you want me to move?” You asked.

“Not when you’re close enough to do this,” he replied, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. You smiled into it, kissing him back just as gently.

“I didn’t know you felt that way,” You hummed, kissing his cheek.

“Neither did I until just now,” he admitted, chuckling softly. “But I really hope you don’t intend on moving any time soon. I have a sudden necessity for your company.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

This picture of Ardyn can work as a reaction to almost anything. I’ll prove it. Look at the list of scenarios below and then look back at Ardyn.
1. “I made popcorn. Do you want some?”
2. “There’s another slice of pie if you want it.”
3. When you spill your favorite beverage.
4. When you’re deciding how best to kill that spider on your wall.
5. “I don’t remember inviting you over.”
6. “Ardyn Izunia, you fabulous bastard.”

don’t think about the other times isak has called even baby tho. “baby, what time is it,” slurred and half-asleep still when even kisses him awake too early on a satuday morning. soft and quick like the kiss they share in the hall at school right before they split off for their separate classes, “see you later, babe.” quiet and low on the days when even isn’t feeling up to getting out of bed, “minute by minute, babe.” teasing and with a smirk when he’s distracting even in the kitchen, “careful, baby, don’t burn the eggs,” and even says, “maybe you should stop kissing me then,” and of course isak doesn’t. “babe, what do you want on the popcorn?” called out from the kitchen later, and listens while even calls back some ungodly mix of spices from where he’s sitting on the couch with the movie paused waiting for isak to come curl in next to him again. and every night as they’re settled in bed, isak’s head tucked into the curve of even’s shoulder and even’s hand in isak’s hair, fingertips tracing lazy circles into isak’s scalp that push him closer and closer to the hypnotic, hazy edge of sleep, and he clings just long enough to breathe out “love you, baby” before he drifts off

The movie night

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader    

Featuring: Izzy and Clary

Words: 1767

Warning: none

Tags: none

Request: none but @stormblastfanfiction gave me the idea to do it so thank you ;)

Notes: this is the sequel to “The Moment”, hope you like it :)

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You decided to give Alec some time so he could take that shower he had mentioned, even when all you wanted to do was going to make some popcorns and go to his room as soon as possible. At the same time, you were still surprised that he invited you. You knew how reserved he was and there weren’t any signs of feelings towards you. The thought just made you nervous.

“Ok, calm down…it’s just a movie. As friends. Probably nothing will happen”, you repeated to yourself as a mantra over and over again but it didn’t calm your nerves at all. Suddenly your phone buzzed on the bed. When you took it you saw a text from Alec.

I’m ready, you can come when you wantJ¸ he texted you.

“Alright…” you mumbled and typed a quick answer saying you were on your way.

You looked at the mirror and sighed as you saw your tangled hair due to the shower but you had no time to fix it so you just pulled it into a ponytail and walked out of your room. Before going to Alec’s you stopped by the kitchen to make some popcorns.

“Movie night?” Izzy asked walking in the kitchen with Clary.

“Mmm? Oh yes”, you smiled a bit distracted.

When Izzy narrowed her eyes you turned around, pretending to be really interested in the popcorns. You knew that look. She used it when she knew something was going on and since she was aware of your feelings towards his brother, you knew she wouldn’t shut up if she knew your movie night was with him.

“Something you want to tell us?” She asked. Even in her voice you could hear that damn smirk.

“No, not really”, you said quickly. Probably too quickly.

“And which movie are you watching tonight?” Clary asked. You looked at them for a moment, to see them smirking at you with their arms crossed.

“I don’t know yet”, you shrugged.

“Mm…that’s strange. You always make popcorns once you have chosen the movie. Why the difference?” Izzy asked. With a sigh you took the popcorns out of the microwave.

“I was hungry”, you shrugged.

“I’ve heard Alec is hungry too”, Izzy teased.

Just hearing his name made you blush and cough like you were chocking on something. Damn them. With a sigh you turned and looked at them. They were now smiling widely. Busted.

“You’re going to watch a movie with Alec!” Clary exclaimed.

“Ok yes! I am, I don’t know why it is such a big deal”, you shrugged taking a bowl from under the sink.

“C’mon, you’ve been head over heels in love with my brother for months. Of course it’s a big deal!” Izzy exclaimed as you put the popcorns in the bowl. “I’m so happy you made a move at last”, she added.

“Actually… he was the one asking”, you informed with a small smile.

“No shit!” Clary exclaimed.

“Yep… I’m as surprised as you are”, you shrugged.        

“I knew he felt something for you too”, Izzy smiled as she nodded. “He cares too much about you, he’s always looking for you during our missions…there were signs everywhere!”

“You’re such a paranoid”, you said shaking your head as you took the bowl. “We are just watching a movie”, you added.

“Yeah sure”, Clary smirked.

“You know my brother likes to be left alone at night after a mission and still he told you to watch a movie. That means something and you know it”, Izzy shrugged.

“Damn, just leave me alone. You’re making me nervous”, you said passing by the two of them before they could keep on getting into your head.

“(Y/N) we want details in the morning!” Izzy exclaimed as you walked away as fast as you could.

You knew Izzy was just messing with you. Alec would never have feelings for you. There was just a friendship, like it had been for the past years. Nothing more. That was all and you couldn’t allow yourself to get your hopes up. Although you couldn’t push away the fact that Izzy knew Alec better than anyone else. She was his sister after all.

Once you got to Alec’s door you were so nervous you were almost shaking. Damn Izzy. She couldn’t just shup up.

“Calm down…” you whispered to yourself and knocked on the door. Of course, Alec opened immediately. His serious face turned into a smile the moment he saw it was you.

“Hey, you took your time”, he said opening the door completely so you could come in.

“Sorry, I went to make some popcorns and got caught up by Izzy and Clary”, you explained once he had closed the door. “You know how they are”, you shrugged. He chuckled and nodded.

“I know” he said with a small smile. “Well eh…bed or couch?” He asked.

“Wherever you want”, you shrugged with a smile. “The bed is more comfortable”, you added.

“Bed it is then”, he said taking the bowl from your hands.

With a smile you climbed on the bed from the left side while he did the same from the right side. You took the bowl while he took his laptop where he already had a movie paused.

What’s your number?” you asked with a smile.

“I know it’s one of your favourite ones so…” he shrugged. “But we can chose another one if you want to”, he quickly added.

“No, it’s ok. I like it. I just thought you would have chosen an action movie”, you smiled.

“Surprise I guess”, he smiled.

You smiled at him and got comfortable as you put the popcorns between the two of you as he played the movie and put the laptop on his lap so you had to scoot closer in order to have a better look of the screen. His closeness made you nervous and the fact that he looked so calmed made you want to kill Isabelle for putting such stupid ideas into your head.

“I love this part”, you mumbled when Colin and Ally came into her apartment after jumping to the water in the harbour.

“I know”, he whispered.

“You do?” You chuckled looking at the movie even when you could feel his eyes fixed on you.

“Of course I do”, he said. “You always smile like an idiot when this part comes up”, he added.

Just when they were about to kiss in the movie you looked up at Alec with a frown. Did he really pay that much attention to you?

“I didn’t know you…paid attention”, you said confused.

“I always pay attention when it comes to you. You just never notice” he said.

For a moment you thought his eyes travelled down your face to your lips, but that was probably just your imagination. What did he even mean by that? Why would he pay attention to anything you did?

“Good to know” you mumbled after a moment, forcing yourself to look away from those piercing eyes that looked like could see through you.

From that moment you couldn’t even focus on the movie anymore. It didn’t matter how much you liked it. All you could think about were Alec’s words. You wanted to know what he meant but you were too nervous and scared to ask. Maybe the best thing you could do was just let it go. Probably it was nothing. Probably he just meant that he cared for you and that was all. There was no need to overthink about it.

When the movie ended, Alec closed the laptop, leaving the room in the dark since the only light you two had was the one coming from the screen. You looked down at the bowl, seeing it empty when Alec turned on the light. You blinked a few times and looked at him, but he was looking at his phone.

Biting your lip you got up from the bed, stretching after so much time in the same position. With a sigh you checked the clock. It was almost 2 a.m. and you were completely exhausted.

“I should go to bed”, you said turning to look at him.

He put the phone on his bedtable and got up as well to put the laptop on his desk as you walked to the door after taking the bowl to return it to the kitchen.

“I liked the movie”, he said walking over you.

“I’m glad”, you smiled.

He smiled back at you and opened the door of the room. You looked up at him, praying he did something but nothing happened. He just stared down at you, seriously, wearing that stupid mask that hide his feelings. You just wish you were brave enough to kiss him but you knew there was no way you did that.

“Goodnight Alec”, you said almost in a whisper.

“Night”, he nodded watching you walk out.

You didn’t understand why he was so serious all of sudden. You did nothing…did you? When you heard the door closing at your back, you closed your eyes for a moment. You were such an idiot. You should have kissed him. With a defeated sigh you just started to walk towards the kitchen but stopped a little when you heard the door being opened again behind you.

“Wait”, Alec’s voice said.

You turned around, wondering what he wanted now. But you didn’t even have a chance to open your mouth when he grabbed your face gently and kissed you out of nowhere, taking your breath away and making you drop the bowl the moment you placed your hands on his chest. You had to stand on your toes in order to kiss him since he was so tall but you didn’t care. It was the best moment of the week and of your life. You were finally kissing Alec and he had been the one kissing you first.

“What was that for?” You whispered with a small smile when he pulled away.

“As I said…I always pay attention when it comes to you”, he smiled and kissed you again for a moment. “Goodnight (Y/N)”, he said.

Then he just walked back to his room and closed the door after he looked at you for a moment with a smirk. When he closed the door, you felt like you would just fall in you moved since you felt your legs like jelly.

“Goodnight”, you finally mumbled.

Definitely you were going to have details to tell Izzy and Clary in the morning.

“Damn you Alexander”, you whispered as you smiled before walking to the kitchen.

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Poly AU headcanon on how the crew show their love for each other (+Ben and Jaylah)

  • Sulu knows how to hide it well, but the crew still knows when he’s sad or just not himself. Uhura shows up a few hours after Sulu’s shift ends, with popcorn and a drink. “Do you want to talk about it?” She asks, but Sulu simply shrugs. “It was Demora’s birthday yesterday,” Sulu explains, and Uhura understands. A brief call doesn’t quite fulfill that loneliness or homesickness. Uhura leans in and wraps her arms around Sulu’s shoulders, pulling him in close. “We’ll be in York Town soon,” she says, “Chekov and I will take over your duties there so you can spend more time with your family, alright?”
  • Spock finds Jim asleep in his chair during a particularly long shift. Spock’s not usually all for touching, but he still brushes his fingers over the side of Jim’s face briefly, startling him awake. “Spock,” Jim mutters, running a hand through his hair and sitting up straight. He tries to stifle a yawn, but ultimately fails. “What are you doing here?” “I’m here to relieve you off your shift,” Spock says. Jim rubs his eyes and shakes his head. “No, no. My shift’s not over for another three hours.” “Jim,” Spock insists, hand on Jim’s arm and he helps him on his feet, “take some rest.”
  • Chekov is never down. Over the years, he’s grown out of his “actual ray of sunshine” title, and he complains more when Jim drags them into danger, but he never seems to actually be down. So the first day he’s actually quiet on the bridge, doesn’t say much during his shift, literally everyone notices. “You okay, Chekov?” Jim asks, and Chekov nods. “Yes, Captain.” Chekov says. Sulu shoots him a brief glance, but he doesn’t actually say anything  just yet. Not until he catches Chekov alone in his quarters, asleep on the couch with his PADD in his hands. “Hey, Chekov,” Sulu says, and Chekov opens an eye slowly. “You want to talk about it?” “About what?” Chekov asks, sitting up straight. Sulu catches that PADD on Chekov’s chest as it slides down, preventing it from falling down on the ground. Breaking PADDs is a thing for Jim and Bones. The others are generally pretty careful with their things. “There’s nothing to talk about.” Chekov says, and Sulu raises an eyebrow. Chekov sighs. “Nyx and I are over.” “Which one is that?” Sulu asks, and Chekov kicks Sulu’s leg softly. “I was gonna introduce her to my babushka. But babushka is sick and I can’t visit her on time probably and now Nyx is gone too.” So rather than saying anything, Sulu just lies down on the couch and pulls Chekov in his arms.
  • The Enterprise crew also tries teaching Jaylah human culture. Scotty especially, because Jaylah spends most of her time down in engineering. She doesn’t get most of the things, no matter how innocent they initially are. When Scotty teaches her you kiss someone twice after not having seen them in a while, the next time Jaylah’s on the bridge she just full on kisses Spock on the mouth twice - leaving him completely frozen in place for a while. Scotty profusely apologizes. Uhura and Jim are still laughing about it days later.
  • Ben giving them a huge care package next time they’re in York Town. It has some home brewed beers, because Ben rolls that way. There’s some new movies, snacks, extra pillows and blankets and old fashioned books. Spock hogs them in his room until he’s read them all. Demora’s made drawings of everyone of them and they’re in everyone’s rooms. Jaylah sends her a drawing back.
  • Bones schedules in appointments with everyone. Not a medical check up, but just to talk. Because Bones spends a lot of time on the Bridge and he can tell when people are not feeling well, even emotionally. So he talks to Chekov for hours. He drinks tea with Sulu while talking about their daughters. He plays chess with Spock and they talk about Uhura for a while. He mostly just gets drunk with Scotty and allows him to rant about Jim and other people aboard the Enterprise. Jaylah doesn’t understand the purpose of Bones’ checkups, so they mostly end up talking about anything and everything. Bones also helps her study for the xenobiology courses she’s still taking. Jaylah teaches Bones a thing or two about her species and their alternative healing methods. With Uhura it’s mostly a gossip session, because Bones knows about everyone’s health state, but she knows all the rumors going around. Jim never shows up for his appointments. So Bones catches him in his quarters instead, and they talk until they both fall asleep.
  • Jim organizes movie nights - even though he’s not that into movies himself. He just makes sure there’s drinks, snacks, and old fashioned movies, enough pillows for everyone. Chekov almost bails, but when he tries to, Jim drags him to movie night himself. In the end, Chekov’s glad he shows up. Because no one overdoes it on the attention they’re giving him, and he’s not ignored either. Jim slides an arm around Chekov’s shoulder. Bones hands him the last bit of scotch. Scotty’s got those awful homemade shortcakes. They all end up talking more than actually watching the movie, which Bones says is a god damn shame because 20th century movies are the greatest.
  • After Jim mixes that Romulan ale in everyone’s drinks, the night quickly gets a little more blurry and no one actually makes it back to their own quarters. Jim wakes up with Bones pressed to his side. Uhura’s on his other side, Spock’s arms around her. Scotty and Jaylah are on the floor next to Jim’s bed, kept comfortable by all the pillows and blankets. Jim’s pretty sure the feet close to his lap belong to Chekov or Sulu, who are both asleep by the foot of Jim’s bed. It’s a mess of tangled limbs and Jim’s grinning because this is his family and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Imagine trying to go on a date with Stiles without getting interrupted by the pack

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“Do you think we can finally have our date, uninterrupted?” you asked Stiles as he took your hand into his.

“I told them not to call or text me,” Stiles says, turning to grin at you. “I think we’ll be okay.”

You smile back as Stiles pulls the door open for you. He walks you to the front desk before letting go of your hand to pull out his wallet. “Two tickets for Paper Towns, please,” he asks the heavyset man behind the counter. He trades a twenty for the tickets and change before grabbing your hand again. “I’ll grab some popcorn, do you want to wait in the theater for me?”

You nod as you take the tickets from him. Walking into the dim room, you find seats near the back. Just as you have settled in, you hear a rustle behind you. You look back and almost knock heads with Liam.

“What are you doing here?” you hiss at him, glaring.

He shivers under your stare and shrugs. “Scott needs Stiles,” Liam whispers. “He wouldn’t tell me why.”

You exhale loudly, showing your distaste for the situation. “We’re on our 17th first date,” you say, earning a “shhh” from somewhere in the front of the room. “Can’t this wait?”

“No,” Erica says, popping up next to Liam and scaring you.

You turn around as you see Stiles walking up the steps towards you. “Hey, Y/N,” he says, not noticing Erica and Liam.

“Hey,” you say back sourly.

“What’s wrong?” Stiles asks, suddenly defensive.

“Liam and Erica need to talk to you,” you say, pointing to the crouching duo. “Scott needs something.”

“He needs your car,” Erica supplies.

“Well he’s not getting it,” Stiles says with a note of finality. “This is my 16th fir-”


“17th first date with Y/N and I’d rather not have to arrange an 18th.”

Liam sighs loudly. “Fine.” He crawls out from behind our seats and into the aisle, Erica following. “Enjoy the movie, lovebirds.” He makes a teasing face before leaving the theater.

“Ok that wasn’t that hard,” you say to Stiles as the movie starts. “We could have done that ages ago.”

Stiles laughs as he wraps an arm around your shoulders. “We could have, but that’s probably what’s making this one really special.”

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my mood after seeing Ghostbusters is that I will go see it with anyone who wants to see it

friend: so I was thinking about going to Ghostbusters since you really liked it-
me: yes let’s go immediately do you want popcorn or nachos

coworker: did you end up seeing Ghostbusters? I saw it got really positive reviews and-
me: we get off early tomorrow let’s go at 7

facebook “friend” I haven’t seen in 6 years since high school graduation: has anybody seen Ghostbusters yet? I saw the reviews but I want some opinions from people I know lol
me: I’m free for the matinee showing at 4:15 let’s go

random stranger I passed playing Pokemon Go: shit the server crashed
me: the movie theater has a Pokestop let’s go there and see if it’s been resolved at that point and then might as well watch Ghostbusters while we’re there

Is this really the time?

Characters: Avengers x Reader, Loki x Reader

Prompt: trielleamnessis :Funny one? Set during Avengers while Steve, Thor and Tony kick each others asses and Loki’s watching. Reader shows up “Do you want some popcorn?"with actual popcorn in hand. Loki eventually agrees, they become friends(or more), making Loki a good guy

Author’s Notes: I changed it just a teensy bit bc I don’t want anyone getting tired of me writing a LokixReader where they’re romantic. it was tempting though, not gonna lie. enjoy!

“There’s only one God, ma'am, and I don’t think he wears a cape,” Cap said before jumping out of the jet. “What the hell,” you muttered, “Romanov I’m getting this idiots. Loki is just watching, he could escape at any moment.” “Do we really need another god in the mix?” she asked, eyeing you cautiously. You glared at her, “Yep.”

By the time you reached the ground, you realized you had over calculated your landing, which worked out for the better. You landed beside Loki. “Ah, Sister, glad you could make it to tonight’s event,” he said smoothly. You rolled your eyes and looked over to find Thor and Ironman about to fight it out. “Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?” Tony asked dramatically. “Wanna make a bet who’s gonna win?” You muttered to your brother. “Midgard has affected how you speak, Y/N, you sound like an idiot. Twenty shillings on the man of iron,” he said.

“You’re on,” you said, shaking his hand. You saw Steve finally land, disconnecting the parachute. “I can’t believe you work with him. He looks ridiculous,” Loki smirked. You nudged him with his elbow, “Shut up, he’s nice.” Thor hit Tony with a bolt of lightning, making you nervous. Why couldn’t Thor trust your teammates? When you saw that Tony was unharmed, you calmed down a bit, actually amused.

“Are you smiling?” Loki asked. “I mean, it’s a little funny. My brother fighting my boss and my best friend? Kinda hilarious,” you said casually. “You’ve always had a sick sense of humor,” he commented, sounding proud. You smiled, getting an idea. You turned your back and used your magic to conjure something. “Since this is turning into more of a comedy for us, want some popcorn?” “Y/N, is this really the time?” he asked, surprised that you had used magic outside of Asgard.

“Why not?” you asked, sitting down on the edge of the rock. “When you put it that way,” he said, joining you before taking a handful of popcorn. Steve and Thor’s weapons collided, knocking you back and making you drop your popcorn. “Hey, watch it!” you yelled to the men who had temporarily stopped fighting. “What the hell, Y/N? You couldn’t bother to help?” Steve yelled. “If she were to help, she would help me. Family comes first,” Thor said, raising his hammer. “Boys, boys, that’s enough. You’ve had your ‘roid rage, now let’s get back to base,” you said putting your hands up.

Tony flew over, prepared to grab Loki. “Uh uh, he’s mine,” you said, taking your brother’s hand. “Trust me,” you said when you saw the skepticism in Tony’s face. “Fine,” Tony said, grabbing Steve by the arm before flying off. You were left with your brothers, an awkward silence settling over you. “So, could we hitch a ride?” you asked finally. “Only if you consider coming back to Asgard,” Thor said, bringing up old problems. You agreed, never having the intention of considering it.

Once back on base, you refused to leave Loki’s side, ensuring that he wasn’t hurt. “Y/N,” Fury said, pulling you aside to where you could still watch Loki from the interrogation room. “He’s killed eighty people in two days. Don’t you think he deserves to be contained?” You rubbed your eyes, “You say contained like he’s a plague. Besides, I can see it in his eyes that it’s not really him doing this.” Fury shot you a weird look, “Care to explain that?”

“I mean, when he left Asgard, he fell into the abyss. He obviously didn’t die but the only way he didn’t was if he made a deal with someone. He’s not doing this of his own accord. This isn’t some giant temper tantrum, despite what the others say. Fury, I know him. Please, trust me,” you said, silently pleading that Loki wouldn’t say anything to the agent currently in the interrogation room with him.

“Y/N, do you really think we can trust him?” Steve asked, walking up to you. “No, not yet. I think we get off the grid, send a separate team to look for Barton, and do a cognitive re-calibration on Loki. Then we can start to trust him – as much as we could before. Remember, he is the god of mischief,” you said, smiling when you saw Loki perform a bit of magic to make the agent on the other side of the table laugh.

“You heard the woman. Cap, get a team to find Barton. We need a team of meds to help with the re-calibration,” Fury said, ordering multiple agents around.


kitty-of-doodlez answered: Ghirahim and Fi going to a horror movie because Ghirahim wants her to cuddle, but he ends up being scared instead?

xamien answered: tiny ghirahim and fi at a haunted house and ghirahim loosing his cool

mermaidfaeryraptor answered: Uh, Ghirahim and Fi go out to a horror movie and while Fi’s all calm and shit, Ghirahim looses, well, his shit, and spills popcorn EVERYWHERE.

Why do so many of you want to see Ghirahim lose his shit

I know one of the requests asked for a haunted house setting but I consider this to cover the whole Ghirahim loses his shit category.

Also, the milky way line comes from here.

It’s Not Easy- A Peter Parker Imagine

Anonymous Requested: It will be so cool an imagine where Peter and the reader were at Peter’s apartment listening to slow music such as Coldplay or something. And finally they kissed and so. Pls if you do it make it fluffy and cute!! 💗💗 im reading you from Spain 😁🙌🏼

This request was so cool! If you are sending in a request, tell me where you’re from, I’d love to know where people are reading from!

It’s Not Easy

“Will you stop throwing popcorn at me?” Peter squeaked, trying to cover himself from the popcorn you were throwing at him. “No, not until you entertain me, I’m bored,” you said, giggling as he continued to dodge your popcorn. “What do you want me to do about that?” you shrugged but kept throwing popcorn at him, thankful that you had made three bags. He sighed and got up, turning on some music to listen to. “Now, that’s what I’m talking about!”

“This is my jam!” he said as Fergalicious by Fergie came on. You fell off the bed laughing when he started dancing like an idiot and singing all of the words, not missing a beat. “I didn’t know I was bestfriends with a teenage girl!” He grabbed your hands and pulled you up, saying “You know it!” You two danced around the room, laughing at each other and the terrible songs you had playing. This was certainly better than your popcorn, which was long abandoned all over the floor. You always had fun with Peter, no matter what you were doing. He was someone very important to you, so you spent every waking moment together. You two were attached at the hip, almost quite literally.

The mood grew awkward when one of your favorite songs that you two adored came on. It was The Scientist by Coldplay. More importantly, it was a slow song. Peter held out his hand to you, and you just looked at it. “Are you being serious?” you asked, still thinking you were joking around. “No, I’m being serious,” his tone surprised you, but intrigued you nonetheless. You took his hand and were pulled in by his strength. He wrapped his arms around you, and you reciprocated by digging your face into his shoulder.

You were enjoying the moment, when he cleared his throat. You looked back up at him and he was sweating bullets. “Hey, are you ok?” you asked. He looked incredibly nervous and you had no idea why. He had just been fine, what changed? “I, uh, I,” he tried stuttering out, but failed to get his words. You still thought he was joking around, so you jokingly said, “Spit it out, Parker!” “I really like you!” he spit out, looking shocked immediately after. That got you to stop laughing and shut you up real fast.

You could still hear Chris Martin’s voice in the background, but nothing else. It was silent, but not all was calm. Your heart was racing incredibly hard. “This was it,” you thought. You had honestly waited for this moment for a long time. Peter had been the center of your affection for a long time, and you finally had your moment. “Peter, I,” you started but stopped yourself. You had waited so long for this but hadn’t prepared a speech? “No, I get it,” he said as he started to walk out. “Peter, please! Nobody said it was easy,” you yelled out the lyrics to try and get him to stay, knowing it was idiotic the second it came out.

“Really? You’re going to humiliate me with song lyrics?” he said, not bothering to turn around. “Peter, I love you! I didn’t know how to say it, and I thought I could say it better but I have nothing else to say, except I love you!” This finally got him to stop. “Wait, what?” he asked, completely dumbfounded but excited. “I’m not saying it again, so get over here and kiss me, you idiot!” you said.

“I’d be happy to oblige”.

Hope you enjoyed this, chica/o! 

Everyone is Afraid of Something (Patrick Stump)

Based off of the Request: Can you please do a request where (y/n) and Patrick are best friends and he stays overnight since its was raining too hard to go anywhere. But (y/n) is afraid of thunder but she tries to hide it until she starts to cry since she’s really scared so Patrick comforts her and helps her calm down and they go to sleep? 

“Trick do you want pretzels or popcorn?” I yell into the living room as I grab drinks out of the fridge.

“Popcorn obviously, who do you think I am?” he yells back. Rolling my eyes at his response, I grab the two cans of soda and the bag of popcorn and make my way back into the room.

“So what are we watching tonight?” I ask, dropping down on the couch, snuggling in, and tossing the bag of popcorn to Patrick.

“Can we watch Ghostbusters?”

I let out a groan, “Really? Again?”

“Pretty pretty please?” he begs, moving next to me and looking at me with those unfairly adorable puppy dog eyes.

Despite years of knowing Trick, those eyes get me every time. “Alright alright stop with the eyes, we can watch it but only if you promise to not quote every line of the movie as it is being said.”

“Deal” he cheers with a grin, hopping up to stick the movie in.


“ Isn’t that just the best movie ever?” Patrick asks as the end credits begin.

“Sure, but it would be better if SOMEONE didn’t quote the ENTIRE MOVIE” I complain dramatically.  

“I’m sorry I try not to, I just can’t help it” he says apologetically.

“I know I know, i’m just messing with you it’s fine, but next time we’re watching Harry Potter.”

“I can live with that.”

I head into the kitchen to put away the food. I glance out the window, only to see that it’s pouring outside. I gulp, dreading what comes next. I shove away the thought, and move on to more pressing matters.

“Hey Trick, it’s raining pretty hard, you probably shouldn’t drive, you wanna just spend the night?”

“Sure,” he says sauntering into the kitchen, “but I do have one condition”

“Oh yeah and what’s that?” I ask, crossing my arms and turning to him.

“We have to build a blanket fort. In the living room. Right now”

I laugh at his determination, “ I am so in, let me go grab some blankets”

Several failed attempts and laughing fits later, we’re huddled together inside our exceptionally mediocre fort. Meanwhile outside the storm grows stronger and stronger, meaning I’m getting more and more anxious, but so far Patrick hasn’t noticed.

Now I sit at the edge of our fort, leaning against the couch. Patrick is lying down, head in my lap, talking about the new song he’s working on. In a matter of minutes his eyes go heavy, he stops talking, and falls asleep. My eyes start closing too, but once they finally fall shut, a huge clap of thunder jolts me awake, and nearly stops my heart. I practically jump straight up from the ground, but stop myself, afraid of waking up Patrick. I take deep breaths, struggling to calm myself. No matter how stupid and pointless, I am absolutely terrified of thunder. It’s impractical and annoying but I can’t help it, and I definitely don’t want Trick to find out. It’s practically the only thing he doesn’t know about me, and I intend to keep it that way. I stifle a scream at another flash of lightning and clap of thunder. I’m almost hyperventilating, and fighting back tears, but luckily Patrick is still sound asleep. I struggle to pull myself together, but when the next, even bigger thunder hits, I can’t help but let out a small scream. The tears that had been swimming in my eyes spill over, and Patrick snaps awake.

“(Y/N)! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” he immediately questions, seeing the tears slipping down my cheeks.

“I Just, um,uh….” I stutter my way through an excuse, and he grows even more worried.

“Are you hurt? What’s going on?” he asks again, grabbing my shoulders gently.

All I can do is shake my head as I try to stop crying, but as the next thunder strikes and I stifle another scream, understanding fills Patrick’s face.

“Oh, (Y/N), are you afraid of thunder?” he asks quietly.

Crying even harder, I nod my head shakily.

“Oh my god, why didn’t you ever tell me?” he asks, scooting closer and throwing an arm over my shoulders.

“I’m s-sorry, Trick. I know it’s stupid, I j-just can’t h-help it” I mumble, leaning into him, jumping as the next thunder hits, trying to stop the yelp that I let out.

Patrick hugs me even tighter to his side, and tries to reassure me “It’s okay, everyone is afraid of something it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Thanks, Trick” I whisper.

“Hey i’m here for you, no matter what, remember?”

I smile at his statement, but it’s gone as soon as the thunder rolls again. But this time, as soon as it sounded, Patrick just hugged me closer, stroked my hair, and tried to calm me down.

The thunder lasted for a few more hours, but it wasn’t too bad, because Patrick was there, singing, cracking jokes, or just talking to me the whole time, and I could finally calm down, eventually I drift asleep to the sound of Patrick quietly singing in my ear.

Despite the crazy storm and outrageous thunder right outside, I’d never felt so safe.

Hot and Dangerous

Hey guys, here is the Cora Smut we had requested.  Sorry if it’s a little rough, this is the first gay smut we have ever written so i hope it’s okay! Love you guys! :) 

Also sorry it’s a little long, i really didn’t want to dissapoint!

“Do you want some popcorn?”  I hear, causing me to awake from my day dream.  "Umm, yeah popcorn sounds good.“  I reply half heartedly.  I was watching a movie with my best friend Cora.  I wasn’t really paying attention.  I have been incredibly horny all day but i haven’t exactly had a chance to please myself.  A few moments later I hear Cora come back into the room and I see her put the popcorn on the table and unpause the movie.  

"Their is only about 20 minutes left in the movie, I can do this, just finish the movie then go right to your room.”  i think to myself.  I felt myself getting more and more turned on by the moment.  I thought the movie was coming to a close when all of a sudden i see two girls making out on the screen.  They were both in their bra and underwear and making out on this big red plush bed.  I’ve never done anything with a girl before but i would be lying if i said i never wanted to try it.  Watching this was definitely not helping my current situation,and i just could not take it anymore.  Cora and I had a blanket placed over the two of us so i causally slipped my hand into the top of my sweats over my panties.  Thanks to the blanket she couldn’t see anything, so we continued to watch the movie like normal.  I started to rub myself from outside my panties and took my finger and began to rub circles into my clit.  I started moving my fingers faster and faster and then i took one of my fibers and moved my thong to the side and began to run my fingers up and down my slit.  I could feel my fingers and my underwear getting soaked and i slid one of my fingers in.  Without realizing it I accidentally let out a loud moan.  "What the hell" Cora practically screamed.  She stood up and ripped the blanket of my lap and saw my hand plunged into my pants.  I was too stunned to say anything while she just looked between me, my pants and the screen.  

“I can explain.”  I blurt out.  Cora took one last look at the screen before turning to meet my eyes.  When i looked at her could see her eyes visibly darken and then she said “Does this turn you on? in a sultry voice that gave me chills running up and down my body.  She began to move towards me very slowly until she sat down facing me and straddling my lap. Without a word she took my face into her hands and placed a kiss right to my lips.  It started out slow, neither of us entirely sure about what we were doing but all I knew was that I liked it.  The kid began to get more heated and our lips both opened as our tongues began to explore each other.  Our lips only breaking apart for a second to take off each others shirts.  Her hands moved down and slipped her hands into my pants, while i moved my hands to massage her boobs.  I reached around to her back and popped off her bra the did the same to myself.  I started to massage them both occasionally pinching her hardened nipples causing her to let out a little yep of excitement.  She began to pull at the waistband of my pants and i took the hint and rotated my hips pup of the coach so she could slide them down and I kicked them off once they were at my ankles.  She began to rub me from outside my panties similar to how I was doing to myself before but this felt so much better.  She moved faster and without warning just slipped two fingers in.  Rapidly she pushed them in and out and i could feel myself getting closer.  She took her thumb and pressed down onto my clit causing my to go over the edge.  I let out a string of pornographic moans getting my juices all over both of us.  She started to grind her hips onto mine.  The soft cotton of her yoga shorts colliding with the rough lace of panties.  The feeling of the two rubbing against my slit was enough to build the feeling again.  I was already sensitive from my last orgasm.  He lips broke from mine and began to travel downwards,  She stopped at both of my breast and began to suck and nibble slightly on one.  Her soft lips massaging and licking at my rough skin.  She did that to both of them.  All the feelings combined caused me to roll into my next orgasm.  This one came out hard and fast and I was out of breathe by the end of it.  

I finally began to calm down when I felt her lips travel even further down over the live of my stomach and down to the waistband of the panties.  "What are you doing?”  I pant out of breathe and much to oversensitive.  I have need orgasmed twice within the course of an hour before and my body cannot handle this.  "I can’t do it.  I stutter out. “C'Mon baby, just one more, you can do it.’  Her voice horse and raspy.  She slides my underwear down to my knees and started licking at my juices.  She started out by kitten licking up my slit and i laced my fingers through her hair.  Then she wrapped her lips up around my lips and began to suck harshly at my clit.  I was already much to sensitive and i could feel my next orgasm coming up already.  I felt her add her finger into me.  She started drawing figure 8’s on my clit with her tongue and she pushed her finger in deep and she grazed my g-spot.  and I let put a sees of loud curses and i could feel her smirking against my clit.  She began thrusting her fingers in and out very quickly.  hitting my g-spot every time.  I came onto her fingers and into her mouth.  My whole body began trembling as I shook in euphoria.  I know my knees would defietly give out if I tried to stand so I just pulled Cora up and kissed her passionately on the lips.  "Cora that was amazing.”  I replied hazy while my eyes were glazed over in lust and a light layer of sweat all over my body.  

She had the same look in her eye as me and whispered in my ear, her lips touching the outside of my ears.  "What do you mean was?  Would you like to take this to the bedroom?“              

You Gotta Wait

Type: One-Shot

Genre: Kinda angsty I guess(not really sure tbh lol); hints at smut

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Request: Nope

Word Count: 688

Summery: Kookie is dating a Noona and things get a bit intimate.

  “Jagiya, what movie do you want to watch?” Jungkook asks as you prepare popcorn for your date night. Both of you preferred to stay at home and watch movies rather than go to a theatre or anywhere else. 

  “Whatever you want.” You called back from the kitchen and you heard a beeping, indicating that a DVD had been loaded into your DVD player. You then heard footsteps coming towards you as you emptied the contents of the microwave safe bag into a bowl. Soon two strong arms snaked themselves around your waist.

  “What movie did you put in?” You asked, turning your head to get a good look at his beautiful features. 

  “I don’t know I just chose some random movie. All of those were good right? No porn I should be aware of?” He joked and you laughed before shaking your head. Dating a younger boy, sometimes he wasn’t quite as mature as the other boys you’ve dated but Kookie was still a lot more mature than most of the boys his age. You finished getting every last kernel into the bowl before turning in Jungkook’s arms. 

  “Shall we watch this mystery movie now?” You asked with a giggle and he nodded, smiling brightly. You walked into the living room and smiled upon seeing your couch pulled out to a bed so that you two could cuddle, the only reason you bought a couch like that. 

  The movie was about half an hour in and pretty much boring as hell. It was a movie your friend left at your house hoping to watch it with you, but you had still never seen it as she had to leave in a hurry, forgetting it on your couch. You and Kookie decided to make it interesting by betting on the next inevitable plot point in this horrible and highly predictable movie. “3 kisses says there’s gonna be a sex scene between that guy and the main girl.” Jungkook smiled and you nodded at his proposal. You never betted anything too serious because it was, after all, just a game. You continued your little game until you got so wrapped up in each other you forgot about the movie, until you heard moaning. 

  “Aw, a sex scene. I lost.” You smirked and Kookie dully nodded as his eyes were glued to the screen. He shifted and you scoffed. “Does this horrible sex scene turn you on?” You asked and he nodded. The vibe of the room become heavy as Jungkook moved to pin you beneath him. You two had never gone this far before. You made out, sure, but that’s where the intimacy stopped. He grinded his lower half on you and you moaned loudly, but one thing remained in your head, he was still underage. You could have some fun with this information. 

  “(Y/N), I love you.” He groaned in your ear as you lifted your hips up to meet the friction his pelvis was giving. With that, you flipped over so you were straddling his hips. You leant done and pressed your lips against his in a passionate and heavy kiss. You slip your hands up his shirt before breaking to the kiss to remove it. You then removed your own shirt and bra and grinned down at him. This was gonna be fun. He looked so astonished at your body and you couldn’t help but blush, though you kept your expression alluring rather than cute. “Please… Noona…” He groaned as you rolled your hips over his once more, feeling the bulge in his sweatpants. 

  You quickly got off of him and found his shirt, putting it on yourself before turning off the horrible movie. “W-what are you doing?” He groaned at the lost of friction and you silently laughed. 

  “I think I’m going to bed now, it’s pretty late.” You smiled sweetly at him and he growled at you. 

  “What about me? You did this!” He shouted pointing to the obvious boner in his sweats. 

  “Oh that… You see, we can’t. You’re still underage. You gotta wait.” You grinned as you leaned down to kiss his forehead. 

Ending Note: Because Kookie is a little underage tease and he deserves a punishment. P.S. I wrote this at like 3 am one night cause I was watching a lot of sexy Kookie edits on vine and I got a bit emotional and decided to write this haha.

so I was at the movie theatre and I was sitting next to this group of preteen boys and the boy sitting next to me turns to his friend and goes “hey, do you want some 3D popcorn?” and his friend goes “what? 3D popcorn? …yeah sure!” and the kid next to me grabs a handful of popcorn and throws it right in his face 

 I have never been more impressed in my life


So do Arima and Akoya immediately know what’s going on in Episode 11 or not?

It looks very much as if they don’t. Arima says “that’s where our office is”, not “Kinshirou wtf man”, so chances are good that darking out acts as a powerup, and this is something they really haven’t seen before, and didn’t expect.

Akoya puts it together because Akoya is smart as hell, but let’s be real, something like that blowing up in the council office can only be Aurite losing control for some reason. It’s also interesting that Aurite’s signature attack, which tells Akoya it is Kinshirou and not someone else, is dark and not bright. It’s not just the Dark Aurite thing, after which all bets are off - he’s throwing black fire around before that’s ever in play. Compare Argent and Perlite’s energies, which are blue/silver and pink as you’d expect.

Alternatively, all three of them can do the dark talk-to-the-hand move, and if Aurite were to pull the lightning sword trick ordinarily, it would be all glowy and bright. But somehow I doubt it.

Alternatively again, Kinshirou is in chaos and running on hate and fury, because of the whole situation with Atsushi. So Aurite’s energies - just like his transformation, which is usually blue and glowy gold - are warped. This might be closest.

All this brings me to the point: guys, when did you learn all this stuff, and what have you been doing off camera? We know how the Battle Lovers learned their shit; we’ve seen them at it. But Caerula Adamas have just been standing in belltowers, drinking tea, and throwing zundar needles around for ten weeks.

Tell that story already. Is Season 2 confirmed yet?

Dan & Phil's snack argument
  • Phil: Hey Dan I'm making popcorn alright?
  • Dan: Don't we have doritos?
  • P: I think...But I'm making popcorn.
  • D: No! Not popcorn! Just get some doritos!
  • P: I'm making popcorn!
  • D: Oh come on, get the doritos.
  • P: What do you want on your popcorn?
  • D: I'm not eating your stupid popcorn!
  • P: It's popcorn!
  • D: But i want doritos!
  • P: I'm not getting you doritos.
  • D: Please? We have salsa!
  • P: ...Alright we'll flip a coin.
  • D: Thanks.
  • P: Your welcome.
  • (Based off Dan's recent twitter post.)