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How do you make your gifs?

I got this question a couple hundred years ago (ok, a couple weeks ago…) and I hadn’t answered it bc I hadn’t made any gifs, but now that I have, welcome to 


I will use this gif(set) I made recently for this tutorial. there will be a lot of pictures in this bc I wanna make sure I explain myself lmao

1. first I open photoshop (bc that’s where I make my gifs, I know some people use other platforms, but this is the one I have)(also idk what version I have, cc??)

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Why do you keep equating her PR games with her personal life? This is not about her sexuality. STRAIGHT PEOPLE FAKE RELATIONSHIPS TOO. This is about marketing and promotion. Open you mind up and stop attacking people because you refuse to see your anons have a point.

Let me break this down for you all since you’re having such an incredibly hard time understanding the issue I’m having with all of this. I’m just going to map it out for you guys since some of you apparently missed how disgusting you’re being. This all started because of this anon: “not excited for ts6 anymore that little bish has been treating us like shit and wants us to buy it lmao i’m downloading it” 

Sorry, but what kind of petty ass high school baby bullshit is this?? This anon is mad about the new PR stunt because it means no gay narrative for Taylor when we thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, she’d be beard free and she’d push the gay on TS6. They’re literally mad because Taylor isn’t coming out, which apparently means she’s “treating us like shit.” She’s ‘using’ the loyal fans who know the ‘truth’…the, dare i say it, GAY truth (which you actually don’t).

(also you do realize that coming out is personal, hence the personal life mention).

But, wait! Lemme stop you there before we continue though cause I know what you’re going to say: *cries* bUt she LIKed HoMOphoBIC STUFf on TwiTTER and on the TumBlr  ):

(If you’re referring to the l*arrie post, she wasn’t entirely wrong. Some of you are over the top and tracking her planes/every move is weird af)

Also, I just went through all 2,000 something likes of hers on twitter. I’d like to point out this: it’s a cute like from 2014. 

She proved over and over that she’s not homophobic so you saying she’s treating you like shit is crazy lmao you’re saying she’s treating us like shit because of that and it’s false. “Using the gay fans” lmao

So like….do you see how that’s relating to her personal life? Kaylor’s are tired of her stunting, but she’s stunting to create a straight narrative. Why are you guys pretending you didn’t know this? SO YEAH the issue is you’re mad cause she wont stop stunting and come out already. Her boyfriend PR moves are to distract away from any other possible narrative.

So on the next episode of, we have this anon: The moment she pulled that Joe Jonas break-up call stunt; she invited everyone to analyse and dissect her personal life.

Honey…. no. Just….no. She was like 17 and had no idea what she was doing. She didn’t invite you to dissect her personal life and how dare you make that gross ass assumption. She’s not a reality TV star, but some of you are making it seem that way. Is Keeping Up With The Swifts on E! because if so please let me know! That’s the only time you’re invited to dissect someone’s personal life. Otherwise, you’re being Extra™ and invasive for no reason. She’s here to make and sell music. 

Then we have this nice gem from another gross anon:  “If I met Taylor now, I would probably laugh at her face”

Again, why? Like I really have no other response, but why? Cause you’re petty? You guys are making this about her personal life because you’re so mad she won’t come out. You’re saying she’s treating gay fans like shit and using us while liking homophobic stuff when she has liked MORE THAN ENOUGH gay shit on Tumblr. She’s proved to not be homophobic so find another excuse to hate on her.

Under the cut you’ll fine #224 gifs of Ella Yellich O’Connor, best known by her stage name LORDE. All are SMALL and HQ. Lorde is severely underused, and I’m hoping to see her in more roleplays now that she’s releasing new music! She is 20 years old, and a singer from New Zealand, if you don’t know anything about her. None of these gifs were made by me, I just compiled them, and if you see your gifs in here and want them taken down, let me know and I’ll do that for you! It would be great if you LIKED or REBLOGGED this post if you download or use these! 

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Hey, do you know any dating sim with a female love inetrest? I want to play one so bad but i dont wanna romance a boy 😩

yeah download the lovestruck app. you can play strictly female love interests with literally no men at all because whatever route you pick, you only really romance that person. (also play gangsters in love and fall in love with rory she’s amazing)

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not excited for ts6 anymore that little bish has been treating us like shit and wants us to buy it lmao i'm downloading it

Is this a joke? How old are you? Like 12? No offense, but comments like this are so immature and quite annoying. How has Taylor been treating you or anyone else like shit? You do realize that her personal life is no ones business regardless of whether you believe it’s PR or not. For you to say you’re going to illegally download her music is complete bullshit and clearly you’re not a Taylor fan at all. We have no rights to her personal life and for you to say she’s been treating people like shit is so ridiculous.


The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

Can’t figure it out… do you want to be like me, or do you want to be me?

  • human: alright we need to hack this door, do your thing
  • robot: i don't know how to hack
  • human: seriously
  • robot: listen, AI just doesn't work that way
  • human: okay well why don't you go on the internet and download some hacking skills
  • robot: lmao oh yeah lemme just download the premium hacking skills right from the internet
  • robot: googling "hacking skills"
  • robot: i got like 80 youtube videos set to dubstep and a malware infested site advertising realistic boob mods for euro truck simulator 55
  • robot: want i should download those and hack the door, chief
  • human: no

okay so i downloaded this app Qriket bc my friend told me to because she got $25 from just spinning a wheel a couple times a day and at first i was all skeptical but downloaded it anyways and it actually works?????

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How to make HD gifs(?)

From this:   

     To this:   

Okay, I finally have time to show how I make gifs.. lol sorry but I think it’s funny that people keep asking me how I do them. I mean, like I don’t do anything special, there are much more gifmakers who are really amazing, but yeah well if you want this tut here you go.

Also WARNING I suck at explaining things and my english is well bleh bleh.. ^^ But I hope we will still go through it together. :D

  1. First of all you need a HD video.. if you want your gifs to appear HD of course. You can download also a video with 360pt but it will not give you a HD effect.
  2. Coloring! it’s very important so choose the right one. Some colorings will make your gifs very grainy and it will not look HD at all.
  3. Sharpening is also very important and the most important thing about it is not to oversharpen your gif. I mostly use Amount: 500%   and Radius: 0.3px it looks like this:

And I set it all to 50% opacity. Also I use after that a bit of gaussian blur (Radius 1.0 , 32% opacity) it will soften your gif more and this is the effect I love.

    4. These are my save settings.

Just as you see nothing special. =)