do you wanna talk about video games

Gem Harvest is gonna’ get leaked

I mean, lets face it. It will. The track record for CN isn’t too hot, right now. lol

If you wanna’ watch it, go nuts. I don’t judge.

HOWEVER. If you can, please try and do some of the things listed below. Let the Crewniverse/show get the love/numbers that they deserve.

~ Watch the show on TV when it airs.

~ Record it with DVR.

~ Watch the episodes on Cartoon Network’s official site.

~ Download the SU related games and apps on the site, while you’re there.

~ Buy the episodes on itunes.

~ Buy any of the merchandise, really.

~ Talk/reblog about the show on social media (especially on CN’s official social media pages). Watch the official Youtube videos. Tag CN or Crewniverse if you want to (be polite, lol).

Every little bit helps. Crewniverse busts ass for us, let them know they are awesome!

“Boys and men are the problem”

Oh! So, my 5 year old brother is the problem?

So my friends are the problem?

All of the men who’ve helped me get to where I am today are the problem?

A WHOLE GENDER is the problem?

You wanna know what REAL the problem is?

Weak women who claim to live in a patriarchy when they make money by sitting on their fat tush complaining about female video game characters. Weak women who blame men for why they can’t do a simple task. Weak women who blame men for all of the violence in America. Weak women who scream check your privilege at men who are poor/LGBT/non-white and then laugh when they talk about their issues. Weak women who trash MRAs and then blame men’s problems on the nonexistent patriarchy.

And don’t forget my favorite:
Weak women who trash talk my family and friends, plus my sexual attraction to men, and wonder why the hell no one wants to join their movement, including other women.

do you think every time calum and luke go out luke still sends michael a text asking if he’s interested in coming even though luke knows he wont wanna go but still has a sliver of hope that just wont die and michael does always say no but theres a little part of him that just wishes luke would come over and play video games and maybe snuggle but michael thinks luke wouldnt want to so he never asks

Tips for beginning lets players

- If you don’t feel like you’ll be able to commentate for the entire time length of the video, don’t be afraid to make a list of things to talk about during the video. Its a great crutch to help you get over that first step to becoming a great LPer

- Play games you want to play, games you enjoy or have special connections with, or play a game so bad to make fun of its horribleness. Don’t just play a game that’s popular for the sake of it being the hot topic at the time. If you do wanna play a popular game because you are truly interested in, then in that case go for it!

-Not every lets player needs a facecam. If you’re uncomfortable showing your face on video, or even don’t have a camera. Don’t worry about it. You can still make videos regardless of facecam or not.

-There’s no shame in using an emulator to play your games. Some capture cards aren’t cheap and can at times be hard to find. If you wanna lets play a game but need to use an emulator to do so, then go for it!

(Feel free to reblog and spread around. And if you have any tips to add, its more than welcomed)