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Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

i’d just like to say 

it’s okay to feel like the trailer dropping and at the same time announcing that it’s the last season is really bittersweet. it’s okay if it makes you a little sad. it’s okay if it makes you very sad. you’re not overreacting, you’re not being ridiculous. i know that for a lot of us, skam has been so much more than just a show, i know it’s been an aspect of our lives we’ve cherished for quite some time, now. i know that as these characters we love learned and grew, we’ve also been learning and growing. i know skam has been a source of comfort, representation. i know it’s been understanding and good. i and i know skam means a lot, more than words can describe. so yes, it’s okay to be sad about it ending, i know that i am, and i’m so sorry if you are as well. i can only hope that there will be more shows in the future that will make you feel represented and cared for, other shows you will love with all your heart. in the meantime, we still have an entire season of skam ahead of us. and it’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful one 💝 💝 💝 

How BTS flirts:

Namjoon: “Hey, baby. You’ve got one hell of a personality, wanna go get dinner some time?”

Seokjin: “I’m hot, you are hot; let’s go cool off together ;)”

Yoongi: “Flirting? Nahhh”


Jimin: *gets all flustered and blushy*

Taehyung: “You know, you look like a fictional character I like”

Jungkook: *watches from a distance and groans in angst*

I just want to hug you really tightly and squeeze out all of the pain that you’re going through.

-I really hate seeing you like this, and I really hate that I can’t do anything about it. 


this isnt really a ‘bts’ submission and idkduwahdoah (my art is uglie sorry i made it in mspaint)

but your art is amazing and soft and i wanna hug it everyday !!

do you have drawing tips for

1. drawing the members (all mine look the same)

2. color palettes

3. drawing in general please help i must draw soft

OK so I’ll try to help you even if I am not that good!

1. I think the best way to draw the members (if its not a realistic style ofc) is to take physical characteristics and personality traits and to mix it. It can be really anything! Something that you like about their apprearance/personality. 

An example: For Jungkook I wanted him to look really innocent but also really funny. And irl Jungkook has really big eyes and lil bunny teeth so I mixed it and thats how I created Jungkook’s chara design! (big ass eyes, later I added the galaxy, then I removed the nose etc). The more you draw them the more you will add/remove things!

2. If by color palette you mean skin tone/ hair color it’s up to you! It’s almost impossible to get the right skin tone so don’t worry about this too much it won’t be perfect. You can just look pics of the members and see who has a darkest skin, a more peachy skin etc… I prefer to not whitewash them. I think that currently the YNWA live is the best way to see their skin tone w/ whitewash! Tbh I change my color palette pretty often. For the hair I don’t really mind, I just pick a random color who looks similar!

3. I KNOOOOW that people hate this answer but PRACTICE IS KEY. 

That’s the only thing that you can do, draw everyday or every two days but PRACTICE!!! 

And I’ll show you. Since I have this blog I almost draw everyday. Look how much I improved in a few months

7 months ago vs now

5 months ago vs now 


Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Kino (heaven 1) ~translation~ (Esp and Eng)

La traducción esta en español abajo de todo!

This translation was made by @rkyt1965

Place: Shopping mall

Yui: (Suddenly he called me when I was going back from the school… What happened?)

*Yui walks*

Yui: Ah, Kino-Kun! …Wait, that clothes…!

Kino: When we have a date after schooltime is better using this clothes, isn’t it. Let’s go.

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hamilton + first date headcanons

(day one of my valentines week celebration!)


  • he is. a mess on the inside
  • SUPER professional and poised on the outside
  • asks you straight up if you want to go on a date with him.
  • like just. ‘do you want to accompany me to dinner tonight’ or something like that
  • HOWEVER, when you say yes, he gets all blushy and the biggest smile grows on his face. like. it wouldnt be possible for anyone else. it was so wide
  • he takes you out to dinner
  • (he wants to talk about you though!!! he will ask a lot of questions about you as opposed to answering ones about him!!!)
  • he smiles and nods at everything you say
  • (hes very shy about talking about himself but dont be afraid to ask him questions too!!! just dont expect a very long answer)
  • will walk/drive you back to your apartment
  • wont kiss you first, but if you kiss him, he will get the same blushy smile he got when you said yes!!!
  • he does this lil thing when hes walking away from your door where he takes a step forward, stops, and does a half-step-pivot thing
  • hes not sure if he wants to leave!!!
  • kiss him one more time because thats all he wanted
  • will text you goodnight!!! with a bunch of emojis
  • (he is very happy but he wont admit it)


  • ‘hey girl wanna go on a date lmao’
  • hes pretty chill about it on the outside and while asking you
  • but when you go on the date, he seems a little… nervous!!!!
  • hes good at hiding it though
  • but he talks a lot, even more than he usually does 
  • (and thats already a lot!!!)
  • probably spills a drink or something and apologizes profusely
  • you have to tell him to chill. please. this boy is so scared
  • once you tell him to calm down however hes pretty chill! in fact hes like his normal self
  • wont drive/walk you home because he wants to go and work 
  • (unless you want to doink)
  • but he will text you a long message that night thanking you for the night and saying goodnight!!!
  • (texts you the next morning. of course)


  • hes flirty about asking you out. all wiggling eyebrows and smirks
  • when you say yes though hes!!! speechless!!!
  • he laughs a little and turns away and then looks back at you and is like ‘wait really’
  • ’kiss him!!! or hug him!!!! but just reassure him yes!!!
  • he either takes you on a picnic or to a beach or to the park
  • something really pretty and nice!!!
  • (hes a dreamer and rlly likes pretty things)
  • usually asks you to play 21 questions with him!!!
  • he doesnt get super personal right away
  • but is fine if you do!!!
  • he does like talking about his dreams though, and what plans he has for the future
  • he’ll ask yours!!!
  • he walks you home, kisses your cheek, and like… sprints away
  • (he texts you the next day asking if you want to go out again)

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Childish Argument || Chan || Oneshot

Originally posted by mountean

Word Count: 1502

Genre: angst, fluff, oneshot

Summary: Sometimes, it’s hard to admit that you were wrong first.

Pacing the open space, he pushed his hair back in an irritated motion. His breathing was sharp and his lips were pushed together in irritation. Once in a while his tongue would sneak out and flick over his lips. His jaws were squared and his brows were tense as he searched for something to say. You glared at him from where you stood, your arms crossed, waiting for him to talk. You were ready to shoot down whatever he was going to say. You were itching for a fight at this point with all the built up stress that had formed between the both of you.

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madd-nerdgirl  asked:

So, Sans rubs Papyrus' cheekbone to comfort him (which is ADORABLE). But what does Papyrus do when Sans need comforting?

I dunno to be honest…It was kinda enough for me to imagine Papyrus giving him a hug or embracing him, to lift his spirits, or rub his back. 

What do you guys think Papyrus do to comfort his brother?

Alright fam. I need to talk about something I’ve noticed that JB does that’s so fucking adorable that it physically pains me.