do you wanna be happy


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*



you’ve had a hard time, right? you have worked hard and come so far and today is the day you finally debut. i am so proud of you, i hope you know you are loved and supported and that we are all cheering you on. here’s to you and i, wanna one and wannables. let’s walk this flowery path together, okay?

congratulations on your debut, wanna one ♡


Sunshine Child for the birthday girl, Cass!!

  • Hanamaki: Happy Iwaoi Day!
  • Oikawa: What?
  • Matsukawa: Iwaoi Day. It's today.
  • Iwaizumi: Today is April Fool's Day.
  • Hanamaki: Isn't it fitting since your relationship is a joke?
  • Iwaizumi *rolling up sleeves*: Do you wanna punch them or should I?
  • Oikawa: You go first, babe.

                            I just wanna keep callin’ your name

                                          Until you come back

                                                    H O M E

heart-to-heart sleepover asks for u:

share or tell me some of your stuff like:

- share your favorite childhood memory
- what are some of the things that remind you of me?
- share your cute crush stories maybe?
- describe your dream date!!
- how was your day?
- what are some of your “impossible” dreams?
- who is your favorite person? why?
- describe your dream significant other?
- what do you wanna be when you grow up?
- what’s your go-to happy place?
- share your favorite songs!!
- suggest some good books, films, anime, etc
- what makes your heart go 💖💘💓💟💕
- describe your pets!!!
- what’s something good that happened to you today?

@jaspurrlock this is for you and it really got so outa hand i don’t understand. (heh it rhymes) anyway you said you liked succulents so look succulents. Also depth perception is a bitch and im not sure if it comes across correctly but i cant fix it so idk. I haven’t made something this elaborate in a long time and it was really fun so thanks for inspiring this in a way. Im gonna scan it tomorrow it might look better? It looks darker then it actually is.



fav outfit/look: IK the whole thing of this is to choose one but I CAN’T. I love him with the plaid shirt. When he wears black (cause men wearing black is my weakness). And of course when he use his regular/casual clothes *grey shoes, grey shoes*

-everything he wears makes it perfect, like when he use colorful socks-

Btw I give everyone credit of their own work.