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jesus christ please don't give them license to explicitly address fatherhood, don't you understand how this fandom works yet? do you SERIOUSLY think you'd be convinced by "yeah people don't think i'm a dad but I'm a dad" after EVERYTHING that's happened?

Hahahahahahaha! As if they haven’t already taken license to jerk us around. Surely my comment wouldn’t be the ultimate permission they’ve been waiting for.

Would I be convinced that he’s a dad if he addressed it explicitly? FUCK NO, because I can’t turn off my brain. But I’d at least be convinced that that’s what he really wants us to believe (whether the end game is a denial or however the fuck it ends up). Do I think Briana actually birthed a child? HELL THE FUCK NO. This is a shit show and the continual shadiness is killing me.

  • I love you, ____
  • Don’t you do that, don’t say your good-byes. Not yet, do you understand me? 
  • I got everything I need right here with me. 
  • I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. 
  • You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.
  • Stay back! Don’t come any closer!
  • Come on, just give me your hand. I’ll pull you back over.
  • Do you love him?
  • Well, you’re being very rude. You shouldn’t be asking me this.
  • Well, it’s a simple question. Do you love the guy or not?
  • Why can’t you just answer the question?
  • You are so annoying.
  • I’m the king of the world!
  • This is where we first met.
  • I changed my mind.
  • Do you trust me?
  • Goodbye! I’m gonna never forget you!
  • You’re a good liar.
  • What I was thinking was, what could’ve happened to this girl to make her think she had no way out?
  • No, no, that’s not what I was thinking.
  • Well, I believe you may get your headlines, ____
  • You’re so stupid. Why did you do that, huh? You’re so stupid, ____
  • Oh God! I couldn’t go. I couldn’t go, _____
  • It’s not up to you to save me, ____.
  •  You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known…
  • Music to drown by. Now I know I’m in first class.
  • I know. It doesn’t make any sense. That’s why I trust it.
  • You unimaginable bastard!
  • Oh stop it, mother. You’ll give yourself a nose bleed.
  • So, you wanna go to a real party?
  • How did you find out I didn’t do it?
  • Well, you’re about to fall into the snake pit… what are you planning to wear?
  • You shine up like a new penny.
  • I will never forget you.
  • You want to walk a little faster through that valley there? 
They say they hate it, but I think they love it.
—  Robert Singer on fans not liking bad character decisions but watching still after the fact (via SDCC 2016:

I know that some of you are thinking that a Trump presidency might not be that bad, and that some of us might be overreacting. I just want to share a few things from the past few days to let you know it’s already that bad, and if anything we’re not reacting hard enough.

Yesterday I talked to my students (at Missouri State University) about the election. I gave them space to tell me how they were feeling. One student told me that she’s terrified that once the Affordable Care Act has been taken away, her husband will die of the cancer he is currently battling because they will not be able to afford treatment. Multiple survivors of sexual assault told me they felt devalued, delegitimized, and dehumanized yet again (do you guys understand yet how many women have been and continue to be assaulted on a daily basis? For every woman who speaks out there are 10 who are afraid to tell their story). A graduate student told me that a graduate instructor came into her office crying because a group of four male students in Trump shirts were openly hostile and disrespectful to her and to a black female student in her class. These four men have been her students all semester; this is the first incident like this. It happened the day after Trump was elected. A Latina student cried while she described a lifetime of being called racial slurs by her classmates in a small Missouri town and how the painfulness of those attacks comes back to her every time Trump and his supporters talk about his wall. An LGBT student told me that people she has known her whole life, who she thought were her friends, have been calling her “faggot” and telling her that she should die since she expressed dismay about a Trump presidency in a public venue. Other friends have told her she should just shut up and hide her identity. Her family has asked her to stop dating for now. Another student told me that he’s terrified of being forced into conversion therapy (Pence’s pet project, for which he wants federal funding), which does not work and in fact tends to result in suicide. Another student emailed me later to say that she couldn’t speak up in class because she knew she would cry too hard, but that she “had someone say to me that they ‘wish they had a slave nigger to do their work for them’ in passing conversation.”

There is an active branch of the KKK in Springfield. If you think they’re not feeling emboldened to attack and harm people right now because Trump is president elect, you’re insane. Other branches are holding celebratory parades over the election, for Christ’s sake. We’re living in a nightmare. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what to say to you other than wake the fuck up. If you’re not speaking out against what’s happening in our country right now, you’re part of the problem.

Trump has already unleashed human misery on a massive scale and he’s not even in office yet. If you have any modicum of human decency, it’s up you to lessen that misery as much as possible for all the people who are bearing the burden. Wake up. Speak up. Protect the people who are under assault from their neighbors and their politicians however you can.

I. “he will be a god.”
“do you understand?”

II. you are ephemeral; your life a fleeting flicker
he is eternal;
his lungs will draw breath eons after yours cease with a final shiver

III. you are burning, burning, burning
he is the fire that scorches your skin
he is the cool water in which you swim
your hands, blistered, reaching for the sun
you will gladly turn to ash, to be his chosen one

IV.  "what are you thinking about?“
you.  always.

V. his golden hair, his shining smile, his lyre-like laugh
this and this and this
juggling figs, long summer swims, looking up to find his eyes fixed upon you
this, and
this, and

VI. “do you want to be a god?”
“not yet”

VII. the fates will be cruel
together, you will face misfortune after misfortune
but: together
even the fates cannot change that which is decided

VIII. he is your reason
you are his

IX. you know him
you will always know him
by his breath as it stirs the air,
by the soft padding of his feet upon the earth,
by the quickening behind your ribs when his glance meets yours

X. you will love him
you will lose him
you will follow him unto the ends of the earth
it is certain

ten years in love; part I  (h.m.)

ten years in war; part II (coming soon)

all quoted sections from The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

your faves are problematic: krem and the iron bull
  • why has krem never learned how to open a cask. why hasn’t bull taught him how to yet. who defaults to using axes when they can’t open something. i am Concerned.
neat idea:

adding maybe at least 10 kpop fcs to these so called “”poc masterlists””” and just general fc directories even. like just 10/500 fcs.  you can even ask me for some recommendations like, i got like 50 that have thousands of gifs and icons like, i’ll hook you up man, no worries. just try like 10 fcs though ok. that’s at least something like. just try it out, neat party trick, fun for all, money back guaranteed, ,

okay but this shit is still hitting me too hard

last chapter we get this:

and of course it’s amazing because that’s Renji, my once pineapple-headed son, watching his closest most dearest most special person to him get promoted to captain. he’s there, watching her, supporting her, seeing her get her dues and rise to the rank of captain

and he makes that face (the one in my shitty drawn circle). that little smile and he watches her and before BEFORE it was cute BUT NOW


we know that he was watching his wife go be promoted to captain. HE WAS WATCHING HIS WIFE GO AND HE’S SO HAPPY AND PROUD AND IN LOVE and he knows that he’ll never be apart from her again, that they’ve achieved a happiness they probably once never thought possible YET HERE THEY ARE and i thought i was okay


oftd featuring. tezri propie

INTP Moment #whatever

INTP: *Is thinking about many complex and contradictory (yet simultaneously parallel) ideas, attempting to make sense of them for enjoyment*

Person: What are you thinking about?

INTP: *Tries to explain the intensely abstract concepts but fails to adequately vocalize and describe them with language as a whole*

INTP: *Explains the idea in a way that is too simple to be an accurate representation of their thoughts, and becomes frustrated because they would like to further validate the actual idea they have*

Person: I don’t get it.

INTP: *Sigh*

INTP: I need to keep thinking.

“Do I exist within you?” Noriko asks the guy who’s been all but glued to his phone ever since he exchanged emails with her.

“YG Announces Blackpink to Promote exclusively on SBS Inkigayo”

…..Really YG? wtf? YG are you that dense? I don’t care if you’re the Queen of England a Saudi Monarch or the Pope Himself you have a rookie group do you not understand that Big Bang did not debut as 2011/2012 Bigbang and had to work for years to get the fame success and recognition that they have today do you not understand 2NE1 had to do the same yet you’ve neglected them so much Minzy left because she just was not getting work or advancing her career like you literally left one of your best people out to dry and BORED and that your current strategy with all your rookie groups (yes including iKon) of just simply not promoting them like everyone else will sink them before they even start to swim ???

Like my guy you have a group of idols who need as much exposure as possible !! tf you mean you only got them on one music show promoting 2 singles ?? My guy !!! If I was in your place I’d have my rookies on MBC SBS KBS CBS NBC MTV Mnet NBC FOX VH1 BET ABC and 123 the fuck you mean you’re promoting Blackpink on one music show and one music show only they ain’t done shit but release a debut album !! What are you doing!!